Leahy wants to know about Pentagon spying on protests

Sen. Patrick Leahy wants the Defense Department to give him the details about two Vermont anti-war protests that were monitored by government officials.


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UCSC chief alleges spying

"We are greatly concerned about the Pentagon's investigation of a UCSC campus protest of military recruiting last spring,'' UCSC Chancellor Denice Denton wrote in a campus e-mail. ``MSNBC reports that this protest was classified as a `credible threat' by the Department of Defense.''


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Total surveillance state takes giant leap in Britain

Over a hundred years ago Lord Acton understood that the danger to liberty does not reside mainly in bad individuals, but in the power available to those in positions of authority: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is why it is essential to put absolute limits on the tools available to those in authority.


Now you can be arrested for any offence

Police are to be given sweeping powers to arrest people for every offence, including dropping litter, failure to wear a seat belt and other minor misdemeanours.


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What's Best for the Country?

Either the United States will accept a future governed by an authoritarian Executive, with few safeguards of a citizen’s constitutional rights and no real checks and balances from other branches of government, or the American people will challenge the White House in defense of a traditional Republic, where no man is above the law.


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Growing powers of secrecy

The White House's sweeping enlargement of agency powers has nearly doubled the rate of newly classified documents to 15 million a year. At the same time, the administration has choked back the annual volume of documents declassified for public access, from 200 million in 1998 to 44 million lately.


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George W. Bush as the New Richard M. Nixon

Both Wiretapped Illegally, and Impeachably.

From Information Clearing House

I'm a Soldier, Not a Spy

As Americans take stock of the news that the government has been involved in domestic warrantless eavesdropping as well as surveillance of "potentially threatening people or organizations inside the United States," many people are troubled, including me.


Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

The effort President Bush authorized shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, to fight al Qaeda has grown into the largest CIA covert action program since the height of the Cold War, expanding in size and ambition despite a growing outcry at home and abroad over its clandestine tactics.


Rumsfeld Admits to "Ghosting" Detainee

Following a catalog of evidence of other crimes sanctioned by top Bush Administration officials, the report reads.


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Ex-envoy to Uzbekistan goes public on torture

Britain's former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, has defied the Foreign Office by publishing on the internet documents providing evidence that the British Government knowingly received information extracted by torture in the "war on terror".


Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave

The program, coordinated through a Pentagon operation dubbed “Operation Homefront,” ordered military personnel to give interviews to their hometown newspapers, television stations and other media outlets and praise the American war effort in Iraq.


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War without end: only justice, not bombs, can make our dangerous world a safer place

By Robert Fisk

We have gone on smashing away at the human rights we trumpeted at the Russians - and the Arabs - during the Cold War. We have perhaps fatally weakened all those provisions that were written into our treaties and conventions in the aftermath of the Second World War to make the world a safer place. And we claim we are winning.


Leaked torture documents


Bush Administration Going after Domestic Spying Whistleblowers

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of classified information about President Bush's secret domestic spying program, Justice officials said Friday. The officials, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, said the inquiry will focus on disclosures to the New York Times about warrantless surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency since the September 11 terrorist attacks.


Malaysia's deforestation rate increasing rapidly


Informant: NHNE

Maut-System: ohne großen Aufwand zur Totalüberwachung geeignet

Mitglied im Innenausschuss des Bundestags deckt auf

Das Satelliten-Maut-System ist ohne großen Aufwand zur Totalüberwachung geeignet. Das erklärte Petra Pau, stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Linksfraktion im Deutschen Bundestag und Mitglied im Innenausschuss, heute in Berlin. "Die politischen Begehrlichkeiten nach zweckfremden Daten waren von Anfang an riesig. Sonst hätten wir ein anderes Maut-System als das von Toll Collect", sagte sie.

Auch der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte Peter Schaar hat sich gegen eine Verwendung der erfassten Maut-Daten für Fahndungs-Zwecke ausgesprochen.

Schon jetzt erfasst das deutsche System ausnahmslos jedes Fahrzeug, das auf Maut-Strecken fährt. Noch werden die Daten von Pkw herausgefiltert und gelöscht. Pau: "Aber es geht ohne großen Aufwand auch anders." Im Gesetz müsste lediglich ein Halbsatz geändert und im System die Software modifiziert werden und fertig sei die Total-Überwachung.

Derzeit liefen laut Pau zwei Debatten: Die einen wollen Maut-Daten zur Fahndung nutzen. Die anderen wollen das Maut-System über das Autobahn-Netz hinaus ausweiten. Beide zusammen mündeten in einer Totalüberwachung. Big Brother lasse grüßen. (as)

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Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor, Anti-Terror Effort Continues to Grow

A broad-based effort known within the CIA by the initials GST, is compartmentalized into dozens of highly-classified individual programs, details of which are known only to those directly involved.


Bush as Nixon: Both Wiretapped Illegally, and Impeachably

John W. Dean writes that in acting without congressional approval, Bush has underlined that his presidency is unchecked and utterly beyond the law. Now that he has turned the truly awesome powers of the NSA on Americans, what asserted powers will Bush use next? And when, if ever, will we - and Congress - discover that he is using them?



The School of the Americas: Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas


Informant: Martin Greenhut

Pupils Being Given 'Patriotism' Tests in Washington State Schools


Power's Wear and Tear Hit Bush's Spokesman

Philippe Gelie writes: The wear and tear on the James S. Brady Press Room has become a reflection of power's wear and tear on the administration.


Homeland Security Is Faulted in Audit

Nearly three years after it was formed, the immense Department of Homeland Security remains hampered by severe management and financial problems that contributed to the flawed response to Hurricane Katrina, according to an independent audit released yesterday.


Are You Being Tracked?

NSA used banned data-tracking on Web site:

The National Security Agency's Internet site has been placing files on visitors' computers that can track their Web surfing activity despite strict federal rules banning most of them.


Are You Being Tracked?:

Big business thinks Radio Frequency Identification tags are great. Privacy-rights advocates fear the tiny chips will invite corporations and the government into our personal lives.


From Information Clearing House

"It's An Excellent Relationship": NYPD on Police, CIA Links


From Information Clearing House

Padilla's lawyers urge Supreme Court to decide scope of the president's power

Lawyers Donna Newman and Andrew Patel told the high court in papers filed Tuesday that the justices must step in "to preserve the vital checks and balances" on the president.


From Information Clearing House

Strange Twists in the Padilla Case:

The case was just days away from going to the Supreme Court when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that it would abandon its nearly 4 year struggle to establish the president’s “inherent right” to declare an American citizen an enemy combatant, thereby stripping him of all his constitutional rights. Why?


Did NSA Spy On Clients?

Lawyers for an Islamic scholar, a Fort Lauderdale computer programmer and an Ohio trucker want federal judges to determine whether evidence used against their clients was gathered by a secret domestic spying program.


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Marine jeep contract under fire

The Marine Corps is paying $100,000 apiece for a revamped military jeep that some critics call a rip-off of taxpayers, according to a news report Thursday.


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Europeans criticize U.S. sanctions

New U.S. sanctions against nine foreign companies accused of aiding Iran's weapons programs could signal a harder line toward Tehran by the Bush administration and could hinder diplomatic efforts by Europe to end the standoff over Iran's nuclear program.


