Now Is the Time: Standing Up for Liberty


DIA Proof Of Cheney's Lies Released


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Call to Investigate Military Propaganda

Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) requests a committee investigation into allegations that the military paid to have pro US articles printed in Iraqi newspapers.


Road to Riches or Ruin?

Army recuitment may be down, but economic hardship keeps the troops of Halliburton at high levels.


Bush Hits Rewind

Bob Herbert writes that it's weird. It's like watching a computerized model of a president. Somebody programs George W. Bush, carefully embedding the information to be dispensed over the next several hours, and then he goes out and addresses the nation - as a computerized bundle of administration talking points.


Victory, Mr. President?

In the midst of a war that has cost the lives of more than 2,100 US troops and in which public opinion has turned decisively against the president, he was trying to persuade the home front that despite evidence to the contrary, they were winning.


Another awful Bush appointment

The Bush administration has taken promotion of the latter to embarrassing extremes, selecting unqualified people for posts because of their political loyalty and ideological persuasion.


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Cunningham Stripped $700 Million from U.S. Defense

California Republican Congressman Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham steered $500 million in defense contracts in less than a decade, according to the company’s own website, to a start-up San Diego software firm which—and here’s the beauty part—doubled as a lobbying firm.


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Twist to terror suspects row as logs show 80 CIA planes visited UK

The transatlantic row over the secret transfer of terror suspects by the Bush administration took a new twist yesterday when it emerged that more than 300 flights operated by the CIA had landed at European airports.


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No more Watergates

Bob Woodward brought down Nixon, but failed to exhibit the same scepticism about Bush.


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Bushwhacking the Constitution

This nation has survived grave constitutional crises before, but recent events in the U.S. Senate that further strengthen and deepen presidential powers are reason to be alarmed at what can follow under the present administration.


Niger forgeries update

When the US State Department finally gave international weapons inspectors its “evidence” that Saddam was trying to buy uranium from the African State of Niger in 2003, they held back the one document even their own analysts knew was “funky” and “clearly a forgery”.


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The Face of War

Through silence and lies, most of the Western mainstream media have been cooperating with the “US-led invasion of Iraq”, and therefore they are directly responsible for “an illegal act that contravened the UN charter” or, to use the Nuremberg trials’ words, “the supreme international crime.“


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The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq


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Bush Offers "Clear Strategy" for Disaster

Ray McGovern writes that despite the gathering storm of opposition to his approach to the war in Iraq, the speech was bereft of new ideas, calling to mind the words of Emerson: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."


Joy as mast bid turned down

01 December 2005 13:36

Moves to install a mobile phone mast on top of a church have been blocked after worried families opposed the scheme.

Phone giant 3G was consulting people in Lakenham about putting a mobile phone mast on top of St John's Church in Howard Road.

The proposed mast would have been close to the the back garden of mother-of-two Naomi Leeder, 27, who collected about 150 names on a petition against it.

The plans were discussed by St John's parochial church council on Monday night and turned down.

If it had gone ahead the church would have been paid about £5,000 by the phone company.

Rev Katharine Lovesey, curate at St John's church and St Paul's church, Tuckswood, said: "We were approached by the phone company. They said they considered the church to be a perfect place for a mast.

"We were looking into it and sent out a letter asking people what they thought about the idea.

"Naomi was very helpful with what she did, giving us a good view of what people around us did not want.

"Given the response, at a meeting of the parochial church council on Monday night, we decided that the mast would not be appropriate and that is the end of it.

"We would have been paid £5,000 which would have gone towards church running costs. But the church is not just about money."

Mrs Leeder, of Osbert Close, was delighted with the result.

She said: "It's great news and proves that all the work I put in, going round to people's houses to get their signatures, was worth it."

She said previously that she would have moved if the mast had been built.

"My eldest, six-year-old Rose, has only got one kidney and my three-year-old, Charlotte, has chronic asthma and eczema, so I did want any more health risks on my doorstep," she added.

Mrs Leeder, who lives with her husband Jamie, also 27, a taxi driver, was mainly concerned about the possible health risks, particularly cancer.

Mike Davies, community affairs manager at Hutchison 3G, said: "We need coverage in the area and to do that we have to find a suitable site, but if the PCC are not prepared to take it forward that option is not available."

The Evening News has campaigned through our Put Masts On Hold campaign against the installation of mobile phone masts near homes and schools until it is proved they are safe.

