T-Mobiles plans for Brighton & Hove

Dear Mr Walton,

I note that you are seeking a site for a 3G mast in the Roundhill area of Brighton (ref 51558).

I live near the bottom of Florence Road and do not want to live within 500 metres of any mast, but especially not a 3G one, due to well founded health concerns.

Please do not try to persuade me that these masts are safe or tell me that they operate well within current guidelines. I know they are not safe and I know current guidelines are irrelevant as they do not measure the pulsed microwaves which cause the damage.

I do not think you should be placing these masts so near homes and schools. I believe you need to investrigate current mast technology, research and evidence and not roll out these masts until you and people who will be living nearby are truly convinced they are safe, as well as ensuring they are placed well away from ANY homes, hospital, nursing homes and schools.

Yours Sincerely
Gary Kemp
Florence Road

Letter sent to The Argus

A new report from the University of Utah says when motorists between 18 and 25 talk on cell phones - including handsfree - they move and react as slowly as the average seventy year old and increase their risk of accidents.

It found that drivers who talked on mobiles were 18 percent slower which it claims could be the difference to stopping in time to avoid hitting a child.

It also found that motorists who talk on mobiles are more impaired than drunken drivers with blood-alcohol levels exceeding 0.08.

And on February 1, the head of Russia's national health, Gennadi Onishenko, announced research results showing that mobiles harmed childrens' health in particular and caused child cancer.

He said: "Even if a child uses a mobile phone for two minutes, the child's bioelectric activities remain unstable for two hours."

He also introduced Hungarian research showing that using mobiles from a younger age increased the risks of developing brain tumors in ones twenties.

He refuted phone manufacturers' claims that the products were safe, saying, "Mobile phones cause insomnia, memory failure, and high blood pressure."

He also stated that people who keep mobiles near their bodies - around their necks, in their pockets, or carrying them in their hands - were in more danger.

Thus, he claimed that children, pregnant females, and drivers with cardiac pacemakers should not use mobile phones.

In Russia, which has no mobile phone manufacturer, research regarding mobiles is announced freely, whilst in the UK, the media makes huge amounts of money from the Telecom industry. Two ex Orange CEOs now occupy key positions at the Daily Telegraph.

In Brighton and Hove, T-Mobile has selected sixteen sites for its' third generation masts, which are much more powerful than conventional (GSM) ones, even though ill health clusters around GSMs including cancer, epilepsy and motor neurone disease have been widespread in the UK for years and high quality research has repeatedly shown the masts are to blame.



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