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I am trying to persuade the govenors at my son's school to wire in the WLAN computer network and shield the school from radiation from the masts outside by screening the windows. The WLAN has been in one year and the worst mast by far, up one year so there is not much sickness yet. However a TETRA mast has just gone up nearby and there are at least 4 other masts around and a radar signal we are picking up. The radiation from the Orange mast (the strongest one nearby) is from their report about 0.7 v/m

The govenors are asking me which schools have had cases of cancer in children near masts.

Does anyone know of any cases in the UK or abroad that I could get details from to prove my case?



Dear ...,

There was a lot of ill health including cancers I believe, amongst children since a mast went up close to a school in Spain. There was great public outrage especially amongst the parents, because the sickness rate was so high. The local authority decided or attempted to remove the masts. However, please don't quote me on this as I can't remember the exact details, it was a year or two ago. There was also the school near an Orange mast in Paris. There was a lot of illness amongst the children and Orange were forced to make a tactical retreat and remove the mast. They did so because of parental intervention and, if I'm not mistaken, with the support of the French authorities. I wonder if this had some influence on the ground breaking court case that has just concluded (or perhaps it's still going on?) in France to have the precautionary principle enshrined in legislation. I was unable to download the latest information on this on Omega twoday, as my computer and printer don't seem to be functioning properly, so I don't know the outcome. I'd appreciate the info if anyone has details. Am I right in thinking there are also a number of other school illnesses in Israel and Japan? Sorry not to be more helpful but hopefully there is someone out there with a better memory than mine, who can be more specific.



I was led to believe that Manor High School in Crosby L23, Merseyside has a high number of cases of childhood leukaemia. They have a large number of mobile phone masts sited upon their roof. Eileen O'Connor of SCRAM may hold factual information on this school.



As well as St Edwards at Coleshill, there is an issue in Haverfordwest, where all of their schools are within 350 mtrs (or a figure in that region) of a TETRA mast which was recently placed on the Police station. One of those schools is a special school, and one of the pupils attending is an epileptic whose family had to move house in Milford Haven because an Orange mast was switched on and she developed epilepsy. The case was so evident that the council moved the family, but the little girl then had to attend a special school because although her seizures were reduced considerably, she still had the epilepsy in a manageable form. Now that the TETRA mast has been switched on, the child has been having so many fits that her mother has taken her out of the special school. This case is well documented, and is being presented in court soon. I think it is important to focus on conditions like epilepsy as well as cancers etc. As Andy said recently, those with EHS (and epilepsy) are the canaries, ie, effects show up immediately, whereas the rest of us are miners, left to show the signs when it's too late to do anything about them!



Hi all

Have been a little busy of late, here's a couple of links for you.

Phil Watts


Schools & Cellular Antennas


I am in touch with the campaign coordinater of a local(ish) campaign who has conducted a survey of five schools now in Warwickshire (Coleshill) with startling results. She began with one school, who had noticed a high incidence of illness in staff and children.

She has taken on 02 and is pressuring them to remove the mast from the school and is hopeful of success.

She has the backing of Warwickshire LEA, I believe.

Cheers Sylvia


Dear Sylvia - thanks I have spoken to Jacqui but understand her mother is ill at the moment. Do you know if any of the children or teachers had cancer at the schools? And are the details available

Thanks very much


I believe some 8 members of staff have cancer (2 deaths) - but I don't think any of the children have (thankfully).

The stats have shown that most of the children suffer headaches/nosebleeds/nausea, etc. - in fact, Jackie told me that some children are walking to school with nosebleeds.

I will see if I can get any actual stats.




Somewhere, I have details of a school in France where very young children were developing cancers. The mayor had the mast removed, but he was overridden and the town/city was fined thousands of pounds for their trouble.

It's not on my disks, so it must be amongst the astronomic amount of printed evidence I have accumulated. I'll try to find it.

Gill Lyden


Glynn Hughes is to be interviewed on Monday on ITV North about a mast on his daughters old school. She was sick and he removed her from the school. There are 2 other people appearing as well as a rep from Orange. Its for a programme called 'Not in my backyard' to be broadcast on Oct 26th

Can he have some suggestions for sharp salient points to get across.

I always hear the phrases

'There's no evidence' and 'diseases always appear in clusters so you would expect to see clusters of cancer"

What would be the best answers to these questions?

Can someone suggest the best examples of peer reviewed and published research to quote?

Thanks very much.


'There's no evidence' - There are hundreds of studies and I invite anyone to contact me to receive them / or simply say- that's a lie, because IT IS simply a lie, it can be refuted easily. Come with papers, show them to the camera and say - there are hundreds of studies - THESE ARE THE STUDIES ! THEY ARE RIGHT HERE. Telling that something does not exist doesn't make it right- and here they exist.

