Mobile Telephony: Standards more than insufficient

MAXIMUM magazine N° 962 from 4 to April 10, 2005

Mobile Telephony: Standards more than insufficient

Pierre Le Ruz expert in electromagnetic harmful effects within the European Parliament.

The antenna-relays emit pulsated microwaves which stimulate the hypothalamus. When this zone is disturbed, it can start all kinds of disorders: insomnia, headaches, losses of memory, tendency to depression or suicide. Over the duration, these waves can bring disorders of reproduction, immune system, and cancers of the brain.

Vis-a-vis the importance of the market, the operators of mobile telephony neglected this aspect of their product on the public health. They are based on analyses which they financed, and which show the harmlessness of their technology. The European and French Regulations recognized that beyond a diffusion of 3 volts/meter a antenna-relay should be dismantled, insofar as exposed to higher frequencies, even the apparatuses electric household appliances come from there to be put out of order! In fact, so that the health of men is not threatened, the European recommendation should not exceed 1 volt/meter. But the application of the principle of precaution which wants that one does not establish an antenna with less than 400 m of a dwelling is not respected, especially downtown.

Since the use of new services as access Internet via the telephones the frequencies passed from 1.800 to... 2.100 MHz. What will raise a problem of public health!

http://home.tiscali.be/chaudfontaine/temoignage72.pdf (French)

Translation French-English: omega

Informant: Sylvie


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