From Information Clearing House

'US tortures Iraqi prisoners'

A former prisoner held by the United States military with senior officials of Saddam Hussein's ousted Iraqi regime charged on Wednesday that fellow detainees had been tortured, some of them to death.


From Information Clearing House

Uranium suspected in Iraq merc's death

The death of a Peruvian security guard who had worked in Iraq may have been caused by exposure to depleted uranium.


From Information Clearing House

America’s Tomorrow

By Manuel Valenzuela

With each day that passes that we remain passive, silent and indifferent, becoming submissive to further corporatist control over our lives, we are helping to cement the unforgiving future of our progeny and of a once great nation.


My Amtrak Peak-Oil Tour

Jan Lundberg recounts his cross-country odyssey destined for Washington, DC, where he engaged in five conferences, speaking on peak oil and petrocollapse.


International Team to Review Iraq Results

An international team has agreed to review Iraq's parliamentary elections, announcing Thursday that members would travel to Iraq in response to protests by Sunni Arab and secular Shiite groups that the polls were tainted by fraud. The announcement came after the Sunni and secular Shiite groups refused to open discussions with the Shiite religious bloc leading in the elections without a full review of the contested results, despite a UN observer's endorsement of the December 15 vote.


All Abramoff Money Went to Republicans

US President George W. Bush calls indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff "an equal money dispenser" who helped politicians of both parties. Campaign donation records show Republicans were a lot more equal than Democrats. Between 2001 and 2004, Abramoff gave more than $127,000 to Republican candidates and committees and nothing to Democrats, federal records show. At the same time, his Indian clients were the only ones among the top 10 tribal donors in the US to donate more money to Republicans than Democrats.


Pentagon's Pro-US Websites Probed

An internal review finds that efforts aimed at the Balkans, in northern Africa, break no laws. But a defense official says they might backfire. A top Pentagon official, chief spokesman Lawrence DiRita, said he was concerned that a Pentagon practice of hiring news reporters to advance a US government agenda could draw criticism, and that an ever larger military role in shaping public opinion overseas might have negative consequences.


A president, not a monarch


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Going too far

by William Rivers Pitt


'Now take this all one step further,' I said, 'since you asked about the Patriot Act. Think about that Section 215 and the sneak-and-peek stuff. I told you they need to see a judge first to come into your home, to search and bug your stuff. But this whole NSA deal shows that Bush and these guys don't give a hoot in hell for judges, warrants or the process of law. They're going to do what they want to do, warrant or not. We've got a situation now where Bush and his people could not only be ordering the surveillance of Americans, but could also be authorizing home invasions, and all without any kind of warrants and oversight. What does that sound like to you?' 'Fascism,' he said without hesitating. 'This is the reason,' I said with a smile, 'why I don't talk politics at the bar. I have a way of going on and on until the paint peels. But let me ask you one last question.' 'Shoot,' he said. 'As a Bush supporter,' I said, 'how far are you willing to go to support the guy? How much individual liberty, how many laws, are you willing to give up to Bush before we lose the country? How far is too far?' Ty didn't have anything to say at first. 'This,' he finally muttered, 'is too damned far'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Journalists should expose secrets not keep them

Common Dreams
by Norman Solomon


Journalists should be in the business of providing timely information to the public. But some -- notably at the top rungs of the profession -- have become players in the power games of the nation's capital. And more than a few seem glad to imitate the officeholders who want to decide what the public shouldn't know. When the New York Times front page broke the story of the National Security Agency's domestic spying, the newspaper's editors had good reason to feel proud. Or so it seemed. But there was a troubling backstory: The Times had kept the scoop under wraps for a long time. ... Perhaps in 2007 we will learn that the New York Times had an explosive story about other ongoing government violations of civil liberties or some other crucial issue, but held it until after the November 2006 congressional elections. In that case, quite a few media critics and other journalists could recycle their pieces about giving the Times the benefit of the doubt and appreciating the quality of the crucial story that finally appeared...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ghosts in the voting machines

In These Times
by Joel Bleifuss


Concerned about reports of election fraud and vote suppression in the 2004 election, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, to examine the allegations. In September, the GAO released a report that found electronic voting systems 'have caused local problems in federal elections -- resulting in the loss or miscount of votes.' In the 2004 general election, about 64 percent of voters cast ballots on one of two types of electronic voting systems: optical scan systems, which read marked paper ballots, and direct recording electronic systems (DRE), which have a touchscreen that voters use to make their choice...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Language of the heart

The Nation
by Cindy Sheehan


I have been in Europe for two weeks now. I have been toasted by the Mayor of London, Ken Livingston, and greeted by foreign ministers, a vice president and members of the various parliaments. Those stories are for another article. My highest honor both here in the States and in Europe now is meeting with the families of children murdered in George Bush's War of Terror against the world. No matter if we all speak differently accented English, Spanish, or the heavy Glaswegian accent of my Scottish sister in sorrow, Rose Gentle -- whose gentle-giant son, Gordon, was killed by Blair and Bush in Iraq in July of 2004 -- our hearts all speak the same idiom of pain, and we sing the same lament of futile loss... [First published at truthout.org, 12/23/05]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cindy Sheehan

Misinformation age

The Weekly Standard
by David Gelernter

Returning to young people (the cultural climate affects young people most) -- either the Information Age is real, and they would be even less well-informed without it (which is hard to picture); or it's a fraud and has failed to help or actually made things worse. The more carefully we ponder the facts, the more unsettling they become. And this issue is important. We can't abolish the Cybersphere, and few people would choose to. But that doesn't mean we have to take it as it is and like it and keep quiet. There is remarkably little commentary on the Cybersphere beyond consumer-level recommendations. You'd have thought Cybersphere criticism would be nearly as well developed as literary criticism by now. It isn't. So what's the truth about the Information Age?" (for publication 01/02/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big Brother Bush


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

2006: The year of revelation?

by Justin Raimondo


We spent the greater part of 2005 anticipating the consequences of the Fitzgerald investigation, hoping that justice would finally be done. In the final months, it began to look very much like the War Party is in for more than a little payback -- and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch. If 2003 was the year of the liar, 2004 the year of the war criminal, and 2005 the year of justice no longer deferred, then 2006 holds out the promise of being the year of revelation, when the dark truth about how and why we were lied into war finally comes out in full view of the American public...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Protesters hang up on tax for Iraq war

Denver Post


Peace activist Bill Sulzman in Colorado Springs protests the war in Iraq by refusing to pay the federal excise tax of about 50 cents on his monthly phone bill. Sulzman also recruits others who are against US military involvement in Iraq to stop paying the tax, which was first adopted in 1898 to pay for the Spanish- American War. The tax raises about $5 billion a year, which activists say goes to fund war efforts. The Internal Revenue Service won't confirm that the money goes exclusively to the military but instead says it goes for general fund expenditures, including military spending. 'It's kind of entry-level active resistance,' Sulzman said. 'Phone companies don't cut off the phones. They don't have the leverage.' Nationally, an estimated 10,000 phone customers don't pay the tax, said Ruth Benn, a spokeswoman for the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee in New York. With many Americans questioning the rationale for the Iraq war, the number who don't pay appears to be growing, said Betty Ball, a spokeswoman at the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in Boulder...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Phone giants mum on spying

