Why do we sell them our souls?

The corporate media, as startlingly revealed recently in the example of Judith Miller, does not serve the principles of democracy. It serves the interests of the rich and powerful. They are the cheerleaders for death and delirium. Why do we lend them our ears and our minds?


Woman of Mass Destruction

Judy's stories about W.M.D. fit too perfectly with the White House's case for war. She was close to Ahmad Chalabi, the con man who was conning the neocons to knock out Saddam so he could get his hands on Iraq.


Miller Misled Paper About Role

The New York Times' Judith Miller belatedly gave prosecutors her notes of a key meeting in the CIA leak probe only after being shown White House records of it, and her boss declared Friday she appeared to have misled the newspaper about her role.


From Information Clearing House

Bush Critic Became Target of Libby, Former Aides Say

Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff was so angry about the public statements of former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, a Bush administration critic married to an undercover CIA officer, that he monitored all of Wilson's television appearances and urged the White House to mount an aggressive public campaign against him, former aides say.


The Biological And Toxin Weapons Convention And Iraq

The Riegle Report to the US Senate has published evidence that the US sold bacillus anthracis, clostridium botulinum, histoplasma capsulatum, brucella, melitensis and clostridium perfringens to agencies of the Iraqi government pursuant to export licences issued by the US Department of Commerce, at a time when the US was fully aware of the Iraqi biological warfare programme and that these exports have been fully documented.


Goodwill Envoy Hughes Claims Saddam Hussein Gassed 'hundreds of Thousands' of Iraqis

U.S. envoy Karen Hughes on Friday defended Washington's decision to go to war against Iraq in front of a skeptical audience, saying Saddam Hussein had gassed to death "hundreds of thousands" of his own people. A State Department official later said she misspoke about the number.


From Information Clearing House

Old Bush vs. new

The Bush administration is bracing for a powerful new attack by Brent Scowcroft, the respected national security adviser to the first President George Bush.


From Information Clearing House

Brutal Treatment of Hunger-Striking Detainees at Guantanamo

Force-feedings resulted in prisoners “vomiting up substantial amounts of blood. When they vomited up blood, the soldiers mocked and cursed at them, and taunted them with statements like ‘look what your religion has brought you.’”


From Information Clearing House

Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar

On the day after the 2,000th reported U.S. military death in Iraq, people will gather in communities across the U.S. to say that the country’s pro-peace majority wants Congress to stop the deaths by stopping the dollars that are funding the war.


From Information Clearing House/Andrea Ball


American Friends Service Committee: 200 Communities Call for 'Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar' as U.S. Death Count in Iraq Nears 2,000 & Iraq War Spending Passes 200 Billion.


Official Says U.S. Rushed to War in Iraq

A top U.S. official for aid to Iraq has accused the Bush administration of rushing unprepared into the 2003 invasion because of pressures from President Bush's approaching reelection campaign.


The Most Important Criminal Case in American History

by James Moore

If special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald delivers indictments of a few functionaries of the vice president’s office or the White House, we are likely to have on our hands a constitutional crisis. The evidence of widespread wrongdoing and conspiracy is before every American with a cheap laptop and a cable television subscription. And we do not have the same powers of subpoena granted to Fitzgerald.


Secretive Cheney Aid at Heart of CIA Leak Case

Who is I. Lewis Libby? At the center of the CIA leak investigation, he is so mysterious that he hides his first name. The adviser universally known as "Scooter" represents the other side of the Bush administration: the secret undisclosed side. Like the vice president he works for, Libby prefers to work on policy in the shadows and leave the politics to others.


