Digital broadcasting is increasing the threat of global warming by pumping massive amounts of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Here's something on the right track. We need to find out the amounts from the masts and phones and their chargers and Wi-Fi computers.

How the wrong sort of radio adds to C02 emissions


David Adam, environment correspondent

Monday November 13, 2006


Digital broadcasting is increasing the threat of global warming by pumping massive amounts of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, official figures suggest. The millions of Britons who listen to the radio through their power-hungry digital televisions and computers together release an extra 190,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

According to the Stern review of the economics of climate change, that amount of carbon pollution will cause £8.5m damage to the planet.

Figures from the industry body Rajar show that 22% of people in Britain now listen to the radio through their digital televisions at least once a week. About 12% listen to stations through their computer.

Computers and TVs consume significantly more electricity than radios. Assuming a power rating of 200W for a TV and 250W for a computer, if one in five of the population listens to the radio via those devices for two hours a week, they will produce about 210,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

A 20W radio turned on for two hours a week by the same number of people would produce about 18,000 tonnes a year; digital and traditional radios use roughly the same amount of power.

Keith Marsh, of the Energy Saving Trust, said the new LCD and plasma-screen TVs were rated at up to 390W.

The extra emissions from digital listening account for almost a fifth of the estimated 1m tonnes a year that could be saved by replacing every traditional lightbulb in Britain with a low-energy version.

A government study estimates that the rise in gadget ownership and the switch from analogue to digital TV could boost the electricity usage of the consumer electronics sector by 60% by 2010.

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Article: How the wrong sort of radio adds to C02 emissions

I have just reported energy abuse by Mobile Phone masts/base stations to the Energy Saving Trust (letter below, born by the Guardian article of 131106, I have also written to David Adam of the Guardian).

It has annoyed me greatly to see their elaborate adverts on TV every night, and their sponsoring of certain programs, (taxpayer paid) knowing that what they only acknowledge certain “private users” energy use as waste!

If anyone else wants to join in the protest the e-mail address is very fitting: reportabuse@est.org.uk

And it is a two way abuse anyway, they (Telcos) radiate our socks off 24/7/365 and by doing that ruin the atmosphere of the world we all live in.

(I sometimes wonder what good all the cash they are earning now, by ruining our planet, will do them when we reach the stage where we all glow in the dark, but then they probably think they are so superior that they are above all that.)

So, if anyone get the urge to join please feel free!

I can’t imagine we get a response, after all this is just another government institution.

But I feel it is worth reporting.

Best regards.


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From: Agnes Ingvarsdottir
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Subject: Article: How the wrong sort of radio adds to C02 emissions

Energy Saving Trust

Att: Keith Marsh Re: Guardian article: How the wrong sort of radio adds to C02 emissions (The Guardian 131106)


Dear sirs.

In the article you have counted in the Digital TVs, Plasma Screens, Low emission Computers and Screens, but have´nt you forgotten the Mobile Telephones and their Masts and Base-stations? TVs and computers tend to be used only during peoples waking hours, and turned off, when people go to bed.

The Mobile masts and Base-Stations are on standby 24/7/365, so please let’s get some figures on the table from the Energy Savings Trust!

How does that energy waste compare with the "savings" of switching to low energy light bulbs??

We need some answers! Or is this just another load of Hot Air, for the benefit of terrorizing the ordinary concerned citizen, as usual, but leaving a lot of chosen things out of the equation?


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