50,000 protest over forest law in India

Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 19:13:24 +0530
From: Campaign for Survival and Dignity
Subject: FR Update: More than 50,000 Protesters, Bill Approved

The biggest news is of course that the forest rights Bill was approved by Cabinet last Thursday, as you must have seen in the newspapers. However, several of those reports also contained disturbing reports about changes that have been made in the Bill. The impact of some of the reported changes is in the first section below, though we won't know what the implication of these changes is until the actual Bill is made public. It is expected that the Bill will be introduced in Parliament this week.

Meanwhile, the jail bharo is swelling across the length and breadth of the country. The total of those who have protested and courted arrest has crossed 50,000. From the west of the country (Dadra and Nagar Haveli) to the east (Siliguri), from the south (Karnataka) to the north (Rajasthan), tens of thousands of people are on the streets. This coming week will also see protests in Delhi by friendly organizations, including dharnas at Jantar Mantar on the 7th and the 10th (details below), and big jail bharo andolans in Gujarat and at Jalpiguri, Bhopal, Udaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Raipur and elsewhere.

Now that the first hurdle - the Bill being cleared by Cabinet - is over, the next fight is in Parliament, to get the Bill changed so that its problems do not nullify the entire process of recognition of rights. The Campaign has begun working on this, both in the States and in Delhi, and other groups are expected to do so well. It is however going to be a hard fight in the coming months to ensure that this Bill too does not end up getting sabotaged.





The jail bharo andolan continues. On the 29th of this month, 8,000 people courted arrest in Silvassa in the Union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. On the 30th, more than 1,500 protesters braved the weather to march in Siliguri, West Bengal. On the 1st of December, 5,500 people marched in Ahwa (Dangs District) and Palanpur in Gujarat. In Rajasthan, three different protests held in various blocks each drew 400 - 500 people, building up to a major rasta roko in Banswada on Saturday where more than 1,000 people were expected. In Karnataka, hundreds of tribals were detained after they staged a rasta roko on December 2nd in Mudigere Taluka.

Meanwhile, Delhi will also see protests in the coming days. On December 7th, the Punarvasan Sangharsh Samiti and Lok Sangharsh Morcha are staging a dharna at Jantar Mantar. Another dharna at the same location is planned for the 10th by the Gondwana Ganatantrak Party from Madhya Pradesh.

More protests are happening in the coming days. A mobilization of more than 25,000 people is expected to shake Bhopal on the 6th and 7th. Another 7,000 are to march in Bhubaneshwar on the 8th. We will keep you informed.


According to press reports, three major changes have been made. First, the phrase "or as the Government may by notification specify" has been deleted from the clause that specifies that rights can only be recognized if the ST in question occupied land prior to 25-10-1980. If this is true, it is a further setback and reaffirms the unjust and arbitrary cutoff date of 1980 by removing whatever little flexibility the Bill had.

Second, the Forest Department has supposedly been given a role in the process of recognizing rights at the level of the committees. While it is not clear what this role is, we hope it does not constitute any overriding power. The Campaign has always argued that the Committees should not have arbitrary powers to overrule the gram sabha and village level process, which is the only open and democratic method of recognizing rights. Giving these committees too much power will nullify the entire process. It has been shown time and again - in Maharashtra, in Madhya Pradesh, in Karnataka and elsewhere - that where state officials can overrule the local level process arbitrarily, no recognition occurs.

Third, a provision has been included saying that rights in the "core areas" of national parks and sanctuaries will be provisionally granted for a period of five years, pending relocation. One is not sure of the phrasing of this provision, but any mention of relocation in a Bill on rights is itself extremely disturbing. Moreover, relocation without the free, prior and informed consent of the community, and without a right of return, is unjust and amounts to forced eviction. If this provision encourages such "resettlement", it is a severe blow to the entire purpose of this Bill.

Informant: Andy

The president's season of hope and happiness

As the fundamentalist Christmas promoters are threatening to boycott businesses not offering customers a "Merry Christmas," here is what is happening in the White House...

The president's season of hope and happiness

Salon War Room
Tim Grieve
December 1, 2005

We didn't make the list again this year, but we've got our sources: The 2005 White House Christmas card has just arrived in the War Room mailbox.

Wait, did we say "Christmas card"? With apologies to our Christianist friends,


we must report that you won't find the word "Christmas" anywhere on this joint production of Hallmark and the Republican National Committee. On the outside of the card, there's a Jamie Wyeth painting of a rather lonely-looking White House in the snow. On the inside, the president and the missus send us -- or somebody, anyway -- their "best wishes for a holiday season of hope and happiness."

