ONE ISSUE - The One Great Issue To Wake The World

This is one of the biggest issues for which I 'work' and have opened countless eyes to the skies. It is really good to hear from Michael Irving again, and if you are not aware of these killers in our skies, start looking up. Peace, MsBlue

Michael. Stop-Chemtrails.com

This is Michael Irving of
http://www.stop-chemtrails.com and

I am in SW Texas. I am looking to connect with like-minded people in the USA. I have been hit by some sort of harassment for, so far, 51 months, and this caused me to go bankrupt at the end of 2003. I have systematically worked on the chemtrail issue since mid 2000. Quite a few people will know me in the USA, however I have lost contact with many people since my personal situation became very difficult in the British Isles at the close of 2003 - mainly due to losing my internet connection, but also due to the feeling I needed to keep a low profile for a while.

If you live in or around Texas and feel you would like to connect with me, please send an email to: michael(AT)world-action.org

I would also be interested to hear from anyone in the USA.

For the past ten months I have read, from internet cafes, just about every post at Chemtrailtrackingusa. Of all the things on the internet, this group is what I felt I had to stay in contact with. I think you are continuing to do really good work here.

Below is something which I wrote yesterday. Please pass it on to friends and contacts.

Thank you.

Good wishes to old and new friends.

Michael Irving

E-mail: michael(AT)world-action.org
For inspiration: http://www.celtic-island.com

ONE ISSUE To Change The World ---

Please circulate this idea. Please send this idea to friends and contacts, and ask those friends and contacts to send this idea to
other people.

--- Knowing the exact nature of a problem, is often most of the way to solving that problem ---


(The Military-Industrial-Complex is also commonly known as `The New World Order'. The M.I.C., or N.W.O., is the power-consortium both President Eisenhower and President Kennedy warned us about.)

How To Break The Deadlock Of Controlled World Media And Controlled World News

We take ONE ISSUE and break it into the world news by weight of effort. i.e. a large number of people concentrating on this one issue.

We get this ONE ISSUE to the point where the only place it is not being discussed is by the world's controlled media and by controlled countries' administrations.

At this point lesser-controlled main media will start to cover this ONE ISSUE.

Probably what will happen next is that even the world's most controlled media, and most controlled governments, will have to cover this ONE ISSUE.


Much of the world is controlled by the Military-Industrial-Complex (M.I.C.).

Most of the world's main media is controlled by the M.I.C.

The M.I.C. is military in nature, has many departments, has advanced technology for global mind-influencing (global chemtrail spraying, HAARP, etc.), and - being militarial and industrial - has PLANNED STRATEGIES for any takeover of its power.

The success of the M.I.C.'s plans depends primarily on secrecy of its true intentions and by keeping the main body of the world's populace distracted from realizing exactly what it is doing to the world.

Whenever a breakthrough is likely in the world's understanding of what the M.I.C. is doing, the M.I.C. immediately undertakes pre- planned strategies and actions to divert the world's attention AWAY from this information:

A -- Individuals leading the distribution of this information are systematically targeted by:
[a] Limitation of the distribution of their information.
[b] Discreditation as reliable sources / people.
[c] Mind-influencing in their sleep, and at all times of the day, to divert their activities away from developing and distributing the dangerous information.
[d] Promotion of other sources / people to take over the threatening information to reduce it's impact, and/or to confuse the meaning of the information.

B -- The information itself (if it is not totally controlled and distorted by the M.I.C) is treated in this way:
[a] It is totally ignored by all the world's media controlled by the M.I.C.
[b] The world's media will be told to ridicule or confuse the information.
[c] The world's media will be organized to create and favour diversionary news stories.
[d] Conflicting news stories will, if necessary, be created by the M.I.C. Even if this involves great loss of life.