Important Links to Important Stories


Americas FBI linguist Siebel Edmonds won't deny intelligence intercepts tied 9-11 drug money to U.S. election campaigns

by Tom Flocco


Right-Wing House Twists Arms, Thwarts Democracy To Pass Oil Industy Windfall

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Life Saving Avian Flu Lecture by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Tetrahedron Publishing Group Health Science Communications for People Around the World
206 North 4th Avenue, Suite 147,
Sandpoint, ID 83864
FAX: 208-265-2775

NEWS RELEASE Release: No. XXX Date Mailed: Oct, 21, 2005 Contact: Jackie Lindenbach - 208-265-2575; (e-mail: tetra@tetrahedron.org)

Dr. Horowitz Presents Free Download File Condemning Governments' Avian Flu Response: Lecture Donated for Health, Grassroots Activism, and Public Protection

San Francisco: Harvard-trained award-winning author Dr. Leonard Horowitz has donated a freely downloadable lecture for health, political action, and public protection. He says those frightened by the avian flu are victims of malicious abuse by government officials who put politics and profits before people.

An emerging diseases expert, Dr. Horowitz condemned officials for a deadly and deceptive flu fright that he says serves "a political and economic agenda" more than it does the public's health. His 45-minute recorded commentary, considered by many as an "urgent warning" about the risks of developing and taking flu vaccines, has been donated and freely circulated over the Internet by thousands of concerned citizens and public interest groups. (Spread the link to: http://www.drlenhorowitz.com or http://www.bloginservice.com ).

Dr. Horowitz, best known for his national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?
http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com; 1-888-508-4787 urges the public to refuse vaccines and drugs being hyped for the avian flu. His scientific publications evidence the origin of AIDS from early hepatitis B vaccines prepared in contaminated chimpanzees See: http://www.originofAIDS.com , and he shares similar pharmaceutical malfeasance regarding the outbreak of SARS.

In his recorded message, Dr. Horowitz reviews the history of the institutions and drug industrialists fanning fears of the avian flu. Gross conflicting interests are being served, he explains, by political payoffs and drug company profiteering. He goes on to indict government officials for genocidal policies much like those embraced by Hitler.

Lacking the "future virus," flu mutation specifics, cost/benefit studies, and essential risk/benefit analyses, masses of people will be injured by the proposed "fast-tracked" Bush administration mass-vaccination plan, Dr. Horowitz said. "I call this lethal policy of dispensing poorly tested flu vaccines and risky drugs 'iatrogenocide.' That is, physician-induced decimation of populations for profit."

Iatrogenic diseases are physician-caused ailments and drug side-effects, he explains. These are among the leading causes of death in the world. Currently, hospitals and morgues are full of vaccine-victims disregarded by politicians and health officials "eager to receive their next payoff from Capitol Hill's largest lobby."

"With awareness, there is hope," he says. "You either diagnose these political-pharmaceutical prostitutes, or die from the combination of your ignorance and their malfeasance."

Besides defrauding the world with a flu fright aimed at creating mass markets for new drugs and vaccines, Dr. Horowitz condemns officials for disregarding circulating "flu-like" ailments that he also claims are "man-made." Sadly, they also overlook "low cost, no risk preventatives and treatments based on healthier living, natural healing, and vibrational frequencies of sound and light that are well known to shatter viruses.

"Why do we use ultraviolet light to kill viruses and other water pathogens to purify drinking water, but see similar capabilities suppressed in healthcare?" Dr. Horowitz asks.

"Curing cancers to common colds relying on bioelectric flows and subtle energy vibrations rather than poisonous vaccines and deadly drugs," he explains, "is solidly supported by science." Yet, these viable alternatives are grossly neglected by leaders spending billions for vaccines yet to be manufactured for viruses yet to emerge.

By donating a freely downloadable avian flu lecture
http://www.DrLenHorowitz.com , and urging others to freely circulate it over the Internet, Dr. Horowitz and his sponsors hope to save millions of lives.

- end -

Note to journalists: Review copies of Dr. Horowitz's books and tapes are available by contacting Jackie Lindenbach at 1-208-664-7545. Media interview requests should be likewise directed.

A Supporting Message from:

Brian William Hall, Executive Producer of CONSPIRACY CON and Victoria Jack, Executive Producer of the BAY AREA UFO EXPO.

