The HIGH COURT of Paola (ITALY) says NO to BTS-Base Transceiver Station for telephone

In the course of my positive battles against electro-magnetic fields (the last one, recently, according my scientific studies,the HIGH COURT of city Paola-ITALY says NO to BTS-Base Transceiver Station for telephone-, and to some others one.). I have met persons suffering from non-specific health symptoms of unclear origin such as nervousness, skin arousals, concentration disturbances, head-ache, sleep disturbance,and so on. In EHS (Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity) there are no differences in the variability of the reply between "very sensitives" and the rest of population, neither between males and females.

Prof. Dr.Ing. Giancarlo SPADANUDA
Scientific consultant for electrosmog of HIGH COURT in ITALY


Wireless technology made me sick

A plea for help from the British Channel Island of Jersey

Join us in a campaign to expose and stop the use of these illegal weapons


From International Action Center


Cell Phones May Affect Male Fertility

Heavy cell phone use can harm a man's sperm count and quality, says a study by researchers in the United States and India.

They tracked 364 men being evaluated for infertility. The men were divided into three groups, based on their sperm count, Bloomberg news reported.

Among men whose sperm counts were within the normal range, those who used a cell phone for more than four hours a day produced an average of 66 million sperm a day, 23 percent less than men in the same group who never used cell phones.

The study also found that the proportion of sperm that possessed "normal forms" was 21 percent among the heavy cell phone users, compared to 40 percent among the men who didn't use cell phones, Bloomberg reported.

The findings were presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


Informant: Mark G.


A life apart: driven into exile by obscure disorder, a family starts anew


Informant: Mark G.

Boom in Nanotechnology Poses Consumer Risks



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