C - The world's population will be distracted and mind-influenced by: [a] Advanced, covert technology (utilizing Chemtrails, HARRP, ELF, etc.) can programme the world's populace while asleep to ignore the new information.
[b] The same technology will be used to programme the world's populace, while asleep, to become interested in other, non- threatening world news.
[c] The control of world media, and the boring nature of nearly all media in the world, will be used to imply to people that `there is nothing serious to worry about', and, 'it's just the same old chaotic and restless and violent world, which no-one can do anything about'. [d] For a long time, and in many ways, we have all been taught: `The world is the way it is, and there's nothing we can do to change it'.
[e] It seems as if we have somehow been taught that if there is anything serious to worry about, the TV or radio or newspaper will alert us to it. That is why it has been so important for the Military- Industrial-Complex to acquire strategic management of all the world's main media.


Individuals distributing the dangerous information will be targeted with mind-influencing, etc.

Less committed and less intelligent people will be encouraged to handle the information.

The world's main media will be instructed to totally ignore the information, if the information has not been `defused' by various means.

Alternative, distracting world news events will be favoured by the controlled media.

If necessary, dramatic world news stories will be created by task forces who will stop at nothing to create a distracting world event.

THE TACTIC -- We Need To Pick A Tactic To Get Around This Situation

Our problem is that on any one issue, we are few, and are disorganized.

The Military Industrial Complex, however, although not huge in numbers, is organized. The M.I.C. has detailed plans for any threat to its power-base.

We need to turn our weaknesses into our strengths. And we need to turn the M.I.C.'s strengths, into its weaknesses.

The M.I.C. is not huge. WE are huge. But we are not united.

The M.I.C. has tried and tested plans for forestalling and stopping any information release in the world which will seriously awaken and alert the world's populace. We need to circumvent and negate the plans the M.I.C. uses to divert the world away from important information.

We can do this by choosing ONE ISSUE of great importance, and giving this one issue ALL we have got. We must get many people worldwide to begin to concentrate their efforts into alerting everyone to the importance of this issue.

We must not give up until we have won. We will have won when the world is alerted to the importance of this one issue. At that time the world will start to take action on every level.

When the world begins to take serious and united action against one major issue, it will begin to take serious and united action against all the other major issues. We just need to get united, become alert, and get into action.

ONE ISSUE -- The One Great Issue To Wake The World

This writer's recommendation for the one great issue for all of us to unite behind, is the worldwide spraying of chemicals - and according to some sources, pathogens - often referred to as `Chemtrails'. This global operation has been underway for many years, but began to be really serious around the year 2000.

Millions of people are dying or dead from this covert operation. The whole world is sick, to varying degrees, because of this operation.

It seems to be mentioned, in detail, in the Book of Revelation; shortly before the description of the uniting of the whole world to stop those who are destroying the world. Native American traditional warnings (especially the Hopi of Arizona) seem to reference the very great danger to the whole world of this operation.

I think this is THE issue.

A second reason for this being the ONE ISSUE for us all to go for, is because it appears that the single most significant cause of people's inability to be focused and determined in their lives over the past several years is that the chemicals in the spray - barium and aluminium - are having a very bad effect on people's mental abilities and on their physical abilities. People are finding it hard to concentrate, and they don't have the stamina to do very much because of the adverse qualities of the ingredients of the spray.

It is almost as if the Military-Industrial-Complex do not want us to think clearly, or to feel healthy and energetic, while the M.I.C. pushes forward its most sweeping, world changes.

We are finding it hard to make good change happen in the world because of the unhealthy characteristics of the Chemtrails, and, Chemtrails is the most important thing we should be changing.

For these two, vitally important reasons, logic seems to say it is `Chemtrails' which is the single most important information we should awaken the world to.

The worldwide, deliberate spraying of seriously toxic elements, and according to many sources, pathogens.. CHEMTRAILS.

This is the one issue to awaken the world.

It's the only choice we have.
And it's the choice we have to take.
So, spread the word, and let's get going.

Please circulate this idea. Please send this idea to friends and contacts, and ask those friends and contacts to send this idea to other people.

Informant: Be Kind Whenever Possible


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