Chronic or intractable medical problems associated with prolonged exposure to unsuspected harmful environmental electric, magnetic or electro-magnetic fields

Chronic or intractable medical problems associated with prolonged exposure to unsuspected harmful environmental electric, magnetic or electro-magnetic fields radiating in the bedroom or workplace and their exacerbation by intake of harmful light and heavy metals from common sources.

Omura Y, Losco M, Omura AK, Yamamoto S, Ishikawa H, Takeshige C, Shimotsuura Y, Muteki T.

Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York.

Unsuspected prolonged exposure to abnormal environmental (very high frequency) electro-magnetic fields (EMF), electric fields (EF) or magnetic fields (MF) at 60 Hz or 16K Hz in the bedroom or workplace may contribute to the development of various intractable medical problems. Most of the clinical symptoms appear when the individuals are exposed to EMF for many hours a day for at least several months to 1-year for relatively benign diseases or symptoms (such as intractable pain or medical problems), or several to over 10 years for more serious diseases (such as cancers of the digestive system or other organs), all of which seem to appear with the additional co-existence of micro-circulatory disturbances with Thromboxane B2 (TXB2), bacterial or viral infections and decrease or absence of acetylcholine, and lead, mercury, or aluminum deposits, with or without asbestos. These abnormal environmental EMF's or EF's can be detected by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, which has good correlation with standard laboratory measurement, especially with EF measurement, and the distribution of EMF often includes a linear band-like appearance on the abnormal part of the patient's body, as well as on the patient's corresponding area of the bed, or at the workplace. These EMF's can be eliminated either by a metal sheet, acting as a reflector, which redirects the harmful EMF or eliminates it completely by grounding the metal sheet at high frequency range, while extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields at the near field are more difficult to eliminate. Several examples of medical problems that appear to be associated with repeated and prolonged exposure to abnormal environmental EMF, EF or MF are summarized in this article. EF or MF-induced abnormalities were artificially and reversibly created in humans by exposing the extremities or head to a 10Volt/Meter (V/M) EF at 60 Hz about 33 (evening) to 50 cm (daytime or after midnight) from a pair of rubber insulated wires connected to an AC source, but where no current is passed, so that no extra MF exists. After exposing normal parts of the extremities and head to a 10 V/M EF for 5 minutes, abnormal increase of TXB2 and disappearance or significant reduction of acetylcholine was observed for 5 minutes, and slightly longer abnormal time duration was observed in those who have aluminum, lead, or mercury deposits. This indicates that the upper limit of relatively safe EF should be around 10V/M at 60 Hz rather than 25V/M at ELF by Swedish Government recommendation, which is now widely accepted.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)

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PMID: 1685623 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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The Big Squeeze

Paul Krugman writes that Delphi's bankruptcy is a much bigger deal than your ordinary case of corporate failure and bad, self-dealing management. If Delphi slashes wages and defaults on its pension obligations, the rest of the auto industry may well be tempted - or forced - to do the same. And that will mark the end of the era in which ordinary working Americans could be part of the middle class.


Peering under the Plame Outing

David Swanson writes that the Bush Administration's claims about ties between Iraq and al Qaeda were as laughable as all the claims about weapons. But they were made over and over again, and not debunked effectively by the media.


Administration's Tone Signals a Longer, Broader Iraq Conflict

In several speeches, President Bush has begun warning that the insurgency is already metastasizing into a far broader struggle to "establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia." While he still predicts victory, he appears to be preparing the country for a struggle of cold war proportions.


The Heart of the Matter

William Rivers Pitt writes that Mr. Libby may be a target of Mr. Fitzgerald, but no one should forget the trips Cheney personally made to Langley in order to wring war-supporting evidence out of the analysts. He went himself. His fingerprints are all over the scene.


From chaos to conscience to peace

by Monica Benderman


On July 27, 2005, Sgt. Kevin Benderman was found guilty of Missing Movement and sentenced to 15 months confinement, loss of pay and dishonorable discharge. In actuality, Sgt. Benderman's crime was daring to tell the truth, and daring to challenge the very philosophy of the military machine in which he had volunteered to serve, by filing for Conscientious Objection for no longer wanting to participate in war, and for speaking out to end violence as a means of resolving our differences. ... The rules of Conscientious Objection have changed. In this day, a Conscientious Objector must be aggressive in defense of peace, and must rely on his own integrity and moral principles when many around him dare to call him coward...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Speak now, or forever hold your peace

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Lady Liberty


The First Amendment is perhaps the most popular of the enumerated rights in the Bill of Rights. As such, it's often viewed as all but sacrosanct. But, like all of the rest of the Bill of Rights, it's being chipped away whether we take note of the fact or not. In fact, virtually every facet of the First has been weakened just within the past few weeks...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Torture on the Hill

The Nation
by staff


Over a single week in October, the President's entire coalition suddenly seemed in danger of unraveling. There's no doubt about the political import of Republican fratricide over George W. Bush's nominating Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, perhaps betokening the long-overdue rupture of the patronage bargain between the President and the religious right. But in global terms, the emerging chasm between Congress and the President over the Iraq War in general and war crimes in particular is of the most profound consequence -- signaled by the Senate's bracing passage, by a 90-to-9 vote, of John McCain's anti-torture amendment to the defense appropriations bill...