Dr Ian Gibson, Norwich North MP, and long-time supporter of our campaign, said he was pleased with the result.

Five years ago controversy was sparked when Norwich's Catholic Cathedral put up a phone mast at the top of its tower.

Are you fighting a mobile phone mast application? Call David Bale on (01603) 772427 or e-mail david.bale2@archant.co.uk


Scrooge council sinks tenants' anti-phone mast bid

01 December 2005

THREE Orange mobile phone masts are being erected because Town Hall bunglers wanted to save seven pence on the cost of a single stamp.

Tower Hamlets’ planning bosses have been forced to apologise for the fiasco, which has outraged hundreds of families on the Isle of Dogs.

It has emerged the council refused mobile phone giant Orange permission to build three 10metre masts on the Island in August last year.

Planners said although the controversial masts - one of which is near George Green's School - were disguised as lampposts, they would spoil the character of the area.

So when engineers - protected by burly security guards - started to build the last of them in Farnworth House in Manchester Road last week, bemused neighbours called the police.

Work was halted and an investigation was launched. The council even wrote to Orange to complain, but they have now discovered the refusal notice was sent out just a day before the deadline, but with just a second-class stamp.

The authority saved seven pence on the 2004 cost of a first, but the legal deadline was missed and consent was deemed given by default.

Bosses are now powerless to stop the masts going up, but have pledged to tighten up procedures by sending all future similar letters by recorded delivery.

A council spokeswoman said they were “sorry” and added: “Regrettably, this was a one-off incident where the decision to refuse the notification from the telecommunications company was not issued in time to be effective.

“We take all representations on planning proposals very seriously and regret that, on this occasion, those objections were ineffective.”

But local Tory spokesman Tim Archer, who led the original campaign against the last year’s planning application, said he would be buying the council a book of first-class stamps “in case it’s got anything else important to post”.




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Tote Saat

Gentech-Multis bringen die Terminator-Technologie, die Saatgut keimungsunfähig macht, wieder ins Spiel.


BDI erklärt Klimaschutzkonsens in internem Papier den Kampf

Entwurf veröffentlicht: BDI erklärt Klimaschutzkonsens in internem Papier den Kampf (01.12.05)

Die Deutsche Umwelthilfe veröffentlichte am 1. Dezember den Entwurf eines Strategiepapiers des Bundesverbands der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) und seine interne Kommentierung durch Mitglieder des Industrieverbandes im Internet. Maßgebliche Akteure der deutschen Industrie wollten danach in der Klimapolitik auf den Kurs der USA einschwenken. Aus 83 darin enthaltenen internen Kommentaren von acht BDI-Mitgliedsverbänden und drei Großkonzernen ergebe sich insgesamt das Plädoyer für eine entschiedene Abkehr vom seit 15 Jahren bestehenden klimapolitischen Allparteienkonsens in Deutschland.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Gesetze? Lehnen wir ab!

Interna publik gemacht: Deutsche Industrieverbände gegen "Kyoto".

President’s Words on Iraq Ring Hollow with a Skeptical American Public


Informant: John Calvert

Bush's Newest Crusader

by William Fisher, TomPaine.com

Bush just appointed a guy to be deputy director of USAID who believes Muslims will burn in hell.


The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

BACKGROUND: *Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth*

[In November 2005, PLATFORM published an unprecedentedly detailed study of Big Oil's plan for exploiting Iraq's oil wealth. -- As the press release announcing the study says, this is the first study to attempt to calculate the cost to the Iraqi people of the oil contracts being imposed upon it.[1] -- "Control of Iraq's future oil wealth is being handed to multinational oil companies through long-term contracts that will cost Iraq hundreds of billions of dollars." -- No wonder the resistance to American plans is considerable. -- The Bush administration's plans for Iraq, of course are predicated on the notion that most Americans and Iraqis are too thick to be able to see the arrangements described here for what they are: a design to rip off Iraq's oil wealth. -- Primarily the work of researcher Greg Mottiett, the study is called *Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth*. -- While a clever pun, this title is not really accurate, since the U.S. plan is anything but a crude one. -- Perhaps *Refined Design* would have been a better title. -- UFPPC has posted the text of Greg Mottiett's *Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth* in HTML format in three parts: Part I:
http://www.ufppc.org/content/view/3704/ "Executive Summary" & Section One: "The Ultimate Prize: Anglo-American Interests in Gulf Oil"; Part II:
http://www.ufppc.org/content/view/3705/ Section Two: "Re-Thinking Privatization: Production Sharing Agreements," Section Three: "Pumping Profits: Big Oil and the Push for PSAs," Section Four: "From Washington to Baghdad: Planning Iraq's Oil Future," & Section Five: "Contractual Rip-Off: The Cost of PSAs to Iraq"; and Part III:
http://www.ufppc.org/content/view/3706/ Section Six: "A Better Deal: Options for Investment in Iraq's Oil Development," & Section Seven: "Conclusion." -- PLATFORM is a 20-year-old London-based group of activists, environmentalists, artists, and social scientists working on issues of social and environmental justice; in recent years, the group has concentrated on the role of British companies in the global hydrocarbon economy. --Mark]


