The Struggle against Ourselves

George Monbiot delivers a speech to the climate march: These are the greatest political challenges any movement has faced. The struggle against climate change is a struggle against much of what we have become. It is a struggle against some of our most fundamental urges.


Rice's Defense of Renditions Makes No Sense

Ms. Rice's arguments yesterday hinge on her insistence that rendition was a legitimate and necessary tool for the changed circumstances brought by the war on terror. Her assurances, however, that spiriting terror suspects away to clandestine prisons is a legitimate tactic did not carry much weight with human rights organizations or legal scholars yesterday.


U.S. Preparing For Potential Bioterror Attack


[The U.S. Government now has enough smallpox vaccine stockpiled to inoculate every man, woman and child in America. The stockpiled vaccine is dangerous, having caused "catastrophic brain infections," heart inflammation, and infant mortality in some cases.

According to The Washington Post, groups at risk of vaccine complications include infants, pregnant women, cancer survivors, AIDS patients, organ-transplant recipients, anyone who has ever had the skin disease eczema, and some others.

Dick Cheyenne and his staff were pushing to inoculate the entire American populace for smallpox with the dangerous vaccine, but failed in that attempt.

New vaccines are in the works, and VaxGen - who now hold an $877.5 million contract to supply their "next generation" anthrax vaccine to the U.S. Government - has a "safer" smallpox vaccine lined up as well.

In an eyebrow-raising statement, Michael T. Osterholm, head of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, opines:

"I think the medical community has to take a serious look at this. Anybody who thinks smallpox is off the table also doesn't think a single jet can bring down a skyscraper."

- MK]

Safer Smallpox Vaccines In Works

U.S. Preparing For Potential Bioterror Attack

By Justin Gillis Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, November 14, 2005; Page A01


New vaccine technologies are emerging that offer a fresh chance to devise a strategy against smallpox, the most fearsome potential weapon in the bioterror arsenal.

Two companies are reporting rapid progress in developing a new vaccine designed to be safer than the standard one, and a third company, with no government support, is developing yet another new vaccine. That vaccine could offer significant advantages if terrorists were to unleash the smallpox germ in several cities at once, requiring the vaccination of huge numbers of people.

The government stumbled badly in its campaign after Sept. 11, 2001, to vaccinate health care workers who would respond to a smallpox attack.

It has since spent millions to fund development of a new, safer vaccine and has already decided to order enough to protect at least 10 million people. It could buy far more if money becomes available.

Progress on safer vaccines is a success for U.S. policymakers, but it also confronts them with vexing new questions about which vaccines to buy, how many doses to buy, whether to resume a failed program to inoculate some people in advance of an attack and how to deploy the vaccines rapidly if smallpox is unleashed by terrorists.

The government is preparing to tackle the strategic questions over the next few months.

"Right at the present moment, we're setting up a committee to really look at this with a very hard eye," said D.A. Henderson, a Baltimore doctor who advises the government and who is often called the world's premier expert on smallpox. "There are major changes that have occurred that force us to reexamine what we're going to do."

After the terrorist and anthrax attacks of late 2001, concern about the unrelated smallpox virus reached a fever pitch.

Anthrax is deadly, but it does not spread from person to person; smallpox does, and an attack could theoretically kill millions. For a population of nearly 300 million, the country had only 15 million doses of vaccine.

Since then, the government has pulled off a huge feat by stockpiling enough vaccine for every American, but the campaign stalled after President Bush announced a plan to inoculate as many 10.5 million doctors, nurses, police, firefighters and other workers ahead of time so they could respond to an attack.

Many health workers, not fully convinced of the threat and worried about the safety of the standard vaccine, refused inoculation.

In the end, only 40,000 health workers were vaccinated.

After unexpected heart problems emerged in some vaccine recipients, plans to offer shots to the public were shelved.

Early this year, an expert panel excoriated the administration for what it described as poor strategy and communication in devising the smallpox plan.

Now, experts contend, the development of safer vaccines offers a chance to start over, though in some ways the issue of what to do has only grown more complicated.

The Department of Health and Human Services acknowledged, for instance, that with no smallpox cases in the world, it can never be certain how the new vaccines would perform in an epidemic.

It will have to base its plans on rough information, including animal tests.

"You cannot answer all the questions -- it's not possible," said Noreen A. Hynes, head of an office that helps coordinate development of bioterror countermeasures at HHS.

Smallpox killed hundreds of millions of people in recorded history, more than any other infectious disease.

It was eradicated in 1977 after a worldwide campaign that Henderson led. Routine vaccination stopped.

But by the late 1990s, doctors realized that their very success against the disease had turned it into a potentially potent weapon.

Studies have suggested that a quarter of the U.S. population has some lingering immunity from childhood smallpox vaccination, but the rest -- 223 million people -- are believed vulnerable. Virtually no one younger than 37 has been vaccinated.

The smallpox virus resides in only two official repositories, in the United States and Russia, but there are fears that some countries kept hidden stocks and that terrorists or rogue states could get their hands on the germ.

The standard vaccine is relatively dangerous compared with most modern vaccines and was killing several babies a year in the United States when vaccination stopped in 1972.

Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in Bethesda, called the vaccine "the gold standard" given its track record of eradicating smallpox.

"Unfortunately, it's a gold standard that has some significant side effects -- rare but significant," he said.

Some groups are at particular risk of vaccine complications: infants, pregnant women, cancer survivors, AIDS patients, organ-transplant recipients, anyone who has ever had the skin disease eczema and some others.

These people would be discouraged from receiving the standard vaccine under most circumstances, and so would anyone living in a household with them -- a large swath of the population. It was this concern that prompted the push for safer vaccines.

All smallpox vaccines contain a weakened virus, called vaccinia virus, that is closely related to smallpox but much less likely to cause illness.

The virus in the standard vaccine reproduces in the body, which elicits a powerful immune response that can ward off later smallpox infection, but it does sicken some people, causing a catastrophic brain infection in a few cases.

Another, unexpected side effect turned up when the government sought to vaccinate medical personnel in 2003: heart inflammation in adults who had not previously been vaccinated.

It is unclear how serious a problem that would be if the vaccine were used widely.

One newer type of vaccine, the one that has been the focus of most publicly funded research, essentially trades potency for safety.

This vaccine is known as modified vaccinia Ankara, or MVA. A version was first developed in Germany in the 1970s; it does not reproduce in the body and appears less likely to cause illness in vulnerable people.

But because it is weaker, people need a higher dose and may need two shots several weeks apart for full protection.

That could limit the usefulness of the vaccine in an emergency and may constitute an argument for using it ahead of time in some people.

There is also evidence that the side effects of the standard vaccine in healthy people could be ameliorated if they got a shot of MVA a few weeks before a regular inoculation.

Potentially, such a strategy could alleviate some safety concerns that prompted many doctors and nurses to refuse smallpox vaccination.

Two companies -- Acambis PLC, with joint headquarters in Cambridge, England, and Cambridge, Mass., and Bavarian Nordic A/S, with headquarters in Kvistgard, Denmark -- have received federal grants to develop MVA, and they are battling each other to supply it to the government.

Their vaccines have undergone extensive tests, though full side effects are not known yet.

Health and Human Services has issued bidding documents asking for at least 20 million doses of MVA -- enough for a minimum of 10 million people -- and has said it may eventually buy an additional 60 million doses.

The final decision may depend in part on price.

The Acambis and Bavarian Nordic proposals are not yet public, but most experts think MVA will cost 10 to 20 times as much as the standard vaccine, which runs about $3 per dose.

Bavarian Nordic, seeking an expanded market, has argued that the government should consider replacing its entire vaccine stockpile with the newer product, a decision that could cost billions of dollars.

"What would the public say if smallpox is released, 20 million people get the safe vaccine, and everyone else gets the unsafe vaccine?" said Paul Chaplin, executive vice president for research at Bavarian Nordic.

"Which line would you and your family like to be in?"

The government must consider yet another factor.

With no public funds, VaxGen Inc. of Brisbane, Calif., is developing a Japanese vaccine that reproduces in the body, and thus elicits strong immunity with one dose, but appears less likely to cause life-threatening brain infections in children than the standard vaccine.

The company has already completed some human research.

"We are generating the data to show the product is intrinsically safe," said Lance K. Gordon, president and chief executive of VaxGen.

VaxGen's product is expected to be far cheaper than MVA and, as a one-dose vaccine, potentially more useful in an emergency.

But buying a significant amount would further complicate the strategic issues about how to use the various vaccines.

It is expected to be at least a year or two before significant quantities of new vaccine arrive in federal stockpiles.

Experts said that gives the government time to devise a new strategy and to consult with the state health departments and medical personnel that resisted the government's original vaccination plan.

"I think the medical community has to take a serious look at this," said Michael T. Osterholm, head of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

"Anybody who thinks smallpox is off the table also doesn't think a single jet can bring down a skyscraper."

I have never known a clergyman or a professor who could be more narrow, bigoted, and intolerant than some scientists, or pseudo-scientists...... Intolerance is a closed mind. Bigotry is an exaltation of authorities. Narrowness is ignorance unwilling to be taught. And one of the outstanding truths I have learned in my University [of Nature] is that the moment you reach a final conclusion on anything, set that conclusion up as a fact to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken away, and refuse to listen to any new evidence, you have reached an intellectual dead-center, and nothing will start the engine again short of a charge of dynamite...

Ossified knowledge is a dead-weight to the world, and it does not matter in what realm of man's intellectual activities it is found...... Any obstinate clinging to outworn doctrines, whether of religion or politics or morality or of science, are equally damning and equally damnable.

--Luther Burbank

Informant: Friends

Stellungnahme zu der am 15.11.2005 ausgestrahlten TV-Sendung "Barbara Karlich Show"

Mit freundlichen Grüßen übermittle ich die Stellungnahme von Fr. Gabriel aus Salzburg zu der ins Lächerliche gezogenen Darstellung ihrer gesundheitlichen Beeinträchtigungen durch Mobilfunk, in der am 15.11.2005 im ORF ausgestrahlten TV-Sendung "Barbara Karlich Show"

Michael Meyer
Risiko Mobilfunk Österreich
Plattform Sozialstaat Österreich - Netzwerk Zivilcourage
A - 5165 Berndorf, Stadl 4 Tel/Fax 0043 - 6217 - 8576

Selbsthilfegruppe Elektrosmog-Salzburg

Stellungnahme zu der am 15.11.2005 ausgestrahlten TV-Sendung "Barbara Karlich Show" betreffend meine Person als Elektro- und Mobilfunkstrahlensensible.

