A hot report from the field

* Today there was a meeting of the immigration reception committe in the Parliament, and Dr. Zamir Shalita reported from the meeting:

Dr. Shalita presented Usefie Map of sickness and mortality (180+ people got cancer, 85 have died, 99% of them live close to cellular & radio antennas. In the area where several people live near antennas and don't have cancer, the antennas have been there not more than two years).

Chairman of the committe, Mrs. Kolet Avital, asked Prof. Manfred Green, head of the disease control center of the Israeli Health Ministry, what he thought of the map. He answered: I have no data. If I receive the data, I will make a statistical analysis, but as Dr. Shalita explained it was a fifth grade mathematics, not more. Dr. Shalita was asked how they came up with these results, and he told that they went from house to house and asked for medical documents which detail the citizen's diseases. Shalita told that the standard was determined by one degree increase when heating a sugar water small bag. Kolet Avital was shocked and asked Prof. Stelian Galberg, head of the radiation department in the Env. Ministry, whether it was true. He said it was indeed true. She asked him whether all the citizens in the country are exposed on this basis. Galberg said that he was not interested in health, because he is a physicist. He was attacked by a parliament member who told him: you approve all the antennas in this country and you are not interested in health? Galberg's face became red. (He is the ONLY person in charge of the antennas in Israel), also he was embarrassed when a citizen read in front of everybody a letter he had written to Galberg, accusing him of crimes.

This citizen, who lives near cellular antennas told that the Env. Ministry had given him results of measurements of antennas before the antennas were operated. This story of the false measurements was also on the national TV and the Env. Ministry was totally ridiculed in the programme. Indeed, there is some change in the TV reporting as more and more reporters are exposed to the truth about the jungle and bias of regulatory bodies in Israel , also on the local TV, the reporter said about the way of burning the antennas, that it is a way that the citizens can think about when trying to solve the threat of the antennas.

Back to the meeting: Someone else reported that people who live in elderly insitutions under antennas suffer from health effects, for example glaucoma, headaches, depression. Prof. Manfred Green said that everything is psychological.

The citizen told that near his house 13 antennas were erected while the law enables only 6 antennas.

An elderly institution executive who was sitting there, said that if that were the true story, the antennas on the roof of his institution are going to fly from the roof today.

Prof. Manfred Greeen said that there are no proofs for negative health effects.

More from this week:

* The Haifa neighbourhood Vardia, caught a cellular company preparing the basis antennas in the neighbourhood, in the middle of the night. The company lied to the people but they didn't lose. They burnt the basis for the antennas in front of the eyes of the vice mayor, who had given his approval for these antennas. He has always said he resists antennas and yet he approved them. But when the companies wanted to erect antennas near his house several months ago, he didn't let it happen! The mayor came and told them that by the law, he cannot do anything the minute the Env. Ministry approves the antennas. Someone else from the municipality told the citizens off the record (and one of the citizens told it on the local TV) that they can take the law into their hands, and that what the municipality cannot do, they can do. The municipality clarified that the next step would be consulting with the citizens before deciding what to do next.

Yet, the next thing that happened was that the cellular company came together with the police, to build the antenna. Again, the citizens didn't let it happen. Now they want to throw all the other antennas from their area, and think seriously of a class action lawsuit against the 3 cellular companies.

The story made its way to the local newspaper. The cellular company has filed a complaint at the police and called to the police to do judgement about these criminals who prevent the possibility to provide cellular communication to the citizens in the area.

One of the citizens said: "Motorola will decide whether I will be sick or healthy? Where have we come?" And another said that he has a phone but he doesn't want reception in his neighbourhood.

* The center of the Israeli authorities has suggested to the municipalities this week, to take taxes from citizens who agree to put cellular antennas of their roofs, because they are actually running a commercial bussines on their roof. Also the head of the authories center clarified this week that no new antenna will be approved until the company provides a compensation document for future lawsuits of property value reduction. They want to do order with the antennas jungle. Meanwhile, the companies do whatever they want because that's the Israeli law, and of course, they say that they respect the law...

Anyway, these are certainly new encouraging developments.

Iris Atzmon

The practise is the very same here in Canada. Cities and Municipalities are prevented from action by our central government in Ottawa ever since the Health Ministry put in place Safety Code Six which I believe is the same as that which you describe in Israel. There is growing awareness and concern here also but we must persevere and oblige our governments to put humans before corporate profits.

The truth is being revealed and with that we shall prevail. Any further information will be sincerely appreciated. There may be a golden opportunity coming up here in two weeks time to further our campaign and expose microwave radiation towers.

Larry Blackhall
Aldergrove BC


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