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The safe way forward for wireless technology

Take a look at the information and e-mails from Dr George Carlo with regards to the safe way forward for wireless technology.


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This interview is a pretty good summary of where things are scientifically. There are some parts that address the fiber optic infrastructure and government involvement.

Perhaps this might be useful to Michael Bell and your other colleagues.

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Here's the interview you did with me! It's really fabulous!


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In a nutshell, the alternative infrastructure with a fiber-optic spine also necessitates alternative transmitters for the connection to phones. There will still be wireless signals but they would travel over only small distances and will be much less intense -- minimal near-field plume -- thus less tissue is exposed. There are also point of transmission technologies that alter the biological impact of the information carrying signals. In the end, the background level of information carrying radio waves -- those that trigger the adverse biological protective reaction leading to health problems -- would be dramatically reduced. That, coupled with point of use protective technology will largely mitigate against most health risks.

Now, there is the need to develop some of the finer points to the new infrastructure -- as there has not been a commercial demand for this alternative infrastructure technology. But, as we move ahead, and there is a commercial demand, there is no doubt that technological innovation will be able to handle all of the nuances. Of course, this will probably not be driven by health concerns but by profit and revenue potential. But, from my perspective, it does not really matter "why" these interventions are made -- it only matters that they are made.

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Do mobile phones cost the Earth?


Informant: binstock


Digital broadcasting is increasing the threat of global warming by pumping massive amounts of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere


As the net came to Greenland


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