Zum bessern Verständnis möge folgender Brief dienen, den ich nach der am 28.9.2005 stattgefundenen Aufzeichnung an Frau Mag. Karlich gesandt habe und meine Unzufriedenheit über die Behandlung des Themas "Mobilfunkstrahlensensibilität" zum Ausdruck brachte:

ORF Wien
Frau Barbara Karlich
Speisingerstraße 121-127
1230 Wien

Salzburg, 3.10.2005

Sehr geehrte Frau Karlich!

Anfang September 2005 wurde ich von Ihrer Mitarbeiterin, Frau Sabine Sikor, telefonisch eingeladen, bei einer Barbara Karlich - Show-Aufzeichnung am 28.9.2005 als Gast aktiv teilzunehmen. Dabei wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass verschiedene, in der Öffentlichkeit nicht so bekannte Krankheiten, vorgestellt und ernsthaft diskutiert werden sollten, u.a. Elektro- und Mobilfunkstrahlensensibilität.

Wie die Sendung betitelt werden würde, konnte oder wollte mir Frau Sikor nicht sagen.

In zwei Telefongesprächen mit Frau Sikor habe ich mit aller Deutlichkeit darauf bestanden, dass ich nur teilnehme, wenn k e i n Kommentar psychologischer Art zu meinem Thema stattfindet. Dies wurde mir von Frau Sikor auf jeden Fall garantiert. Sie sagte, man sei sehr interessiert, das Thema Elektrosmogerkrankung seriös zu behandeln.

Diese Vereinbarung wurde jedoch nicht eingehalten.

Bei meinem Ankunftsgespräch am 28.9.2005 wurde mir auf meine Frage der Titel der Sendung mitgeteilt: "Hypochonder".

Ich gab meiner Entrüstung darüber Ausdruck und dass ich keineswegs gekommen wäre, wenn mir dies bei meinem mehrmaligen telefonischen Vorgesprächen gesagt worden wäre.

Für mich war die Sendung keine freie offene Diskussion, sondern hatte offensichtlich das Ziel, das Krankheitsbild von den Ursachen abzukoppeln und den Grund primär in der Psyche des Menschen zusuchen.

Der Kommentar von Herrn Dipl. Psychologen Schmutzer war so ausgerichtet, dass es den Anschein haben sollte, meine Elektrosensibilität sei psychischer Natur und die Tatsache der Außeneinwirkung durch Mobilfunkstrahlung sei bedeutungslos. Diese Vorgangsweise finde ich bedauerlich und befremdend, hatte ich Ihnen doch vorweg schriftliche Informationen zukommen lassen, die keinen Zweifel an der Tragik der Elektrosensibilität lässt.

Meine Tätigkeit als Gründerin und Sprecherin der Selbsthilfegruppe "Elektrosmog Salzburg" und mein Bemühen, die bereits sehr verbreitete Problematik mit Öffentlichkeitsarbeit ernsthaft zu behandeln, wird dadurch diskreditiert.

Sehr geehrte Frau Karlich, ich bitte Sie und fordere Sie auf, alle Kommentare, einschließlich den Kommentar von Herrn Dr. Schmutzer, die meine Person betreffen, die den Anschein erwecken, dass meine Elektrosensibilität nur Einbildung sei, und durch eine Änderung der inneren Einstellung zum Verschwinden zu bringen sei, aus der Sendung herauszunehmen.

Ich ersuche Sie um baldmöglichste Antwort und verbleibe

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Erika Gabriel
Selbsthilfegruppe Elektrosmog Salzburg

Ergeht zur Information an:

1. Frau ORF Landesintendantin Dr. Monika Lindner, Radioplatz 1, 3100 St. Pölten

Dachverband der Selbsthilfegruppen Salzburg, Faberstraße 19-23, 5024 Salzburg"

Mit Schreiben vom 10.10.2005 teilte mir das Sekretariat Barbara Karlich Show unter anderem mit:

"Wir haben uns das Sendungsband nochmals sorgfältig, im Hinblick auf Ihre Person und damit verbundenen Diskussionsbeiträgen und Wortmeldungen angesehen und konnten aus unserer Sicht keinerlei negative Äußerungen Sie und Ihre Krankengeschichte betreffend erkennen.

Auch Dr. Schmutzer beleuchtet das Thema nur allgemein und für den Zuschauer verständlich nachvollziehbar.

Wir landen Sie sehr herzlich ein, mit uns gemeinsam, die Aufzeichnung anzusehen, damit Sie sich persönlich davon überzeugen können.

Sie persönlich wirken in der Sendung und dem damit verbundenen Thema sehr kompetent, glaubwürdig und sympathisch, auch wurde mehrmals erwähnt, dass explizit ihre Geschichte nichts mit Hypochondrie und dem damit verbundenen Krankheitsbild (Facharzt Dr. Martin Aigner) zu tun hat. Im Gegenteil wurde oftmals unterstrichen, dass es Elektrosmogerkrankung gibt und diese auch ernst zunehmen ist.

Nur Sie und Ihr behandelnder Arzt Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, können die Geschichte beurteilen, nichts anderes wurde in der Sendung vermittelt."

Der Einladung nach Wien zu fahren und mir das Band anzusehen bin ich nicht gefolgt. Ich hätte ohnehin nichts mehr ändern können.

Obwohl mir der "Unterhaltungscharakter" dieser Talk-Show bekannt ist, habe ich nach einiger Überlegung doch die Einladung als Studiogast aus folgenden Beweggründen angenommen:

1. Die Bevölkerung aus der Sicht einer Betroffenen zu informieren

2. Bereits betroffene Personen zu ermutigen ihre Beschwerden der öffentlich bekannt zumachen.

3. Menschen, die bereits typische Elektrosmogsymptome haben, diese aber nicht zuordnen können, anzuregen, die Ursache zu suchen.

Sehr bedauerlich ist, dass der Beitrag von Herrn Dr. Gerd Oberfeld um ca. zwei Drittel gekürzt worden ist. Wesentliche Aussagen von kompetenter Seite wurden somit den Zusehern vorenthalten.

Erika Gabriel
Sprecherin der Selbsthilfegruppe
Elektrosmog Salzburg

Die Selbsthilfegruppe Elektrosmog-Salzburg ist Teil der Selbsthilfe Salzburg, Faberstraße 19-23, 5024 Salzburg, (0662) 8889-258, Fax DW 492, selbsthilfe@salzburg.co.at,

Call for Release of Peace Activists Held in Iraq

Published on Friday, December 2, 2005
by CommonDreams.org

Join Arundhati Roy, Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, Cindy Sheehan, Denis Halliday, Rashid Khalidi, and Many Others in Calling for the Urgent Release of Peace Activists Held in Iraq

An Urgent Appeal Add your name at: http://www.freethecpt.org

Four members of Christian Peacemaker Teams http://www.cpt.org/ were taken this past Saturday, November 26, in Baghdad, Iraq. They are not spies, nor do they work in the service of any government. They are people who have dedicated their lives to fighting against war and have clearly and publicly opposed the invasion and occupation of Iraq. They are people of faith, but they are not missionaries. They have deep respect for the Islamic faith and for the right of Iraqis to self-determination.

C.P.T. first came to Iraq in October 2002 to oppose the US invasion, and it has remained in the country throughout the occupation in solidarity with the Iraqi people. The group has been invaluable in alerting the world to many of the horrors facing Iraqis detained in US-run prisons and detention centers. C.P.T. was among the first to document the torture occurring at the Abu Ghraib prison, long before the story broke in the mainstream press. Its members have spent countless hours interviewing Iraqis about abuse and torture suffered at the hands of US forces and have disseminated this information internationally.

Each of the four C.P.T. members being held in Iraq has dedicated his life to resisting the darkness and misery of war and occupation. Convinced that it is not enough to oppose the war from the safety of their homes, they made the difficult decision to go to Iraq, knowing that the climate of mistrust created by foreign occupation meant that they could be mistaken for spies or missionaries. They went there with a simple purpose: to bear witness to injustice and to embody a different kind of relationship between cultures and faiths. Members of C.P.T. willingly undertook the risks of living among Iraqis, in a common neighborhood outside of the infamous Green Zone. They sought no protection from weapons or armed guards, trusting in, and benefiting from, the goodwill of the Iraqi people. Acts of kindness and hospitality from Iraqis were innumerable and ensured the C.P.T. members' safety and wellbeing. We believe that spirit will prevail in the current situation.

We appeal to those holding these activists to release them unharmed so that they may continue their vital work as witnesses and peacemakers.


Arundhati Roy, author, The God of Small Things

Tariq Ali, author, Bush in Babylon

Denis Halliday, former U.N. Assistant Secretary General and Head of the U.N. Humanitarian Program in Iraq (1997-1998)

Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan

Noam Chomsky, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Haifa Zangana, Iraqi novelist

Kamil Mahdi, Iraqi economist and anti-occupation activist. Lecturer, University of Exeter

Mahmood Mamdani, "Herbert Lehman Professor of Government," Columbia University

Rashid Khalidi, "Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies," Middle East Institute, Columbia University

Cindy and Craig Corrie, parents of Rachel Corrie, killed by Israeli military

Hasan Abu Nimah, Permanent Representative of Jordan at the United Nations (1995-2000)

Ralph Nader, former independent presidential candidate

James Abourezk, former US Senator

Howard Zinn, historian

Naseer Aruri, Professor (Emeritus) University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence/Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Naomi Klein, author/journalist

Michael Ratner, President, Center for Constitutional Rights

Rev. Daniel Berrigan, poet

Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, National Coordinator, Clergy and Laity Concerned about Iraq

Jeremy Scahill, independent journalist

Mazin Qumsiyeh, author, Sharing the Land Of Canaan, board member US Campaign to End the Occupation

Milan Rai, author, War Plan Iraq: Ten Reasons Against War on Iraq

Sam Husseini, writer

Dahr Jamail, independent journalist

Ali Abunimah, Co-founder, Electronic Iraq

Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice

Eve Ensler, author

Jennifer Harbury, Director, Stop Torture Permanently Campaign

Omar Diop, Président de la Coalition Sénégalaise des Défenseurs des Droits humains

Anthony Arnove, author, Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal

Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange

G. Simon Harak, War Resisters League

Michael Albert, ZNet

Dave McReynolds, former Chair, War Resisters International

Bishop Gabino Zavala, President, Pax Christi USA

To add your name to this statement and to see the full list of initial signers: http://www.freethecpt.org

Contact: freethecpt@gmail.com

Organizations and institutions are listed for identification purposes only.