We are both honored to have recently invited Dr. Len Horowitz to present at our respective forums. Furthermore, we hereby support his most current public alert that regards the latest "eugenics-based" SCAM known as "avian flu." This is intended to poison and kill potentially millions more with vaccines being developed by the pharmaceutical cartel. These latest vaccines (as countless others before them) are known to be tainted, untested and dangerous. These are consciously designed to wreak havoc with the human immune system, courtesy of the drug cartel. Most people do not realize the pharmaceutical industry is governed by a "global elite" whose agenda includes massive planetary depopulation.

Dr. Horowitz continues his tireless service to humankind by exposing the politics and economics underlying the "Biological Apocalypse" in which avian flu plays a current role. This is yet another assault against humanity; part of the "Bio-Spiritual Warfare" waged to create from chaos their NEW WORLD ORDER. If you wish to remain healthy in the coming months and years, we urge you to consider the vital information dispensed by Dr. Horowitz here and on affiliated websites. We also urge you to apply this knowledge, and share it with as many others as possible.

With respect and blessings to all.

Brian William Hall Executive Producer CONSPIRACY CON
Victoria Jack Executive Producer BAY AREA UFO EXPO

This donation and public service announcement is also rendered by collaborating companies and organizations including:

The National Vaccination Liberation Organization http://www.vaclib.org ; Blog In-Service Radio http://www.bloginservice.com ; Tetrahedron Publishing Group http://www.tetrahedron.org ; Healing Celebrations, LLC
http://www.healingcelebrations.com ; Healthy World Distributing, LLC http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com ; and many other organizations and individuals committed to exposing the truth.

Note: Dr. Horowitz recommends the following herbal tinctures for naturally addressing the current "flu-like" illnesses: a) Lomatium root extract; b) Devil's club; c) Rosa nutkana (Natural rose hips); d) A.alnifolia (Service berry); and Black Elderberry. The products (Flumonia Factor Formula and Elderberry) are available through Healthy World Distributing, LLC through http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com (1-888-508-4787) and wherever fine organic herbal products are sold.

Listen to the Lecture now at:

Informant: V



Ohne Angst

Aus der Antrittsrede von Nelson Mandela:

„Unsere tiefste Angst ist nicht, dass wir der Sache nicht gewachsen sind.

Unsere tiefste Angst ist, dass wir unermesslich mächtig sind. Es ist unser Licht, das wir fürchten, nicht unsere Dunkelheit.

Wir fragen uns: Wer bin ich denn, dass ich leuchtend, hinreißend, begnadet und phantastisch sein darf?“

Wer bist Du denn, dass Du dies nicht sein darfst?

Du bist ein Kind Gottes. Wenn Du Dich klein machst, dient das nicht der Welt. Es hat nichts mit Erleuchtung zu tun, wenn Du Dich einkringelst, damit andere um Dich herum sich nicht verunsichert fühlen brauchen.

Du wurdest geboren, um die Ehre Gottes zu verwirklichen, die in uns ist. Sie ist nicht nur in einigen von uns – sie ist in jedem Menschen. Und wenn wir unser Licht erstrahlen lassen, geben wir unbewusst den anderen Menschen die Erlaubnis dasselbe zu tun.

Wenn wir uns von unserer Angst befreit haben, wird unsere Gegenwart ohne unser Zutun andere befreien.“

Nachricht von Gerd Zesar

Gentech-Soja in Rumänien außer Kontrolle

Nachricht von Michael Meyer

Risiko Mobilfunk Österreich Plattform Sozialstaat Österreich - Netzwerk Zivilcourage
A - 5165 Berndorf,
Stadl 4
Tel/Fax 0043 - 6217 - 8576

**Gentech-Soja in Rumänien außer Kontrolle**

Ex-Manager des Agromultis Monsanto packt aus: Ilegaler Anbau erfolgt im ganzen Land

Greenpeace präsentierte am Montag einen Bericht über den Anbau von gentechnisch verändertem Soja in Rumänien: In mindestens zehn der 42 rumänischen Regionen wird, so Greenpeace, illegal und ohne Wissen der zuständigen Behörden die gentechnisch veränderte Roundup-Ready-Sojabohne des US-Agromultis Monsanto angebaut.

