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Dr. Horowitz Presents Free Download File Condemning Governments' Avian Flu Response: Lecture Donated for Health, Grassroots Activism, and Public Protection

San Francisco: Harvard-trained award-winning author Dr. Leonard Horowitz has donated a freely downloadable lecture for health, political action, and public protection. He says those frightened by the avian flu are victims of malicious abuse by government officials who put politics and profits before people.

An emerging diseases expert, Dr. Horowitz condemned officials for a deadly and deceptive flu fright that he says serves "a political and economic agenda" more than it does the public's health. His 45-minute recorded commentary, considered by many as an "urgent warning" about the risks of developing and taking flu vaccines, has been donated and freely circulated over the Internet by thousands of concerned citizens and public interest groups. (Spread the link to: http://www.drlenhorowitz.com or http://www.bloginservice.com ).

Dr. Horowitz, best known for his national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?
http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com; 1-888-508-4787 urges the public to refuse vaccines and drugs being hyped for the avian flu. His scientific publications evidence the origin of AIDS from early hepatitis B vaccines prepared in contaminated chimpanzees See: http://www.originofAIDS.com , and he shares similar pharmaceutical malfeasance regarding the outbreak of SARS.

In his recorded message, Dr. Horowitz reviews the history of the institutions and drug industrialists fanning fears of the avian flu. Gross conflicting interests are being served, he explains, by political payoffs and drug company profiteering. He goes on to indict government officials for genocidal policies much like those embraced by Hitler.

Lacking the "future virus," flu mutation specifics, cost/benefit studies, and essential risk/benefit analyses, masses of people will be injured by the proposed "fast-tracked" Bush administration mass-vaccination plan, Dr. Horowitz said. "I call this lethal policy of dispensing poorly tested flu vaccines and risky drugs 'iatrogenocide.' That is, physician-induced decimation of populations for profit."

Iatrogenic diseases are physician-caused ailments and drug side-effects, he explains. These are among the leading causes of death in the world. Currently, hospitals and morgues are full of vaccine-victims disregarded by politicians and health officials "eager to receive their next payoff from Capitol Hill's largest lobby."

"With awareness, there is hope," he says. "You either diagnose these political-pharmaceutical prostitutes, or die from the combination of your ignorance and their malfeasance."

Besides defrauding the world with a flu fright aimed at creating mass markets for new drugs and vaccines, Dr. Horowitz condemns officials for disregarding circulating "flu-like" ailments that he also claims are "man-made." Sadly, they also overlook "low cost, no risk preventatives and treatments based on healthier living, natural healing, and vibrational frequencies of sound and light that are well known to shatter viruses.

"Why do we use ultraviolet light to kill viruses and other water pathogens to purify drinking water, but see similar capabilities suppressed in healthcare?" Dr. Horowitz asks.

"Curing cancers to common colds relying on bioelectric flows and subtle energy vibrations rather than poisonous vaccines and deadly drugs," he explains, "is solidly supported by science." Yet, these viable alternatives are grossly neglected by leaders spending billions for vaccines yet to be manufactured for viruses yet to emerge.

By donating a freely downloadable avian flu lecture
http://www.DrLenHorowitz.com , and urging others to freely circulate it over the Internet, Dr. Horowitz and his sponsors hope to save millions of lives.

- end -

Note to journalists: Review copies of Dr. Horowitz's books and tapes are available by contacting Jackie Lindenbach at 1-208-664-7545. Media interview requests should be likewise directed.

A Supporting Message from:

Brian William Hall, Executive Producer of CONSPIRACY CON and Victoria Jack, Executive Producer of the BAY AREA UFO EXPO.

We are both honored to have recently invited Dr. Len Horowitz to present at our respective forums. Furthermore, we hereby support his most current public alert that regards the latest "eugenics-based" SCAM known as "avian flu." This is intended to poison and kill potentially millions more with vaccines being developed by the pharmaceutical cartel. These latest vaccines (as countless others before them) are known to be tainted, untested and dangerous. These are consciously designed to wreak havoc with the human immune system, courtesy of the drug cartel. Most people do not realize the pharmaceutical industry is governed by a "global elite" whose agenda includes massive planetary depopulation.

Dr. Horowitz continues his tireless service to humankind by exposing the politics and economics underlying the "Biological Apocalypse" in which avian flu plays a current role. This is yet another assault against humanity; part of the "Bio-Spiritual Warfare" waged to create from chaos their NEW WORLD ORDER. If you wish to remain healthy in the coming months and years, we urge you to consider the vital information dispensed by Dr. Horowitz here and on affiliated websites. We also urge you to apply this knowledge, and share it with as many others as possible.

With respect and blessings to all.

Brian William Hall Executive Producer CONSPIRACY CON
Victoria Jack Executive Producer BAY AREA UFO EXPO

This donation and public service announcement is also rendered by collaborating companies and organizations including:

The National Vaccination Liberation Organization http://www.vaclib.org ; Blog In-Service Radio http://www.bloginservice.com ; Tetrahedron Publishing Group http://www.tetrahedron.org ; Healing Celebrations, LLC
http://www.healingcelebrations.com ; Healthy World Distributing, LLC http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com ; and many other organizations and individuals committed to exposing the truth.

Note: Dr. Horowitz recommends the following herbal tinctures for naturally addressing the current "flu-like" illnesses: a) Lomatium root extract; b) Devil's club; c) Rosa nutkana (Natural rose hips); d) A.alnifolia (Service berry); and Black Elderberry. The products (Flumonia Factor Formula and Elderberry) are available through Healthy World Distributing, LLC through http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com (1-888-508-4787) and wherever fine organic herbal products are sold.

Listen to the Lecture now at:

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