Military Members have NO Constitutional Rights

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Soldier Support - Military Members have NO Constitutional Rights / VERPA.org

Many Americans, including most serving military members, are not aware that the very United States Constitution they have sworn to serve and defend does not apply to them.

There is a secret unconstitutional law that prohibits military members from seeking final redress for wrongful actions taken upon them while serving.

These certain actions may include murder, reprisal, rape, human experimentation, medical malpractice, gross and criminal negligence, etc.

The shameful law is called the Feres Doctrine, named after the young Lt. Rudolph Feres, who died in a barracks fire caused by the negligence of the Army. This doctrine bars constitutional redress of wrongful acts or omissions resulting in injury or death arising from non-legitimate military necessity or decisions.

The Feres Doctrine law was not created by the United States Congress, who makes laws and oversees the military, but judicially created. This law has been in existence for over 54 years, however Congress and the United States "mainstream" media refuse to address and report respectfully. Most of the tax paying public is unaware of the extreme human and constitutional abuses being silenced by this law.

Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy is comprised of true American patriots seeking your support to ensure Military Members and Veterans are afforded equal protection of the United States Constitution. Our Feres Doctrine abolishment initiative seeks to restore constitutional rights to the men and women serving in our military.

Henry Kissenger once stated,- "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." (Quoted from "The Final Days" by Woodward and Berstein). And though this "war tactic" has been used to the fullest, the actions our organization are trying to EXPOSE includes the battle being fought by our service members within their own ranks.

Our Congress continues to use American military personnel to provide protection of human rights around the world, yet those very military personnel are not afforded the same protection in the United States due to the Feres Doctrine. At the least, I respectfully request that you contact both of your US Senators and Senator Arlin Spector (PA) who is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Also, please sign our on-line petition.

We owe every freedom we possess to those who have fought for "US" and this Country. For more in depth information please go to http://www.VERPA.org . Please pass this information on to all Citizens you believe might be interested in this information, especially those who may be affected by the Feres Doctrine.

Informant: Charles Bremer


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