Untermauert werden diese Ergebnisse durch umfassende landesweite PCR-Analysen von Soja-Pflanzen aus Feldern in den betroffenen Regionen. Ungewöhnliche Unterstützung erhält Greenpeace vom ehemaligen Manager Monsanto’s in Rumänien, Dragos Dima, der sogar davon spricht, dass bereits neunzig Prozent anstatt der offiziell verlautbarten fünfzig Prozent der in Rumänien angebauten Soja gentechnisch verändert seien.

Der rumänische Gentechnik-Sprecher von Greenpeace, Gabi Paun, dazu: “Wir haben landesweit Sojafelder auf Gentech-Anbau getestet, und die Ergebnisse bestätigen unsere schlimmsten Befürchtungen. In ganz Rumänien wird illegal Gentech-Soja angebaut, die Situation ist komplett außer Kontrolle. Wir fordern die rumänischen Behörden auf, sofort aktiv zu werden, um weiteren Schaden für die rumänische Umwelt und Wirtschaft abzuwenden.“

Im Jahr 2005 wurde in Rumänien Soja auf einer Fläche von etwa 140.000 Hektar angebaut, etwa die Hälfte davon ist als gentechnisch verändert registriert. Den Angaben von Dragos Dima zufolge sollen aber es aber eben bereits neunzig Prozent sein. Zusätzlich kommt es zur Verunreinigung von konventionellen gentechnikfreien sowie biologischen Sojafeldern mit Gentech-Soja, vor allem durch den illegalen Verkauf von Gentech-Saatgut und Auskreuzen.

Dragos Dima, ehemaliger Geschäftsführer von Monsanto in Rumänien, zieht mit seinem früheren Arbeitgeber hart ins Gericht: „Bereits 1998 habe ich gewarnt, dass weder das Land Rumänien noch Monsanto in der Lage wären, den Gentech-Anbau zu beobachten und zu kontrollieren. Leider ohne Erfolg. Ich habe die Firma verlassen, weil ich diese Bedenken auch gegenüber der internationalen Firmenleitung geäußert habe.“ Dragos Dima war bis Ende 1998 für Monsanto in Rumänien tätig. Der Anbau von Gentech-Soja in Rumänien erfolgte erstmals 1999. "Monsanto hat Rumänien wissentlich in eine Technologie gedrängt, die fast zwangsläufig außer Kontrolle geraten musste, weil das Land nicht adäquat darauf vorbereitet war. Die Befürchtungen von Dragos Dima haben sich inzwischen leider voll bestätigt“, sagt Greenpeace-Expertin Susanne Fromwald.

Im Jahr 2007 soll Rumänien der Europäischen Union beitreten. Derzeit fehlt es jedoch an geeigneten Maßnahmen zur Rückverfolgbarkeit und Kennzeichnung von gentechnisch veränderten Organismen. Die Harmonisierung von nationalem Recht mit Gemeinschaftsrecht ist aber zentrales Element der Beitrittsverträge. „Trotz zukünftiger EU-Mitgliedschaft wird der illegale Anbau von Gentech-Soja sowie das Fehlen von Kennzeichnung und Rückverfolgbarkeit gentechnisch veränderter Organismen in Rumänien dazu führen, dass rumänischen landwirtschaftlichen Produkten der Zugang zum EU-Markt verwehrt bleibt. Wenn die Behörden nicht sofort reagieren und die Situation unter Kontrolle bringen, werden die Bauern, die Wirtschaft und die Umwelt des Landes schweren Schaden davontragen“, so Gabi Paun abschließend.