A "holiday season of hope and happiness"?

Where's the Christ child? The manger? The star, the goats, the gold, frankincense and myrrh?


If the White House Christmas card were a department store, it would find itself on Bill O'Reilly's naughty list.


[...] Read the rest at http://tinyurl.com/b2nd4

© Virginia Metze

Bob Woodward, the Dumb Blonde of American Journalism


© Virginia Metze

Joe McCarthy, Bush, and the beginning of the end

by Henri Day
December 1, 2005

Anybody remember Joe McCarthy ? It strikes me that there is a parallel between current events and those of the fall of 1953, when the junior Senator from Wisconsin turned his witch-hunting crusade against the Army. The people running the United States had found McCarthy and McCarthyism useful in scaring the country into a retreat from the New Deal policies they so detested, and acquiesced in his reckless attacks on various government departments and individuals connected with these policies, but when Joe turned his sights on the all-important instrument through which US corporate power was projected throughout the world - the Army - his days were numbered.

Serious imperialists have nothing at all against using ideologues to destroy domestic enemies, thereby consolidating their power, but when the ideology becomes a threat to that power, they turn against it.

My reading is that Rep Murtha speaks for a military, members of which have been so cowed by the Bush Administration that, fearful of damaging their careers, they have not dared speak for themselves. Rep Murtha, however, at 73 years of age and after 31 years of service in the House, has no career to lose, and is obviously willing to bring the concerns of an overstrained military apparatus - overstrained, despite a yearly budget as great as that of the rest of the world combined – front and centre.

[...] Read the whole article at http://tinyurl.com/9wu77

© Virginia Metze

Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election and Why They'll Steal the Next One Too

Mark Crispin Miller's new book is "Fooled Again. How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them).

"MCM," as he is often identified with, was interviewed by Bob McChesney, WILL am 580 from 1-2 central time on Sundays. He interviewed MCM on November 20, 2005. If you want to hear the interview, it is available through http://www.will.uiuc.edu/am/mediamatters/default.htm

His blogspot is http://www.markcrispinmiller.blogspot.com/

© Virginia Metze

The Royal Society: Twilight for the Enlightenment?


FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence

The FBI has reopened an inquiry into one of the most intriguing aspects of the pre-Iraq war intelligence fiasco: how the Bush administration came to rely on forged documents linking Iraq to nuclear weapons materials as part of its justification for the invasion.


Mission to save planet is 'failing'


Informant: NHNE

WHO will not accept smokers to work, will cell phones users be next?

The WHO takes an extreme move - WHO job candidates who will answer the question "Do you smoke or comsume tobacco products"- with a "Yes", will not be accepted to work at the World Health Organization. It was on Friday radio news all day in Israel + it was on the weekend TV news (Friday 2.12.). I looked on the internet for something about it and didn't find, but today I found by coincidence something in French about it

Jong-Wook Lee said that the WHO puts its words and actions in coherence, and the WHO spokesman added that the WHO initiated the international anti tobacco treaty and now they have to show an example.

This was the background: "Five years ago, the Committee of Experts on Tobacco Industry Documents issued a 260-page report documenting the tobacco industry’s strategies to undermine the work of the WHO. In response, the WHO issued 15 pages of recommendations on how to make sure its work is never subverted again."


The question remains: what about cell phones users - will they not be accepted to work in the WHO 30 years from now?...Today it looks very exagerrated, but 30 years ago it would have been considered very exaggerated to prevent from smokers to work at the WHO....why doesn't the WHO make the route shorter and deal with the cellular conflicts of interests NOW, instead of looking for ways in the future to protect its fragile reputation, by covering for all the past mistakes....now is the time that the WHO creates the history with cell phones, in the same way it did with the tobacco and the asbestos: "Not only was the WHO late in recognizing the emergence of the asbestos cancer epidemic, but the WHO also ignored it for years and, quite without explanation, continues to fail to address the problem of asbestos mining and manufacturing and world trade of a known human carcinogen.....IARC studied the carcinogenicity of asbestos fibers, but it was not until 1986, 22 years after publication of the article by Selikoff et al. (1964), that the WHO published its first document on asbestos. By that time, the asbestos cancer epidemic was claiming tens of thousands of lives.....All one need do is review the list of asbestos industry advocates involved in the writing of the WHO documents to see how the confusion arose over which asbestos fibers were to be considered carcinogenic (Egilman et al. 2003; Infante, in press; Lemen, in press; Tweedale 2000). The last WHO publication to recommend a protective exposure standard for asbestos was published 15 years ago (WHO 1987).....Before the meeting, a WHO letter was widely circulated in which an official of the WHO Regional Office for Southeast Asia wrote that the asbestos-cement industry and its products are "highly eco-friendly" (Aldana et al. 2000).
The Asbestos Cancer Epidemic
Joseph LaDou Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 112, Number 3, March 2004