Unraveling the Carbon Web


Platform November 2005


Control of Iraq's future oil wealth is being handed to multinational oil companies through long-term contracts that will cost Iraq hundreds of billions of dollars.

*Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth* reveals that current Iraqi oil policy will allocate the development of at least 64% of Iraq’s reserves to foreign oil companies. Iraq has the world’s third largest oil reserves.

Figures published in the report for the first time show:

--the estimated cost to Iraq over the life of the new oil contracts is $74 to $194 billion, compared with leaving oil development in public hands. These sums represent between two and seven times the current Iraqi state budget.

--the contracts would guarantee massive profits to foreign companies, with rates of return of 42% to 162%.

The kinds of contracts that will provide these returns are known as production sharing agreements (PSAs). PSAs have been heavily promoted by the U.S. government and oil majors and have the backing of senior figures in the Iraqi Oil Ministry. Britain has also encouraged Iraq to open its oilfields to foreign investment.

However, PSAs last for 25-40 years, are usually secret, and prevent governments from later altering the terms of the contract.


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From ufpj-news

051201 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


051130 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


God and man in the environmental debate

Acton Institute
by Jay W. Richards


Because environmental policies perpetuate certain notions about the human person, and because these notions have real world consequences, Christians have little choice but to engage the debate over the environment. In particular, we should strongly challenge the misanthropic strain in the modern environmental movement. Human beings aren't an accident. We are an intended part of God's good creation. And while God called everything he created 'good,' he only called human beings, whom He created in his own image, 'very good.' That doesn't mean God has given us a free pass to do whatever we want...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush finally has a plan

by Fred Kaplan


The most remarkable thing about the document President George W. Bush released today, titled National Strategy for Victory in Iraq, is that it was released today (and written not much earlier -- it's authored by the National Security Council and dated November 2005). It is symptomatic of everything that's gone wrong with this war that, after two and a half years of fighting it (and four years after starting to plan it), the White House is just now getting around to articulating a strategy for winning it. To put this in perspective: From December 1941 to August 1945, the U.S. government mobilized an entire nation; manufactured a mighty arsenal; played a huge role in defeating the armies, air forces, and navies of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan; and emerged from battle poised to shape the destiny of half the globe. By comparison, from September 2001 to December 2005, the U.S. government has advanced to the point of describing a path to victory in a country the size of California...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Quitting is an exit strategy

by Aaron Glantz


While George Bush explains his 'victory strategy' for Iraq to the American people, his Pentagon chief has already thrown out the most obvious option. There will be no immediate troop withdrawal, cautioned Donald Rumsfeld, because 'quitting is not an exit strategy.' But why not? What's wrong with cutting and running? It's time for the U.S. military to leave Iraq. It's not just the increasing death toll and the still-missing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. It's not even the tens of billions of dollars in handouts to giant corporations like Bechtel and Halliburton. We need to leave Iraq because we're not wanted there...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rocking the bus

by Jacob Sullum


The first time she was asked to show identification while riding the bus to work, Deborah Davis was so startled that she complied without thinking. But the more she thought about it, the less sense it made. That's how Davis, a 50-year-old Colorado woman with four grown children and five grandchildren, ended up getting dragged off the bus by federal security officers, who handcuffed her, took her to their station, and cited her for two misdemeanors. Davis, who is scheduled to be arraigned on December 9, is risking 60 days in jail to show her fellow Americans that they don't need to blindly obey every dictate imposed in the name of security...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The case of the secret memo



