As hurricanes intensify, is Washington just blowing more hot air on global warming?

See the global warming alarms from 2005, then send a message to your elected officials: Enough Talk. Take Action!

Monster hurricanes, catastrophic mudslides, deadly floods and devastating wildfires - do you think perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?

Global warming's effects were all too visible in 2005, but all we got from Washington was a lot more talk and not nearly enough action.

See the global warming alarms from 2005, then send a message to your elected officials: Enough Talk. Take Action!


The first step is to send an email to President Bush and to Congress. Damage from unchecked global warming is changing our lives and it requires action now.

When you're done, we have a special job for you: Send a handful of our special ecards highlighting the "Enough Talk. Take Action!" campaign to your friends and colleagues.

Among the danger signs of this year's global warming impacts:

- The ferocity of recent hurricanes may be a sign that global warming is already intensifying tropical storms. And many scientists believe it will only get worse in the coming decades.

- Arctic sea ice melting advanced this summer, opening up the possibility of ice-free Arctic summers and dangerously accelerating global warming as less ice leads to more absorption of heat from the sun - a prospect with devastating consequences for polar bears and people alike.

- Coral reefs bleaching and dying. These spectacular rainforests of the sea are at severe risk as warmer waters, more acidic oceans and stronger storms take their combined toll.

Just about everywhere you look, Mother Nature is sending clear signals that global warming is here and the consequences will get worse. We have no time to lose.

Please act now. Sign the petition and recruit your friends. Tell Washington to stop playting politics with our planet:

Enough talk. Take Action!

Thanks in advance for your help,

Fred Krupp Environmental Defense

PS - It will only take a minute to sign the petition - please don't hesitate:


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