Quelle: http://www.oekonews.at/index.php?mdoc_id=1010601 [holler ] - 12.10.2005

The Cost of War at Walter Reed

Inside Walter Reed Army Hospital is the horrible reality of the Iraq War, a reality that few Americans see, and fewer want to see.


European Parliament: Options brief n° 297.574 - Parlement Européen: Dossier de synthèse n° 297.574


Betrüger als Zeuge für Anklage gegen Syrien


(SPON) Die durch die Mainstreammedien verbreitete Anklage gegen Syrien wegen des Attentats auf den Ex-Premier des Libanon Hariri stützt sich in erster Linie auf die Aussage eines mehrfach verurteilten Betrügers und weckt Erinnerungen an die kriegstreiberischen Lügen des Irakers Achmed Chalabi. Die Anklage des Berliner Sonderermittlers Mehlis im Auftrag der UNO erscheint wie ein Dejavu auf die erfundenen Berichte und Informationen über angebliche irakische Massenvernichtungswaffen. Wie Achmed Chalabi, der verurteilt worden war wegen Bankbetrugs über mehrstellige Millionenbeträge ist auch der angebliche Geheimdienstler Al Sadik vorbestraft wegen Veruntreuung von Geldern und wegen Betrug. Aus UNO-Kreisen wird berichtet, dass Al Sadik nachweislich gelogen habe.

Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach hat Al Sadik für seine Aussage zum Mord an Hariri Geld erhalten. Seinem Bruder gegenüber teilte er im Spätsommer mit, dass er nun Millionär sei. Anschließend erklärte er die Verwicklungen der syrischen Seite in das Attentat.

Im Übrigen stellt sich die Untersuchung des Ermittlers Mehlis vergleichsweise unkonkret dar und stützt sich auf Vermutungen: "Angesichts der Durchdringung der libanesischen Institutionen durch die Geheimdienste Syriens und Libanons wäre schwerlich ein Szenario vorstellbar, im dem ein Komplott zu so einer komplizierten Mordtat ohne ihr Wissen hätte ausgeführt werden können." Dieselbe Schlussfolgerung ist geeignet, den amerikanischen Geheimdiensten die Verantwortung für die Attentate des 11.9. anzulasten.

Die Absicht hinter der Anklage erscheint denn auch recht durchsichtig: US-Präsident Bush erklärte in Anbetracht der Anklage einen amerikanischen Militärschlag gegen Syrien für möglich. Die Wiederaneignung Syriens durch den Westen und seine wirtschaftlichen Interessen steht damit möglicherweise auf der Agenda.

Originalartikel bzw. ergänzende Info hier:

051022 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Pierre-Joël Bonté, president of region Auvergne in France, put an end to the contract with France Telecom

On october 4th, Mr Pierre-Joël Bonté, president of region Auvergne in France, put an end to the contract the former president had signed with France Telecom in 2000. This contract allowed France Telecom to put six GSM antennas on the roof of a high school owned by this region: the lycée "Mme de Staël" in Montluçon. There are 1100 pupils aged 14 to 19, among them 300 also sleep there, 100 meters away from two of the antennas. Elected representants of the teachers and a parents association (FCPE), along with our local association called CIARTéME, urged the Region to remove this base station since 2002. Mr Bonté had promised he would apply the precautionary principle, before he was elected in march 2004. As Orange had agreed to, but did not seem to be able to find a more appropriate place for its masts rapidly enough, the president finally put an end to the contract. He leaves Orange a full year to dismantle the masts, though. Now we hope that the other regions, owners of similar schools all over the country, will follow this first example. We also hope the operator will not use the whole year it has been granted.

If you feel like it, you may send congratulations and encouragement letters to

Mr Pierre-Joël Bonté president of Region Auvergne
13-15 avenue de Font-Maure BP 60
63402 Chamalières France

Thank you for all the useful news you send.