A British government crackdown on government leaks may have backfired by calling world attention to an ultrasensitive secret memo whose alleged contents have embarrassed President George W. Bush and strained relations between London and Washington. The document allegedly recounts a threat last year by Bush to bomb the head office of the Arabic TV news channel Al-Jazeera. U.K. authorities consider the memo, described as minutes or a transcript of an April 16, 2004, White House meeting between Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, so diplomatically sensitive that Blair's attorney general last week warned U.K. media by e-mail that they could face prosecution under the country's draconian Official Secrets Act if they reported on its contents...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

House intel panel to probe Cunningham's work

USA Today

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has asked committee attorneys to review former Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham's work on the panel to ensure he didn't improperly influence committee actions or decisions. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., ordered the review after learning of Cunningham's guilty plea Monday to charges of corruption and tax evasion for taking $2.4 million in bribes, mostly from two defense contractors, in exchange for steering government business their way, said committee spokesman Jamal Ware...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Arbeitsdienst wieder salonfähig - Des Wahnsinns letzter Schrei

Arbeitsdienst - wieder salonfähig! Autoritärer Statt, Arbeitszwang und Widerstand

Die vom FALZ herausgegebene Dokumentation der gleichnamigen Tagung vom 25.6.2005 in Berlin ist erschienen. Siehe dazu:
Inhaltsverzeichnis (pdf)

Weitere Infos beim Fachhochschulverlag

Das Buch (ISBN: 3-936065-56-X; DIN A5, mit vielen Abbildungen, 136 Seiten kartoniert) kostet 9 € plus Versandkosten. Bestellung an: Fachhochschulverlag Kleiststr. 31 60318 Frankfurt, Tel.: 069/1533-2820, fax: 069/1533-2840, mail: bestellung@fhverlag.de

Hieraus exklusiv im LabourNet Germany:

Gegenwehr von Erwerbslosen in der Weimarer Republik und im Nationalsozialismus und heutige Erwerbslosenproteste. Artikel von Harald Rein (pdf)

»Ein-Euro-Jobs«. Integrationsmaßnahme, Workfare oder neuer Arbeitsdienst? Artikel von Martin Bongards (pdf)


Arbeitsamt: Alltägliche Schikanen

"Verkaufen Sie sich nicht unter Wert – sagen Sie lieber gleich ab". Die Absageagentur ist wieder da!

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "arbeiten. arbeiten! arbeit?" vom 25.11. bis zum 30.12.2005 in der Galerie Nord in Berlin-Moabit, Turmstraße 75 EG nimmt die Absageagentur nochmals ihren Dienst auf - in altbekannter Qualität und natürlich wieder kostenlos. Gleichzeitig werden die schönsten bereits verschickten Absagen aus der Absageagentur im Superhorst ausgestellt und durch die in der Galerie Nord neu entstehenden Stilblüten ergänzt. Am 06.12.05 um 19:30 Uhr veranstaltet die Absageagentur einen Film- und Diskussionsabend mit kanalB. Gezeigt wird der neue Dokumentarfilm von Tanja von Dahlern, Bärbel Schönafinger und Britta Schneider "Des Wahnsinns letzter Schrei", der versucht zu erklären, wie fortschreitender Sozialabbau und die Tatsache, dass deutsche Unternehmen Rekordgewinne schreiben, nebeneinander bestehen könnnen Anschließende Diskussion in Anwesenheit der Filmemacherinnen. Ort: Galerie Nord.

siehe Absage-Beispiele (pdf) http://www.absageagentur.de/absagen.pdf

siehe auch das o.g. Video "Des Wahnsinns letzter Schrei" mit weiteren Infos bei KanalB


Aus: LabourNet Germany, 1. Dezember 2005

Climate Conferees Hash Out Plans

The United States came under renewed criticism Tuesday as thousands of environmentalists and international officials hammered out rules for a global treaty to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


US Occupation Is Worse Than Hussein

Robert Scheer: So, it is mission impossible that Bush has accomplished: A terminally inept US occupation of Iraq now threatens to make the despot we overthrew look good by comparison. But don't take my word for it; hear it from the United States' No. 1 ally in that increasingly nightmarish land.


Senator Russ Feingold: Statement on President's Speech

Senator Russ Feingold: While today's speech by the President was billed as yet another attempt to lay out a plan for finishing the military mission in Iraq, the only new thing the administration gave the American people was a glossy 35-page pamphlet filled with the same rhetoric we've all heard before. Today's action by the White House isn't a step forward, it's a step back.


Deconstructing Bush's Iraq Strategy

President Bush, facing growing doubts about his war strategy, said Wednesday that Iraqi troops are increasingly taking the lead in battle but that "this will take time and patience." He refused to set a timetable for withdrawing US forces.


