Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case

Posted on Sat, Oct. 22, 2005


Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case


Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers collected more than 10 times the market value for a small slice of family-owned land in a large Superfund pollution cleanup site in Dallas where the state wanted to build a highway off-ramp.

The windfall came after a judge who received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Miers' law firm appointed a close professional associate of Miers and an outspoken property-rights activist to the three-person panel that determined how much the state should pay.

The resulting six-figure payout to the Miers family in 2000 was despite the state's objections to the "excessive" amount and to the process used to set the price. The panel recommended paying nearly $5 a square foot for land that was valued at less than 30 cents a square foot.


Mediation efforts in 2003 reduced the award from $106,915 to $80,915, but Miers, who controls the family's interest in the land, hasn't reimbursed the state for the $26,000 difference, even after Bush appointed her to the Supreme Court.

The case raises new questions about Miers' judgment at a time when her nomination is troubled by doubts about her qualifications for the nation's highest court and accusations that she was chosen mostly because of her close friendship with President Bush.

Nothing indicates that Miers sought out the judge or engineered the appointments to the panel, but there's also no indication that she reported the potential conflicts of interest in the case or tried to avoid them.

Supreme Court justices, unlike other government officials, define potential conflicts of interest for themselves and are responsible for policing their own ethics.

Informant: eyeodneedle

2004 presidential race evidence for vote miscount increasing

Please pass this on. This "history" has revisions to include the September GAO report (which recommended independent audits of vote counts in every election); and the role of the Open Voting Consortium in the study of Florida's Surprising Pattern of Election Results.

This paper will disabuse press and the public of the notion that vote fraud theories have been dismissed or debunked. The evidence for vote fraud is stronger than before because Ohio's precinct level exit poll data shows irrefutable evidence of vote miscounts!

Kathy Dopp

History of the Debate Surrounding the Validity of the 2004 Presidential Election


This historical overview is provided to aid media and the public in understanding key events and presentations from both sides of the debate surrounding the validity and accuracy of 2004 presidential election results.

(PRWEB) October 23, 2005 -- The Naional Election Data Archive has prepared a historical summary of facts and events in the ongoing debate over the validity of the 2004 presidential election and presented recommendations to ensure vote count accuracy.

Beginning with the discovery that 2004 presidential exit poll numbers were altered late during election eve and forced to match the official vote counts, through subsequent proposed explanations for the unprecedented, statistically implausible disparity between vote counts and exit polls, to the latest analyses of Ohio's precinct-level exit poll results which purports to demonstrate vote fraud, the report presents brief, simplified summaries of relevant milestones.

This report discusses surprising 2004 election results in Florida, New Mexico, Washington, and Ohio, as well as the Carter-Baker recommendations, the latest GAO report on electronic voting, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission voting system guidelines.

Ensuring fair and accurate vote counting is an essential element of American democracy and is fundamental to each American’s right to vote. This historical overview is provided to aid media and the public in understanding what might be regarded as the most important debate of our era.

NEDA's purpose is to facilitate research of and the formulation of policies dealing with procedures that will ensure accurate vote counts; and making detailed election data and information publicly available. NEDA places particular emphasis on and will devote all of its initial resources to creating a “National Election Data Archive” project with the goal of ensuring the accuracy of U.S. elections.

The full paper "History of the Debate surrounding the 2004 Presidential Election" is available at


Texas Overpaid Miers in Land Sale

Texas officials paid Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers' family more than $100,000 for a small piece of land in 2000 - 10 times the land's worth - despite the state's objections to the way the price was determined, Knight Ridder Newspapers reported Saturday.


From Information Clearing House

Police to probe US ‘torture flights’ landing in Scotland

SCOTTISH police are to launch an investigation into CIA “torture flights” which fly in and out of Glasgow and Prestwick airports, ferrying kidnapped war on terror suspects around the world.


From Information Clearing House

CIA likely to avoid charges in most prisoner deaths

Despite signs of CIA involvement in at least 4 prisoner deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, CIA workers appear likely to escape criminal charges in all but one case.