History repeats itself for those WHO don't learn from past mistakes.....

Iris Atzmon


Repacholi and industry money

What Planet Are You on, Mr Bush and Do You Care, Mr Blair?

More than 100,000 people took to the streets in more than 30 countries yesterday, in the first world-wide demonstration to press for action to combat global warming.


Blood effects links


Pure irony: "When wireless voice-data communication is as vital as the blood circulation"

Rohill hopes to be the company that features centre stage in the roll-out of TETRA into Europe, in a big way.

Given the research into the effects of EMR on the blood (if you haven't been there, start with some pointers at
http://www.tetrawatch.net/links/links.php?id=health&list=blood ) the corporate strap line is somewhat ironic:

"When wireless voice-data communication is as vital as the blood circulation".



From Mast Network

All the President's Flacks

Frank Rich offers insight to the Bob Woodward affair with the Valerie Plame CIA leak, opening a window into the White House flimflams and the press's role in enabling them.


Urge Senator Boxer to Speak Out on Election Fraud

Petition pass on

To: Senator Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

We applaud your courageous stance in speaking out against the certification of the electors in the 2004 election.

With the 2006 elections fast approaching, it is urgent that a prominent politician speak out on the issue of electronic vote fraud and force the Senate and the mainstream media to address this issue.

It is clear: the 2004 election was stolen. The recent bipartisan GAO report showed quite clearly that hacked voting machines are a threat to our democracy. As reported on MSNBC, in Florida '04, dozens of heavily Democratic districts inexplicably voted for Bush by huge margins--yet voted for Democrats on local issues. "Problems" abounded in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Georgia; and of course we need look no further than Ohio for the most obvious example of neocon chicanery. And speaking of Ohio, the '05 elections once again prove that Diebold and Blackwell stole the state. Propositions that were leading the polls by 20-30 points were impossibly defeated. The only explanation: election fraud.

Black Box Voting has demonstrated just how easy it is to "flip" hundreds of thousands of votes. After witnessing the endless parade of lies from the neocons, we're supposed to trust them that they haven't meddled with our elections? After Karl Rove stated in Newsweek he has rolled out a plan for "a permanent Republican majority"?

Senator Kerry privately acknowledges the election was stolen, but to the dismay of the progressive community, he refuses to take point on this issue. Shame on him. But the fact remains: somebody has got to.

Senator Boxer, we urge you stand up on the Senate floor and speak the truth to the American people and do everything you can to force this issue into the public discourse. There IS no other issue as important. The mess we are in would never have happened if we had not allowed the neocons to filch two elections in a row. We are a nation under siege. While we still have an America left, we urge you to champion this issue. Thank you.



Informant: beefree

There was no 2nd Gulf of Tonkin attack in 1964


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Das Ende des Irak-Projektes


Britische Söldner erschießen wahllos Menschen



New attack by Brigitte Bardot and Franz Weber

United in a memorable fight in the late seventies, which lead to a 12 years‘ stop of the commercial seal hunt (from 1983 to 1995), Franz Weber and Brigitte Bardot are launching a new attack against Canada at a time when the quotas for the next seal hunting season are being set.

The start signal of their new world campaign will be given at an important public hearing before the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS on December 5th in Geneva, Switzerland, at the C.I.C.G. Centre International de Conférences de Genève, 15 rue de Varembé. More than 40 humane NGOs from Europe and Overseas are parties to the conference.

In her vibrant speech for the prosecution, Brigitte Bardot, as main complainant, will denounce the barbarity of the yearly massacre of arctic seals and the irresponsibility of those mainly responsible for this crime against the animal world. Bardot is supported in her accusation by a petition signed by 200'000 citizens from all over the world, among which are the names of famous artists and other public personalities. The 200'000 signatures will be received by the Court in a solemn act during procedures and transferred to the General Secretary of the UN, Kofi Annan.

