Pulsed microwave radiation emissions are causing ill health

Can we all put our heads together and see how we can assist the RSPCA.

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Many thanks for your reply and also for your condolences. With regards the absence of a response from the Deputy PM, this is yet another sign of our Government, entrusted with the health and well being of its citizens, choosing to ignore adverse health effects in favour of the multi billion pound telecommunication industry. My concern is that whilst humans make the choice to use mobile phones (myself and partner have long since given up owning a mobile phone), animals in most cases have no option other than to suffer the radiation from the 40,000 plus mobile phone base stations that service them, plus thousands more Tetra base stations, wireless home networks and DECT phones installed in their environment.

Can I ask if you can chase this matter up with the ODPM and I am more than willing to assist in any way possible, e.g. asking others such as acclaimed academics within the field, namely Dr Alfonso Balmori Martinez, Biologist, Spain (copied into this email) to support your/our concerns..


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Dear Mr Kearney

Thank you for your recent email. I have not received any reply from the Deputy PM and I imagine the long silence even in response to my chase up reminder, means that he will not respond.

I am sorry to hear about your cat's experience and will forward your email to our Chief Veterinary Advisor to see if he has come across any other similiar examples. Jackie Ballard


Here's a copy of my email to Jackie Ballard.

Best regards,

Gill Lyden

EMR emissions causing ill health.
To: Jackie Ballard
From: Gill Lyden
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 10:05:28 EDT An: executive@rspca.org.uk

Dear Jackie Ballard,

I was disturbed to receive a copy of this email as it reflects happenings in my village, Kensworth in 2002 when a cat and a dog (in different houses 20 to 40 metres from an Orange mast which had been activated in Sept. 2001and where humans have experienced symptoms ever since - ongoing!) both developed cancer after a perion of around six months :-

1)howling or yowling in apparent pain.

2) being restless but apparently exhausted.

3) The dog developed small growths on his paws and neck; frequenty vomited; refused food etc. The vet gave medication which did not work and the dog died.

4) The cat developed a tumour in it's throat after changing the habits of it's lifetime by staying in alll day instead of going hunting, lying about exhausted and also voniting frequently and refusing food. The cat had an operation to remove the tumour. was never able to eat proper food again and died three years later.

The white bloodcell count of these animals is unknown but the raised white bloodcell count of teh animal in the folowing email is significant. When the Russians bombarded the American Embassy in Tchaikovsky Street, Moscow with radar (ElectroMagnetic Radio frequency emissions) from 1960s to 70s, many of the embassy staff had 14% raised white blodcell count and Ambassador Walter J Stoessell eventually died of a leukaemia-like disease (white bloodcells apparently proliferate in the case of Leukaemia). recently we have found 2 cases of raised white bloodcell count 100 metres from the mast.

There are reports of increased cases of Leukaemia amongst children in this country along with the proliferation of mobile phone masts. Our villagers suffer from insomnia, headaches, nausea, vertigo, earache and tinnitus, ulcerated mouths and thoats; severe nosebleeds etc. near the mast. several people are inable to sleep in there fromt bedrooms and one man cannot use any of his bedrooms because he feels so ill therein. Attached find a small amount of evidence for effects. (If this is cruelty to animals, what is it to expose human beings to the effects without allowing them to appeals against erection of masts on health grounds? Very sincerely Gillian Lyden Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 8:21 PM Subject: [Mast Network] Another possible victim of base stations

Upon the death of our five year old cat, I am now more than ever convinced that the pulsed microwave radiation emitted by my neighbours mobile phone base station is attributable to adverse health effects. In factual demonstration of my belief, I can advise you that our vet has been unable to offer neither any prognosis for Emily’s condition nor any explanation why Emily’ haematology report dated 04/08/05 shows a low <12% White Blood Cell Count.

Whilst at the vets today. I spoke with a vet I have not seen before and I was surprised to learn that she fully accepts the potential for the resulting ill health in animals and referenced an animals stronger sense to all environmental factors, such as in the Tsunami when the animals went to higher ground. She also advised that her friend, a serving policeman has developed a tumour in his chest directly beneath where he attaches his Tetra handset.

