Is this Tower a health Hazard?

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10:30 - 14 February 2005

A water tower topped with more than 30 mobile phone masts and radio dishes is part of a national health study.

The tower in Barwell has been chosen because of the number of antennae and mobile phone companies which use it.

It is one of five sites in the country involved in a national safety monitoring programme initiated by Vodafone.

The tower, just off Shilton Road, has caused widespread concern among residents, and Barwell councillor Maureen Cook says the study is long overdue.

"There are a lot of antennae on that tower - I think there are 32 - and it has long been a bone of contention with residents.

"No-one anywhere would say to us 'Yes, they are safe'.

"Also, as a borough council, we have no control over planning applications for these aerials. We can't say no to them.

"If the study proves conclusively that there is no danger from the masts, it will be a huge reassurance and, as councillors, it will be a great weight off our minds.

"If there is a danger, that will give us evidence to go back to the Government and make them change the law."

Resident Trish Smith lives within sight of the tower and said there was much concern about it.

"I am not happy," she said. "I'm concerned about the amount of aerials up there.

"What worries me is the reports that you read in newspapers about people affected by headaches or not feeling well, and children being particularly affected. It would reassure me if we got feedback from the monitoring."

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council's environmental health department has gone into partnership with the county council and Vodafone to monitor the electromagnetic field (EMF) in the Barwell and Earl Shilton area.

Early indications are that the EMF in the area is only a small fraction of the guideline safe level set by the expert body, the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection.

The tower is owned by Severn Trent Water. A spokesman for the company said: "We own it, it is still part of our supply network and if it is part of this monitoring programme we are happy with that."

The data from the study will be collated and results will be published by the borough council.


As a committee member for Mast Sanity, I feel I must point out that this test being carried out by Vodaphone is entirely irrelevant from the point of view of indications of health risks, for the following reasons

1. The NRPB/ICNIRP guidelines in the UK are the highest in the World so it is very easy to fall beneath guideline levels - see table

Safety levels

Toronto Health Board,Canada 6 units

Russia & Italy 10 units

US Research Base 100 units

NRPB UK 3,300 units

Salzburg Agreement (19 Scientists, 9 counties) 00,1 units

Also only the heating effects are measured and the biological effects are not!

In the latest Stewart report

under the heading "Main Conclusions on the possible Effects of Mobile Phone Technology on Human Health" it clearly states at 1.18 There is now scientific evidence, however, which suggests that there may be biological effects occuring at exposures below these guidelines (paragraphs 5.176-5.194. 6.38)

This whole exercise by Vodaphone is a bending of the truth to serve a purpose with roots in financial considerations. Other phone companies distribute misleading leaflets full of misinformation.

The only way for parents to be sure is to research the subject for themselves and not to listen to government assurances or phone company misinformation.

These children are our future and should not be put at risk.

If Sir William Stewart states that we should take a precautionary approach, then these phone companies are breaking all ethical and moral codes in assuring people that this technology is safe when there is uncertainty over the biological effects.

Perhaps we ought to insist that phone companies produce a written and signed legal declaration that the masts and handsets are safe. I would be most amazed if they did!

Parents who need to know the truth can browse our website at http://www.mastsanity.org or phone our advice line on 08704 322 377 Mon - Fri 1pm to 8pm

Sandi Lawrence


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