SUNSPOTS: Something's coming. Witness this photo taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on February 5th:


Magnetic loops of hot-glowing gas surging above the sun's eastern limb are a telltale sign of sunspots just around the bend. Are they big ones? We'll find out in the days ahead as the sun's rotation turns them toward Earth.

The mystery 'spot could be an old friend: giant sunspot 720. Last month, while it was facing Earth, sunspot 720 unleashed five X-class solar flares. One of those blasts sparked bright auroras over Europe


and an intense proton storm on the Moon:


Source: //www.spaceweather.com/

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A Winged-disc, "seizing the middle"

by Burak Eldem

(Exerpt): Marduk, Nibiru or an unusual, sophisticated "celestial system" is probably getting closer to our Sun, in the direction of southern celestial pole, well below the Ecliptic plane. No need to look for a "red planet" in distant places beyond Pluto. It already began effecting our Sun since the early 2000's: The supposedly 11-years sunspot cycles are disturbed, some previously unknown source is bombarding the southern hemisphere with mysterious energy surges, the earth's magnetic power is in decline and the climate patterns are being radically changed. I believe, Marduk as ancients call it or "the unknown celestial system" will appear soon (probably just before the year 2010) in southern skies. This is why super powers of the global finance-capital oligarchy feel very uncomfortable and have been running a very aggressive strategy to keep the power in their hands since late 2001. Their time is running up and all their ambition is to control the world with all the energy sources before the chaotic days arrive.


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