«The Animal Court of Justice is an expression of the universal conscience», says Franz Weber who will preside the hearing of the 5th December, assisted by two more judges from France and Germany.

Accused are the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Geoff Regan and the Canadian Minister of Environment Stephan Dion. An international jury of 9 members will pronounce the verdict.

Eye witnesses from Great Britain, Ireland and Belgium will testify and present their film and video evidence. Experts in veterinary medecine will be heard. Members of the European Parliament will attend the hearing as observers.

It has to be recalled that these last three years alone one million seals have been the victims of a massacre which according to experts is devoid of any rational justification and the brutality and sadism of which are a disgrace to the image of Canada.

The public trial starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. (16 h) by the verdict. For Brigitte Bardot and Franz Weber it is the starting point of a new ruthless battle against the seal hunt.

Montreux, 30th November 2005


In 1979 Franz Weber brought the United Animal Nations – UAN into being, an international organisation modelled upon the United Nations, an organisation which, today, has 120 affiliated member organisations in the whole world. A mainstay of the UAN is the International Court of Justice for Animal Rights, whose purpose is to denounce serious abuses against the animal world and to see that perpetrators are called to justice – if need be up to ministerial or governmental level. Court proceedings take place annually in Geneva in the presence of the international media, under the auspices of well known legal representatives and experts.


Vera Weber
Fondation Franz Weber
1820 Montreux
Tél. +41 (0) 21 964 42 84
Fax +41 (0) 21 964 57 36



VERDICT of the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE FOR ANIMAL RICHTS in the case of the massacre of arctic seals


The Canadian Government, represented by the Prime Minister, Paul Martin;

Geoff Regan, Minister of Fisheries; Stéphane Dion, Minister of the Environment; accused of

- aiding and abetting and encouraging the annual massacre of seals on the Canadian ice fields,

a massacre devoid of any rational justification and condemned by the majority of the Canadian people.

- major responsibility in the torture and elimination of hundreds of thousands of seals every year

- the plundering of a living heritage which belongs to the whole world

- encouraging the violence and killing frenzy of a small blood-thirsty minority

- complicity in the skinning of thousands of seals while still alive

- violating the Canadian Fisheries Law by tolerating the killing of seals under 12 days old (Whitecoats and Bluebacks)

Based on today’s hearing of witnesses and examination of the evidence, the International Court of Justice for Animal Rights, represented by 9 members of the jury and three judges, hereby declares

The Canadian Authorities guilty on all the above detailed Counts.

In view of the testimonies heard and the evidence submitted, the Court finds the Canadian prime Minister, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Minister of the Environment, guilty of promoting massacres shocking not only by their excessiveness and enormous waste of living creatures, but also by their cruelty which pushes Canada out of socially accepted realms by the fault of a sadistically orientated minority.

The Court appeals to the Canadian Government to put an immediate stop to this immoral and dishonourable hunt.

The Court appeals to the European Union to implement an import ban on all products stemming from the Canadian seal hunt.

The Court calls upon citizens of all countries to boycott Canadian products of any nature whatsoever and to avoid Canada as a tourist venue for as long as the massacre of seals is not prohibited.

The Court appeals to the Plenary-Assembly of the United Nations that Article 3 of the General Treaty on Human Rights which guarantees every human being the ‘Right to Life, Freedom and Security’ be complemented by an Article 3a: “Sentient non-human beings have a right to life and wellfare. No per-son has the right to kill these living beings without a defendable reason, nor to harm them or cause them pain or damage”.

Furthermore the Court has decided to send a delegation of observers to the Canadian ice fields at the end of February/beginning of March 2006 for the purpose of examining the then prevailing situation. In order to carry out this essential visit, the Court requests of the Canadian Government the lifting of the now existing ban on information and observation.

The complete, substantiated verdict will be sent to the convicted parties, to both the Commission and the Parliament of the European Union, to the European Council, to the UN and to UNESCO.

Geneva, 5th December 2005

The International Court of Justice for Animal Rights

Vera Weber Fondation Franz Weber
1820 Montreux Switzerland Tél. +41 (0) 21 964 42 84 Fax +41 (0) 21 964 57 36 http://www.ffw.ch

PLEASE SEE ALSO: http://www.ecop.info/english/e-seal-kill.htm


Laßt den Irak frei


TV show exposes the corruption behind the phone mast industry

Tues 6/12/2005

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 11:55:57
Subject: TV show about masts - Tues 6/12/2005

Phone-mast TV programme on this Tuesday, well worth viewing, it is a repeated programme which exposes the corruption behind the phone mast industry.

