Tilt and Wobble of the Earth's Axis

Signs of the Times #1321

During the last week of January [2005], observers all over the world noted a visually obvious wobble in the Earth. [and from another source] El Paso, Jan 22-23 Six hours and a 45 degree shift in the Moon.

Apparently, the wobble is taking place from 22:00 to 24:00. [and from another source] Australia, Jan 23: It looks as if the earths rotation stalled for a while on. Sunday evening whilst Alt continued to decrease. Did it tip at this point whilst being held in position? [and from another source] Mississippi, Jan 25: The moon Friday and Saturday night stood still directly overhead for an hour. Last night (Sunday) it slowed but kept moving. [and from another source] Arkansas, Jan 25-26: On Jan 24, 2005, first light was around 5:30 AM and on Jan 26, 2005 first light was around 6:30 AM. I would say the wobble is getting worse. [and from another source] Australia, Jan 27: This morning Sigma Octantis appeared ten degrees left of a terrestrial target suggesting Earth´s South Pole axis was moved to the right away from the rising Sun. [and from another source] New York, Jan 27: I was staring at the night sky straight at the moon. I could swear that I saw the moon quickly shift to the left and back to its original position. My heart skipped a beat. [and from another source] Italy, Jan 23: I have scientific evidence of the tilt and wobble of the Earth's axis. I cut a slice of one spot in the images of Big Bear each hour. I put them in the exact position and we can see that the line from a spot and next is not linear. As the scope has a linear movement this line is the wobble of the axis. In the other side I take the same spot in different day from SOHO and an Earth observer. We can see that the angle is different by 6 degree. SOHO is correct. [Note: SOHO is not the Earth, and is not wobbling! Earth is wobbling.]

Informant: Anastacia Cook


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