Orlando Sentinel


In the days following revelations that the Bush administration ordered the National Security Agency to spy on domestic telephone and Internet communications without a court order, one involved party has remained silent. The nation's telephone giants -- which control the data pipelines -- have neither commented on nor denied their reported participation, nor have they reacted to the charge that they may have been complicit in violating privacy rights. But historically the telecom companies have cooperated with the government on wholesale wiretapping, and the Bush administration's anti-terrorism programs appear to be no exception. Without commenting directly on a classified topic, industry officials -- when asked -- suggested that they would not stand in the way of a request for help...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hackers rebel against spy cams

Wired News


When the Austrian government passed a law this year allowing police to install closed-circuit surveillance cameras in public spaces without a court order, the Austrian civil liberties group Quintessenz vowed to watch the watchers. Members of the organization worked out a way to intercept the camera images with an inexpensive, 1-GHz satellite receiver. The signal could then be descrambled using hardware designed to enhance copy-protected video as it's transferred from DVD to VHS tape. The Quintessenz activists then began figuring out how to blind the cameras with balloons, lasers and infrared devices. And, just for fun, the group created an anonymous surveillance system that uses face-recognition software to place a black stripe over the eyes of people whose images are recorded. Quintessenz members Adrian Dabrowski and Martin Slunksy presented their video-surveillance research at the 22nd annual Chaos Communication Congress here this week...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pentagon shakes up emergency hierarchy

Yahoo! News


Heading a military service isn't quite the position of power it used to be. In a Bush administration revision of plans for Pentagon succession in a doomsday scenario, three of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's most loyal advisers moved ahead of the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force. A little-noticed holiday week executive order from President Bush moved the Pentagon's intelligence chief to the No. 3 spot in the succession hierarchy behind Rumsfeld. The second spot would be the deputy secretary of defense, but that position currently is vacant. The Army secretary, which long held the No. 3 spot, was dropped to sixth. The changes, announced last week, are the second in six months and reflect the administration's new emphasis on intelligence gathering versus combat in 21st century war fighting...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

ACLU Calls for Investigation Into President’s Illegal Surveillance of U.S. Citizens


Katrina Survivors to Rally in Washington, D.C.


Stop the Drug Industry Bailout on Avian Flu!


The Fog of Victory


George Bush: A Lot Can Happen in Three Years


Imagine if in 2006...


2006: A Call to Action


British, US Spying Draws Us Closer to Orwell's Big Brother


NSA Web Site Places 'Cookies' on Computers


Audit Finds FEMA Weaknesses


The Freest Press Money Can Buy?


Anti-Imperialists Beware: Bush Is Reading Again


Thousands Protest War by Withholding Phone Tax


Rachel's News #835: Synthetic Biology



Bob Fertik writes: "My New Year's Resolution for 2006 is to do everything in my power to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. I will support John Conyers' bill (H.Res.635) to investigate and impeach Bush and Cheney. I will express my support for impeachment by calling and writing the media, and by educating my friends and neighbors. In the 2006 election, I will work to elect candidates who support impeachment, and work to defeat Members of Congress who do not."

Read Bob's blog here: http://www.democrats.com/2006-resolution

If you agree, why not share your Resolution with your representatives and senators?



Even before the NSA wiretapping scandal broke, a Zogby poll found that 53% of Americans thought Bush should be impeached if he had lied about the war -- and 57% believe he lied.

http://democrats.com/bush-impeachment-polls http://democrats.com/bush-lied-polls

Since the wiretapping scandal, even libertarians and conservatives have started suggesting impeachment. The list includes former Reagan official Bruce Fein, Norm Ornstein of the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, law professors Jonathan Turley and Geoffrey Stone, and even Barron's editor Thomas Donlan.



Congressman John Conyers has compiled Bush's impeachable offenses in a must-read report: "The Constitution in Crisis."


Conyers has introduced two bills (H.Res.636 and H.Res.637) to censure Bush and Cheney for withholding evidence from Congress, and a third bill (H.Res.635) to create a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, and retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment.


The following articles highlight some of the findings in Conyers' report:

Bush Administration Refuses to Comply With FOIA Request on Pre-War Intelligence


White Phosphorous: The U.S. Used It; The U.S. Says It's Illegal http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/6023

White House Leaked Classified Intelligence to Make its Case for War

Rumsfeld Admits to "Ghosting" Detainee


Senator Barbara Boxer is consulting four Constitutional scholars about impeachment. Civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis announced his support for impeachment. Urge your favorite Democrats to join these brave leaders in openly discussing impeachment.


Impeachment is becoming a campaign issue as well. With your support, www.ImpeachPAC.org has raised $46,261.70 to support pro-impeachment candidates. Our first endorsed candidate, Tony Trupiano of Michigan, is proudly campaigning on his support for impeachment. Please send Democratic Congressional candidates here: http://impeachpac.org/candidates


We are also forming a powerful Citizens Impeachment Commission of prominent Americans who are willing to lead the fight in the year ahead. Our commission already includes activists Medea Benjamin, Gene Bruskin, Tim Carpenter, David Cline, Steve Cobble, Karen Dolan, Jodie Evans, Mike Ferner, Bob Fertik, Kim Gandy, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, Tom Hayden, Doug Kreeger, Bill Mitchell, Bill Moyer, Michael Rectenwald, Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Jonathan Tasini, and Kevin Zeese; former government officials Elizabeth de la Vega, Larry Johnson, and Ann Wright, Historians and Legal Scholars John Bonifaz, Marcus Raskin, Lawrence R. Velvel, and Howard Zinn, and Talk Show Hosts/Editors/Bloggers/Pundits/Authors David Allen, Dave Allsopp, The Bulldog Manifesto, Tom Engelhardt, Thom Hartmann, Laura Flanders, Justin A. Frank, Doug Ireland, Rob Kall, Susie Madrak, Mark Crispin Miller, Brad Newsham, Liza Sabater, and Jeff Tiedrich. And we're just getting started! Please encourage prominent citizens you know to sign up here: http://impeachpac.org/citizens


If your blog has a news feed containing only your articles on impeachment, we'd like to post the headlines and first paragraphs and link to your site from here:


Just send the URL for the feed to david@davidswanson.org


Attend a public forum on Saturday, January 7, on the topic of ending the war! There are 76 events already planned around the country, many of them with Congress Members.



After Downing Street, Progressive Democrats of America, and allied organizations are calling upon you to hold Bush and Cheney accountable. We need you to call your member of Congress and ask him or her to cosponsor Congressman Conyers' bills. Join us on the National Call-In Day, January 9th, 2006. Let's kick off the New Year with a bang.

On Monday, January 9th, we ask that you call your member of congress in their home district. Ask to speak to your member of congress. Urge your Representative to cosponsor Rep. John Conyers' bill to create an investigation and make recommendations on impeachment, a second bill to censure Bush, and a third to censure Cheney. Find the phone number:


Read about the bills:


John Nichols, in the Nation Magazine, writes: "The media did a slightly better job of monitoring political wrongdoing in 2005 than it did during the first four years of the Bush-Cheney presidency -- when it actually would have mattered. But the real work of exposing the misdeeds of the administration is still being done by activist groups. And the most inspired of these in 2005 was After Downing Street, the coalition of groups that describes itself as "working to expose the lies that launched the war and to hold accountable its architects, including through censure and impeachment." In conjunction with Progressive Democrats of America, the able activist group that seeks to create an actual opposition party in America, After Downing Street is pushing the political envelope in exactly the direction it needs to go. Check out their website at http://www.afterdowningstreet.org website and keep ahead of the action in 2006."