Co-Conspirators' Largesse Extended to Many

In the wake of former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham's stunning resignation and tearful admission that he had accepted some $2.4 million in bribes, many of his former colleagues are mulling what to do with tens of thousands of dollars they received in campaign contributions from Cunningham's co-conspirators.


Ethics Cloud Grows Wider over Republicans

Had it been an isolated incident, the resignation from Congress of California Republican Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) might have been a mere blip on the way to a special election. But as yet another corruption case involving prominent members of Congress, mainly Republicans, it's fueling a scandal that is opening a window on big-money politics in Washington and shifting prospects for midterm elections.


Dramatische Klimawende: Golfstrom droht zu kippen


Nachdem bisher Mainstreammedien und Experten routinemässig Beruhigungspillen an das Publikum verteilten, nun der Alarmruf: binnen kurzer Zeit könne in Europa sibiisches Klima EInzug halten, weil der Golfstrom kippt..Messungen und Vergleiche ergaben, dass seine Intensität bereits um 30% nachgelassen hat.

Eine der aufwendigsten Studien zur Klimaveränderung war - trotz Geheimhaltung - bereits im letzten Jahr bekannt geworden und beschrieb das Risiko, dass infolge der Klimaveränderungen der Golfstrom zum Stehen kommen könnte und damit eine neue Eiszeit in Europa anbrechen würde mit sibirischen Temperaturen. Eine solche Klimawende könne innerhalb weniger Jahre eintreten, wenn das bisherige Gleichgewicht erst einmal gestört sei. Die Ergebnisse dieser Studie wurden von vielen Klimaexperten noch als hypothetisch abgetan.

Nun wurden Messwerte bekannt, die genau diese in der Pentagonstudie beschriebene Entwicklung bestätigen und belegen, dass wir uns auf dünnerem Eis bewegen, als selbst Pessimisten befürchteten: danach hat die Stärke des Golfstroms bereits um 30% abgenommen. Und: an einem bestimmten Punkt dieser Entwicklung kann er - wie aus diversen wissenschaftlich erstellten Simuationen hervorgeht - abrupt ganz zum Stillstand kommen.

Veröffentlicht wurde der Bericht des National Oceaonography Centre in Southampton im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Nature". Detlef Quadfasel, Ozeanograph an der Uni Hamburg kommentierte die Situation, die sich durch das Abschmelzen der polaren Eiskappen ergibt: "Zunehmender Süßwasserzufluss in die nördlichen Meere wird die Zirkulation zunächst nur langsam schwächen. Wenn aber eine bestimmte Schwelle erreicht wird, könnte die Zirkulation abrupt zu einem neuen Status wechseln, in dem es kaum oder keinen Wärmezufluss mehr nach Norden gibt."

Das Ergebnis wäre dann sibirisches Klima in Europa.

Aufzuhalten wäre diese Entwicklung nur noch durch massive Reduzierung der CO2-Emissionen, wie sie von den USA strikt verweigert und auch von den Unterzeichnerstaaten des Kyotoprotokolls nicht ernsthaft betrieben wird.

G.Wendebourg / metainfo hamburg

Link zum Beitrag / Hintergrundinfo oder Pressehinweis: http://www.hh-online.com?lid=23093 und

Infopool / metainfo hamburg http://www.hh-online.com

Sports club left on hold over telephone mast plans

By Jane Bruccoleri

Confusion has arisen in South Croydon as plans to erect a mobile telephone mast on the roof of a local sports club have been put on hold.

Concerned residents contacted the Croydon Guardian claiming that Vodafone was set to install a mast at South Croydon Sports Club in Beech Copse.

Stephen Harris, who lives only 50 metres from the club in Spencer Road, said that he would be prepared to stage a protest should it go ahead but had been told the plan had now been scrapped.

Mr Harris, who has been a member of the club for nine years, added: "I've got really mixed feelings because this is going to bring in a lot of money for the club.

"However, as a member I was disappointed not to have been informed and as a resident I was massively concerned about the possible health impact.

"Some people did want the mast, so there may be some antagonism about the decision but everyone wants the best for the club."

Club chairman Rob Stodart explained that the club did discuss the proposal but would have to get the approval of the site's landlord if it was to go ahead.

However, he said that they would not rule out a mast at some point as "the club has to think about it's future."