Informant: John Calvert

Greenpeace gibt RWE Schuld an Treibhausgasen, Strompreisen und Strommastbrüchen

Auf Kühlturm: Greenpeace gibt RWE Schuld an Treibhausgasen, Strompreisen und Strommastbrüchen (06.12.05)

Acht Greenpeace-Aktivisten protestieren seit Montag früh auf dem Kühlturm eines RWE-Braunkohlekraftwerks bei Köln "gegen die Klimazerstörung" des Energieriesen RWE. In einem Appell an die Konzernleitung appeliert Greenpeace an die Verantwortung des Konzerns für die Menschen. "Für RWE sind immer die anderen Schuld", monierte Greenpeace-Aktivist Heinz Smital vom Kühlturm an RWE-Vorstandschef Harry Roels. "Erhöht der Konzern die Strompreise, zwingen ihn angeblich teure Umweltabgaben dazu. Brechen Strommasten, liegt es natürlich nur am Schnee, und nicht an fehlender Wartung. Und sterben Menschen an der Klimakatastrophe, sind die Autofahrer schuld, nur nicht die Braunkohlekraftwerke von RWE."

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

German Man Claims US Tortured Him

A German man filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming he was held captive and tortured by US government agents after being mistakenly identified as an associate of the September 11 hijackers.


Court showdown today over military recruiting


Informant: Charles Jenks

From ufpj-news

Carriers French mobile operators fined a massive €534m

From Phil Watts

Carriers French mobile operators fined a massive €534m
by Guy Daniels - 1/12/2005 12:23:42

It has been a bad morning for France's mobile operators. Earlier today, they received the news that the country's competition authority (Conseil de la Concurrence) has decided to fine Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom a record amount of €534 million for market collusion practices between 1997 and 2003. France Telecom's Orange takes the brunt of the fines, with €256 million, whilst SFR is fined €220 million and Bouygues Telecom a more modest €58 million.

The competition authority says the French operators engaged in two illegal practices: they exchanged confidential information - about the number of new clients and the number of cancellations - during the period; and they agreed between themselves the market share for each party during 2000 and 2002. The Conseil de la Concurrence considers that these practices have damaged the economy and altered the intensity of the competition between the operators.

France Telecom has already announced it is going to appeal against this decision, which it says is "based on events that are now long past" and which "has been handed down despite months of actions of all kinds seeking to discredit the telecommunications sector in France".

It says that the ruling could have a serious impact on public confidence in one of the most dynamic sectors of the country's economy, one which has invested more than €60 billion over ten years and employees some 250,000 people.

"This ruling is based on the existence of an exchange of information among the three mobile operators, and on allegedly concerted practises that led to a freeze in market share between 2000 and 2002,"says the official France Telecom response. "The idea that it would be possible to control a market of roughly 40 million customers sourcing their products from 20,000 points of sale, is totally unrealistic. During the period in question, 20 per cent of customers changed operators each year on average. In addition, half of the points of sale distributing mobile products and services do not belong to operators, but are independent distributors or part of leading retail groups, constantly putting the offerings of the different mobile operators into competition with one another."

Orange France adds that during the 1997 and 2003 period, customers benefited from roughly 20 per cent decrease in mobile telephony prices. Needless to say, it will appeal the decision.

"This is really bad news for the French operators, for two reasons," said Vincent Poulbere, Senior Consultant with Ovum. "First, because of the record amount of the fine (from 14.6-18.3 per cent of the operators' net profit in 2004); and second, because of the bad press resulting from this decision and the damage it will do to the operators' brands and credibility."

Ovum said they were surprised by the competition authority's findings (published on its website) about how operators exchanged confidential information and agreed on market shares. However, they also note that this isn't the end of the story. Not only will the decision will be appealed by the operators, but the customer association UFC Que Choisir - which lodged the original complaint - plans to launch a US-style class action suit against the operators.

Childhood leukemia and EMF


EMF and childhood cancer

EMF and childhood cancer


I have taken the liberty of forwarding an announcement received from Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson in Sweden that his (and colleagues) request for funding re EMF and Childhood Leukaemia has been denied. This is truly "a tragic setback" toward prevention of childhood Leukaemia!!!!

To date, I have not received a response to my pleas for help to fund Dr. Olle Johansson through your Charity regarding studies that will prove the link to childhood Leukaemia by scientists from the prestigous Karolinska Institute.

Children With Leukaemia does an excellent job of fundraising re treatments and hospitals for children with Leukaemia. Imagine the hope your Charity can give to persons in Britain as well as around-the-world when you are finally able to release information to the public that the Karolinska Institute has confirmed the link between childhood Leukaemia and bedside EMF/EMR exposures!!!

An additional study by your own Dr. Dennis Henshaw, re the type of exposures that will promote pre-Leukaemic blood changes that are also "markers for irradiation," -- i.e., chronic, prolonged exposure to an electric clock, a fan, an electric meter, power supply box for cordless phone, etc.would then give the Charity a sound basis (replication of a study or studies by a scientist or scientists from the highly esteemed Karolinska Institute by one of your own EMF Scientific Project Managers) for providing precautionary information to the public and will, in turn, leave little doubt as to the importance as it pertains to prevention of childhood Leukaemia.

"Specific studies" re "inflammatory markers" after nightime, chronic, prolonged exposures will confirm the drastic blood changes that occurred in my two grandsons (rare immune) as well as the equally devastating blood changes that were identified in my two separate guinea pig studies that are precursors of Leukaemia. As you know, "electric meters" in the case of my grandsons as well as guinea pigs caused severe health effects but equally important from the standpoint of issuing flyers/news releases, etc. from the Charity, the boys "improved" after being moved away from electric meters (powerwalls) and the guinea pigs "improved" (those that did not die in 30 days, that is) after being moved away from "powerwalls."

The type of study and/or studies that Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson has agreed to do will replicate findings re my grandsons as well as a study mentioned in the book, "Blood" by Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Andrew Marino (Louisiana State University). That study was on guinea pigs exposed to EMF/EMR and yielded exact blood results as those identified in my guinea pigs -- severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis. These are "precancerous blood changes" -- the same changes that occurred in my guinea pigs.

Funding to Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson through your Charity will allow you to make recommendations to those you are trying to help throughout the U.K. to not only prevent many instances of childhood Leukaemia, but also to help save those children who may return home while undergoing chemotherapy that they must move electrical items/devices from close proximity to beds.

Mrs. Bonnie Boyum, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, USA, has given me permission to share that her son, Michael Boyum, who unfortunately lost his battle with Leukaemia over five years ago, had an electric clock and a fan behind his head. It is my hope that the breakthrough I mention will one day allow me to offer scholarships in Michael's name to honor his life and to acknowledge Bonnie Boyum's courage and willingness to share painful but "vital information!"

As I have indicated in previous letters and emails, information as I describe, if provided to the public, will not only reduce many cases of childhood Leukaemia, but will also help many persons get better sleep, reduce asthma, allergies, learning disorders including ADD and ADHD, and has the potential of providing "improvement" for virtually any health problem including Diabetes, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's Disease, brain cancer and all other health problems. For those who are unknowingly sleeping close to electrical appliances/devices, I consider this to be "a preventable crisis!!!"

I believe the "positive results" will have a "rebound effect" that will inspire many more persons to contribute to Children With Leukaemia thereby allowing for more funds to treat the suffering. This is definitely a "win/win situation!!!"

Best wishes to everyone at Children With Leukaemia!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: jcmpelican@aol.com [12-06-05]

Betreff: EMF and childhood cancer
Von: Olle Johansson olle.johansson@ki.se
Datum: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 11:45:27 +0100

I am so sorry having to inform you that our recent application for research funding regarding the issue of "EMF and childhood cancer" has been turned down.

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


Electromagnetic Fields, Leukaemia and DNA Damage

Childhood brain cancer and EMFs

Childhood leukemia and EMF

Children and cell phones

Schools & Cellular Antennas


Saddam was 'quietly assured by the United States that it would have no objection to his claiming his prize - Kuwait'

by George Friedman

December 5, 2005
The Wisdom Fund

[Dr. George Friedman's firm Stratfor has been dubbed by Barron's as "The Shadow CIA." It has provided analysis to Fortune 500 companies, news outlets, and the U.S. government.]

The United States had no use for the Iraqi regime and had supported the Shah's Iran in a war against Iraq in the 1970s, ending in a peace that had not been favorable to Iraq. With the Iranian revolution, the Americans were looking for a lever to control Iran, . . .

The Carter administration wanted to motivate Saddam to fight, but he had little to gain simply by fighting Iran. What Saddam wanted was to become the dominant power in the Persian Gulf. Absorbing Kuwait, which had historically been a part of Iraq under the Ottoman Empire until the British carved it our for their own interests, was a key goal, but so was dominating the region politically. He knew that if he defeated Iran, Iraq would be the dominant power in the region. He was also quietly assured by the United States that it would have no objection to his claiming his prize - Kuwait - once he defeated Iran. The assurances were very quiet and very deniable.

The United States then did everything it could to make sure that Iraq could never claim the prize, shifting its weight back and forth during the Iran-Iraq war, in classic balance-of-power style. The famous Iran-Contra affair engineered by Bill Casey was part of this strategy, with Americans delivering Hawk surface-to-air missiles and TOW antitank missiles to Iran in order to stave off an Iranian defeat - while also arranging for supplies to Iraq. Under the circumstances it was a clever move until better options emerged.