'Diseases always appear in clusters so you would expect to see clusters of cancer". There is consistency of clusters around antennas - more cancer the more close you are. Dr. Horst found cancer increase and Dr. Wolf found cancer increase near antennas. John Walker found and you can show the map he did - where there are antennas there is cancer. I ask something else - why doesn't anyone do research on the tens of clusters around the antennas in England? Eileen counted many in England. Say how much.

Can someone suggest the best examples of peer reviewed and published research to quote? The above mentioned. Take also the summary of Dr. John Walker that Eileen sent.


Is there any effect of mobile telephone base station?

SCIENTIFIC evidence of harm to human health from EMR

Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations



Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations


Dear ....

Because the operators and the government do NOT accept the independent research and evidence, but only industry and government sponsored research does NOT mean it does NOT exist. It only means IT DOES NOT FIT THEIR PLANS. and, just think about it, where would they be if they did. They would have disappeared from the face of the earth, because of all the compensation they would have had to pay to people whose health and lives they had ruined. It will come to that eventually, and then you will see them scramble away as rats from a sinking ship so fast, they wont even stop to turn the bloody things off.

The cancer clusters do exist. Ask Eileen O´Connor [eileen@smokestack.ltd.uk] and or S-R-A-M, Contact: S-C-R-A-M PO Box 11329 Sutton Coldfield B76 9ZS T: 0121 313 3718 F: 0121 313 3718 info@s-c-r-a-m.co.uk Wishaw in Sutton Coldfield had a terrible dose of it. And clusters exist in London streets with old masts, and elsewhere where masts have been for a number of years.

There is lots of pier-reviewed and published research, and it has been there since the 1940s, (since the military invented the radar) but I am not the right person to answer about that. Ask Andy Davidson (watch@tertrawatch.net) Roger Coghill (roger@cogreslab.co.uk) or Graham Blackwell (grahame@starweave.com) I am sure they can give you something good to quote.

Best of luck. Agnes


There is also sauvonsleon a town in France [ infos@sauvonsleon.fr ] where If I remember right 378 people have taken Orange to court, over a mast that caused cancer in a whole neighborhood

A lot of the people have died, and just the other day, while the case is on-going another 3 people died.

I will find it and send you a link to look the start of it up.


You may want to point out the inadequacies of the government scientists in the past as mentioned in the document I've attached below. Their track record leaves much to be desired and at times they have had to do an about face in the light of independent research.

Best regards


Which Science or Scientists Can You Trust?


Re the incidence of cancer, I am challenging our Cancer Intelligence Unit at the moment because they stated at a meeting that "one in three will get cancer, anyway". My question is: How long has it been one in three? Why do we have to accept that this is happening "anyway". The Director of the Unit said that she didn't know for sure but thought it was about 30 years. I think that's rubbish - I think the escalation in cancer will have co-incided with the development of mobile phone technology.

They are looking closer at the science now that Lloyd Morgan's report has been forwarded on to them.



NNOOOOO !!!! It wasn't 1 in 3 30 years ago. You can ask the cancer registry and confirm (there should be a website with the data of the registry).

From Sylvia

Sorry, I forgot to sign. I know it wasn't 1 in 3 - and she knows it wasn't. That is why she is now openly supporting our calls for more investigation on the high incidence of cancers in our village.


Dear Agnes and All of you,

I think this letter from Dr, John Walker is very valuable for our cause (do you know what are his qualifications etc)?. I have gone through it, and understand most of it but the part in blue is not clear. Would it be better if the ICNRP guidelines were inserted in brackets?

I have 'edited' the letter (apologies to Dr. Walker) to try and make it clearer and easier to read, but would like an opinion as to whether I have altered it in any way that changes its meaning. I have only corrected spelling mistakes; tried to work out a couple of ambiguities e.g. where it says 'Question 1' I put in a question mark and erased the 'r' before 'rNewspaper', which seems to make it clearer. This apparent anomaly made me hesitate for a while and could put off someone who did not want to be persuaded of the actual proven effects - they might not read the rest of it at all.

Does anyone know the price of the gadgets mentioned at the end?


Gill Lyden


Dr. John Walkers letter.

Question 1) Is there any effect of mobile telephone base station? Newpaper questions and answers.


There is now very self sustaining and well agreeing information over several countries:- To answer question 1 Is there any effect of mobile telephone base station radiation on living beings e.g. human and animal health? There are results of ill people in houses in beam patches (7 patches) so far tested (120 ill people by 2005) There is about 3 times the average rate of Cancer. in the beam patches. Ill people in flats in mast beams in Midlands (600 ill people) Ill people in a school near mast (75 ill pupils and teachers) To answer question 2 How is the incidence of ill health related to the strength of the radiation? In Spain Navarro & Oldfield 0.13 volts/metre for an Odds ratio of 39 for increased depressive tendency. In UK Beam patches about 1,5 volts/metre outside correspond to about 0.5 volts/metre inside buildings In Germany Bamberger <0.06 volts/metre give 30% illness, 0.06 -0.2 volts/metre gives 60% illness. These values are relatively close compared to ICNRP 41 volts/metre!

