Mobile phone masts: 80% of PUBLISHED studies show health nuisances

Please find enclosed a pdf slide (English + French) that was shown at my presentation on 26th September 2006 in Louvain-la-Neuve University during a conference on heath concerns regarding mobile phone masts.

http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/who_and_pubmed_epidemiological_studies_on_base_stations_2006.pdf http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/etudes_epidemiologiques_oms_et_pubmed_2006.pdf

The conference is available in French on http://www.001.be.cx .

Best wishes

Jean-Luc Guilmot

Mobile phone masts: 80% of published studies show health nuisances

If you look at epidemiological studies on mobile phone base stations available on either on WHO EMF database http://www.who.int/peh-emf/research/database or on PUBMED http://www.pubmed.org , there are only 10 published peer-reviewed studies: 8 of them show positive results (= health nuisances) and 2 show negative results.

Message for the Industry and Public Health Authorities: WHO Fact Sheet N° 304 contradicts WHO’s own database. Norms are concepts. Epidemiological studies which have been peer-reviewed are based on real life. Where are the peer-reviewed studies that show phone masts are NOT a health concern ?

Antennes relais: 80% des études publiées pointent vers des nuisances

Si l'on regarde les études épidémiologiques sur les stations de base de téléphonie mobile disponibles sur la base de données de l’OMS http://www.who.int/peh-emf/research/database/fr ou sur PUBMED http://www.pubmed.org , il n’y à ce jour que 10 études publiées dans des revues à comité de lecture: 8 études pointent vers des résultats positifs (= nuisances) et 2 vers des résultats négatifs.

Message pour l’Industrie et les Autorités de Santé Publique: L’aide-mémoire N°304 de l’OMS http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs304/fr/index.html est en totale contradiction avec la propre base de données de l’OMS. Les normes sont des concepts. Les études épidémiologiques sur lesquelles se sont penchés des comités de lecture sont basées sur la réalité. Où sont les études publiées dans des revues à comité de lecture qui montrent que les antennes relais de téléphonie mobile NE sont PAS nuisibles?

Group allowed to appeal transmission line decision



Kindergardens closed down because of magnetic fields

Two Kindergardens were closed because of high radiation level, Doron Nahum Maariv newspaper 8.11.06 page 19

The mayor of Herzelia, Yael German, ordered to close two kindergardens in Herzelia, "Marganit" and "Calanit", and to move the children to another place. The decision was taken after it was found out that the electromagnetic radiation level in the kindergardens is higher than the Enviornment Ministry's recommended standard. The municipality's spokesman Ilan Phalo said that the children were moved immediately to a new area far from the place. The chairman of the municipal parents' committee, Eli Yacobi, told Maariv that "the muninicipal parents committee and the municipality, have been taking radiation measurements in education institutions during the last weeks". He said that in one of the kindergardens two measurements were done separately, which proved that there is radiation in the place, which is coming from powerlines above the kindergarden. In an additional kindergarden there was high radiation from an electricity box inside the building. The power company said that "the powerline received all the required permissions, including from the municipality of Herzelia. The powerline stands in the recommendations of the expert committee's report about non-ionizing radiation, which were set by the law for new powerlines. If one calculates the average field in which the children are present in different places in the kindergarden, it is impossible to attribute health effects to this powerline. If the municpality wants to change the line they can order it from the power company".

Informant: Iris Atzmon



10:28 - 08 November 2006

Families living within feet of a phone mast say it is to blame for 27 deaths and illnesses in their streets in the past 13 years.

Now residents are spending hundreds of pounds trying to protect themselves from radiation.

They are lining their lofts with tin foil, putting up metal mesh curtains and installing specialist windows.

They want the 82-foot Orange-owned antenna in Shooters Hill, Stoke-on-Trent - which collects and distributes signals from other masts - to be torn down.

They say the microwaves from the mast are potentially lethal.

Mother-of-two Karen Owens, pictured, aged 40, who lives 300 feet from the mast, has just had a mastectomy after contracting cancer.

She said: "Since I was diagnosed it has always been in the back of my mind that it could be connected to the mast."

Protesters have recorded brain haemorrhages, tumours and cancers in the area, as well as strokes, irregular heartbeats, epilepsy, high blood pressure and sleeplessness.

Some medical experts believe these conditions could be linked to certain types of microwave radiation.

Chris Cornes has used about 50 rolls of tin foil to line her loft and bed headboard after monitoring equipment showed one side of her home has much more microwave radiation than the other.

Mrs Cornes, whose husband died from cancer four years ago, said: "We only use the lounge at the opposite end of the house.

"When you hear that meter giving out all that noise because of the microwaves it is detecting, what would you do?

"When you sit on my grass you also get all the rays, so we have to avoid that as well. I think it's disgusting we have to live like this. The mast should come down."

Jean Hopkins, who lives in Cherrywood Grove, was suffering from headaches until spending £1,000 on precautions.

Mrs Hopkins said: "We've lined the loft with 40 or 50 rolls of aluminum foil.

"Initially we put it over the windows at the back because we thought it was the only way of stopping the radiation.

"We then bought these special metal mesh curtains which cost about £40 a square metre and we have those up at all six of the back windows. They are drawn all the time."

Mrs Hopkins added: "I'm not a hypochondriac and I don't make things up. Residents shouldn't have to live like this. It destroys your quality of life."

Pensioner Alfred Oakes, who lives close to the mast on Sandon Road, believes his skin cancer could be connected to waves from the mast. He said: "I think the mast should be taken down."

Should the mast be removed?

Source: http://tinyurl.com/uxvyz

Informant: Phil Watts


Please send letters to the Sentinel news paper, front page news today about yet another cancer cluster around a phone mast; please see report in the e-mail below. MP Rob Flello is calling for research; he is also a member of the Science and Technology Committee for the UK Government.

Best wishes
Eileen O'Connor
Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust

For anybody else wanting to email a letter the email address is: letters@thesentinel.co.uk


John Elliott


'Mobile phone mast has caused 27 deaths', say residents





Fallujah once again beset by violence

In recent months, insurgents have filtered back into the city, despite tight controls that limit access to only six checkpoints. Residents must submit to an extraordinary identification system that includes fingerprinting, retina scans and bar-coded identification cards.


From Information Clearing House

Mobile Phone Masts and Health Concerns

Please find enclosed report which is now available in pdf which makes it user friendly and contains all the information that I presented in my powerpoint presentation to the EMF Discussion Group at the Health Protection Agency in London on 16th October, 2006.


Feel free to forward it to your friends, family, colleagues, MPs, Doctors, the media and as many officials as possible as we need to create awareness to this very serious situation.

Also read Dr George Carlo's report which is on the front page of the Radiation Research Trust website.

Best wishes

Eileen O'Connor
Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust



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