Pivotal Witness in Mehlis Report is a Convicted Swindler

The alleged intelligence agent al-Sadik, 42, on whose testimony a considerable portion of the investigation is based, has been convicted of, embezzlement and fraud, among other crimes. Even within the UN Commission investigating the murder of Lebanon’s former Prime Minster Rafik al-Hariri, which presented its report on Thursday, there is doubt of the credibility of the Syrian witness.


Syria hits out against Hariri murder claims:

In the first official reaction to emerge from Damascus, Syrian foreign ministry adviser Riad Daudi told a press conference his government rejected the report, which was biased and aimed at hurting Syria. He said the conclusions were 'without any foundation'.


From Information Clearing House

Blair’s New Tune on Iran

British officials used to be certain that a military attack on Iran was out of the question. Now, it seems, they’re not so sure.


'We have proof UK bombed us':

Iran said yesterday it has proof that Britain was involved in a double bomb attack last week that killed six people and injured more than 100 in Ahvaz.


From Information Clearing House

Leak case returns spotlight to rationale for Iraq war

The legal and political stakes are of the highest order, but the investigation into the disclosure of a covert CIA officer's identity is also just one skirmish in the continuing battle over the Bush administration's justification for the war in Iraq.


From Information Clearing House

US diplomat points to neocon ideology behind Iraq war

A veteran US diplomat who served as a government adviser in Iraq says US policy in the country at the initial stage of the occupation was driven by neoconservative ideology rather than careful preparation and clear understanding of issues.


From Information Clearing House

Leadership Failure: Firsthand Accounts of Torture of Iraqi Detainees

Torture in Iraq

The New York Review of Books has published an excerpt of a report from Human Rights Watch: "Leadership Failure: Firsthand Accounts of Torture of Iraqi Detainees by the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division." Read this to understand how torture has become a "sport" for US soldiers in Iraq.


Wem gehört das Internet?

Die US-Regierung hat vor dem UN-Weltgipfel der Informationsgesellschaft noch einmal klar gestellt, dass die Kontrolle des Internet in ihren Händen bleiben wird, bestärkt wird sie nun auch durch Kongressabgeordnete.


Vier Fünftel der Iraker lehnen eine weitere Präsenz der Koalitionstruppen ab

Bald werden 2000 US-Soldaten seit Beginn des Irak-Kriegs getötet worden sein, die Situation scheint verfahrener denn je zu sein.



As always we feature the action link first, this one to call for the impeachment of George Bush


There is a storm of historic proportions headed for the United States, one that will make Hurricane Wilma (also en route) look like a small splash in the pond by comparison. It's been building and gathering strength in the increasingly hot waters of the Special Counsel's office for almost two years, and in a matter of days it may lay waste to the entire political infrastructure of Washington, D.C., from one end to the other.

We start with the understanding that the crime of the century (so far) has taken place in Iraq. Lies and forged evidence duped the American people into waging preemptive war against a country that posed no threat to us -- all for the cynical and greedy purpose of enriching a handful of the Bush administration's closest cronies. In the process, over 100,000 people have been senselessly murdered and maimed, including many thousands of our own service people. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been looted from the treasuries of two countries, mostly our own. Even worse, many believe that the attack of 9/11 was not only foreseen by the inner circle of our government, but that orders for a deliberate "stand-down" allowed it to occur. Why? So that the horrific resulting tragedy would justify all that followed.

The magnitude of these crimes is so monumental that their perpetrators were obsessed with suppressing any evidence of it. They ruthlessly smeared all critics, purging and intimidating any dissenting voices. For them the treasonous acts of exposing (and thereby destroying) one of our most critical intelligence assets (a front company secretly working to prevent the spread of WMD), were just another day's collateral damage. Having lied successfully for so long, having corrupted their mainstream corporate media lap dogs, and having made eunuchs of many in the "opposition" party, they considered themselves unassailable. Such arrogance has seldom been equaled.