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What will they do without Karl?

by John Dickerson


If he is indicted, it is almost certain that the man sometimes called Bush's Brain will have to resign. White House officials will not talk about the case but do not challenge the logical notion that Chief of Staff Andy Card is already thinking through how to fill Rove's shoes. Card can shuffle around his duties into different organizational boxes, but it won't do much good. Rove can't be replaced. His departure would create a 'black hole,' says one official who works with Rove closely. 'He's irreplaceable.' Here are the five ways a Rove departure would hurt the Bush White House most ...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Judy Miller and the damage done

by Farhad Manjoo


During the past couple of weeks, the New York Times has been promising to eventually publish a thorough account of its reporter Judith Miller's run-in with federal prosecutors investigating the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity. On Saturday, the paper finally published that report. Unfortunately, the account, along with a personal firsthand account by Miller herself, raises more questions -- about Miller, the Times, and about the Bush administration's attempts to manipulate the press -- than it answers... [subscription or ad view required]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

New questions arise in CIA leak probe

Cincinnati Enquirer


New details about Judith Miller's decision to cooperate in the CIA leak probe are raising questions about whether Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff and his defense lawyer tried to steer the New York Times reporter's testimony. The dispute arose as the newspaper on Sunday detailed three conversations that Miller had with the Cheney aide, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, in the summer of 2003 about Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson and Wilson's wife, covert CIA officer Valerie Plame...


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State Spies on Drivers Through Cell Phones

The state of Missouri has begun a program to track individual movements on highways through cell phones.

The Missouri Department of Transportation will spend $3 million annually on a program to monitor the movements of individuals on highways via their cell phones -- without their knowledge or consent.

Delcan NET, a Canadian company, developed the system which triangulates the location of each driver by monitoring the signal sent from the cell phone as it is handed off from one cell tower to the next. Each phone is uniquely identified and the information is compared with a highway map to record on what road each motorist is traveling at any given time. The system also records the speed of each vehicle, opening up another potential ticketing technology.

Missouri rejected the simpler solution used by other states of embedding sensors in the pavement that record how many vehicles pass over a stretch of pavement without uniquely identifying them. Missouri wanted a program that required less equipment.

"The traffic community has been really excited for quite some time about the possibility of being able to use cell phones to track vehicles," Valerie Briggs, program manager for transportation operations at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials told the Associated Press. "Almost everyone has a cell phone, so you have a lot of potential data points, and you can track data almost anywhere on the whole (road) system."

A pilot program in Baltimore only tracks Cingular cell phones on 1,000 miles of road. AirSage Inc. has contracted with Sprint to spy on motorists in Norfolk, Virginia and Atlanta and Macon, Georgia.

Source: States seeking to track cell phones for traffic conditions
(Associated Press, 10/8/2005)

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Cindy Sheehan: Peaceful Day in Iraq?

"I keep hearing on the news that this past Saturday was a relatively 'peaceful' day in Iraq. I hate to spoil CNN's euphoria over the vote on the referendum, but 5 soldiers and a Marine were killed by IEDs on Saturday. I wonder if the families of those tragically slain on the 'peaceful' day are celebrating the turn-out on Saturday? I know I don't think that it was worth Casey dying so the people of Iraq can vote in a theocracy." - Cindy Sheehan


Cindy Sheehan

Fette Gewinne für Pharmakonzern durch Ausbruch der Vogelgrippe


(WZ) Der Schweizer Pharmakonzern Roche kann aller Voraussicht nach fette Gewinne durch die Ausbreitung der Vogelgrippe einstreichen. Seine Aktien befinden sich längst auf einem Höhenflug, der sein Ziel vermutlich noch nicht erreicht hat. Beim letzten Ausbuch der Vogelgrippe starben vermutlich 50 Millionen Menschen.


Le dossier AFSSET suite


More Consumption, More War

While Treasury Secretary John Snow was urging the Chinese to consume more, NATO's military commander James Jones was in Prague preparing for the consequences.


Bird Flu Blues

by Madeline Drexler, TomPaine.com

America's corporate culture and Bush cronyism put the nation at risk in the event of a flu pandemic.