“An Unofficial View” of Health v Mobile phone Mast Non Ionizing Radiation September 2005.

Introduction Newspaper cuttings were collected a few years ago, of illness near mobile telephone base station masts around this country and some from Europe. The worst case was 4 cancers in 5 adjacent houses by an old mast; this seemed to be too much of a coincidence.[Evening Standard 20 February 2002] Most of the articles were followed up by a visit, to find the extent of the illnesses at each location. A more scientific approach was needed. It was found that three pole mast beams, 120 degrees apart, often hit the ground at a distance away from the mast equal to 10 times the height of the mast and it is here, at the area of highest field intensity, that the illness patches occur. Question 1. Is there any effect of mobile telephone base station radiation on living beings e.g. human and animal health? Human Data available A) HOUSES
(1) 7 patches of illness were found in the highest signal level of the radiation (non ionizing) near masts around the country. Approximate simulated average fields were used,. this is of the order of 1.5 Volts/metre.outdoors and corresponds to 0.5 Volts/metre indoors

1a) The number of ill people:-

1a1) in a single beam patch is proportional to the cumulative integrated dose of radiation received over the years e.g. 8 ill after 8 years, 21 ill after 13 years and:-

1a2) in a two beam crossing patch, 31 ill.after 11 years.

1b) The radius away from the mast of both beam patch and illness patch agrees well.

1c) The angular phase of the illness patch relates to the angular position of the poles of the mast e.g. 120 degrees or 240 degrees (maximum error so far only 12 degrees). B) FLATS
600 people were found to be ill in flats which were at high field levels. Note: - in multi- storey flats, each person’s rooms are all on the same side of the building, so the inhabitants cannot escape the radiation unless they sleep in the corridor! C SCHOOLS Surveys in schools A survey in a Warwickshire school, close to a multi array mast 11 years old, showed the teachers to be twice as ill as the pupils (The teachers have more years at the school and therefore get a larger integrated cumulative dose of radiation) and the pupils to be twice as ill as the population in a West Midlands town with a merely 2 year old mast. If the data answers Question 1 in the affirmative, then the next question is: Question 2. How is the incidence of ill health related to the strength of the radiation?

Don't quite understand this paragraph- can anyone explain it please? Andy?

The latest Bamberger study from Germany shows well (at 4 levels of radiation) the relation between the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) Guidelines, the local Salzburg Guidelines and the levels for:-

60% illness at 0.06 – 0.2 volts/metre and :-

94% illness at 0.21 – 0.6 volts/metre in the 356 people studied.

Note - the level in the beam patches in Question 1 is 1.5 volts per metre externally which is of the order of 0.5 volts/metre internally in houses. This agrees fairly well with the more detailed Bamberger study. This also agrees well with the Oldfield Navarro results of:-
0.13 volts/metre for an Odds ratio of 39 for increased depressive tendency. The remaining question is:- Question 3 What are the mechanisms by which illness are caused? If over time, radiation suppresses our nightly melatonin cycle, evolved by all vertebrae (humans and animals) etc over many millennia, then our immune system protection against cosmic rays is seriously compromised.

I have not yet found an old mast that has not got an illness patch. If you have any data which disagrees with the above, if there is any, I would be glad to receive it.

“An Unofficial View” of Official Views.

About 1997, ICNIRP (International Commission for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) took a very narrow view of the reasons for susceptibility of the bodies of living beings to Non Ionizing Radiation. They merely considered the heating effect and ignored the most important effects. They persuaded most governments and institutions with plausible arguments to their view. They did not know then what we know now. They had no feel that on this earth “we see through glass as but darkly”. It is easy to think that, although some of us can stand a few years of radiation without any obvious effects, that there is no effect. However this is really living in myth land and ignoring what is going on.

1) An Establishment statement "The balance of evidence to date suggests that exposures to RF radiation below NRPB and ICNRP guidelines do not cause adverse health effects to the general population. This is a non quantitative statement that has been static for several years. It is more political than scientific. It is a chameleon, depending on the population which is being considered.

A) If this is applied to the general population of UK then it is apparently True. But highly diluted results are being obtained due to averaging many people outside beam patches with a few people inside beam patches.

B) But if this is applied to the general population of a Beam Patch, then it is False. The illness applies to up to 50% of the people, with an illness density of about 3 times that of the surrounding area which is at a much lower radiated field level.

