Dentist's mouth cancer warning

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"The disease (mouth cancer) kills 1700 people a year...and is on the increase..."

"In the South East 575 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer each year..."

"Smoking and alcohol are among the leading causes of mouth cancer" (nothing about cell phones though).

Source: Sussex Argus edition (Nov 17, 2006)



I have written with the following links




50% increase in cancer in teenagers - Oral cancer cases increase



The 25% increase in mouth cancers (not 40%, got mixed up with another cancer report, sorry).

The Daily Mail reported a 25% increase in young people being hit by mouth cancer on 25/9/05. The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) said risk factors are normally caused by smoking and drinking, however none of these are common risks in younger people. The figure is forecast to rise sharply in the next ten years, with people in their twenties and thirties increasingly vulnerable. (Daily Mail Report 10/11/03).

I am concerned that radiation from phones will intensify around the mouth if children or adults are wearing braces or have fillings, metal intensifies radiation. See statement. //www.chemistryquestion.com/English/Questions/ChemistryInDailyLife/23c_microwave_metal.html

This is an area that needs urgent attention!!!

"It was reported in the Birmingham Evening Mail yesterday (November 2004) that a Top city dentist has warned of spiralling mouth cancer in the West Midlands. John Hamburger, a senior lecturer at Birmingham Dental Hospital, said the disease was on the increase among teenagers and children as well as the elderly."

The ovarian cysts was reported to Ann verbally by a local teacher who said that girls in her school had developed ovarian cysts. The reduction in sperm count [ //omega.twoday.net/search?q=reduction+sperm+count ] has been reported in several news paper reports over the past few years, but we do not have anything specific to send you. We have also seen this in newspapers in the USA and on TV.

The "girls only" births were reported to Ann directly by mast engineers two/three years ago when they were installing masts in our location. We had been picketing the site daily and had established a good rapport with them. They were also shocked to find that the existing antennae on the site had not been switched off prior to them commencing work, despite being given assurances from the operators. We proved it by turning on the A-com. They stopped work for a time.




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