Base Stations and Wireless Networks: Radiofrequency (RF) Exposures and Health Consequences



Another Repacholi & Co. spin- article in Enviromental Health Perspectives

Dear Old Michael Repacholi may have retired from his position as head EMF science sorcerer at WHO but he’s still weaving his evil spells. When not selling his expertise to aid the nuclear industry and the Pentagon by declaring that Chernobyl was not really that bad after all and that Depleted Uranium is okay to injest - provided you don’t take too much, he manages to get in another shot for his old paymasters, the Telcos. All in the name of good science, of course.

See “Base Stations and Wireless Networks: Radiofrequency (RF) Exposures and health Consequences” as published in article in Enviromental Health Perspectives. //www.ehponline.org/members/2006/9633/9633.pdf

Note that the lead author is one Peter A . Valberg, an expert in human health risk assessment from Gradient Corporation. Check out Gradient Corporation’s web site, under “Cost Management” and you will find the following quote. Repacholi is in good company….

“Clients engage Gradient to assist with environmental issues that directly affect their business goals and their bottom line…We are hired for our strong technical analysis and our ability to provide clear testimony and persuasive negotation to help our clients achieve their goals and abide by environmental laws and regulations.”

It would be interesting to see Gradient’s client base. Most likely a Whos-Who of corporate polluters. It would also be of interest who paid Gradient to co-author the EHP report.

Don Maisch

Source: //www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=585


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