America on the Brink of Disaster




The Right to Health Care


Abuse of Temporary Restraining Orders Endangers Real Victims


Keep It Local: on centralism vs. libertarianism


Three Books To Wake You Up: essential information for Americans

Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Bush Battles the Chinese Sock Threat

The commader in chief leads the battle. Article by Grant Nulle.

Bush and company might have finally bit off more than they can chew


Frankly, We Need Your Help

Burt Blumert on the people who would like to kill this website.

Imperial USA

As Iraq shows, the empire can destroy, but not create or even control. Article by Richard Drayton.


Informant: Lew Rockwell

Firm bids to retain masts

Dec 29, 2005

The Chronicle Stafford and Stone, W Midlands

A mobile phone company has vowed to appeal against a decision to block a 12-month extension of planning permission for their temporary mast.

Hutchison 3G, which trades as 3, has had the rig and 15-metre high mast on land at Holme Farm, in Creswell, for a year.

Corporate affairs manager Verity Stanford, said: "We will be appealing - this is because the reasons that the planning inspectorate originally gave for the granting of approval back in 2004 still stand.

"That decision was based on the fact that there is clearly a need for coverage in the area.

"In the meantime, we will be looking at permanent options in the area."

The mast was intended to be temporary while Hutchison 3G looked for a permanent solution in the area.

One of the options is a new mast approximately 40 metres away from the current temporary one, which would mean three masts in the area.

Alternatively, they would wish to build a five metre extension onto an existing O2 mast, bringing it to 20 metres.

Hutchison 3G received planning permission for the second option in April 2002.

The request for another 12-months for the temporary mast was booted out by Stafford Borough Council planning committee members at their recent meeting amid claims that it was visually intrusive to the surrounding village and non-compliant with Government policy.

Creswell Parish Council also objected to the plan claiming that even though the initial application was temporary until a permanent mast was installed, two other masts have have been built at the site.

It said that over the last 12 months four residents within 400 metres of the three masts had developed cancer.

This was in addition to 10 people who contracted the disease in the effective transmission range of one kilometre from masts over the past four years.

Residents in Creswell have also lodged objections with the borough council, asking for the site to blacklisted from any further mobile mast applications and saying that the retention of the temporary mast would contravene Government guidelines on sharing.

Councillor for Seighford ward - where Holme Farm is situated - Ray Sutherland said: "The thing that concerns me is the proliferation.

"What is it that these mast companies have against Creswell? Why are these companies not sharing other masts?"


Polish motives in Iraq


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

A Non-EMF Community?

I am looking for a non-EMF community but cannot seem to find one. Anyone interested in starting one? I live in Japan but would also be very willing to relocate. I am interested in living in a community of like- minded individuals, who are mainly interested in living away from cell phone towers and other forms of dangerous EMFs. Other interests are organic farming, holistic medicine (homeopathy, Chinese medicine, etc.), Steiner Education, macrobiotics. I am interested in living with people who want to live a natural life close to nature and care for the earth and each other.

Art Kab

Your Cell Phone Is Making Me Sick



You might be interested in posting this in your newsletter:

This is an email that I wrote and sent to everyone I know. If you believe that EMFs might possibly have something to do with your illness or that of a loved one, then I encourage you to pass on this email to everyone you know. The only way we can stop this is by not giving "them" money to hurt us.

Dear friend,

Your cell phone (if you own one) is very likely making a lot of people sick - including yourself.

If you care about your friends, your family, yourself, and the world in which we live, please read the following and pass it on to your friends - and hopefully to everyone you know.

Since the advent of the cell phone, I have noticed a number of people around me becoming sick. Just when cell phones were starting to be sold on the market, I remember a student of mine's daughter dying of influenza. This was the first time I had ever heard of anyone dying of influenza. Since that time, a friend of mine's wife committed suicide, another friend's son developed leukemia, the grandson of a colleague was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a former teacher of mine developed breast cancer, a friend of a friend developed a brain tumor, another friend and her daughter developed lymphoma and I have known a number of women having miscarriages - and in the latest case the fetus was deformed.

In April of this year, I started to exhibit the symptoms of what is called "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and which was originally called "Yuppie Flu," because it seemed to originally affect "Yuppies" working in Silicon Valley. The symptoms included (1) excessive thirst, (2) night sweats, (3) brain fog, (4) swollen lymph glands, (5) fatigue (6) insomnia, (7) a weakened immune system, (8) nausea, (9) heart pain, (10) back pain, (11) unexplained anxiety, (12) neurological symptoms, (13) vision problems (14) testicular pain, and so on. At any rate, I later learned that many of these symptoms are identical to what the Russians coined "Radio Wave Illness" years ago after experiments with electromagnetic radiation. It took me about four months of being very sick - and trying all kinds of treatments - to finally figure out that it was probably the four cell phone base stations within a quarter mile radius of my apartment that had something to do with making me sick. I finally rented a small cabin up in the mountains and after two months most of my symptoms have "miraculously" disappeared. Unfortunately, when I get into cell phone range, these symptoms start to come back. ( I have though been chelating metals out of my body and this has helped me "tolerate" the EMFs a little better now.)

From the research I have read on the subject, I believe

that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones and cell phone towers (or masts or base stations) is the main cause of all of the above illnesses. I also believe that they are behind autism, ADD, and Alzheimer's disease - and in Japan, responsible for lower scholastic standards, school refusal, increases in leukemia, an inability to conceive and bear children, increased violence, and increases in suicides.

We are now all being exposed to extremely high levels of electromagnetic radiation mainly from the cell phone base stations which are popping up like mushrooms all over the world. According to the former Dr. Cherry of Lincoln University in New Zealand, these are about 10,000 times what we would experience in nature.

These devices are dangerous and should not be on the market.

The cell phone industry - in order to make hundreds of billion dollars in profits - has ignored the research showing clearly that these devices are extremely dangerous. They are trying to spin the science.

It is difficult to fight an industry that is making 100s of billions of dollars in profits and has control of the governments and media and can spew out its commercial propaganda. But I can do my part by sending you this grass-roots email and ask you to take action and spread the word.

The Internet is a powerful tool for freedom, democracy, and human rights and a powerful tool against commercial interests which threaten these. We have a right to not be exposed to this microwave radiation. We have a right to be told the truth about the dangers of cell phones, their towers, and the radiation they emit. We have a right to not be sold things that are harming our health.

IT'S UP TO YOU! You can choose to be part of the solution
(by canceling your contract - at least until you are sure that they are safe) or you can be part of the problem (by continuing to use your cell phone and pretending that there is nothing wrong). But I can assure you that if you do the research - and you can see through the spin - you will find that the evidence points to these being very dangerous devices and that they are making a lot of people sick and that they should never be sold on the market. Believe me, no one more than I and people in my predicament wishes that they were not.

