A controversial emergency communications mast in a Cornwall village has been vandalised

I expect we all wish we could get rid of these odious tetra masts like this, but this is not the way because they put them back up again! Let's just work to raise the awareness of Airwave TETRA for now and leave the scientists to prove it is harmful. We could also lobby our MPs to sign a private members bill reported to be presented soon by Lib Dem Andrew Stunnell.

We could even cultivate an interest in political parties (if only temporary) to encourage them to adopt a mast policy, or make changing to planning laws. This is the ideal time with a General Election on the horizon. Those of you who don't fancy any of these can just give them all hell in letters, posters, whatever takes your fancy, but keep it tough but legal so that you are around to fight on!


BBC News website 9th February 2005

A controversial emergency communications mast in a Cornwall village has been vandalised.

Police said a rope was attached to the mast in Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth, and it was then pulled over. The incident was described as a "deliberate act" and police said the person responsible even unscrewed bolts before dragging it off its base.

Masts are being put up across Devon and Cornwall as part of the force's new digital Airwave radio system.

Health concerns

The broken mast is now lying useless in a field at Treworval Farm. It is believed that the vandalism took place between 2100 and 2200 GMT on Wednesday.

The official action group opposing the mast in Mawnan Smith condemned the destruction, saying it did not condone such behaviour.

Protestors against the Tetra masts claim they could pose a danger to people's health.

Police have promised continual health checks will be part of a controversial radio system which comes into operation in Devon and Cornwall in April.


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