Hélène Hétier

CIARTéME ( Contre l'Implantation des Antennes-Relais de Téléphonie Mobile près des Ecoles - Against Masts located near schools), Montluçon also coordinator in Auvergne for the National association PRIARTéM


Omega-News Collection 22. October 2005

Heeding the Law of the Land

On Global Climate Disruption

Antarctic glaciers calving faster into the ocean

China Crisis: spectacular growth biggest threat to environment

Govts should plan for disasters

Timber cutting continues in and near the Sequoia National Monument

Save the Fischer old growth: fraudulant logging by Boise Cascade in the Fischer Timber Sale

Amazon "stealth" logging revealed

Revealed: the True Devastation of the Rainforest


Antarctic 'threatened' by warming seas

Breakup of glaciers raising sea level concern

Man Will 'Wipe Out' Rare Creatures of the Deep

Water Privatization in Latin America

Arctic Drilling Votes Loom

China's Economic Growth Signals Environmental Disaster


POPs kill 5 million children a year

Corporations have infiltrated health stores without you knowing it


Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 22. October 2005

EMF-Omega-News 22. October 2005

Chronic or intractable medical problems associated with prolonged exposure to unsuspected harmful environmental electric, magnetic or electro-magnetic fields

Description of symptoms as well as occurrence of IgE and positive Phadiatop Combi in persons with the physical impairment electrohypersensitivity

Children and mobile phones

German Blood Test

BCTC VITR Project-EMFs and Health Hazards

Historical sentence on electromagnetic contamination

Phone giant to meet protesters

Mast battle victory

People power puts paid to mast plans

Phone mast targets church

Epilepsy girl will learn at home after radio mast victory (update)

Fears grow over mast near school

A PHONE mast has been approved despite protests by concerned residents

See you in court, mast protesters tell Orange

We don't want your illegal masts

Supporting the fight against more masts

Mobile phone mast still in place despite permission being denied

Plans to hide mobile masts

Tragedy sister in phone mast fear

U-turn for church in mast outrage

Mast Antiprotests at Cork University Hospital and in Co. Meath, Ireland

Pierre-Joël Bonté, president of region Auvergne in France, put an end to the contract with France Telecom

Electrosmog in Japan

Electricity pylons and EMR

7th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin

State Spies on Drivers Through Cell Phones


Téléphonie Mobile et AFSSE: La vérité au grand jour?

Le dossier AFSSET suite

ImportantJugement: Base stations and Co-ownership - Coproriété et antennes relais de téléphonie mobile: Jugement Important

Electrosmog: an environmental pollution - Électrosmog: une pollution environnementale


Attention note and Links - Avertissements et Liens

News from Mast Sanity

Omega-News Collection 22. October 2005

Signals Of Storm Manipulation

Remarks About The Signals Of Storm Manipulation

MWM: A photo file is being accumlated in the Phoenix Quest photo file section. Go there to see what we are beginning to discuss.

In reply to Michael Mandeville's message of Wed, 19 Oct 2005
22:24:10 -0700:

Hi Michael, [snip]

you to check out. Find them in the album "weather". Please note the date and times of the photos. I am thinking these spots are some type of microwave burst, but who knows? What do you think?

[snip] An intense burst of microwaves may ionize the atmosphere. The ions then provide condensation kernels for raindrops. This is related to "cloud seeding". When condensation occurs, the pressure drops at that place, and surrounding air rushes toward the low pressure region. Hence it may indeed be possible to steer storms with intense microwave bursts.



In a town full of candlestick makers, everyone lives in the light, In a town full of thieves, there is only one candle, and everyone lives in the night.

Breakup of glaciers raising sea level concern


Informant: Scott Munson

Bird Flu very unlikely, the real scare: vaccinations


Iraq Is in Tatters and So Is Its Constitution

Iraqis decided their Constitution on October 15. But what legitimacy and validity should be accorded to this text which was amended over and over again, often under murky conditions, with the last amendment dated three days before the election and the next planned for after the legislative elections scheduled December 15?