The Iran-Iraq war lasted nearly ten years and cost millions of lives. In the end, Iraq won - or, more precisely, was less exhausted than Iran. After some months of recovery, Saddam turned to collect his prize. In his famous meeting with U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie on July 25, 1990, just before the invasion, Saddam calmly explained his intention to invade Kuwait, and Glaspie, not informed by the State Department that the policy had changed, proceeded to give Saddam the reassurance of American support that had been the U.S. policy transmitted by ambassadors and back channels for a decade. . . .

What Glaspie didn't know. and what Glaspie hadn't been told, was that the United States had never expected Iraq to win and certainly was not prepared to let Saddam collect his war prize.


A high point of the public relations campaign against Iraq, was the testimony of a Kuwaiti refugee, before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 15, 1990, who told of Iraqi troops removing over 300 babies from incubators in Kuwait City hospital, and dumping them on the floor to die. On January 6, 1992, John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper's Magazine, revealed that "Nayirah," the alleged refugee, was the daughter of Saud al-Sabah, Kuwait's ambassador to the United States, and that Hill and Knowlton, a large public relations firm, had helped prepare her testimony, which she had rehearsed before video cameras in the firm's Washington office.

Source: Enver Masud, "Deadly Deception, Pretexts for War," The Wisdom Fund, July 30, 2001

"When George H. W. Bush ordered American forces to the Persian Gulf - to reverse Iraq's August 1990 invasion of Kuwait - part of the administration case was that an Iraqi juggernaut was also threatening to roll into Saudi Arabia.

"Citing top-secret satellite images, Pentagon officials estimated in mid-September that up to 250,000 Iraqi troops and 1,500 tanks stood on the border, threatening the key US oil supplier.

"But when the St. Petersburg Times in Florida acquired two commercial Soviet satellite images of the same area, taken at the same time, no Iraqi troops were visible near the Saudi border - just empty desert."

Source: Scott Peterson, "In War, Some Facts Less Factual," Christian Science Monitor, September 6, 2002

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EU Commission wants to keep ID database on us all

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Subject: Commission wants to keep ID database on us all

EU Commission wants to keep ID database on us all

In case you haven't seen... I would argue that the foundations were laid in - SIS, SIRENE & the other big databases from the 1990s - the move towards universal smart cards agreed in 2000 - The Hague Programme, 2004 and that the surveillance society has always been an EU objective.

(In time) Statewatch may have some useful comments. The pan-EU healthcard system may also be a Trojan horse... regds, Brian

The Times
November 25, 2005

EU could share ID databases
By Anthony Browne

CONFIDENTIAL personal information about British citizens could be shared with governments and police across Europe under proposals put forward by Brussels yesterday.

In a strategy paper to combat terrorism and serious crime that is likely to be strongly opposed by civil liberties groups, the European Commission challenged governments to set up pan-European databases to collect and share information.

It suggested the creation of a pan-European fingerprint database, a European DNA database, and registers of all EU citizens and of all EU travel documents, to which law enforcement agencies would be given access. If implemented, it would mean that police forces across Europe could access every UK citizen's fingerprints, which are expected to be recorded for ID cards.

The Commission said that it was essential to set up a pan-European "automated fingerprint identification system", which would avoid a situation in which a criminal leaves fingerprints at a crime scene in one country, and then flees over the border where police pick him up for something else but have no idea that he is wanted


Bush’s view of Iraq doesn’t square with reality


Congress knew enough to oppose the war in 2002


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From ufpj-news


EXCLUSIVE: Sources Tell ABC News Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons - now in North Africa

10 Out of 11 High-Value Terror Leaders Subjected to 'Enhanced Interrogation Techniques'


Dec. 5, 2005 — Two CIA secret prisons were operating in Eastern Europe until last month when they were shut down following Human Rights Watch reports of their existence in Poland and Romania.

Current and former CIA officers speaking to ABC News on the condition of confidentiality say the United States scrambled to get all the suspects off European soil before Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived there today. The officers say 11 top al Qaeda suspects have now been moved to a new CIA facility in the North African desert.

CIA officials asked ABC News not to name the specific countries where the prisons were located, citing security concerns.

The CIA declines to comment, but current and former intelligence officials tell ABC News that 11 top al Qaeda figures were all held at one point on a former Soviet air base in one Eastern European country. Several of them were later moved to a second Eastern European country.

All but one of these 11 high-value al Qaeda prisoners were subjected to the harshest interrogation techniques in the CIA's secret arsenal, the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" authorized for use by about 14 CIA officers and first reported by ABC News on Nov. 18.

Rice today avoided directly answering the question of secret prisons in remarks made on her departure for Europe, where the issue of secret prisons and secret flights has caused a furor.

Without mentioning any country by name, Rice acknowledged special handling for certain terrorists.

"The captured terrorists of the 21st century do not fit easily into traditional systems of criminal or military justice, which were designed for different needs. We have had to adapt," Rice said.

The CIA has used a small fleet of private jets to move top al Qaeda suspects from Afghanistan and the Middle East to Eastern Europe, where Human Rights Watch has identified Poland and Romania as the countries that housed secret sites.

But Polish Defense Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told ABC Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross today: "My president has said there is no truth in these reports."

Ross asked: "Do you know otherwise, sir, are you aware of these sites being shut down in the last few weeks, operating on a base under your direct control?"

Sikorski answered, "I think this is as much as I can tell you about this."

In Romania, where the secret prison was possibly at a military base visited last year by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the new Romanian prime minister said today there is no evidence of a CIA site but that he will investigate.

Sources tell ABC that the CIA's secret prisons have existed since March 2002 when one was established in Thailand to house the first important al Qaeda target captured. Sources tell ABC that the approval for another secret prison was granted last year by a North African nation.

Sources tell ABC News that the CIA has a related system of secretly returning other prisoners to their home country when they have outlived their usefulness to the United States.

These same sources also tell ABC News that U.S. intelligence also ships some "unlawful combatants" to countries that use interrogation techniques harsher than any authorized for use by U.S. intelligence officers. They say that Jordan, Syria, Morocco and Egypt were among the nations used in order to extract confessions quickly using techniques harsher than those authorized for use by U.S. intelligence officers. These prisoners were not necessarily citizens of those nations.

According to sources directly involved in setting up the CIA secret prison system, it began with the capture of Abu Zabayda in Pakistan. After treatment there for gunshot wounds, he was whisked by the CIA to Thailand where he was housed in a small, disused warehouse on an active airbase. There, his cell was kept under 24-hour closed circuit TV surveillance and his life-threatening wounds were tended to by a CIA doctor specially sent from Langley headquarters to assure Abu Zubaydah was given proper care, sources said. Once healthy, he was slapped, grabbed, made to stand long hours in a cold cell, and finally handcuffed and strapped feet up to a water board until after 0.31 seconds he begged for mercy and began to cooperate.

While in the secret facilities in Eastern Europe, Abu Zubaydah and his fellow captives were fed breakfasts that included yogurt and fruit, lunches that included steamed vegetables and beans, and dinners that included meat or chicken and more vegetables and rice, sources say. In exchange for cooperation, prisoners were sometimes given hard candies, desserts and chocolates. Abu Zubaydah was partial to Kit Kats, the same treat Saddam Hussein fancied in his captivity.

"One of the difficult issues in this new kind of conflict is what to do with captured individuals who we know or believe to be terrorists," Rice said. "The individuals come from many countries and are often captured far from their original homes. Among them are those who are effectively stateless, owing allegiance only to the extremist cause of transnational terrorism. Many are extremely dangerous. And some have information that may save lives, perhaps even thousands of lives."

Sources tell ABC News that Jordanians, Egyptians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians, Saudis, Pakistanis, Uzbekistanis and Chinese citizens have been returned to their nations' intelligence services after initial debriefing by U.S. intelligence officers. Rice said renditions such as these are vital to the war on terror. "Rendition is a vital tool in combating transnational terrorism," she said.

Of the 12 high-value targets housed by the CIA, only one did not require water boarding before he talked. Ramzi bin al-Shibh broke down in tears after he was walked past the cell of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the operational planner for Sept. 11. Visibly shaken, he started to cry and became as cooperative as if he had been tied down to a water board, sources said.

Copyright © 2005 ABC News Internet Ventures

Following is a list of 12 high-value targets housed by the CIA. Dec. 5, 2005

Abu Zubaydah: Held first in Thailand then Poland

Ibn Al-Shaykh al-Libi: Held in Poland. Previously held in Pakistan/Afghanistan

Abdul Rahim al-Sharqawi: Held in Poland

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri: Held in Poland

Ramzi Binalshibh: Held in Poland

Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman: Held in Poland

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Held in Poland

Waleed Mohammed bin Attash: Held in Poland

Hambali: In U.S. custody. Kept isolated from other high-value targets.

Hassan Ghul: Held in Poland.

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani: Held in Poland

Abu Faraj al-Libbi: Held in Poland


Weder die neue noch die alte Bundesregierung taugt als moralischer Ankläger

Reibungslose Visite im alten Europa

Der Besuch von Condoleezza Rice in Berlin hat gezeigt, dass weder die neue noch die alte Bundesregierung als moralischer Ankläger taugt.


CIA-Lager in Osteuropa wurden angeblich in aller Eile letzten Monat geräumt

Dem US-Sender ABC gegenüber bestätigten Informanten die Existenz von zwei Lagern in Osteuropa, nicht nur Rice, auch die europäischen Regierungen geraten immer stärker in Bedrängnis.


Rechtsstaat USA: Mutmaßliches CIA-Opfer verklagt früheren Geheimdienstchef

ACLU klagt im Namen des Deutschen al-Masri gegen CIA-Chef Tenet

Die US-Bürgerrechtsorganisation will mit der Klage gegen die illegalen Verschleppungen das Recht wiederherstellen, al-Masri -- obgleich auch nach Monate langer CIA-Prüfung unverdächtig -- durfte ohne Angabe von Gründen nicht in die USA einreisen.