He added: "The management committee of the club would be failing the members if they didn't consider ways of making money for them.

"If we don't put it on our roof then someone else will."

Vodafone confirmed that the mobile phone mast plan has not been discarded by the club, and if it goes ahead, they will discuss the plans with people living in the area.

Jane Frapwell, electro-magnetic fields adviser for Vodafone, said the company was willing to take on board constructive suggestions in regards to design and would also consider any suggested alternative sites.

"If we can change things we will," she said: "Vodafone will be inviting feedback from nearby residents and schools and no work will start until this has been done."

Speaking about the impact on people's health, she added: "This is a technology that has been in use for decades and is used for television, radios, ambulance services and no adverse health effects have been found. We take our lead from the experts."

Omega this is not true. See under:

11:28am today


Talk of ban on phone masts near schools

Mobile phone giants could soon be banned from erecting telecommunications masts near to homes and schools in the Telford area, amid growing fears.

It follows concerns from residents that the large number of masts in the borough are an eyesore and pose a health risk to children.

The issue was raised at a meeting of Telford & Wrekin Council last night when councillors backed a motion designed to allay public fears.

The motion called for a comprehensive and up-to-date register of all phone mast sites being made available to the public, a forum to liaise with the telecommunication firms and only to grant approval to applications for ‘targeted sites’.

Councillor Arnold England who proposed the motion, said he had the backing of campaigner, Bev Walker, and a representative from Telford Senior Citizens Forum.

Councillor Gary Davies seconded the motion, which won the backing of 24 councillors to 17, and will now be examined further by a scrutiny committee.

Back in August, Telford and Wrekin Council embarked on a review of its policy which is still ongoing.

The full version of this story appears in tonight’s Shropshire Star


Growing numbers of couples around the country are forgoing children

Pitter-Patter of Little Feet Isn't Desired

Growing numbers of couples around the country are forgoing children.
Reasons given include increased freedom and opportunities for women as well as environmental concerns. "We worry about global warming," said one 25-year-old. "We worry about what the world will be like in the future. There's so much uncertainty and I can't see bringing a life into such a world."


US Farmers Use Pesticide Despite Treaty

Other nations watch as the United States keeps permitting wide use of methyl bromide for tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, Christmas trees and other crops, even though the US signed an international treaty banning all but the most critical uses by 2005. The chemical depletes the earth's protective ozone layer and can harm the human neurological system, an increasing concern as people settle further into what was once just farm country.


Students Face Expulsion for Anti-Bush Organizing

Left-leaning students at Hampton University have felt for some time that campus administrators favor conservative groups and limit the free speech of liberal ones. Their argument has gained steam - and faculty members' support - over the past month, as seven students who helped organize a gathering opposing the Bush administration face a hearing Friday that could lead to their expulsion.


50 Years Ago Today

December 1, 2005

I just thought we should all pause for a moment today to remember the simple act of courage, defiance and dignity committed by Rosa Parks when she refused to move to the back of the bus because the law said she had the wrong skin color. The greatest moments in history, the ones that have truly mattered and have taken us to a better place, are made up of scores of these singular acts by ordinary, everyday people who could no longer tolerate the crap and the nonsense of those in charge.

Today, whether it is a student who holds a sit-in to get the army recruiters off his campus, or the mother of a dead soldier who refuses to leave the front gate of the president's ranch, we continue to be saved by brave people who risk ridicule and rejection but end up turning huge tides of public opinion in the direction of righteousness. We owe them enormous debts of gratitude. It is not easy to stand up for what is right, especially when everyone else is afraid to leave the comfortable path of conformity.

Rosa Parks may have been alone on that bus at the moment of her arrest but she wasn't alone for long. The old order was shaken, the world was upended and, as a people, we were given a chance for a bit of redemption.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this most important day in American history is to ask yourself what it is that you can do today to make a difference. What risk can you take to move the ball forward? What is that one thing you've been wanting to say to your co-workers or classmates that you've been afraid to say -- but in your heart of hearts you know needs to be said? Why wait another day to say it or do it?

There is probably no better way to honor Rosa Parks -- and yourself -- than for you to put a stop to an injustice you see, not allowing it to continue for one more second. Do something. Then send me an email (contributions@michaelmoore.com) and tell all of us what you did (I'll post as many as I can).

Fifty years later, the bus we're on could use a few more people simply saying, "No. I'm sorry. I've had enough. I'm not going to take it anymore."