One is reminded of Martin Nemoller's warning with regards to Nazi Germany:

"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then came the Trade Unionists, but I was not a Trade Unionist. And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did little. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me."


If you really do care about your friends, your family, yourself and the world you live in, please do the following:


(2) forward this email to everyone you know

(3) become informed and inform others

(4) contact your politicians and tell them what you think

(5) take action by joining support groups

Check out the video "Public Exposure: Democracy, DNA, and the "Wireless Revolution."

Read "Electromagnetic Fields"

Read "Cell Towers"

Read "Cell Phones"

If you are Japanese (or can read Japanese), read Abunai Keitai Denwa

If you are a teacher, inform your students. If you are a doctor, inform your patients. We are all being negatively affected by this - while a few are making tremendous profits. Please do not be indifferent!

Thank you for your cooperation.


Art Kab


I've made Art Kab's piece (attached) into a foldover A5 leaflet, made a load of copies and left them in piles in about 8 - 9 cafes, shops, pubs, community centres etc all over Brighton.


In just one week, they've been flying off the shelves STS! I can hardly keep up with replenishing the piles. At my local newsagents, they're going at the rate of about 10 a day!

I think the large title and making "SICK" stand out grab peoples attention. If anyone wants to make Art Kabs piece into a leaflet, I've attached it ready formatted. The only thing you'll need to do is change the page order (or print off as is, then cut and rearrange the pages for photocopying).

I have access to an ethical printing centre. If anyone wants me to do either 250 or 500 copies - or any others which are important campaigning leaflets - just email me trueforever@ntlworld.com. 250 = £5.10, 500 = £8.66 - please add p & p. I'll do these at cost. For other leaflets please email me the leaflet first to look at.




Great Gary

However just one thought.

Is there room to add at the end that radiation is also continuously emitted from digital cordless phones, wireless computer networks, some burglar alarms and baby monitors and interactive whiteboards and people must watch out for all these devices.

Sarah P


Thanks just one thing (and I don't want to be critical) but the government is putting wireless computer networks into all schools. It has earmarked £1.7 billion to put computers into schools. These are often wireless as its the new 'fad' I'm not sure if they are also pushing wireless interactive whiteboards into schools although that is what they were designed for and are being put into schools. My son's primary school has proposals to put all these in and microwave detector burglar alarms. Its a nightmare! and they're not listening to me so I am having to start a petition and laboriously explain the situation to all the parents hence one of the reasons why I am so busy at the moment!

Best of luck

Sarah P


Tetra & telecommunication masts

Stand behind Senator Robert Byrd, he needs us now, as we need him and others like him

We must defend our position in order to gain congress, we must help fund other states's Senators who have shown themselves proud. We cannot afford to allow the Neo-cons back into congress. Yes, we have some better than others, and some who always votes with this Neo-con organizaton. Those we do not need to fund.

I believe if ever there was a man who speaks up for we the people, all over America, then it would be Senator Byrd, among other statesmen who have been true to their platforms and their issues, never daunting nor wavering, always there with just the right things to say and also following through with their vote, even when it is a hard stand...these are the ones we must preserve to lead our country back into a greater position in this world, and for better moral values all the way round.

We need to also support those who would enter our congress with background and character who really cares about our country and the people in it.

Our constitution has never been so close to going down, without a shot fired at us.

It appears that this leaders and his congress has managed to do more harm to our nation than can be explained to our nation. How can this be, while we sit by, petrified of another nation, and yet the only one who attacked is our own congress...just look at what they already done and tried to do more!!!! Never have we accepted this kind of rule, corrupt, liars, and cheats...this is not the America we know as our own country. A foreign country who was against us could not have done more to our detriment, especially to our constitution.

Isn't it time to take back our own country with our registering and voting these neo-cons out for good! If we have a landslide victory against this regime and its congress, then we can win, and the cheating will not be possible, we really don't need ANOTHER close race.

Please stand behind Senator Robert Byrd, he needs us now, as we need him and others like him.




"Senator Robert C. Byrd"
Subject: Show them our strength
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 07:00:00 -0800

Dear Theresa J:

As the year draws to an end, we take time to celebrate the joyous gathering of family and friends and reflect on the past year. As one year ends and a new one begins, we have the chance to help set America back on the right track.

The Bush Administration made big promises in 2005. The President has said we will pay whatever price to win in Iraq, no matter the cost in lives or in treasure. Hurricane victims were assured help was on the way, but have received much less help than their President promised. These people don't need more empty words. They need real leadership.

The Republican political machine in Washington has me in their sights because I refuse to sit quietly. One promise they intend to keep is to spend millions of dollars to drag me through the mud and defeat me.

And I need your help to counter this.

December 31st is the closing date for the next FEC report. We need to show my attackers that we are united and stronger than ever.

Please consider making a contribution before midnight Saturday. Any amount - from $25 to $250 and beyond - will make a difference and let their operation know I will keep taking the fight to them as long as they break their promises.

Donate now!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Robert C. Byrd
United States Senator

Tetra & telecommunication masts

Can you help us here.

Eileen O´Connor of Radiation Research and SCRAM is trying to promote a new bill on mobile radiation here in the UK.

See attached.

I am asking if you will publish and distribute so that it gets known past our borders.

Best regards.


-----Original Message-----
From: Eileen O'Connor eileen@smokestackltd.co.uk
Sent: 27 December 2005 17:04
To: 'Agnes'
Subject: FW: Tetra & telecommunication masts

Dear Agnes

Can you help? Please see enclosed e-mail.

Eileen x

-----Original Message-----
From: Eileen O'Connor eileen@smokestackltd.co.uk
Sent: 27 December 2005 17:00
To: Alan Roberts
Cc: Andy Davidson; Dr Grahame Blackwell
Subject: FW: Tetra & telecommunication masts

Dear Alan

Lembit it a good MP and seems share our concerns about tetra and masts. I am sorry to her about the treat of a mast in your community especially at this time of year.

I have enclosed a document which offers a general overview of the campaign. I have also included Andy Davidson leader of the Tetrawatch http://www.tetrawatch.net campaign and Dr Grahame Blackwell – http://www.starweave.com in this e-mail both experts on tetra.

I would encourage you to write letters of objection you will find a selection of pre-written letters on the SCRAM website http://www.scram.uk.com along with links to other campaign groups.

Try and engage with the media and make your campaign as loud as you can, target the land owner with letters of objection and serve legal notice holding the land owner and operator responsible for any devaluation of your homes or possible future damages to your health. You will find a copy of the legal letter of notice in the scram campaign pack on the scram website.

I have developed a network of campaigners, scientists, MP’s etc and distribute information as I receive it, please let me know if you would like to be included on the list?

Wishing you good luck and best wishes.