Miller, The Fourth Estate And The Warfare State

by Norman Solomon, TomPaine.com

Judith Miller's piece in yesterday's New York Times offers more evidence of how the newspaper helped the White House portray deceptions about Iraq WMDs as facts.


If Not Miers, Who?

Katha Pollit writes a satirical letter to Karl Rove asking why she can't take Miers place as a nominee.


Judith Miller: "Miss Run Amok"

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, The New York Times delivered its long-promised article probing Judith Miller's involvement in the Plame case. It reveals many devastating new details about her experience - and dissent within the newspaper about her role and the way the Times handled her case.


Halliburton Exploits Foreign Workers in Iraq

Companies like Halliburton are importing 'third country nationals' - and putting them to work in horrible conditions - to fulfill their U.S. government contracts.


McCain Vs. Bush

The ethics of the United States is tested during a period of fearing terrorists and engaging in war. The Senate Condemns Torturing Anyone in American Custody Anywhere, unfortunately this motion is in defiance of the President.


The attempt to pervert McCain Amendent to authorize MORE torture


That's right. There are evil forces still working behind the scenes to try to cut the heart out of the anti-torture provision, which was passed 90-9 by the Senate, in the conference on the defense bill with the House. What part of NO TORTURE don't they get? They want to cut the CIA a blanket "get out of atrocity free" card, in actual effect, by omission, to AUTHORIZE torture by its worst offenders. Please contact all your members of the House and Senate at once and tell them this attempt to subvert the will of the people is a further outrage!


The fingerprints of shadowy "security agency" operatives are all over Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, and all the other reprehensible conduct that the overwhelmingly supported McCain amendment was passed to address. And the worst culprits must NOT be allowed to escape the reach of its intent. In particular, leading the charge on the conference committee will be three of the only nine senators who voted FOR more torture, Ted Stevens (AK), Thad Cochran (MS) and Kit Bond (MO), so if you are from any of these states, your voices and those of all your friends are especially needed now.



This is all the more reason to oppose the appointment of Harriet Miers, who they want to install as yet another rubberstamp crony for the Bush imperial power grab. So greedy is the right wing for absolute power in every respect they want, there are some reactionary commentators who are complaining that they have not been assured that Miers is radical enough for them. This is our nomination to stop, and then we can move on to the REAL struggle which is to fight for a true moderate as the next appointee. Click on the link below also and you can submit both action pages with the same contact information.

STOP MIERS IN HER TRACKS at http://www.nocrony.com

We can take no satisfaction with someone just because they don't fulfill EVERYTHING on the wish list of the other side. We must stand up for what WE want and believe. Most of all we must build a national consensus that any new Supreme Court appointees must be true moderates at the worst. We can TAKE ADVANTAGE of the silly opposition of the neocon think tankers who are so intellectually greedy they will not settle for another clone vote like Thomas. Let them hold out for an "in our face" reactionary scholar. In the meantime we must all speak out on the absent merits of Miers and reject her OURSELVES as nothing more than a faith-based crony.

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Fun With Nuclear Targeting - Nuking Iran


People power puts paid to mast plans

by Jenny Clarke
Epping Forest guardian

RESIDENTS said no to plans for a mobile phone mast in their road and Waltham Forest Council listened.

The authority turned down an application from T Mobile to put a ten-metre- high mast in North Countess Road, Walthamstow.

A petition against the scheme was signed by 125 people.

Three residents spoke against the proposal at last week's planning meeting.

Dr Kathy Haslam said: "The mast's beam of greatest intensity is directed towards the nearby houses and that is very worrying.Sensitive buildings such as schools and hospitals are not recommended to be within 100 metres of the base station and this would be a fraction of that distance."

The other residents said the mast would be out of keeping with the street scene.

Several applications for masts have been turned down by the council in the last year.

Cllr Terry Wheeler said he was concerned that T Mobile might lodge an appeal against the decision and have it approved by a Government planning inspector. "Most of us in this room have mobile phones and I would assume that many of the residents near the proposed site have mobile phones," he said.

"T Mobile did look into placing the mast elsewhere but it only has a small coverage area and this was its best option."

"If you were going to have mobile phones, you were going to need masts," he added.

The committee objected by a majority on the grounds that the mast would add to clutter and affect the amenity of the area.

Mast battle victory

Oct 14 2005

By Sonia Sharma,
Newcastle Evening Chronicle

Jubilant families have won their battle to stop a mobile phone mast being put on top of a church.

Vodafone UK wanted to put up three antennae and a dish on the tower of Crawcrook Pentecostal Church, Kepier Chare, Crawcrook.

The tower is 11.6m high and the proposed addition would take it to 15.7m.

