Dreadful suffering engendered by emissions


Thanks for phoning me about Trevor's programme. Once again, things were not studied in depth and no mention was made of the dreadful suffering engendered by these emissions. I understand this to a certain extent, as I feel loathe to 'worry' people, yet is it fair that some people are suffering effects without realising it? Surely it's time 'spades' were referred to so that they can join in the protests?

This is the third time I have seen reference to the increase in white bloodcell count in the presence of emissions (first was in the Pandora document) - we have two cases within 100 metres of the Orange mast in Kensworth there being no infection present in either case and Doctors unable to find a cause!

There have also now been 4 cases of stroke/heart attack 20 to 100metres from the mast as well as eight cases of severe nosebleeds amongst adults and children (one of them a visiting father whose baby could not get to sleep in the front bedroom. Dad changed places with the baby and suffered severe nose bleeds for two nights after which he took his family home and said he wouldn't go there again until the mast was moved!

And of course, we have all the usual symptoms - chronic insomnia and headaches, nausea and vertigo; tinnitus and earache; sore eyes; ulcerated mouths and throats with accompanying severe thirst etc etc.

Yet we still get replies from Dept of (Ill?) Health saying there is nothing they can do and the non-thermal effects are completely ignored!

Who can blame folk from pulling down masts?

Feeling bitter, Gill Lyden

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