Rechtsstaat USA: Mutmaßliches CIA-Opfer verklagt früheren Geheimdienstchef (06.12.05)

Der vom US-Geheimdienst verschleppte Deutsche Khaled el Masri hat nach ZDF-Informationen den ehemaligen CIA-Chef George Tenet und mehrere Flugunternehmen auf Schadenersatz verklagt. Einem Bericht des Magazins "Frontal 21" zufolge wurde die Klageschrift am Dienstagnachmittag im US-Bundesstaat Virginia eingereicht. Darin heiße es, Tenet sei für die Entführung und Inhaftierung eines Unschuldigen verantwortlich. Ferner seien die genannten Fluggesellschaften CIA-Tarnfirmen. Den Angaben zufolge wurde der aus dem Libanon stammende Deutsche am 31. Dezember 2003 während eines Urlaubs in Mazedonien entführt und unter Drogeneinfluss in ein geheimes Gefängnis nach Afghanistan gebracht. Dort sei er auf brutale Weise verhört und monatelang festgehalten worden - obwohl kurz nach seiner Entführung deutlich geworden sei, dass eine Verwechslung vorlag und er nicht der gesuchte Terrorverdächtige war.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Mobilfunk und Menschenrechte


Laut Konvention der Menschenrechte hat der Staat das Leben und die Gesundheit seiner Bürger zu schützen. Mobilfunk und Menschenrechte: Was tun?

Dr. Eduard Christian Schöpfer

Salzburg. Angesichts des aktuellen Stands der Forschung und der immer häufiger werdenden Klagen der Bevölkerung über gesundheitliche Beschwerden durch von GSM-Sendern ausgehende elektromagnetische Strahlung wird immer deutlicher, dass die ungeprüft auf den Markt geworfene Mobilfunktechnologie gesundheitliche Risiken in sich birgt.1

Ungeachtet dessen besteht nach der derzeitigen Rechtslage keinerlei Möglichkeit für Betroffene, gegen von Mobilfunkanlagen ausgehende Immissionen vorzugehen. Anrainer haben kein Mitspracherecht, was die Errichtung von Sendeanlagen anlangt. Die in der Mobilfunkpetition vom 30. 11. 1999 (!) und auch von der Volksanwaltschaft geforderte Verankerung von Anrainerrechten im Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG 2003), BGBl. I 70/2003, ist nach wie vor ausständig.

Bedenken aus Sicht der Europäischen Menschenrechtskonvention (EMRK) ergeben sich insbesondere hinsichtlich des den Betroffenen verweigerten Anspruchs auf rechtliches Gehör (Art. 6 [1] EMRK) während des telekommunikationsrechtlichen Bewilligungsverfahrens bzw. im Bauverfahren. Dazu kommt, dass die Gerichte nach wie vor von einem strikten, dem völker- und gemeinschaftsrechtlichen Vorsorgeprinzip klar widersprechenden Kausalitätsnachweis ausgehen und vom Geschädigten verlangen, den Beweis zu erbringen, dass seine gesundheitlichen Beschwerden auf einen Mobilfunksender zurückzuführen sind.2

Es bestehen ernste Zweifel, dass die derzeitige Rechtslage und die rigorose Rechtsprechung3 der Gerichte mit der positiven Verpflichtung Österreichs gemäß der EMRK vereinbar ist. Nämlich, das Leben und die Gesundheit seiner Bürger im Wege geeigneter gesetzgeberischer Maßnahmen zu schützen und ihnen effektive Rechtsdurchsetzungsmechanismen im Sinne des Art. 13 EMRK (Recht auf eine wirksame Beschwerde bei einer nationalen Instanz) zur Wahrung ihrer Konventionsrechte (Recht auf Achtung der Wohnung, der körperlichen Unversehrtheit, der Privatsphäre, der Familie; Recht auf Eigentum und auf Leben) zur Verfügung zu stellen.

In der Weigerung der österreichischen Gerichte, die Beweislast für gesundheitliche Schädigungen dem Verursacher aufzubürden bzw. eine Prüfung der als verletzt erachteten Konventionsrechte vorzunehmen, ist auch eine Verletzung des Rechts auf Zugang zu einem Gericht gemäß Art. 6 (1) EMRK zu erblicken. Die geltenden rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen zur Genehmigung von Fernmeldeeinrichtungen können nicht ohne weiteres auf die neuartige und offensichtlich gesundheitlich bedenkliche Mobilfunktechnologie übertragen werden. Laut § 73 (2) TKG 2003 muss bei der Errichtung und dem Betrieb von Funkanlagen der Schutz des Lebens und der Gesundheit von Menschen gewährleistet sein.

Diese Bestimmung kann angesichts ihres allgemein gehaltenen Wortlauts (ein bereits seit längerem gefordertes "Gesetz zum Schutz vor nichtionisierender Strahlung" wurde bis dato nicht erlassen) und ihrer Auslegung durch die Behörden die strengen Anforderungen der Judikatur des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte (EGMR) in keiner Weise erfüllen. Die Behörden gehen ja so vor: Keine Prüfung im Einzelfall, es wird grundsätzlich eine Genehmigung erteilt, da von der generellen, aber falschen Voraussetzung ausgegangen wird, dass von Mobilfunkstationen ohnehin keine gesundheitsschädlichen Auswirkungen zu befürchten sind. Laut Judikatur des EGMR müssen aber Eingriffe in konventionsgeschützte Rechte auf Basis einer zugänglichen, ausreichend bestimmten und vorhersehbaren Rechtsgrundlage ergehen.

Was besonders auffällt und Anlass zu großer Besorgnis gibt, ist die Untätigkeit des Gesetzgebers, also letzten Endes die Negierung der berechtigten Sorgen zahlreicher Bürger seitens der politisch Verantwortlichen. Die Einrichtung des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats Funk (WBF) durch Infrastrukturminister Hubert Gorbach vermag an diesem Befund nichts zu ändern, da die Diskussion über die mutmaßliche Gefährlichkeit von Mobilfunkanlagen und Handys damit keineswegs, wie behauptet, auf eine sachliche Basis gestellt wird.

Somit stellt sich einmal mehr die Forderung nach der Einreichung einer Beschwerde wegen gesetzgeberischer Untätigkeit an den Verfassungsgerichtshof, die etwa von der Volksanwaltschaft eingebracht werden könnte. Es hat sich auch gezeigt, dass die bestehenden Grundrechte nur unvollständigen Schutz vor Gesundheitsbeeinträchtigungen der vorliegenden Art bieten können, so dass die Frage nach einem verfassungsgesetzlich verankerten "Grundrecht auf Gesundheit" erneut diskutiert gehört.

Zwar bedeutet die Rechtsprechung der Höchstgerichte für Betroffene einen herben Rückschlag, andererseits aber auch eine Chance, da das Erfordernis der Erschöpfung des letztinstanzlichen Instanzenzugs vor Einbringung einer Beschwerde in Straßburg weggefallen sein müsste. Der Einzelne kann sich nunmehr direkt an den EGMR wenden, ohne zuvor die Gerichte angerufen zu haben, da er nach der derzeitigen Gesetzeslage und Rechtsprechung ohnehin keine Aussicht auf Erfolg hat, Abhilfe für die von ihm behaupteten Menschenrechtsverletzungen zu bekommen. Damit sollte auch der Weg für eine Sammelklage von Geschädigten frei sein, die wesentlich mehr Gewicht als vereinzelte Beschwerden hätte.

Am 16. Dezember findet am Österreichischen Institut für Menschenrechte in Salzburg (Edmundsburg, Mönchsberg 2) eine Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema "Mobilfunk, Mensch und Recht" statt.1 Vgl. dazu Mara Marken, Machen Handys und ihre Sender krank? (2. Auflage 2004); Thomas Grasberger/Franz Kotteder, Mobilfunk - ein Freilandversuch am Menschen (2003); Karl Richter/Hermann Wittebrock (Hrsg.), Kommerz, Gesundheit und demokratische Kultur (2005). Siehe auch die am 19. 11. 2005 verabschiedete Resolution der Österreichischen Ärztekammer zu "Mobilfunkanwendungen und Gesundheit". 2 Vgl. den Beschluss des OGH vom 2. 8. 2005, 1 Ob 146/05k, wo dieser zur Klage einer Mieterin ausführte, allein die "subjektive Besorgnis einer wissenschaftlich nicht erwiesenen Gefährdung" stelle noch keine objektive Beeinträchtigung des Gebrauchs des Bestandobjekts dar, die eine Mietzinsminderung rechtfertige. 3 So hat etwa der VwGH in seinem Erkenntnis vom 16. 9. 1997, Zl. 97/05/0194, festgestellt, dass die Beschwerde eines Herzkranken hinsichtlich der behaupteten Beeinflussung seines Herzschrittmachers durch die Errichtung eines Sendemastens angesichts der alleinigen (!) Kompetenz der Fernmeldebehörden, Aspekte der Gesundheit und des Lebens von Menschen wahrzunehmen, abzuweisen sei. 4 Vgl. die vom WBF gestaltete Beilage "Mobilfunk und Gesundheit" in der Tageszeitung "Die Presse" vom 6. 11. 2004, in der Besorgnis erregende Ergebnisse wie etwa jene der deutschen "Naila-Studie" aus dem Jahr 2004 keinerlei Erwähnung finden.

© SN


Nachricht von Michael Meyer


Krank durch Mobilfunk - Elektrosmog - Die Opfer


Verbraucherzentrale: Kein rechtlicher Schutz bei Mobilfunkgeschädigten

Opfer könnten vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte klagen http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1240497/

Mobilfunk, Mensch und Recht

Gesundheit: Mobilfunk als "heiße Kartoffel"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander H. Volger: Mobilfunk und seine Technikfolgen u.a.


As hurricanes intensify, is Washington just blowing more hot air on global warming?

See the global warming alarms from 2005, then send a message to your elected officials: Enough Talk. Take Action!

Monster hurricanes, catastrophic mudslides, deadly floods and devastating wildfires - do you think perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?

Global warming's effects were all too visible in 2005, but all we got from Washington was a lot more talk and not nearly enough action.

See the global warming alarms from 2005, then send a message to your elected officials: Enough Talk. Take Action!


The first step is to send an email to President Bush and to Congress. Damage from unchecked global warming is changing our lives and it requires action now.

When you're done, we have a special job for you: Send a handful of our special ecards highlighting the "Enough Talk. Take Action!" campaign to your friends and colleagues.

Among the danger signs of this year's global warming impacts:

- The ferocity of recent hurricanes may be a sign that global warming is already intensifying tropical storms. And many scientists believe it will only get worse in the coming decades.