But more than 1,000 people signed a petition against the application and the proposal was turned down by Gateshead Council's planning and development committee on Wednesday.

Residents said the structure would not be acceptable in a residential area and may have health risks. They also felt property values of the houses nearby would be affected.

The Lindisfarne Care Home, on Kepier Chare, also lodged objections. The home has 53 people, many with Alzheimer's disease.

Today Elizabeth Squires, who lives next to the church and helped to collect signatures, said: "We are absolutely delighted. Everyone is elated the committee rejected the plan.

"There were so many people against it. We felt there could have been health risks from the mast but also that it was not suitable in a residential area. The mast would have looked dreadful. It would have been a monstrosity."

Alison Bell, 37, a sales assistant, lives directly opposite the church and the tower can be seen through her three-year-old son Luke's bedroom window. She said: "It would have been an eyesore."

But Arthur Jowett, chairman of trustees at the church, did not object. He said: "Once I was against mobile phone masts but now every person on the street has a mobile and you can see every child texting their friends."

A Vodafone spokeswoman said the antennae would have been concealed inside the tower and all equipment complies with guidelines to protect the population.

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

The committee turned down the application on the grounds of visual amenity. It was felt the structure would be too dominating.

Ayatollahs of the Apocalypse

The Myth of Peak Oil

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Why those Iraqi Trainees won't fight


The constitution will not save you from death or taxes


The Slings and Arrows of George W. Bush's Outrageous Fortune


Money for Nothing


Informant: NHNE

Phone giant to meet protesters

Oct 13 2005

By Neil Elkes, Birmingham Mail

MOBILE phone giant Vodafone has agreed to face-to-face talks with campaigners battling against a mast on parkland opposite their homes.

Hundreds of residents near Pype Hayes Park in Erdington are battling plans for a giant mast in Eachelhurst Road.

In a rare move Vodafone called the talks after its plan was met with more than 200 letters of objection from the local community amid health fears.

Now the Eachelhurst Mast Action Group are to join City Council planning officers in a closed meeting with Vodafone staff at The Belfry on Friday, October 14.

Group spokeswoman Lesley Mansfield said: "Vodafone are at least listening to us and are prepared to have a dialogue. Campaigners have made great strides in the last year, scientists are discovering more evidence of health affects and people are no longer willing to live with an unacceptable risk to their health."

The meeting will also be attended by Birmingham's leading campaigner Eileen O'Connor, who successfully battled a mast near her home in Wishaw, near Sutton Coldfield. It comes a week after Eileen, of the Radiation Research Trust, had top level talks with the Government solicitor general and North Warwickshire MP Mike O'Brien to discuss families' health concerns.

She presented a mass of evidence, including scientific research papers, during an hour-long talk with the minister.

The mother-of-two discussed the march of wireless technology and talked about problems with planning laws surrounding masts and raised the issue of a possible cancer cluster surrounding a mast next to Coleshill School.

She said: "I spoke about planning procedures and the urgent need to force the operators into the full planning process. I also pointed out our concern for children's health in all schools with the introduction of wireless computer networks which will expose children in every school to radiation."

Mr O'Brien told Eileen that health and planning ministers are taking these concerns seriously and are carefully monitoring the latest research.

Ärzte-Appelle gegen Mobilfunk


MONIKA SCHUBERTH-BREHM: "Tausende Ärzte sehen besorgt eine stetig wachsende Anzahl von Menschen unter der Mobilfunk-Technologie, dazu gehören auch die DECT-Telefone. Sie fordern die Politiker und Wissenschaftler dringlichst auf, endlich vorsorglich zu handeln, um noch größeren Schaden vom Volk abzuwenden."


Berliner Appell

Allgäuer Ärzte Appell

Coburger Mobilfunkappell

Oberammergauer Appell

Haibacher Appell

Pfarrkirchner Appell

Freienbacher Appell

Lichtenfelser Appell

Hofer Appell

Maintaler Ärzte-Appell

Bamberger Appell

Freiburger Appell

Helsinki Appell


Schlüchterner Ärzteappell "Risiko Mobilfunk"

Mobilfunk Ärzteappell Allgäu-Bodensee-Oberschwaben

Salzburger Schulappell

Holland: Ärzteappell aufgrund Strahlungsrisiken

Appelle und Initiativen

Aufruf an Ärzte

Ärzteresolution Mobilfunkanwendungen und Gesundheit

Ärzte und Mobilfunk

Ärztekammern und Mobilfunk

Handy: Lebensretter?

Immer mehr Mobilfunk: die verleugnete Gefahr

Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk und Gesundheit


Naila ist überall

Ärztekammer zu Handys: Schutzmaßnahmen bisher nicht ausreichend

Wissenschaftler mundtot gemacht



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