Another sad tale of the utilities and politicians putting the dollar first, the people last

Substation issue outcome

I cannot remember who I have already shared the following with. Another sad tale of the utilities and politicians putting the dollar first, the people last.

In 2004 I was involved in two rounds of resisting an electrical substation proposed to be placed first in a rural residential area and then among dairy farms. We won the first round, last February, lost the second this December. The second time around the Town Plan Commission and Board treated the townspeople in a way I had imagined could only occur in the Deep South. They told the people to their faces that it didn't matter a bit to them what concerns anyone had nor how many of them signed a petition. (Over 140 signed the petition this time, as many as usually vote in that township, I am told.) The Commission and Board arrogantly refused to become informed regarding possible health dangers to people and their livestock, and speedily gave the utility what they had requested. (High-frequency electrical pollution is concentrated in the area around a substation, as about 75% of the current returns to the substations via the earth, and that 75% is mostly the health-damaging hig frequencies, due to the "skin effect" that causes these to spread out and be impossible to return via the outdated wiring system.) The chairman almost called the police when his gaveling did not shut me up. During the public meeting a local electrician on the Board, who had refused to listen to information about electrical pollution when I attempted to speak with him personally by phone, made slanderous remarks about the RF filters created by Dr. Graham and Dave Stetzer, calling them "snake oil." I believe he could be presecuted for this - if Dave and Dr. Graham had the leisure to take it up. The Good Ol' Boys win again.

This occurred in Holland, WI, USA township. We have videos of both meetings, if they are of interest.

Better news is that those who have installed the filters in their homes, schools, etc. are experiencing relief from a wide range of symptoms and diseases. Dr. Magda Havas recently presented a paper to WHO regarding this. The paper will soon be posted at http://www.stetzerelectric.com in the research section. Meanwhile, I will be glad to send to to anyone who wants to see it. Conditions improved include diabetes, MS, chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears and sleep disturbance.

In my own case, my symptoms included spells of suddenly skyrocketing blood pressure and pulse rate, accompanied by terrifying arrythmia. I also had strange pains and numbness that led to testing for a brain tumor. $18,000 worth of tests found nothing to account for my symptoms, which also included insomnia so severe that I could sleep only 4-5 hours out of 12 spent trying. I became a semi-invalid. All these symptoms disappeared after we installed the RF filters and took steps to avoid or remove unfilterable exposures. (The filters plug into electrical circuits, but RF also skims on water pipes, phone lines, etc. In our house, even hollow wooden doors and rattan porch furniture.)

I remain electrically sensitive, but symptom free if I avoid RF, and I am much less sensitive to exposure than I was, which is encouraging for the long-term prognosis for ES people. Since recovering, I do a workshop on electrical pollution and how to remediate your personal environment. I would like to write a book about this, as none is presently available that addresses the RF specifically, which is the real culprit. ("Clean" EMF does not cause "radio sickness" problems. More research needed regarding this.) Any info. about finding a publisher, etc. will be most appreciated.

Shivani Arjuna Small
Belgium, WI, USA


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