- Arctic sea ice melting advanced this summer, opening up the possibility of ice-free Arctic summers and dangerously accelerating global warming as less ice leads to more absorption of heat from the sun - a prospect with devastating consequences for polar bears and people alike.

- Coral reefs bleaching and dying. These spectacular rainforests of the sea are at severe risk as warmer waters, more acidic oceans and stronger storms take their combined toll.

Just about everywhere you look, Mother Nature is sending clear signals that global warming is here and the consequences will get worse. We have no time to lose.

Please act now. Sign the petition and recruit your friends. Tell Washington to stop playting politics with our planet:

Enough talk. Take Action!

Thanks in advance for your help,

Fred Krupp Environmental Defense

PS - It will only take a minute to sign the petition - please don't hesitate:

The CIA's Rendition Flights to Secret Prisons


Informant: Our bill of rights

Arctic Soil Could Free Far More Carbon Than Previously Thought


Informant: NHNE

The Bipartisan Excuse

by Paul Waldman, TomPaine.com

The facts just don't support the everyone-does-it defense for Republican corruption.


Overcoming Apartheid

Jonathan Kozol writes that apartheid education, rarely mentioned in the press or openly confronted even among once-progressive educators, is alive and well and rapidly increasing now in the United States. Hypersegregated inner-city schools - in which one finds no more than five or ten white children, at the very most, within a student population of as many as 3,000 - are the norm, not the exception, in most northern urban areas today.


CIA Ruse Is Said to Have Damaged Probe in Milan

Recently filed court documents and interviews in Milan offer fresh details about how the CIA allegedly spread disinformation to cover its tracks and how its actions in Milan disrupted and damaged a major Italian investigation.


The unintended consequences of fake news

Common Dreams
by William Fisher


"Congressional leaders who have often touted Iraq's new 'free press' as a sign of progress in that troubled country were angered by the Pentagon's admission last week that it has been planting and paying for Iraqi newspapers to publish 'good news stories' written by the military and 'placed' in Iraqi media by a Washington-based public relations firm. ... Earlier, Secretary Rumsfeld, under intense criticism, closed the Pentagon's Office of Strategic Influence, a short-lived operation to provide news items, possibly including false ones, to foreign journalists in an effort to influence overseas opinion. Now, critics say, some of the proposals of that discredited office are quietly being resurrected elsewhere in the military and in the Pentagon...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Reform the Patriot Act

Washington Times
by Nat Hentoff


Despite the insistence of the White House and the Republican congressional leadership that the Patriot Act be fully reauthorized before the Thanksgiving break, a coalition of Republican and Democratic senators blocked the Senate-House conference report until vital changes in the Patriot Act are made. They have rising support around the nation when Congress returns on Dec. 16. Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day, celebrating the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, without which our founding document would not have become the law of the land. I congratulate the patriotic resisters in and out of the Senate for not allowing the administration to retain sections of the Patriot Act, which 399 towns and cities across the country and seven state legislatures had told their representatives in Congress to change in compliance with the Bill of Rights. Begun in Northampton, MA, in November 2001, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, led by Nancy Talanian, has been instrumental in the national organizing of these resolutions to Congress through a subsequent alliance with the American Civil Liberties Union and a range of conservative libertarian organizations...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Condi to Europe: "Trust me"

by Paul Craig Roberts


The Bush administration has made it abundantly clear that it believes, with no apologies, that the ends justify the means. Lying is simply a means to an end. What Condi Rice is telling Europeans is 'pay no attention to our lies; just accept that we are liars for a good and proper cause.' What other proof do we need of the Bush administration's low esteem for truth than the fact, revealed by the Los Angeles Times, that the Bush administration has been caught paying journalists to write favorable stories about the war in Iraq? First they rigged the 'intelligence' used to start a war; then they rigged the news reports about the war. And these people think they should be trusted?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Garage door chaos Pentagon's fault



All over the United States, garage door openers have gone bonkers ... and it's all the fault of the U.S. Military! The Government Accountability Office in Washington released the results of a special investigation on Thursday, saying the cause of thousands of garage-door mishaps is a new military radio system apparently used all over the country. In a colossal screw-up only the Pentagon could pull off, the new Land Mobile Radio units operate on the same frequencies as most garage-door openers. Every time the Pentagon begins using the new radios at another base, the unlucky homeowners nearby suddenly find themselves playing a deadly game of Garage Door Roulette -- and the military has done nothing to warn citizens of the coming chaos...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

MSP Airport to test behavorial screening system


GOP embracing its maverick

Boston Globe


Senator Lincoln D. Chafee hopped out of the driver's seat of his beige Toyota Prius -- a car with a dent on the side and 'I Am Electric' emblazoned across the back window -- and dashed through the rain. He'd forgotten his umbrella at the office, so he was soaked before he made it inside Meadowbrook Farms Elementary School. Then, for the better part of an hour, he talked with a classroom of third-graders about the importance of saving the rain forests. 'The challenge is to balance between the animals and our needs,' the Rhode Island Republican told the children. 'We're all part of the earth ourselves. We have to share it.' Chafee is the closest thing to a GOP flower child in Washington these days. He's a Brown University classics major who spent seven years shoeing horses before turning to the family business of politics. His liberal positions would be well-suited for a centrist Democrat. The ease with which he speaks of living in harmony with nature marks him as a product of the '60s, and a child of a household that always had a compost pile...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Britain's role in war on terror revealed

Guardian [UK]


The full extent of British logistical support for the CIA's secret 'ghost flights' emerged yesterday as Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, said the agency's operations were 'a vital tool' in the campaign against terrorism. The Guardian publishes for the first time today the details of more than 200 flights in and out of Britain of aircraft owned or controlled by the CIA. The agency has used almost 20 airports across the UK during the period when its agents have been snatching terror suspects and taking them to countries where they may be tortured. As well as enjoying access to a number of RAF bases, the agency has been flying in and out of civilian airports across the country. Its destinations include not only major airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick, but small airports at Bournemouth on the south coast and Wick in the north of Scotland. Last night MPs, who have formed a campaign group to challenge British support for the CIA's so-called extraordinary renditions programme, met for the first time and demanded that the government come clean about the use of UK facilities...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Documents show FEMA knew response "broken"

Detroit Free Press


FEMA realized its response to Hurricane Katrina was 'broken' and braced for rioting over woefully low supplies in Mississippi in the days just after the storm, according to new documents released Monday. The correspondence among Federal Emergency Management Agency officials, provided by a special House committee investigating the government response to the storm, follows the release last week of more than 100,000 documents by Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

CIA ruse on missing cleric misled Italians



In March 2003, the Italian national anti-terrorism police received an urgent message from the CIA about a radical Islamic cleric who had mysteriously vanished from Milan a few weeks before. The CIA reported that it had reliable information that the cleric, the target of an Italian criminal investigation, had fled to an unknown location in the Balkans. In fact, according to Italian court documents and interviews with investigators, the CIA's tip was a deliberate lie, part of a ruse designed to stymie efforts by the Italian anti-terrorism police to track down the cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, an Egyptian refugee known as Abu Omar...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rice: US terror policy tough, but legal

Indianapolis Star


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice aggressively defended U.S. tactics against terrorism on Monday as tough but legal, and countered European complaints over reports of secret CIA-run prisons there by saying America's efforts with its allies have been 'a two-way street' that have saved European and American lives. Commencing a five-day visit to a Europe that has seethed with resentment over the reports of U.S. prisons and detainee mistreatment, Rice delivered the Bush administration's most forceful response to a month of growing trans-Atlantic acrimony...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Army drops charges in killing of Iraqi civilians

USA Today


The Army dropped murder charges Monday against an officer accused of giving two soldiers in his platoon permission to kill Iraqi civilians. Second Lt. Erick Anderson, 26, of Twinsburg, Ohio, could have gotten life in prison if convicted. All charges were dropped after an Army investigator who presided over a two-day hearing last month recommended that Anderson not face a court-martial...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

We're delighted mast plan was rejected


06 December 2005 12:21

Planners have delighted phone mast campaigners by throwing out plans for a 10-metre mast in Norwich before it went to committee.

Families were urged to back a campaign opposing plans for the timber pole and antennae near to the Newmarket Road doctors surgery.

Telecommunications giant Vodafone submitted an application to Norwich City Council last month, but planners have already decided a mast would not be suitable in the area.

"The mobile phone mast on Newmarket Road was refused by planners on the grounds that it would be obtrusive in the street scene, that it's not part of the character of the conservation area," said a city council spokeswoman.

She added that planners also thought the mast would also "adversely affect the street amenities of the area".

James Lord, 75, of Glenalmond, off Newmarket Road, said he was delighted with the decision after being one of the people living in the area in opposition to the proposal.

"I think that's absolutely right," he said. "My objection in the first place was that a large piece of industrial equipment like that does not belong in a residential area.

"When you bear in mind the main approach to Norwich is up the Newmarket Road and that would be seen just as they come past the sign 'Norwich – A fine city'. Would that be the right thing to see?"

The Evening News has campaigned against the installation of mobile phone masts near homes and schools until it is proved they are safe.

"I'm pleased," said Chris Hull, Green county councillor for Town Close ward, who headed the campaign against the mast and found there was unanimous disapproval.

"It was pretty clear to me in canvassing door to door and speaking to people about the process that of their own volition people were saying to me they didn't want it — I couldn't find anyone in favour.

"It was proposed to be sited on a public highway, in a residential area, and it would have been visible from quite a way around at 12 metres in total — a 10 metre pole with two metres of antennae on top."

A spokeswoman for Vodafone said they would look carefully at the reasons for the refusal and see if there are any alterations which could be made to the proposal.

"Whether we will appeal or not it's difficult to say," she said. "We don't take that decision lightly. It's very much a case of we will take a review of the situation and decide from there."

Are you fighting a mobile phone mast application? Telephone reporter Peter Walsh on (01603) 772439 or e-mail peter.walsh@archant.co.uk

051206 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


051203 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


051202 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Environmental Warfare and Climate Change


Informant: Friends

Public Enemy No. 1: The Media


Informant: Milo



Informant: NHNE

How can European countries make themselves accomplices of American secret services by allowing these CIA planes to use their airports or by installing bases where the principles of democracy are flouted?


