The Collective Spiritual Force can turn Things around

I read this on a Native American website, a luxury these days!

"The world today is changing in ways no individual can grasp, as new and ancient technologies meet. Our times demand we be citizens of the Earth, healing the Earth/Ourselves. We were born to be here now. It is our souls' purpose to see past delusion and diversion and live truly, honestly, with love and compassion, without pain. The path toward healing, toward making our dreams realities, is within each of us. We must only awaken to the light."

Basically this is a world wide call for people to discover their spiritual consciousness and to work towards healing themselves and the Earth, this wonderful place Our Creator left in our care and which is being destroyed by greed and power.

The spiritually motivated people among the Native Americans firmly believe that a collective spiritual force can turn things around. It is said that the percentage need only be small by comparison to the population of the World because the power of spiritual harmony is so great when linked to that of others.

We all hear about telepathy but not all of us believe it is possible. We are all able to communicate this way, and do, but modern life leaves little time for the conscious realisation of it.

Spirituality is much the same, only on a higher level, and comes about when you try to live as Our Creator wishes, in harmony with every living thing. You tune into a world where you are just part of the whole, integrating with the whole, reacting with the whole, and working for the whole, for the betterment of all. It all starts with prayer and the desire to share rather than just take.

In our own small ways we are all helping towards trying to heal the Earth and to help others. We are part of the whole, probably without even realising that we are.

Leicester was also an example of many people being part of the whole. What I am saying here is that we can be a strong force working with others, if we chose to be.

I know some of you find the expression of my views to be slightly alien to the cultures of western society, but you have to remember that I can only be me, and part of me is Lakota Sioux. It was not the indigenous races that despoiled our world, it was the "civilised" nations.


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