I am eager to pursue communication with this vet as all other avenues with the RSPCA, RSPB, English Nature, etc suggests that these organisations pay lip service only to this matter.


Open letter to Edmund Stoiber, Prime Minister, Germany

Dr Edmund Stoiber State Chancelry PO Box 220011
80535 Munich

Urgent suspicions of serious health damage from pulsed high frequency electromagnetic fields (mobile phone base stations, DECT phones, W-LAN, Bluetooth etc.) at levels below exposure guidelines.

Dear Prime Minister,

Allow me to represent many doctors personally to you.

For eight months doctors in Oberfranken and another places have been making extremely worrying observations of patients, who live in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations. After initial suspicions at locations in Forchheim, Hirschaid, Walsdorf, Memmelsdorf and Bamberg survey measurements were made of 356 such residents in 40 locations, all in Oberfranken. Meanwhile 64 Hofer doctors, 30 Lichtenfelser, 61 Coburger, 20 from Bayreuth and countrywide, added their names to the Bamberger appeal.

The result all these medical findings is as follows.

Many people have become ill with a characteristic combination of symptoms, which is new to us as doctors, at exposure levels far below the guideline limits, which apply only to thermal effects. Residents in the vicinity of masts have one or more of the following symptoms:

Sleep disturbance, tiredness, headache, restlessness, lethargy, irritability, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, trouble finding words, depressive tendency, noises in the ears, impaired hearing, dizziness, nosebleeds, visual disturbances, frequent infections, sinusitis, joint and muscle pains, feeling deaf, palpitations, increased blood pressure, hormone disturbances, gaining weight, hair loss, nocturnal sweating, nausea.

The following statements strengthened our suspicions:

* Frequently, many residents become sick with these symptoms at the same time, when living near a base station
(e.g. Schweinfurt: Eselshöhe, in Kulmbach: Senioren-Wohnanlage Mainpark, in Hof: Kösseinestraße, in Forchheim: Ortsteil Burk).
* Many patients have reported rapid recovery when removed from exposure (by temporary relocation, removal of the source, screening, disconnection).
* After relocation, doctors have proven during re-examination of the patients, among other things, that blood pressure, heart rhythm, hormone disturbances, visual disturbances, neurological symptoms, and blood profile have returned to normal.
* Many doctors’ families have in the course of the last months removed their DECT phones and were thereafter free among other things from headache, concentration disturbances, dizziness, restlessness, tinnitus, and sleep disturbance.

We therefore requested the responsible authorities (Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Conservation and Nuclear Safety, members of the Radiation Protection Commission and the WHO) to organise local health surveys. Despite the serious, medical concern, all the authorities have refused to investigate the (to some degree) intolerable living conditions of those living locally.

Not one official health survey has...

EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People


This is a copy of a letter I have received today.


Dear Mr Kearney

May I sincerely apologise for the elate reply to your letter dated 25/01/05, I thought I had replied in early February. Thank you for your letter dated 25/01/05 sent to the SSPCA Chief Executive, Mrs Kay Driver regarding environmental pollution. I found the content very interesting indeed and I have also looked at a few other websites that to one degree of another verify what you write.

Like our English counterparts the RSPCA, this is a subject that we as a Society have had few dealings with or indeed concerns raised.

The Society would obviously be concerned given some of the detail that you have included, e.g. infertility, stillbirths, emaciation etc, all of which indicate biological changes to the animals concerned. It is correct that one of the primary functions of planning control for such masts is out ensure public health and safety, animal wealth and welfare are always ranked lower in this regard, however, such animal welfare research could be taken into account to gauge the risk to public and therefore should be used or atleast considered.

I assume that with all such contentious issues there will be contradictory advice available, however, we will use your letter and the details on the 'hese' site when relevant questions are asked of the Society, either from the public, local authorities or indeed the Scottish Executive.

The Scottish SPCA is an active member of PAW (Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime) which in Scotland is chaired by the Scottish Executive, we will raise this issue at the next meeting in September to see if there are any other opinions available.

I will also pass the letter to Scottish Natural Heritage who are the advisory body on environmental issues tot he Scottish Executive.

Yours sincerely

Michael Flynn


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