Eileen O’Connor
Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust
Founder – SCRAM

-----Original Message-----
From: alan.roberts30@ntlworld.com
Sent: 27 December 2005 15:42
To: eileen@s-c-r-a-m.co.uk
Subject: Tetra & telecommunication masts

Hi Eileen,

Your email address has been kindly forwarded by Lembit Opik MP in his reply to a letter I wrote to him and other MPs/MEPs/AM's. I live in Penally in Pembrokeshire and we are currently 'fighting' an application by Airwave mmO2/NTL for the erection of a monopole mast to carry Tetra and other telecommunications systems. The Local Authority did not deal with the application in due time and it has now been appealed by NTL to the Planning Inspectorate in Cardiff. The issue is being dealt with by the written procedure. We have formed an 'Action Group' and many villagers have written to the Inspector making our views known about this mast and its Tetra communications system. We have until 3rd January 2006 to submit correspondence and wonder if there is anything you or other concern groups could provide to assist our cause? We would, of course, be most interested in joining with other groups to bring pressure to bear on whoever to halt the tide of masts in general and the Tetra technology in particular. If you are able to assist I would welcome an early reply.

Seasons greetings from Penally.


Alan Roberts

Mobile Phone/Mast Radiation, November 2005

New bill to address health concerns over telecommunications masts through planning control

The Telecommunications Masts (Planning Control) Bill has been published and a provisional date for the second reading has been set for 24 February 2006. The Bill introduces various measures that acknowledge that there is at least concern over the potential effects of telecommunications masts and equipment in relation to schools and medical facilities. These measures will impose particular requirements on an operator applying for planning permission for telecommunications equipment, and will restrict the rights that operators have to continue to use Telecommunications Masts (Planning Control) Bill.

The Telecommunications Masts (Planning Control) Bill, as ordered to be printed by the House of Commons on 22 June 2005.This item is available in pdf format only and may take some time to download:

While we welcome the new Bill, the industry should not be given the power to self regulate. We need a team of independent experts who can monitor mobile phone mast equipment, check exposure levels and intensity. The mobile phone industry should not be allowed to give out “The precautionary principle statement” the public should be allowed to down load information from Independent information sites such as the EM – Radiation Research Trust and other campaign/support groups should be represented along with statements from the Health Protection Agency.

Reporter Nic Flemings article in the Telegraph 4/11/2005 reported Dr Jill Meara of the Health Protection Agency as saying people who think they suffer from electro-sensitivity should consider keeping their distance from electrical appliances. This was the advice from the Health Protection Agency following the Irvine report:

It is not good enough telling the estimated 2 million EHS people suffering to keep their distance from electric devices. What do you do if you have a phone mast next to your home? How do you keep away from that?

What sort of society are we living in when only certain people are allowed to earn a living, consigning the rest to live out their lives in pain, enforced poverty and isolation? By encouraging the proliferation of wireless devices, society has created an invisible under-class who are denied the opportunities available to everyone else. ES victims are often unable to use their talents and capabilities to earn a living through denial of access to transport and places most people take for granted. With other forms of disability, society has taken the view that such a situation is unacceptable and as legislated to ensure equal access and equal opportunity.

It is offensive, dismissive and wholly unacceptable to say “keep your distance from electrical appliances” or “Get over it, take a pain killer” then you could travel to work and be employed in our WiFi office surrounded by cordless and mobile phones”. They have no idea or any understanding of the nature of EHS, why should we be any different to the recognised EHS people in Sweden?

We want prevention and protection, we need to be treated with respect and honestly represented by the people in power we deserve nothing less.

The UK has allowed the highest output of radiation in the world. The UK recently adopted lower levels of radiation by accepting guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection ‘ICNIRP’. However, the ICNIRP standard does not offer any form of protection other than from the heating effects of microwave radiation. In other words ICNIRP only protects your body from properties of high levels of elevated temperatures. A very substantial body of peer reviewed science clearly shows many biological changes have already happened.

The Government and Health Protection Agency Radiation Protection (HPA RPD) -formerly known as the NRPB now admit that magnetic fields at the power levels of 0.4 microtesla doubles the risk of contracting leukaemia, whilst other European Countries have brought down their power levels to 1 or 2 microtesla, the UK remain 100 times higher. They also admit that they have known about this for over three years:


The Government has taken over £22 billion in the selling of the licences to the mobile phone industry. They put £3.5 million back into research along with £3.5 million from the Mobile Phone Industry. Further support was announced on November, 04 for research on three additional studies for the MTHR programme. While we welcome further research, we are concerned that it lacks true independence and would prefer the funding to go to an independent group of scientists.

Other countries medical professions recognise that some people are sensitive to non-ionising radiation. Sweden now has a medical register of 285,000 and California 700,000. We believe these figures are underestimated, since many people are not aware that their symptoms are connected to a condition known as electro-sensitivity or hypersensitivity (EHS) people. However, if the same figures apply to the UK this could indicate over 2.1 million people are knowingly or unknowingly affected to environmental fields (EMF).

Sir William Stewart, head of the UK’s Health Protection Agency (HPA), has called for the precautionary principle to be invoked, especially where children are concerned, as they will absorb a higher dose of radiation and for a longer period of time.

We are now seeing evidence of cancer clusters appearing in radiation from phone masts after long-term exposure, throughout the UK. There appears to be a cancer epidemic across Europe with younger people developing this deadly disease.

The Naila Study, Germany (November 2004) – This study, conducted over 10 years was released by The Federal Agency for Radiation Protection, Germany. Medical doctors compiled case histories since 1994 – 2004, looking at heightened risk of taking ill with malignant tumours. They discovered a threefold increase after five years exposure to microwave radiation from a mobile phone mast transmitter for up to 400 metres distance, compared to those patients living further away.

A study carried out by Ronni Wolf MD and Danny Wolf MD, Kaplan Medical Centre, Israel (April 2004) discovered a fourfold increase in cancer within 350 metres after long-term exposure to microwave radiation from a mobile phone mast and a tenfold increase specifically among women, compared to patients living away from the mast.

Five other short-term mobile phone mast studies have also found significant health effects such as headaches, dizziness, depression, fatigue, sleep disorder, difficulty in concentration and cardiovascular problems:

Santini et al (Paris) [Pathologie Biologie (Paris)] 2002

Netherlands Ministries of Economic Affairs, Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment and Health Welfare and Sport. (TNO) 2003 http://www.unizh.ch/phar/sleep/handy/tnoabstractE.htm

The Microwave Syndrome – Further Aspect of a Spanish Study – Oberfeld Gerd. Press International Conference in Kos (Greece), 2004

Austrian scientists Dr Gerd Oberfeld send out a press release 1 May 2005 with this report: ‘A study in Austria examined radiation from a mobile phone mast at a distance of 80 metres; EEG tests of 12 electro-sensitive people proved significant changes in the electrical currents of the brains. Volunteers for the test reported symptoms like buzzing in the head, palpitations of the heart, un-wellness, light headedness, anxiety, breathlessness, respiratory problems, nervousness, agitation, headache, tinnitus, heat sensation and depression.

Bamberg, Germany 26-April, 2005
Dr C Waldmann-Selsam, Dr U. Säeger,
Bamberg, Oberfranken evaluated the medical complaints of 356 people who have had long-term [radiation] exposure in their homes from pulsed high frequency magnetic fields (from mobile phone base stations, from cord-less DECT telephones, amongst others).