2) An Establishment view. There are so many masts about that there are sure to be some coincidences with random cancer clusters. The data on the previous page shows that mast induced illness is very far from being random and is in fact extremely determinate. Note - if mast induced illness is random, then it is out of control of the establishment and from an economic viewpoint, then maximum wealth should be generated by the expansion of the mobile telephone industry.

3) A Consensus view. People feel they are safer if their views agree with the “general consensus” however it is possible on odd occasions that this view may be erroneous particularly when:-

A) A new situation occurs - much higher frequency, digital, squarer waves, as compared to the old lower frequency sinusoidal waves of broadcasting. The establishment will pretend it is not a new situation.

B) And from my work so far, I feel that ICNIRP’s decision was extremely misleading, because they had not got the data then that we have now. The establishment will attempt to defend the old consensus by calling new scientific data merely anecdotal and by destructively fastening on unimportant points and neglecting important points. Defence of an old consensus can be very unfair scientifically.

4) Paralysis of advancement of knowledge by cutting funding Several scientists have said that there was no funding for key work.

1) At Universities students who wanted to do worthwhile work were dissuaded because it would be controversial (Universities depend on Government for their funding.).

2) This means that any real work must be done voluntarily by a retired scientist within the cost limits of the volunteer.

3) The Suppression of anti policy statements has maintained the myth for several years.

4) Generalisations and logicality not rooted in actuality do not help health.

Dr John Walker

Instrumentation The Acousticom makes one aware of radiation, but it does to a certain extent indicate the source. However a digital frequency analyser is much more versatile and about one tenth of the cost of the old analogue versions TheSpectran HF 6080 has a directional aerial and can detect amongst other things GSM 900, GSM1800, UMTS, Dect etc It can be hand held and gives an Acousticom sound of the wave modulation and % of ICNIRP level as well as the spectra etc and two channel storage of signals.etc.


I think it is disgusting when govertnments know full well about carcinegenic substances, chemicals, plastics pesticides never mind the masts. For those of us that use face creams and I was recently told suntan creams we are putting poisons on our faces in the form of parabems [ have i got that right]. Where there is corporate power, money and greed and the chance of votes for a government the public always seem to loose. I have virtually stopped giving to cancer research because I believe we know so many things that cause cancer and it seems to me that we are just giving money for more drugs to be invented to the pharmeceutical companies to get more rich.

sue g


My son attended E Bergholt High School, Essex where there was an Orange mast next door to the school playing school. My friend and I met with the H&S school governor and he arranged for Orange to come to the school to plot the beam. However the report was so technical I could not understand it although I did work out the beam fell in the school grounds. Meanwhile my father died and I had to help look after my mother who lived long distance. My son left school and no one else seemed interested so I had to drop it but I do know of at least 2 children having unexplained fits. The mast has now beeen up several years so who knows how many are sick . Incidentally the local doctors built a state of the art surgery just across the road from the mast in spite of the fact that my friend and I had written to them and sent a paper of doctor highland's.

sue g


Hi Sandi

I couldn't find the school study I mentioned the other day from my thousands of emails on file but here's my own synopsis. I've no idea if it's still on the Powerwatch site though - this was current in June 2002.

BW Gary.

A recent independant study:
compared two primary schools in the U.K, West Park Primary school in Hartlepool (330 pupils) which has had a mobile phone mast on its' property for three years, and Grange Park Primary school in Sunderland (300 pupils) which has no mast. In each case, over 100 parents responded to a questionnaire sent out which showed the following percentage comparisons in pupil symptoms:

SYMPTOMS Grange P'k West P'k
  • Headaches 30% 66%
    Nausea 12% 25%
    Extreme tiredness 8.5% 39%
    at school
    Short-term memory loss 1% 15%
    Unusual change in 6% 20%
    behaviour over last 3 yrs.
    Teachers expressed 1% 20%
    concern over childs be'viour.
    Skin irritations 14% 33%
    Anxiety probs 5% 12%
    Poor concentration 15% 41%

Symptoms include: eye problems, problems with concentration, dizziness & loss of memory, headaches, nausea, digestive probs, muscle & joint pains, palpitations, skin disorders, anxiety/depression, tiredness, sleep probs, menstrual problems etc

Check out http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/schools1.asp


June 2002 issue of the Ecologist quotes a report in The Lancet, which says a 2 minute mobile call can alter a child's brain activity for an hour, so classroom behaviour could be affected if calls were made at breaktime. Doctors fear this could lead to psychiatric problems, aggressive behaviour, lack of concentration, memory loss and inability to learn. The report's author is worried that delicate balances such as immunity to infection could be affected by interference with chemical balances in the brain.

On the basis of this, all schools should ban mobiles, including lunch and breaktime. This must apply on the way to school as well, so any pupils with mobiles for emergency use,or use on the way home should have to hand them in as they enter the school.

David Oakley-Hill


Spain investigates four cancer cases diagnosed in children in one school http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1004264/


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