Michael Moore

Abramoff Tied to Dorgan Donation, Tribe Says

New evidence is emerging that the top Democrat on the Senate committee currently investigating Jack Abramoff got political money arranged by the lobbyist back in 2002 shortly after the lawmaker took action favorable to Abramoff's tribal clients.


From Information Clearing House

Contractor spends big on key lawmakers

A San Diego businessman under investigation in the bribery case of former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham is a well-known GOP fundraiser whose generosity to key members of Congress came at the same time his company saw large increases in its government contracts, public records show.


‘Duke’ keeps his pension:

Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) will soon relinquish many of his properties and his freedom after pleading guilty to charges of fraud and conspiracy, but he will keep his government pension and could retain the privileges enjoyed by other former members of Congress.


From Information Clearing House

Judith Miller and Bob Woodward have been exposed as stooges of power

Miller 'sorry' for WMD inaccuracies:

Judith Miller, the US journalist at the heart of the CIA leak probe, has apologised to her readers because her stories about WMD and Iraq turned out to be wrong.


From Information Clearing House

Breaches of trust:

Judith Miller and Bob Woodward, have been exposed as stooges of power, accomplices of people who distort the truth and feed lies to the public to satisfy their own lusts and ambitions.


Americans Against Torture, But Believe We Do It

The survey found that 74% believe the U.S. has tortured prisoners, with 20% disagreeing--with storng majorities of both Democrats and Republicans holding that view.


UK airports 'are stop-offs in torture flights':

Eleven police forces were today threatened with legal action if they fail to investigate allegations that UK airports are being used as secret stop-overs by CIA jets transferring terror suspects to torture camps.


From Information Clearing House

At Hussein's Hearings, U.S. May Be on Trial

The only conclusion one can draw from available evidence is that Rumsfeld was more or less dispatched to mollify Hussein and assure him that his use of chemical weapons was no bar to developing the relationship with the U.S.


Sgt. Briggs War

Bob Briggs got a head full of shrapnel in Iraq. Then he came home to more wars: to regain the use of his half-paralyzed body, and to get the U.S. government to pay for his medical care.


From Information Clearing House

The first people to publicly denounce the torture of Iraqi people at the hands of U.S. forces

Video Broadcast of Kidnapped Members of Christian Peacemaker Team:

They were the first people to publicly denounce the torture of Iraqi people at the hands of U.S. forces, long before the media revealed what was happening at Abu Ghraib.


US, UK blamed for Iraq kidnappings:

The US- and Canada-based Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), has blamed the "illegal" occupation of Iraq by US and British troops for the kidnapping of its four workers in Iraq.


From Information Clearing House

Colin Powell: Always Willing to Let Someone Else Deliver the Bad News

Colin Powell still can't bring himself to stand up and account for his crucial role. Instead, he's leaving it to a former aide to pin blame on those who remain at the top of the Bush administration.


From Information Clearing House

Iraq: the imperial solution

There is much speculation about the endgame in Iraq. Most of it assumes that the United States and its allies will pull out as soon as "the job is done", a meaningless phrase concocted by PR consultants and designed to help politicians avoid answering the question, "when will the troops come home?"


From Information Clearing House

The Hallucinations of Joe Lieberman

The Hallucinations of Joe Lieberman: Is It Madness or Merely More Lying?

Sen. Lieberman is so divorced from reality that he can no longer be taken seriously. Yet, The Wall Street Journal published this nonsense.


From Information Clearing House

What 'staying the course' really means

If Iraq manages to avoid all-out civil war, it is likely to end up with a government that is fiercely undemocratic - a Shi'ite theocratic dictatorship that rules by terror, torture, and armed might.


From Information Clearing House

Bush wants to 'Vietnamize' Iraq

President George W. Bush Wednesday unveiled a new strategy of neo-Vietnamization to win the Iraq war.


Victory In Iraq:

The following document articulates the broad strategy the President set forth in 2003 and provides an update on our progress as well as the challenges remaining.


Retired general said withdrawal of troops must begin by September:

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey said President Bush's newly released strategy for Iraq is a signal that he is in a "race against time" to restore the public's confidence in the war effort by withdrawing some troops by September.


Largest Iraq veterans' group says Bush plan falls short:

As a Veteran of this war and someone who talks to other Veterans everyday, I can say that in the eyes of the Troops, this plan still falls short in two important ways.