People suffer from one, several or many of the following symptoms:
Sleep disturbances, tiredness, disturbance in concentration, forgetfulness, problem with finding words, depressive mood, ear noises, sudden loss of hearing, hearing loss, giddiness, nose bleeds, visual disturbances, frequent infections, sinusitis, joint and limb pains, nerve and soft tissue pains, feeling of numbness, heart rhythm disturbances, increased blood pressure episodes, hormonal disturbances, night-time sweats, nausea: Open letter to German Prime Minister following from the Bamberger study

If you compare the results of the “Bamberger Appell” study to “The Microwave Syndrome – Further Aspects of a Spanish Study Oberfeld & Navarro 2004”. Both studies seem to show the same symptoms being reported at the same level of powerflux density.

Campaign groups have also been working with retired physicist Dr John Walker. Six studies now show an increase in serious illness appearing in radiation from masts after long-term exposure. I would suggest that the threefold increase found in the Naila study up to 400m and the fourfold increase found in the Israel study will be much higher. These figures will be diluted; they will have taken in the whole area within the 350/400m range. Dr John Walker’s research clearly shows the clusters of illness appear in radiation at exposures of around 1.5v/m, which is below the guidelines significantly permitting around 40 to 50 v/m (varying according to microwave frequency). We believe the increase will be approx 10 to 12 per cent within concentrated areas see examples at-:
http://www.starweave.com/gallery/ This situation demands proper and full investigation

The hamlet of Wishaw is a prime example-:

Five ladies developed breast cancer
One case of prostrate cancer
One bladder cancer
One lung cancer
Three cases of pre-cancer cervical cells
One motor neurone disease age 51, who also had massive tumour removed from the top of his spine.
People have developed benign lumps
Three cases of severe skin rashes
Many villagers suffering with sleep problems, headaches, dizziness and low immune system problems.
Horse with blood problems, continuous treatment needed by the vet.

Out of the eighteen houses surrounding the mast at up to a range of 500 metres, 77% of the tiny hamlet had health related illness believed to be as a result of radiation from the mast. The out break of illness occurred in 2001 after seven years of exposure to the radiation emitted by the T-Mobile mast. We are now in contact/communication with many people who are suffering from this form of radiation throughout the UK and Europe.

One other important fact is that since the Wishaw Mast vanished on November 2003, many of the residents are reporting a restored feeling of well-being. The residents are reporting improvement in their sleep patterns and increased energy levels. The headaches and dizzy symptoms have disappeared. We have recently seen a baby boom with three babies born in the village, one of the ladies had previously had treatment for pre-cancer cervical cells, another had previously suffered a miscarriage. We have also seen a return of wildlife in the area and the horse has since recovered and is now strong and healthy and no longer needs treatment. Finally a tree has blossomed for the first time in 10 years in line with the mast.

Many animal studies have shown biological effects. The most recent study White Stork Ciconia ciconia by Alfonso Balmori Vallodolid, Spain is published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 24: 109-119, 2005.]

Behavioural observations of white stork nesting sites up to 300 metres were carried out. Productivity and behavioural observations were made. The results have shown microwaves are interfering with reproduction which is comparable with other lab studies.

Animal studies are of great importance as biological effects cannot be put down to psychological effects.

Microwaves seem to also be interfering with human reproduction according to a recent paper by Dr Imre Fejes of the obstetrics and gynaecology department at the University of Szeged in Hungary who concludes: “The prolonged use of cell phones may have a negative effect on sperm production and male fertility that deteriorates both concentration and motility.” See news report-:

The effects of EMR are being felt by wildlife and the environment as a whole, Birds, bees, worms, trees are all being affected. We need to fight for not only the future of mankind but for the future of the whole environment.

Medical Doctors are also campaigning for precaution.
Finland: Helsinki Appeal 2005

The Helsinki Appeal 2005 from EMF Team Finland calls on the European Parliament to act promptly for the adoption of the new safety standard in the European Union. Physicians and researchers, feel great concern about the Precautionary Principle not being sufficiently applied to electromagnetic fields. They want the standards recommended by ICNIRP to be rejected, because recent scientific studies report various disturbances caused by mobile phone and other RF radiation. They also appeal to the European Community to take prompt measures for solving the refunding of the REFLEX project, which showed evidence of genotoxic effects of mobile phone radiation and should be continued:

The Irish Doctors' Environmental Association believes that a sub-group of the population are particularly sensitive to exposure to different types of electro-magnetic radiation. The safe levels currently advised for exposure to this non-ionising radiation are based solely on its thermal effects. However, it is clear that this radiation also has non-thermal effects, which need to be taken into consideration when setting these safe levels. The electro-sensitivity experienced by some people results in a variety of distressing symptoms which must also be taken into account when setting safe levels for exposure to non-ionising radiation and when planning the siting of masts and transmitters.

Catania Resolution September 13-14, 2002, 16 world leading scientists at the International Conference State of the Research on Electromagnetic Fields, Scientific and Legal Issues, by ISPESL*, the University of Vienna, and the City of Catania, held in Catania (Italy) on September, 2002,

Thirty GPs in Liverpool
It was reported in the Liverpool Echo on November 2003 “bad medicine”. A group of thirty, hospital doctors and consultants have signed a petition over the installation of a mast which they believe is a risk to health.

Freiburger Appeal
In October 2002 a team of German medical doctors started the Freiburger Appeal. After seeing a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases, they have noted a clear temporal and spatial correlation between disease and exposure to microwave radiation. The appeal has since been signed by thousands of doctors.

My oncologist and breast cancer surgeon supplied me with a letter on 9th December 2003 stating that “we agree that there is some scientific evidence that suggests microwaves can damage cells but as yet there is no direct evidence that this is a problem in humans. We would agree that this issue needs to be raised at the highest level and funding released to support the debate and independent research to get a definitive answer.”

Furthermore, the Russians, Chinese and many other parts of Europe are rejecting ICNIRP standards and are concerned about the biological effects. The Ministry of Chinese Health revealed that in the last ten years studies on radiation similar to that emitted by the mobile phone industry have shown a majority of results are showing biological effects. Out of 154 studies, 88 or 57% have shown biological effects such as cancer, genetic molecular and cellular changes, electro physiology effects, behaviour changes etc. in a survey by Dr Henry Lai, Washington University, Seattle 2003. It said that the amount of evidence for biological effects and the characteristics of these are so alarming, that all efforts should be dedicated to find a way to minimize these effects.

China held an International Conference September 2005 in order to discuss and establish Asian Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ACNIRP). Research scientists have found that relatively low-level of RF (radio-frequency) radiation can lead to DNA breaks.

The REFLEX report also highlights RF-induced DNA breaks. The REFLEX project was set up to investigate the effects of low-levels of RF radiation on cellular systems; cost of approximately $3 million. The work was carried out by 12 research groups in seven European countries. Yet again it was shown RF radiation could increase the number of DNA breaks in exposed cells and could also activate a stress response – the production of heat shock proteins. It was clear chromosome damage could be seen in the cell exposed to mobile phone radiation over 24 hour’s exposure. You can view an image of the cell damage on Dr Gerd Oberfeld’s Westminster Presentation on http://www.radiationresearch.org for the full report visit

The Daily Mail reported a 25% increase in young people being hit by mouth cancer on 25/9/05. The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) said risk factors are normally caused by smoking and drinking, however none of these are common risks in younger people. The figure is forecast to rise sharply in the next ten years, with people in their twenties and thirties increasingly vulnerable. (Daily Mail Report 10/11/03).