The European general public clamors to know: "How can European countries make themselves accomplices of American secret services by allowing these CIA planes to use their airports or by installing bases where the principles of democracy are flouted?"


UN Expresses Deep Concern over Saddam Trial

Attacks on lawyers and flaws in the Iraqi justice system mean the trial of Saddam Hussein on charges of crimes against humanity will never satisfy international standards, a UN rights official said on Sunday. John Pace, human rights chief at the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, also condemned what he called illegal detentions by Iraqi and US military authorities, including thousands of suspects held at Abu Ghraib prison.


Truth Is First Casualty of War Reporting

This Vietnam experience came back to me, writes Les Payne, when I heard that the US military has been planting stories in Iraq newspapers. Having survived training as a US Army journalist, I can report that this military specialty resembles the real thing about as much as Army food resembles food.


'84 Alito Memo Backed Police Who Shot Unarmed Suspect

Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr.'s views on abortion caused a stir this week, but another memo that surfaced from his years as a Reagan administration lawyer was notable for its strong support of the police. Alito wrote that he saw no constitutional problem with a police officer shooting and killing an unarmed teenager who was fleeing after a $10 home burglary.


Frist's Voting Record Favors Private Interest: Himself

An analysis of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's voting record shows a pattern of supporting bills that benefit HCA Inc., the Nashville-based hospital company that's been the foundation of the Frist family's wealth.


A Twist in the Rove-Plame Mystery

The available evidence now suggests that Rove did lie to a federal grand jury – even after his lawyer got the warning in early 2004 – and that Rove only admitted the initial contact with the Time reporter when documentary evidence surfaced nine months later.


From Information Clearing House

Going hungry in Ohio and Michigan

Soup kitchens find need outpaces resources: Operators of Victory Temple and other soup kitchens and food pantries in northwest Ohio say a loss of factory jobs and surging utility costs are sending growing numbers of people to their doors.


From Information Clearing House

Clinton gets anti-war challenger

In a move that is certain to harden the battle lines among Democrats surrounding the Iraq war, a veteran union organizer will announce Tuesday that he is campaigning to unseat Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.


From Information Clearing House

Free Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan

Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan came to the United States more than 25 years ago, and has been proud to be called an American ever since. This confidence in the inherent beauty and justice of the United States was betrayed on the night of July 27th, 2004.


From Information Clearing House

British Tory MP Blasts Extraordinary Rendition

Says Britain Broke International Law and "Complicit in Torture" if Flights Passed Through UK.


From Information Clearing House

CIA ghost flights over Canada

Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr was taken off the streets of Milan on Feb. 17, 2003, then flown to Ramstein Air Base in Germany — considered U.S. territory — and from there to Egypt where he was reportedly tortured.


Rice to claim Euro backing for CIA prisons

Stung by what many US officials see as a two-faced approach by some allies, she will also call on European governments to argue more forcefully with their own citizens that co-operation with the CIA is vital for their security.


From Information Clearing House

Russian Foreign Minister Acknowledges Growing Divergence With U.S.

“We can come to the conclusion that in the whole complex of our (foreign) relations the weight of existing military and strategic links between Russia and the United States ... will be constantly declining,” Sergei Lavrov said.


From Information Clearing House

Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind

The Navy wants to increase its fleet to 313 ships by 2020, reversing years of decline in naval shipbuilding and adding dozens of warships designed to defeat emerging adversaries, senior Defense Department officials say.


Has 'War' become a leading brand for United States?

How Bush's imperial policies are being linked to economic woes and CEO angst in America.


From Information Clearing House

Pentagon Propaganda In Iraq Continues

On Sunday’s ABC This Week, Stephen Hadley acknowledged that President Bush has not yet ordered the shut-down of the Pentagon’s propaganda campaign in Iraq.


From Information Clearing House

Propaganda and bribery

It seems such a tiny, insignificant thing. Why worry about planting a little propaganda and bribing a few journalists when your men in the field are dying day after day? "This is war," says the Pentagon. Yes indeed, adds the sonorous senator who chairs the armed services committee, "this is war". And in war, of course, anything goes (even including bombing al-Jazeera) because ... well, it's war, isn't it?


We help rich individuals and companies to spirit away vast sums from the developing world

Where they hide the cash

By Duncan Campbell

Five trillion dollars has been corruptly removed from the world's poorest countries and lodged permanently in the world's richest countries. That is the "conservative estimate" not of a leftwing anti-globalisation activist but of a leading American businessman and enthusiast for capitalism who has just completed a major study of how multinational corporations, wealthy individuals and unscrupulous governments are using the world's banking systems in ways that spread povert.


The torture files

By Raymond Whitaker

CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world, including freezing and near-drowning.


The War On Terror Is Bogus

“Was 9/11 more than just an attack? Could the Bush administration have had anything to gain from the attack? Two prominent European politicians, Michael Meacher and Andreas von Bülow, express their serious doubts about the official version of the 9/11 story.”

Watch it online. Real video

What level of American casualties should be spent to keep America from economic and social collapse?

Neoreality: Peak Oil And Iraq

By Bill Henderson

Why did the U.S. make war on Iraq? The official reasons - Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction and its links with Al-Qaeda - have now been shown to be lies. What then were the real reasons?


How politics corrupts intelligence

What Happened to Iraq's WMD

By Scott Ritter

The politicization of the intelligence community allows the process of fixing intelligence around policy to become pervasive, and the increasingly polarized political climate in America prevents any real checks and balances through effective oversight, leaving Americans at the mercy of politicians who have placed partisan politics above the common good.


GOP Senator Changed Position after Abramoff Donation

US Senator Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) changed his stance on a 2001 bill after receiving a $5,000 donation from a lobbyist's client who opposed the legislation, records show.


OPPOSE the testing of chemicals and pesticides on orphans and mentally handicapped children

Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 20:32:07 -0800
From: Penelope
Subject: chemical testing on children! -Letters to EPA needed

Hi all thanks for taking the time to read this rule change to make it legal to test on orphans and mentally handicapped children thanks Penelope http://www.earthfilms.org

Forward to all who care Subject: Letters needed to the EPA

Please send a letter OPPOSING the testing of chemicals and pesticides on orphans and mentally handicapped children. This proposal has horrifying parallels to Nazi Germany. Public comment period closes on Dec 12, so do it now!

Send two copies of your comments to:

Public Information and Records Integrity Branch (PIRIB) Office of Pesticide Programs U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mail Code: 7502C 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC, 20460-0001 Attention: Docket ID Number OPP-2003-0132

Full briefing on which clauses to oppose and why follows.



P.S. You can read the proposed rules at the EPA's own website:


ALERT: EPA Proposes Chemical and Pesticide Testing on Orphans & Mentally Handicapped Children

ORGANIC BYTES #69 11/14/2005 OCA [Organic Consumers Association]

Public Comment Period Closes December 12, 2005

Public comments are now being accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its newly proposed federal regulation regarding the testing of chemicals and pesticides on human subjects. On August 2, 2005, Congress had mandated the EPA create a rule that permanently bans chemical testing on pregnant women and children. But the EPA's newly proposed rule, misleadingly titled "Protections for Subjects in Human Research," puts industry profits ahead of children's welfare. The rule allows for government and industry scientists to treat children as human guinea pigs in chemical experiments in the following situations:

1. Children who "cannot be reasonably consulted," such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns may be tested on. With permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual, the child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research.

2. Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.

3. Chemical studies on any children outside of the U.S. are acceptable.

OCA's focal concerns with this proposed rule specifically involve the following portions of text within the EPA document:

70 FR 53865 26.408(a) "The IRB (Independent Review Board) shall determine that adequate provisions are made for soliciting the assent of the children, when in the judgment of the IRB the children are capable of providing assent...If the IRB determines that the capability of some or all of the children is so limited that they cannot reasonably be consulted, the assent of the children is not a necessary condition for proceeding with the research. Even where the IRB determines that the subjects are capable of assenting, the IRB may still waive the assent requirement..."

(OCA NOTE: Under this clause, a mentally handicapped child or infant orphan could be tested on without assent. This violates the Nuremberg Code, an international treaty that mandates assent of test subjects is "absolutely essential," and that the test subject must have "legal capacity to give consent" and must be "so situated as to exercise free power of choice." This loophole in the rule must be completely removed.)

70 FR 53865 26.408(c) "If the IRB determines that a research protocol is designed for conditions or for a subject population for which parental or guardian permission is not a reasonable requirement to protect the subjects (for example, neglected or abused children), it may waive the consent requirements..."

(OCA NOTE: Under the general rule, the EPA is saying it's okay to test chemicals on children if their parents or institutional guardians consent to it. This clause says that neglected or abused children have unfit guardians, so no consent would be required to test on those children. This loophole in the rule must be completely removed.)

70 FR 53864 26.401 (a)(2) "To What Do These Regulations Apply? It also includes research conducted or supported by EPA outside the United States, but in appropriate circumstances, the Administrator may, under § 26.101(e), waive the applicability of some or all of the requirements of these regulations for research..."

(OCA NOTE: This clause is stating that the Administrator of the EPA has the power to completely waive regulations on human testing, if the testing is done outside of the U.S. This will allow chemical companies to do human testing in ot her countries where these types of laws are less strict. This loophole in the rule must be completely removed.)

70 FR 53857 "EPA proposes an extraordinary procedure applicable if scientifically sound but ethically deficient human research is found to be crucial to EPA's fulfilling its mission to protect public health. This procedure would also apply if a scientifically sound study covered by proposed § 26.221 or § 26.421--i.e., an intentional dosing study involving pregnant women or children as subjects..."

(OCA NOTE: This clause allows the EPA to accept or conduct "ethically deficient" studies of chemical tests on humans if the agency deems it necessary to fulfull its mission. Unfortunately, the EPA report sets up no criteria for making such an exception with any particular study. This ambiguity leaves a gaping loophole in the rule. Without specific and detailed criteria, it could be argued that any and every study of chemical testing on humans is "necessary." This loophole in the rule must be removed, based on this inadequacy of criteria and definition.)

Forward this alert to friends and colleagues.

