Hold Wal-Mart Accountable - The People vs. Wal-Mart

From: "Working Families e-Activist Network" peoplepower@aflcio.org

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The world's largest retailer is choosing to destroy the livelihoods of nearly 200 working families rather than accept a fair and impartial agreement on workers' wages and benefits.

Wal-Mart announced Feb. 9 it will shut down the Canadian store where workers had formed a union six months earlier to have a voice on the job. Workers at the Jonquiere, Quebec, store had been negotiating with Wal-Mart for several months, attempting to reach a fair agreement on wages and benefits. The company pulled the plug when workers appealed to the Quebec Labor Ministry to start a process to establish a wage and benefit settlement.

Please click the following link to sign the petition telling Wal-Mart's CEO: Do the right thing. Reverse plans to close your store. And negotiate in good faith with Wal-Mart workers.


The message from the world's largest and wealthiest retailer to consumers, communities and workers worldwide is clear: Wal-Mart would rather close stores, eliminate workers' jobs and make an entire community suffer than reach an agreement with workers for fair wages and benefits.

Please sign our petition to Wal-Mart's CEO Lee Scott. Tell Mr. Scott to respect workers. Wal-Mart can't shut down stores because it doesn't want to pay workers fairly.

This is not just a fight for Wal-Mart workers. With Wal-Mart's unprecedented size and growth—$280 billion in revenues last year—we are fighting for everyone. And this fight needs all of us, working together.

Click here to sign the petition:

Together, as consumers and as activists, we have the power to stop Wal-Mart's attack on workers—and to hold corporations accountable for Wal-Marting jobs. This is a battle about the kind of society we want to live in and the kinds of jobs we want our children to have. You can make a difference.

Click here to sign the petition to Wal-Mart's CEO:

And once you have signed the petition, please click the following link to invite others concerned about working families to sign the petition as well:


Thank you for all you do for working families.

In solidarity,

Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
Feb. 11, 2005

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Low Prices — At What Cost?

Pass It On: The People vs. Wal-Mart


Wal-Mart's fancy new ad campaign to scrub its image is up against a grassroots network of citizens fact- checking the real cost of those low, low prices. Watch this animated map to see the network grow.


Source: http://www.tompaine.com/index.php#passiton


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