I am concerned that radiation from phones will intensify around the mouth if children or adults are wearing braces or have fillings, metal intensifies radiation. See statement

This is an area that needs urgent attention!!!

Also enclosed recent BBC report on 50% increase in cancer in teenagers as reported byTim Eden - from Manchester's Christie hospital http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4366606.stm

I have taken this fight to Westminster, visited Director Generals in Brussels along with fellow trustee Mike Bell and scientists Dr Oberfeld and Professor Olle Johansson. I have given evidence to Birmingham and Liverpool City Council, met with Merseyside Fire Authority along side Dr Gerard Hyland and given presentations to 100’s of packed meetings throughout the UK. I even when as far as appearing earlier this year on ITV political reality TV show “vote for me” http://www.itv.com/page.asp?partid=2454 I entered the show on a single issue “phone masts” and came an incredible second place receiving 1000’s of votes from the general public, the highly regarded ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’ show followed on with a special feature on phone masts which I featured with fellow trustee Dr Gerard Hyland -http://www.itv.com/news/tonight_878099.html

I recently met with Minister, Solicitor General QC MP Mike O’Brien on 1st October. David Davis Shadow Home Secretary met with Mike Bell, Dr Oberfeld and I earlier this year and has encouraged us to keep him up to date with any further developments. I am looking forward to meeting Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt on 6th January 2006 with fellow trustee Brian Stein. Sadly one door remains firmly closed, the door to Tony Blair despite repeated requests for meetings from Labour MP’s Mike O’Brien and Claire Curtis Thomas.

Overall background radiation is excessive not least because we have eleven national infrastructures, four GSM operators, five 3G, one TETRA and shortly the Network Rail GSM. No other utilities duplicate their infrastructures, yet maintain competition. Further, the mobile phone operators have gone far beyond being a utility, into hi-tech mass marketing of entertainment and business services.

For the sake of us all especially our children, non-ionising radiation is a high priority for public health. Mobile phone networks should use the lowest possible exposure values, exclusion zones for masts from schools and homes should be brought in based on current empirical evidence. A huge education programme should be launched providing public information, encouraging the use of mobile phones for emergency use only.

Mrs Eileen O’Connor
Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust
Founder – SCRAM (Seriously Concerned Residents Against Masts)



Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations

Cancer Cluster in Spain 2000-2005

Firm bids to retain masts

FOLTER: Spurensuche zwischen Allmacht und Wahnsinn


Quelle: http://ecolog.twoday.net/stories/1338126/

Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen der Handy-Nutzung

von Prof. Michael Kundi


Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk

Studien u. Literaturhinweise zum Thema Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Gesundheitsgefährdung durch Mobilfunk

Handys: "Erhöhtes Krebsrisiko"

Ärzte-Appelle gegen Mobilfunk

Ärztekammern und Mobilfunk


GESUNDHEITSMINISTERIUM warnt vor Handystrahlung

Wie gefährlich sind Handystrahlen wirklich?


Empfehlung des Obersten Sanitätsrates


Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen der Handy-Nutzung
von Prof. Michael Kundi


Ärztekammer zu Handys: Schutzmaßnahmen bisher nicht ausreichend

ÖÄK-Präsident Brettenthaler begrüßt Empfehlungen des Gesundheitsministeriums – Resolution der Umweltmediziner

Wien (OTS) - Positiv reagiert die Österreichische Ärztekammer (ÖÄK) auf die Empfehlungen des Gesundheitsministeriums zur Nutzung von Mobiltelefonen. Wie ÖÄK-Präsident Reiner Brettenthaler am Donnerstag in einer Aussendung vermerkte, sei dieser Vorstoß ein Zeichen dafür, dass sich das Vorsorgeprinzip nunmehr auch bei heikleren, mit Wirtschaftsinteressen stark verflochtenen Angelegenheiten im Gesundheitsministerium durchsetze.

Der Umweltreferent der Österreichischen Ärztekammer, Gerd Oberfeld, sagte, dass man sich bei der Mobiltelefonie nicht allein auf die potentielle Gefährdung von Kindern durch Handys konzentrieren dürfe. Oberfeld: „Der vernünftige Einsatz der Handys und Schnurlostelefonen (DECT) ist oberstes Prinzip. Der Bevölkerung muss bewusst gemacht werden, dass diese Techniken beim gegenwärtigen Kenntnisstand nur dann genutzt werden sollen, wenn kein anderes Kommunikationsmittel zur Verfügung steht.“

Die Österreichische Ärztekammer verwies in diesem Zusammenhang auf eine von den österreichischen Umweltmedizinern jüngst verabschiedete Resolution zur Anwendung von Mobilfunkgeräten. In dieser heißt es, dass die gegenwärtig in Österreich zum Schutz der Gesundheit gegenüber elektromagnetischen Feldern (EMF) getroffenen Maßnahmen aus ärztlicher Sicht nicht ausreichend seien. In dieser Resolution stellen die Umweltmediziner folgende Forderungen und Empfehlungen auf:

# Bei elektromagnetischen Quellen wie z.B. Mobilfunknetzen das Minimierungs- und Vorsorgeprinzip anzuwenden.

# Mobil- und Schnurlostelefone nur für wichtige und dringende Gespräche und nur kurz zu nutzen.

# Schnurlostelefone durch Schnurtelefone zu ersetzen.

# Breitbandanwendungen kabelgebunden zu realisieren.

# Die ärztliche Anamnese im Hinblick auf EMF zu erweitern und bei Verdachtsmomenten messtechnisch abzuklären.

# Standards zur Abklärung von möglichen Zusammenhängen zwischen EMF-Exposition und Gesundheit zu erarbeiten.

# Medizinstudenten und Ärzte verstärkt im Bereich der Erkennung und Prävention EMF-bezogener Krankheiten aus- und fortzubilden.

# Ein Gesetz zum Schutz vor nicht-ionisierender Strahlung (EMF) unter Berücksichtigung des Vorsorgeprinzips, des Schutzes bei Langzeitexpositionen und des Schutzes besonders empfindlicher Gruppen zu erarbeiten und zu verabschieden.

# Ein unabhängiges nationales Beratungsgremium zu EMF bei der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften einzurichten.

# Melde- und Beratungsstellen zu EMF-bezogenen Beschwerden bei den Landesbehörden einzurichten.

# Ein nationales EMF-Forschungsprogramm mit folgenden Schwerpunkten einzurichten:

Inzidenz- und Interventionsstudien.

Abklärung von örtlichen und zeitlichen Krankheitshäufungen.

# Einen EMF-Bildungsplan zu erarbeiten und umzusetzen.

# Einen EMF-Präventionsplan zu erarbeiten und umzusetzen.

ÖÄK, 2005-12-29


Omega siehe dazu

Handys: "Erhöhtes Krebsrisiko"

Ärzte-Appelle gegen Mobilfunk

Ärztekammern und Mobilfunk

US-Justizministerium sucht nach technischen Mitteln, um Massenüberwachung zu ermöglichen


Schule als Hochsicherheitszone

US-Justizministerium sucht nach technischen Mitteln, um eine Massenüberwachung in Bildungseinrichtungen zu ermöglichen.



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Effects of cellular phone...
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