Meteorology and ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF)


Global warming through use of mobiles

I am very surprised to note that there has been no mention of the recent french study, which used a satellite to measure the heating effetcs in the ionosphere due to e-smog in the atmosphere. I have tried twice to send the information, firstly through a link to the website and second as an attachment. In both cases the server rejected them. However, the information can be found on Next-Up News and it is under the DEMETER satellite, which I am sure a search of the Next-Up site will bring up the required news. They claim that this is the major cause of global warming and would certainly account for the fact that researchers looking into the greenhouse gas effects cannot explain why the rate of global warming is exceeding their predictions when looking into the effects of greenhouse gases.

We are all concentrating on the potential adverse health effects from exposure to microwaves, but here is another very important effect. Global warming is currently high on the agenda for most governments, who are stressing the need for us all to conserve energy and thus reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. If the french studies are correct, then all efforts to reduce carbon emissions could be in vain as the heating effect from microwaves and EMF's in the atmosphere would continue the heating process.

Kind regards to all,

Dennis Cannon

Meteorology and ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) - Météorologie et Champs ElectroMagnétiques (CEM)


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