Kenneth Blackwell should be fired from his position as Ohio's chief elections officer

Mr. J. Kenneth Blackwell should be fired from his position as Ohio's chief elections officer - Elections Director.

Why? How?

Because Mr. Blackwell denied public access to public records, as evidenced by affidavits from Ohio recount volunteers Eve Roberson and Joan Quinn.

Roberson stated Greene County Board of Elections Director, Carol L. Garman, told recount volunteers Roberson and Quinn:

"........Secretary of State Blackwell had ruled that all voter records for the State of Ohio were 'locked down' and that they now were 'not considered public records.'"

The penalty for denying citizens of Ohio access to Ohio public election records is immediate termination, defined in Ohio state law as:

Ohio Revised Statute Title XXXV, Elections, Sec. 3599.161 (C)provides that failure to allow inspection of election records is a minor misdemeanor and requires that Board of Elections officials who are found guilty of prohibiting inspection of election records must be dismissed from their position with the Board of Elections.


"Quinn and I then entered the office of Carole Garman, Director, Greene County Board of Elections and requested copies of the sheets. She did not agree with our request and telephoned the office of Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. She conveyed our request to Pat Wolfe, Election Administrator for the Secretary of State. After some conversation Garman hung up the phone and informed us that Secretary of State Blackwell had ruled that all voter records for the State of Ohio were “locked down” and that they now were “not considered public records.” I asked what legal authority Blackwell had given for “locking down” those public records. Garman responded that it was Blackwell’s decision she was following. I then asked Garman if we could have the requested copies if we paid for them but she refused. Quinn then handed Garman copies of the following Ohio Elections Code which required her to comply with our request for inspection and copying of public election records. Garman then left the room and copied and returned the documents to Quinn."

Informant: David Diggins


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