I was involved with this programme, you catch a glimpse of me and Amanda Wesley, although don't blink.

3 Investigates - Phone masts, BBC 3, 7pm. Boldmere in Sutton Coldfield.

Kind Regards

Eileen O'Connor
Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust http://www.radiationresearch.org
Founder - SCRAM http://www.scram.uk.com


Please check time date of broadcast, The daily Express supplement yesterday gave the day as Tuesday, but the programme listings with the remote control give the broadcast as being on Monday 5th December. It is in the programme entitled "3 investigates" and gos out at 7.00pm.

Regards, Roy


Thanks Roy

Looks like a rescheduling since RT was printed:

Monday 7pm according to BBC website.



BBC 3 phone mast programme

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 13:10:22 -0000

A few campaigners have contacted me today after phoning the BBC to complain. They have been informed that the programme on 'phone masts' didn't go out last night due to legal reasons but wouldn't tell them why. It did go out on Monday night on BBC 3!! However most people didn't realise it had been changed including me.

We need to persuade the BBC to put it on BBC 1 for everyone to view.

Website to complain in writing:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/make_complaint_step1.shtml or phone the BBC complaints line 08700 100222

The schedule was changed but not in time for the Sunday TV guides.

I wonder why?

OFCOM swallowed up the British Broadcasting Standards Authority so they also regulate the BBC !! First put it out on BBC3 and make sure no one sees it rescheduled! I hope I'm wrong; this business does make you suspicious!!


Thanks Eileen.

Complaint emailed to the BBC this morning.

John Elliott


-----Original Message-----
From: xxxx
Sent: 08 December 2005 19:55
To: BBC Three Subject: Re: Feedback - Suggestion - - BBC3 investigates

Dear BBC 3 Tanks you for your reply

Several friends who do have BBC 3 have complained to me that the programme wasn't on. It turns out that in all the printed programme schedules it was scheduled to be shown on Tuesday night. It must have been changed at the last moment to Monday. This means that even if people did have BBC3 they probably missed it anyway.

Could you tell me if this is normal practice to reschedule at short notice for an earlier date?

It seems rather strange and given the difficulties of getting any stories on this subject into any media at all one does begin to wonder especially since the British Broadcasting Standards Authority have been swallowed up by OFCOM who now 'regulate' the BBC.

OFCOM also license the mobile phone industry. They have received £22.5 billion from the sale of the licences to the phone companies for the 3G network and in the agreement have stipulated that the companies must get the masts up by the end of 2007.

One does wonder?

Would you be so kind as to let me know the reason for the change in schedule at short notice and in the light of this give serious conideration to rescheduling the programme onto BBC 1 or2 (if OFCOM will let you!)



Dear xxxxx

Thank you for taking the time to contact the BBC.

Unfortunately, in broadcasting, schedules are often subject to change. We understand your concerns and have passed your email on to our schedulers in the hope they will give us a reason for the change. As soon as we have a response, we'll pass it on to you.

Kind regards,

BBC Three Web Team



Say it loud, autistic and proud


Chemical used in food containers disrupts brain development


Informant: Scott Munson

Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland


Vodafone and 3 ignore call to switch off

The Sunday Times
December 04, 2005

Jamie Deasy Vodafone, Ireland’s biggest mobile phone operator, and 3 Ireland, the newest entrant to the market, have refused a government request to switch off a telephone mast near two Dublin schools until a report into the health effects of electromagnetic radiation is completed.

Tom Parlon, the minister in charge of the Office of Public Works, announced in October that he had asked telecoms companies to switch off their transmitters at Ardee House in Rathmines pending the findings of an interdepartmental report. This followed pressure from local residents.

Ardee House is owned by the government and is home to the Central Statistics Office. It is located within yards of the St Mary’s and St Louis national and secondary schools in Rathmines. In spite of assurances from government ministers to locals, 3 Ireland and Vodafone have turned down the request saying they are operating within government guidelines.

3 Ireland said the company received a letter from the OPW suggesting that it would be helpful if it turned off the mast.

The company added: “Upon further reflection, we have responded to the OPW and believe it is not reasonable to switch off the installation at this time. The reason is that we are operating within all the international and Irish Government guidelines and we have a contract with the OPW.”