From Information Clearing House

Mike Whitney: Cheerleading at Annapolis:

It’s pathetic to see the world’s most powerful man, shunted into prearranged venues so he can pitch his snake-oil to college aged boys. That said, Bush’s appearance today at the Naval Academy has got to be a new low for the White House public relations team.


Riding with the Bad Boys

The rise of Iraqi death squads

By Mike Whitney

"Do you remember the right-wing execution squads in El Salvador?" one [Pentagon] official asked Hersh. "We founded them and we financed them. The objective now is to recruit locals in any area we want." ... The authorization for the death squads comes straight from the Oval Office. ... The final leg on the stool is the propaganda war that is being directed against the American people to conceal the details of the military’s war crimes.


Cheney 'created climate for US war crimes'

By Rupert Cornwell in Washington

A leading aide to the former secretary of state Colin Powell has accused Vice-President Dick Cheney of creating the climate in which prisoner abuse could flourish, and implied that he might have committed war crimes.


Bush’s Bloody Strategy for Victory


Atomic Hypocrisy: Neither Bush Nor Blair is in a Position to Take a High Moral Line On Iran's Nuclear Program


The Growing Problem of Defense Industry Profiteering


Colin Powell: Still Craven After All These Years


Armed Forces Sinking into Sectarian Chaos


Cheney Guilty of War Crime? Accused of Backing Torture


To listen to Bush is to enter a dreamworld


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Handys beeinflussen Speichel und Wasser


Handys beeinflussen offensichtlich Speichel und Wasser


Heft: 08/2003 - Geowissenschaften

Das Gedächtnis des Wassers

Die einen sprechen von sensationellen Erkenntnissen, die anderen von Scharlatanerie. Wissenschaftler streiten, ob H2O in der Lage ist, informationen zu speichern.

Eigentlich war Professor Bernd Kröplin auf der Suche nach einer „Astronautenmedizin“ auf Wasserbasis. Als der Raumfahrtingenieur dabei auch Trinkwasser mit elektromagnetischen Wellen bestrahlte, entdeckte er Erstaunliches: Die Energie schuf nie gesehene Strukturen im Wasser.

Was war passiert? Die Forscher hatten eine Wasserprobe zwei Minuten lang dem Feld eines eingeschalteten Mobiltelefons ausgesetzt. Danach wurden die Tropfen unter einem Mikroskop mit 400-facher Vergrößerung beim Trocknen beobachtet. Eine Fotokamera hielt die Strukturen in den Rückständen des Wassers fest. Kröplin, Professor für Statik und Dynamik der Luft- und Raumfahrtkonstruktionen an der Universität Stuttgart, und seine Mitarbeiter waren verblüfft. Gegenüber dem unbestrahlten Wasser zeigten sich deutliche Veränderungen. Um völlig sicher zu gehen, wiederholten sie das Experiment mehrere hundert Mal, auch mit menschlichem Speichel. Das Fazit von Kröplins Arbeitsteam: „Bei jedem Test mit Mobiltelefonen konnten wir feststellen, dass nach Einwirkung des Handy-Felds die Vielfalt der Strukturen von Wasser und Speichel abnahm.“

Kröplin betont, die Ergebnisse seien reproduzierbar und würden wissenschaftlicher Überprüfung standhalten. Doch es bleiben viele Fragen: Wie lassen sich die veränderten Gesichter der Tropfen objektiv und präzise beschreiben? Wie lange hält der Bestrahlungseffekt an? Welche Auswirkungen hat er auf das noch nicht verdunstete Wasser? Und wie reagiert der menschliche Organismus auf das bestrahlte Nass? Die Antworten müssen gesucht werden.

Eines belegen die Versuche jedoch: Die Information Handy-Strahlung beeinflusst zumindest für gewisse Zeit – je nach Versuch können das laut Kröplin Minuten, Stunden, ja sogar Monate sein – die Eigenschaften von Trinkwasser. In diesem Fall also die Anordnung von Rückständen, wenn es verdunstet. H2O merkt sich also seine Behandlung, auch wenn ihm keine Chemikalien, Sauerstoff oder andere Substanzen beigemischt werden. Hat Wasser ein Gedächtnis?

http://warp6.dva.de/sixcms/detail.php?id=149050 (Auszug)


Handys beeinflussen Speichel und Wasser

Bisher geheime Studie heizt Konflikt um Handymasten an






Informant: NHNE

First, Get His Attention


It Ain’t Fair


Wishful Thinking Promoted, Truth Jailed





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