Afghans Outraged over Alleged Desecration

Islamic clerics expressed outrage and warned of a possible violent, anti-American backlash Thursday after the release of television footage that purportedly shows US soldiers burning the bodies of two dead Taliban fighters.


Corrupt, Incompetent and 'Off Center'

Eric Alterman: Here is the liberals' problem in a nutshell: More than 30 percent of Americans happily answer to the appellation "conservative," while 18 percent call themselves "liberal." And yet when questioned by pollsters, a super-majority of more than 60 percent take positions liberal in everything but name. Nevertheless, extremist right-wingers, including a few apparent criminals, enjoy a stranglehold on our political system and media discourse.


Halliburton Accused of Coercing Laborers

Dave Zweifel: The Chicago Tribune produced an incredible story last week detailing how unsuspecting young men from poor countries are tricked into working in dangerous jobs for a Halliburton subsidiary in Iraq. What was even more startling was the stories' revelation that the operation is financed with US taxpayer money. The tentacles of this war keep getting this country deeper and deeper into places we shouldn't be, including this atrocious practice that the Chicago Tribune has uncovered.


Documentary Film

-----Original Message-----
From: Russell Hunter russell2712@hotmail.com
Sent: 21 October 2005 12:56
To: eileen@smokestack.ltd.uk
Subject: Documentary Film

Hello my name's Russell Hunter and I'm currently undertaking the pre production stages of making a documentary film for my final third year degree project at University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham about mobile phones.

In the film I intend to show confecting sides to the mobile phone, one being the glossy sexy advertised image of the mobile looking into the mobile phone as a symbol of culture and fashion and the continuing development and creation of new mobiles. Taking the opinions of the people from the streets on how they see the present and future of mobile phones. I will then try to cross reference this with reports and studies into Mobile Phone Masts and the dangers that they may cause. Along with looking into the rise in users to a point where in 2007 studies have concluded that 99% of the population of the UK will own a mobile phone and how many masts will have to be erected to deal with the rise. I plan to also investigate the TETRA system that is being implemented into the police force and how this is affecting both the workforce themselves and also the radioactivity of the masts.

If you could help me at all with any contacts or anybody that would be able to talk on or off camera about any of the subjects that would be a great help to me as I would like to create a balanced and unbiased film.

Thanks if you can help at all

Russell Hunter

GOP Extremists Make Their Move


Miers provided misleading information to Judiciary Committee

President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers, provided erroneous and incomplete information to the Senate Judiciary Committee about her membership on a Board of Directors for a real estate investment company.


From Information Clearing House

Law lord damns 'half-baked reforms and illegal Iraq war'

Lord Steyn, a law lord, also launched a scathing attack on ministers over the Iraq war, accusing them of “scraping the bottom of the legal barrel” to justify their case.


From Information Clearing House

MI5 'acts on facts gained under torture'

The head of MI5 has submitted evidence to the House of Lords indicating that her agents are prepared to act on intelligence obtained under torture in the fight against terrorism.


Sorry, Judy Everybody Didn't Get it Wrong on WMD

In the Times' Sunday Judy-Culpa, Judy Miller said of her woeful pre-war reporting: "WMD -- I got it totally wrong... The analysts, the experts and the journalists who covered them -- we were all wrong."


From Information Clearing House

Miller clarifies security clearance issue

New York Times reporter Judith Miller has addressed an issue that raised eyebrows in the journalism community: her statement that she had "clearance to see secret information" while covering the invasion of Iraq.


From Information Clearing House

Secret Service Records Prompted Key Miller Testimony

New York Times reporter Judith Miller told the federal grand jury in the CIA leak case that she might have met with I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby on June 23, 2003 only after prosecutors showed her Secret Service logs that indicated she and Libby had indeed met that day in the Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House.


From Information Clearing House

Crumbling in leak case

White House defense -- the news media did it -- crumbling in leak case:

The evidence prosecutors have assembled in the CIA leak case suggests Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff sought out reporters in the weeks before an undercover operative's identity was compromised in the news media, casting doubt on one of the White House's main lines of defense.