From EF! Media Center

Bush Administration Will Pay for Buying Puff Pieces in the Media


An Anti-War Challenge to Hillary Clinton


Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps U.S. Colleges

"A military that is an unequal employer and that funnels people into an immoral war should not be able to recruit on campus."


Court showdown today over military recruiting:

A question before the U.S. Supreme Court today is whether colleges' free-speech rights are violated by a law that could allow the government to withhold money from schools that limit military recruiters' access to campus.


From Information Clearing House

Mr. Bush, Have I Got An Exit Strategy For You


UK 'Breaking Law' Over CIA Secret Flights


Bush's Speech ignores bitter situation for most Americans


Able Danger Could Rewrite History


Uncover Operation Able Danger and Expose


General gave OK for Able Danger

Former military chief confirms al-Qaida mission

By James Rosen

Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was the military's top commander during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, confirmed that four years before the tragedy he authorized a secret computer data-mining initiative to track down Osama bin Laden and operatives in the fugitive terrorist's al-Qaida network.




Career Politicians Are Killing America



Tuesday is the day! Congress Members get back to DC today, and we want to welcome them. We're asking you to call, email, and fax your Congress Members and ask for an end to the war in Iraq. This National Call-In Day - organized by Democrats.com, Progressive Democrats of America, and After Downing Street, together with United for Peace and Justice and many other peace organizations - aims to flood Congress Members' offices with our message for bringing this war to a close.

Our message is simple: "I am calling to let Rep. ______ know that I think the Iraq war is wrong and all our troops should be brought home immediately!"

Take Action Below, or call the Capitol toll free 888-818-6641.


This morning, Roll Call (the Capitol Hill newspaper) published an attack on ImpeachPAC - and its first endorsed candidate, Tony Trupiano - by "non-partisan" analyst Stu Rothenberg. Trupiano has promised to work for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and Rothenberg has declared this entirely unacceptable.

Read the article and ImpeachPAC's rebuttal:

and Bob Fertik's commentary:

_________ Sponsored Message _________


From Dennis Kucinich's political campaigns and calls for peace to the top 40 organic products companies; from Eve Ensler's calls for women in power to what's responsible about socially responsible investing. As you read Ode you'll realize it's an international news magazine unlike any other.

Ode reports on stories about progressive politics, sustainability, natural health, leading-edge science and spirituality, and much more. Smile, laugh and cry with Ode. Find out more about Ode's special offer here.

Ode has been making waves. Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, calls Ode "essential reading," and Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic calls Ode a "way of life." Now, for a limited time, you can get an introductory subscription to Ode of six issues for just $10. Don't miss out on getting this big, colorful magazine that will enhance your perspective for about the cost of a single movie ticket. Find out more.


Sign up for one in your area, or help plan one!

Democrats.com and After Downing Street are joining with Backbone Campaign, Progressive Democrats of America, Democracy Cell Project, Cities for Peace, MilitaryFreeZone.Org, Operation Ceasefire, United for Peace and Justice, U.S. Tour of Duty, Hip Hop Caucus, Democracy Rising, World Can't Wait, Gold Star Families for Peace, PeaceMajority Report, Global Exchange, Bring Them Home Campaign, UP (United Progressives) for Democracy, 20 20 Vision, Impeach Bush Coalition, and Peace Action in asking you to help organize public meetings or smaller gatherings on Saturday, January 7, on the topic of ending the war.

The war is costing us dearly in lives, in security, and in resources. We need this national day to make our demand heard and bring the war to an end. (Events can also be held on days other than the 7th, to fit the schedules of those involved.)

Because the holidays are coming, the time to organize these events is now. Here's how:

STEP 1: Identify an individual or organization or coalition to take the lead in organizing an event.

STEP 2: Post the event so that people can sign up for it and other organizers can contact you and work together. Whoever posts the event will have control of and be able to communicate with the list of people who sign up to attend it. It is also possible to post an event without many details and fill them in later.

STEP 3: See the resources posted on that website, which include tips on contacting your Congress Member. Invite him or her to host the event or to be your guest at an event you host, whichever they and you prefer. You can also hold an event without a Congress Member, such as a panel, a discussion circle, or a house party, and it's easy to do so with the resources provided here:

STEP 4: Join a conference call for grassroots activists around the country on December 7 at 11 a.m. ET at 1-218-936-6666, then hit 2 (as instructed). The access code is 295965.

More Information: http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/event


Sozialgericht Hamburg erklärt Vorgehensweise der ARGE Hamburg bezüglich Ein - Euro - Jobs für rechtswidrig

Mit der dringenden Bitte um Weiterleitung auf weitere bundesweite Verteiler ! !

Hartz IV aktuell aus Hamburg

Sozialgericht Hamburg erklärt Vorgehensweise der Hamburger ARGE bezüglich Ein - Euro - Jobs für rechtswidrig ! !

Hamburger Morgenpost 3./4 Dezember 2005


Ingenieur muss Klos putzen


Karsten Herold heißt der Mann. Er ist 43 Jahre alt, arbeitsloser Diplom-Sozialökonom - und er hat der Hamburger Arbeitsgemeinschaft SGB II, der so genannten Arge, eine schwere Schlappe zugefügt. Vor dem Sozialgericht bekam er Recht. Die Art und Weise, wie in Hamburg Langzeitarbeitslose in Ein-Euro-Jobs gezwungen werden, ist rechtswidrig.

Fördern durch Fordern - mit diesem heeren Anspruch trat die Hartz IV-Reform vor einem Jahr in Kraft. Intensiv sollen Jobvermittler dafür sorgen, dass sich Langzeitarbeitslose qualifizieren, um bessere Chancen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt zu haben. Das ist die Theorie.

Und in der Praxis? "Da werden die allermeisten blind in die Ein-Euro-Jobs gesteckt", sagt Karsten Herold. "Von Qualifizierung kann nicht die Rede sein. Es geht nur darum: Wer entnervt das Handtuch wirft, dem werden die Leistungen gekürzt - und das bedeutet Kosteneinsparung."

Karsten Herold ist hochqualifiziert, hat ein abgeschlossenes Universitätsstudium. Doch die Sachbearbeiter bei der Arge fragten ihn nie, was er eigentlich kann. Ein so genanntes Profiling, auf dessen Grundlage ein Eingliederungskonzept hätte erarbeitet werden können, blieb aus. Blind wurde er einem Beschäftigungsträger zugewiesen. Ob Hochschulabsolventen oder Personen ohne jeden Schul- und Berufsabschluss - alle gemeinsam saßen dort in denselben Bewerbungstrainings. Herold: "Das Niveau war unterirdisch. Reine Beschäftigungstherapie."

Die Entscheidung des Sozialgerichts im Fall Herold: Die von der Arge praktizierte pauschale Zuweisung an einen Beschäftigungsträger, der dann die Weitervermittlung in einen Ein-Euro-Job übernimmt, ist nicht rechtens. Die Job-Center dürfen nur dann die Arbeitsaufnahme von Ein-Euro-Jobs erzwingen, wenn dem Betroffenen ein konkretes, auf ihn zugeschnittenes Angebot gemacht wurde.

Gudrun Köncke, arbeitsmarktpolitische Sprecherin der GAL, kritisiert die Arge scharf: "Ein-Euro-Jobs sollen eine Hilfestellung sein, um Anschluss an den Arbeitsmarkt zu bekommen und geforderte Grundfertigkeiten einzuüben." Statt-dessen erfolge die Zuweisung nach dem Zufallsprinzip.

Dass das so ist, belegt der Fall Klaus D.. Der 52-jährige arbeitslose Ingenieur hat vom Träger "Jugend in Arbeit" das Angebot, einen Ein-Euro-Job zu machen, der maßgeschneidert wäre: in der Restaurierung historischer Schiffe. Aber die Arge sagt nein. Stattdessen soll D. - wie schon einmal zuvor - als Kloputzer anfangen. Weil er da nicht mitmacht, wurde ihm das ALG II gestrichen.

Udo Ihnen, Sprecher der Arge, kommentierte den Fall nicht. Nur soviel sagte er: Die Arge sei dabei, die Zuweisungspraxis bei Ein-Euro-Jobs so zu verändern, dass diese der jüngsten Rechtssprechung Rechnung trage.


Freedom = Torture and Gulag

Trust me, says Condi Rice to Europe

Second Thoughts and Moral Culpability


Republican subversion of the Dept. of Justice


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

U.S. Command Declares Global Strike Capability


From FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign

U.S. Command Declares Global Strike Capability:

The U.S. Strategic Command announced yesterday it had achieved an operational capability for rapidly striking targets around the globe using nuclear or conventional weapons, after last month testing its capacity for nuclear war against a fictional country believed to represent North Korea.


From Information Clearing House

Democracy under threat


Informant: Walter Lippmann

Pacific Islanders Move To Escape Global Warming


Informant: NHNE

Stealth Cell Towers

A section to help identify the appearance and purposes of towers.

About a quarter of the estimated 130,000 cellular towers across the U.S. are camouflaged, some as trees, others as flagpoles and still others as church steeples and silos.

http://www.stealthsite.com/ STEALTH Concealment Solutions, Inc. designs, engineers and fabricates complete antenna concealment sites.

STEALTH's sole business is creating solutions which enable wireless carriers to implement their massive infrastructure build out.

Rooftops, flagpoles, bell towers, crosses, clock towers, road signs, silos, water towers, and monopole towers are just a few antenna concealment projects that have been successfully manufactured by STEALTH.

STEALTH's exclusive "Photo Gallery" located in our Products section, contains a variety of successful concealments completed by STEALTH.

Stealth Cell Towers and the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections Stealth Antennas Try to Blend In http://www.wired.com/news/wireless/0%2C1382%2C57199%2C00.html

One of the biggest information sources concerning mobile phones, mobile radiocommunictions and electrosmog.
CIO newsletter from Germany

Contains articles such as "Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed" and many other reports about electromagnetic radiation.

I'm posting photos of any and all kinds of towers, from the obvious to the mysterious, but am especially interested in identifying towers which are useful in controlling the masses. (see Total Population Control.)

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments: Shortcut to: http://www.bariumblues.com/towers.htm

Informant: Milo


Cell Towers Camouflaged

Stealth Cell towers and the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections


Watch This Video From a Fox Affiliate


Informant: Milo


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