Man turns the Earth into a Microwave–Oven

The change of climate on this planet is a fact. Though its causes are not those which the people are led to believe. However, its effects will be fatal.

We have been observing for years with increasing concern that the climate on this planet is changing. However, its causes still seem to be a mystery. Scientists agree hopefully with each other in one point—that it is getting warmer. As reasons for the warming, scientists have theories like for example the chemically caused decrease of the ozone–layer through propellant gases combined with an increase of irradiation from the sun, or the steady increase of carbon dioxide combined with a decrease in the emission radiation from the earth. Again other scientists claim that through the carbon dioxide the earth would tend to cool down because of decrease in irradiation from the sun. At the climate conferences they then oracle about which possibility could best be sold politically and could be made best acceptable to the public and at the same time demand least concessions from those responsible for causing it. Thus, they came to agree to talk about possible limitations regarding the carbon dioxide emissions.

However, even for controlling the supposed carbon dioxide problem they don't seem to be very serious. It becomes even grotesque when having to acknowledge that developed nations may have the right to buy unused contingents from non–developed countries in order to artificially meet their quotas. Thus the climate conferences degrade themselves to the point that reach kindergarten level except, of course, that they cost a great deal more money. It might even be that these expensive conferences serve in reality very much different aims than normalizing the climate.

Some years ago a measurable warming of the earth was officially stated to be already about 0.7 degrees centigrade. WHO though, a year ago, calculated a warming of 3.5 degrees, however, in January 2001 they speak of about 6 degrees being expected. At the same time there are pictures coming to publication (Die Presse, January 13, 2001) with the intention of making people aware of the melting and thinning of the ice cape on the north pole and the growing open ice sea, along with an expected rise of sea levels by up to 88 cm. It is interesting to note that after years of fruitless scientific warnings of a climate change the politicians now seem all of a sudden very worried about it, as was never to be expected in the past. One gets the creeping feeling that there must be some politically manipulated panic–mongering behind it. We will come back to this in an other place.

But what value should be attached to today's politically–claimed causes of the climate change when this question is still argued by scientists who continue to contradict one another? Could the purpose of such arguments about carbon dioxide and propellant gases not just serve to put the real causes of the climate change in disguise? Why then has it become tabu to speak about the radioactive pollution of the ionosphere in which radioactive isotopes still are accumulated from man–made radioactive radiations which does not conform with nature and which hinders the reforming of ozone? Why is the legitimate, controversial discussion about mobile phones, against any common sense, so stubbornly one–sided and politically steered in favour of the money powers, despite longtime scientific proof of the cancerous and heating effects of microwaves? Why do the media not inform the public about the incredible threat of the HAARP–Project, the so–called “protecting device” of the American military in Alaska which is also based on microwave technology?

Ever since 1962 science has known about the detrimental effects of an ionised atmosphere in which no ozone can be formed. Because of this knowledge there followed in 1966 a moratorium on atom–testing which was broken by the French (Mururoa 1966–74 and again since 1986). But also the Americans and the Russians continued their subterranean testing during the moratorium. In addition all atom plants continuously emit isotopes into the atmosphere which contribute to the thinning of the ozone layer despite the moratorium. Nevertheless, in spite of this knowledge the main causes for the holes in the ozone layers are still the propellant gases, e.g. the fluorchlorcarbonhydrogenes, though such chemicals could never ever have the capability to thin out the ozone layer to such a degree. However, following such a thinning out of the ozone layer, an increased irradiation from the sun would logically have to be expected.

Also with the introduction of the wireless systems an increased warming has been recognized. By about 1920 the low frequency long waves had been introduced, followed in 1940 by the higher frequencies of the short waves and in about 1959 by the very much higher frequencies of the microwaves. Is there a causal connection between the wireless systems and the warming of the earth? The heating effect of the technical radiation can today be expected to be common knowledge. It is also known that the higher the frequencies the richer the energy and the higher the warming effect of the technical radiation (as in a microwave–oven). With the introduction of the high frequency mobile telephones, the satellites and the HAARP, it must therefore be expected that the entire atmosphere between the earth and the ionosphere, which begins approximately at 80–100 km above sea level, will be warmed in a similar way to that in microwave–ovens. The HAARP is even using focussed and pulsated radiation with which the ionosphere literally is being melted into the form of a mirror from which the radiation can again be reflected back to earth for what ever purpose—could it be shadowing and mind–control of the people?

With the application of microwave technology not only the atmosphere is heated up, but also the waters of the seas. Thus new sea and air currents come into existence which become ever more noticeable and thus interfere with the climatic conditions on the earth. We must remember the ever growing typhoons and tornadoes going on new paths, the increasing floods and tidal waves, the changes of direction of the sea currents, the El Ninos, the increasing earth quakes, etc.

With this kind of heating up of the biosphere, we get exactly the same situation as in a microwave–oven except that the heating is not so intensive. The warming occurs by an unnatural process, by friction from within to without, and not by the gentle transformation of red light and conduction from without to within as happens in nature. The technical way by the unnatural radiation, e.g. the microwave, therefore, damages and destroys all substances and matters which are warmed in this way. They become poisonous, detrimental and cancerous. The body cannot restore them back into healthy states again. They lawfully have to be decomposed and discarded by the body. Likewise, warmth caused in such an unnatural way is also unhealthy, as for example the warmth generated from infrared beamers.

Thus technically created warmth has not only an effect on the climate, but also, and in a far more disastrous and unpredictable way, on the health of nature, animals and mankind.

Already today, sicknesses occur which have no names yet, in the face of which doctors are perplexed and helpless, and for which no medicines are available and never will be. Such sicknesses are in a fearfully increasing trend. Only an intact nature can handle and heal such sicknesses which belong to the cancer–syndrom, if man gives nature a chance to do so. This, however, would mean that man realises what, in fact, he is doing and stops his inconsiderate and fatal war against life, which he can never win. With this war man has been bringing cancer to this earth. And cancer is only curable when there are again natural conditions existent on the planet.

Apart of the cancerous and warmth–creating effects, the radiation also leads to chemical reactions e.g. in the seas. It causes an increased emission of chlorine from the sea salts which gets into the atmosphere and builds up acids, e.g. hydrochloric acid which does not exist normally in nature. Thus nature is getting over acidified.

This man–made technical radiation has, therefore, cancerous, acid forming and climate changing effects.

Despite this terrifying realization, industry continues, with political help, to spread such an infernal technical radiation globally. It is quite inconceivable what mankind will be bringing on itself and nature yet through such a life–disdaining and spiritless attitude of our governments and industry leaders, unless common sense finally prevails. Is there not a saying that people have the governments they deserve?


©The World Foundation for Natural Science


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