From Information Clearing House

Why only Saddam? Try them all!

The US was the only country that voted against a UN Security Council statement in 1986 condemning the mustard gas attacks by Iraq on the Iranian forces! The US also allowed its companies to export chemicals to Iraq, which used them on humans.


They Led Us Into A Corrupt War

The people watching better pay attention right now.

Cowboy president is courting disaster, says Powell's man

Colin Powell's right-hand man has launched a blistering attack on the White House, describing President George W Bush as "cowboyish", his secretary of state Condoleezza Rice as "extremely weak" and American foreign policy as "courting disaster".


From Information Clearing House

Conning history


From Information Clearing House

Props and Puppets

It remains to be seen just how far George Bush is willing to go in exploiting the members of our uniformed services to compensate for his own lack of substance.


War in Iraq may be fuelling global insecurity, Canadian spy chief warns

The head of Canada's spy agency strongly suggested Thursday the U.S.-led war in Iraq is making the world a less secure place.


Leading Historian Says U.S. ‘Empire’ To Fail

The American empire may actually cause disorder, barbarism, and chaos rather than promote peace and order,


The American empire “will almost certainly fail,” Hobsbawm said. “Will the U.S. learn the lesson [of the British Empire] or will it try to maintain an eroding global position by relying on a failing political force and a military force which is insufficient for the present purposes which the current American government claims it is designed?”


Aspartame: the shocking story of the world's bestselling sweetener


Informant: beefree

False Statement by Tom DeLay's Defense Lawyer Dick DeGuerin


Honor Our Troops - Bring Them Home

Exit Strategy? Honor Our Troops - Bring Them Home

Gold Star and Military Families Mourn and Speak Out: 'Bring Them Home Now' http://www.commondreams.org/news2005/1021-03.htm

Media at a Huge Crossroads, 25 Years After Reagan's Triumph


It's Not up to the Court


Miers and Bush: Pro-Death


Revealed: the True Devastation of the Rainforest


'Raging Granny' Gets Marine Recruitment Letter


Bush's Leaky Boat Edges Nearer to the Rocks

Uncharted Waters? Bush's Leaky Boat Edges Nearer to the Rocks

Karen Hughes 'Gets Earful' From Indonesian Women


Serious Lapses Taint Probes of Detainee Deaths




Informant: JHW369

On Global Climate Disruption


Bush - Cheney CIA/Plame case indictments released


Informant: V

Rove, Libby in trouble


Information Warfare on the Internet


A Warning to Traitors: Fitzgerald pursues 'man at the top'


TREASONGATE: A Sitting President Can Be Indicted



Barbara Boxer: "Bush, come clean about the war in Iraq"


Theologian Says Controlled Demolition is Now a Fact, Not a Theory


The Welfare Of Our Republic & Perhaps Our Civilization *Depend On Getting The Truth About 911 Exposed.*


Informant: friends2b

Want to keep your DNA out of the hands of the government?


Informant: Gomez

The War Will Come to You


Powell Aide Blasts Rice, Cheney-Rumsfeld 'Cabal'


Bush's Quagmire


The Political Bloodshed Will Begin To Stop When the US leaves


If the Draft Comes what to do


Stop the Competition from the tax police


Cindy Sheehan: They Are Not Numbers


Cindy Sheehan: They Are Not Numbers

Cindy Sheehan shares letters she's received, little vignettes of pain from family members of US soldiers recently killed in Iraq. On the day that marks the 2000th soldier dead, Sheehan will be outside the White House, reminding officials that our people are not just numbers.


Cindy Sheehan

Anti-Price Gouging Laws Gouge Property Rights


Informant: Lew Rockwell

More Imperial Stumbles


The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms


The state doesn't insure security it anti-insures


Ihr Wort wird Gesetz

Wenn Ministerien und Parlament die Gesetzesarbeit zu schwierig wird, springen internationale Anwaltskanzleien gern ein.



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