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/771911/

3 Ireland said it had made it clear to the OPW that it was aware of local anxiety and had made an offer that their “community relations” team could be made available to local people to “allay their fears”. To date, 3 Ireland said it had not received a reply from the OPW.

Commenting on the dispute, Vodafone said: “The OPW did write to us and we responded to them saying the site is in keeping with the planning laws and guidelines for base stations. We didn’t think it was a good idea to take it off the air.

“We are having ongoing discussions with the Department of the Environment and the OPW. If a review starts, we will have discussions with the relevant departments but any review of laws and guidelines would take quite a while.”

In a letter to Eoin Ryan an MEP for Dublin, dated October 25, Minister Parlon said: “OPW are also asking the operators of equipment installed on Ardee house, where this is a matter of concern to an adjacent school, to switch off their transmitters pending the committee’s report. The OPW is aware of a continued level of unease among the public over such installations being sited in the vicinity of schools for young children." A spokesman at the OPW said discussions were still ongoing. “We have a licence contract with them (the companies). They are abiding by guidelines and their licence agreements comply fully with all the health and safety and electromagnetic rules”.

The OPW placed a hold on the granting of further installation licences where masts had been planned near nurseries and schools. Campaigners claim that people living close to masts can experience ill-health, particularly headaches, nausea and muscle pains. There are now over 5,000 dedicated mobile phone sites in the republic and this may double in the next decade. The government earns up to €500,000 a year by allowing transmitters on public buildings.


The Abramoff affair: Corruption scandal threatens Republican control of US Congress


Informant: Milo

Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher


Informant: Milo

'The low moral ground' in the war against terrorism


Turning Back Bush's Assault on the Press


For God and Country


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Erdölspezialist: "The game is over"


Der US-amerikanische Erdölspezialist Professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes hatte den 24. November 2005 zum "World Oil Peak Day" erklärt, als Tag, an dem der Höhepunkt der Ölförderung weltweit erreicht ist.


Gentechnologie in der Landwirtschaft - Fluch oder Segen für die Entwicklungsländer?


UNO-Sonderberichterstatter Jean Ziegler prangert die Gentechmultis an. Mit ihren Produkten wollten sie die Bauern der ärmsten Länder ausbeuten.


Höchste CO2-Konzentration seit 650.000 Jahren


Noch nie in den letzten 650.000 Jahren waren die Treibhausgas Konzentrationen so hoch wie heute. Zu dieser Aussage kommt ein europäisches Forscherteam unter Mitarbeit von Wissenschaftlern des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts für Polar- und Meeresforschung nach der Auswertung eines antarktischen Eiskerns.


Pestizide aus dem Supermarkt


Greenpeace hat 658 Obst- und Gemüseproben auf Pestizidrückstände untersuchen lassen. Sie stammten aus den führenden Supermarktketten in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Das Ergebnis ist erschreckend.


Klimawandel schwächt Golfstrom


Was Klimaforscher in Rechenmodellen bereits seit Jahren prognostiziert haben, ist zur erschreckenden Gewissheit geworden: Die Kraft des Golfstroms nimmt auf Grund der Klimaerwärmung ab.


Das Treibhaus macht arm und ärmer


Zuerst war in der Karibik "Katrina", dann "Rita" und "Wilma" und schließlich "Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma" und "Delta". Bis zum Ende der Hurrikan-Saison am 30. November ein Rekord an Heftigkeit und Häufigkeit.


"Pacified" Fallujah

Dahr Jamail examines the US military and interim Iraqi government's justification for Operation Phantom Fury against Fallujah, in which the goal of "security and stability" were ascertained in violence.


Their War, My Memories

Patrick J. McDonnell explores Iraq through the eyes of many, including those who wanted him and other Westerners killed and those who protected him.


Business as Usual: Corrupt

Michael Kinsley highlights the "moral arc" in Washington, examining the alterations of increased corruption since the Regan Administration.


Climate Change Protests Worldwide

The Arctic Inuit who are losing their ice caps and activists demanding urgent action on global warming were among thousands taking to the streets in cities around the world Saturday to raise awareness of climate change.


Cindy Sheehan Challenges IRS To Audit Her


Informant: NHNE

Cindy Sheehan

Protesters from 30 Countries Unite To Fight Global Warming

Up to a million people will take to the streets of more than 100 cities in 30 countries today to demand greater action on tackling global warming.



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