What they did not count on was Patrick Fitzgerald. The letter which appointed him as Special Counsel granted to him the "authority of the Attorney General . . . independent of the supervision or control of any officer of the Department." Careful to confirm the extent of his mandate, he further inquired and was advised that

"[It] is plenary and includes the authority to investigate and prosecute violations of any federal criminal laws related to the underlying alleged unauthorized disclosure, as well as federal crimes committed in the course of, and with intent to interfere with, your investigation, such as perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses; to conduct appeals arising out of the matter being investigated and/or prosecuted . . ."

"Plenary" means "absolute and unqualified." In a word, Fitzgerald has all the power of the attorney general, the top law enforcement officer of the federal government himself, to pursue the facts wherever they may lead. It therefore appears he now possesses his own authority, and cannot be legally removed from his position, even by Bush. He has his own operating budget too, direct from the GAO.

For the criminal purposes of the Bush administration, Patrick Fitzgerald is their worst nightmare come true. He is a career prosecutor with a reputation for being not only "frighteningly" brilliant but fearless, and with a driving passion for determining the truth, their most mortal enemy. Indeed, the fastest way to get Fitzgerald's fur up is to try to lie to him as a witness. See, he's a workaholic already, and liars just make him work harder. And if you've committed a federal crime like maybe . . . oh gee, maybe like perjury . . . says an old attorney friend, "Pat Fitzgerald's gonna get ya." Oh, and did we mention that he always goes for the person at the top of the conspiracy?

For those who are still trying to get their minds around the possible indictment of Rove and Libby, now a near certainty, consider that no one in the Bush camp is capable of telling the truth under any circumstances. As for Bush himself, one of his Harvard Business School professors said that Dubya was "famous" in his class for being a "pathological" liar. Bush has known all along who the leakers were, and he's been lying all along. Fitzgerald interviewed Bush for over an hour, and it's unlikely that he told the truth in any respect. Bad move, George. Fitzie don't play that.

But wait, you say; that interview wasn't under oath. Try telling that to Martha Stewart who just got out of prison from her conviction for deceiving an investigator. Likewise with Dick Cheney. Even if two of his bag men had not cut deals with Fitzgerald already. And as for those who did testify untruthfully to the grand jury under oath, ask Li'l Kim what heinous lie she told to keep her in federal prison for a year. All she did was deny that she knew somebody that she did, in fact, know.

So let's put it together. We have a president who seems unable to tell the truth. We have an independent prosecutor of immaculate integrity who will not tolerate a lie. The INESCAPABLE conclusion is that Bush will be indicted, along with each and every member of his administration who participated in this. There has been talk on the web of 22 indictments. Rove and Libby -- (that's two), add two for Hannah and Wurmser (already cooperating but not given immunity), plus Bush and Cheney -- that gets us up to six . . . why don't we just say conservatively for the purposes of the pool . . . that 12 people will be indicted.

Besides perjury (and false statements), Fitzgerald has conspiracy and obstruction of justice to pick from as well, and those are just a couple of the technical crimes. Remember that he has the authority to pursue this investigation wherever it leads, and he is driven to do just that. He was born for this. Among other things, he requested from the Italian authorities the files on the forging of the Niger documents themselves. That was what Joe Wilson's trip was all about. And why they were so compelled to "out" his wife in the first place in their clumsy attempt to discredit him. What do you think the chances are that the most zealous prosecutor they could have appointed won't get to the bottom of that one, too? He may even expose what really happened on 9/11. Wouldn't that be the "coup de grace"?

So what happens next? What happens if Bush tries to preemptively pardon everyone, INCLUDING himself? Even Nixon wasn't that shameless. But don't put it past Bush to trigger the greatest constitutional crisis of all time. There are a couple of wrinkles involved here, beyond even the public outroar that would result. The constitution states that the president has the power to pardon "except in Cases of Impeachment." That's why it is important that you act now to demand the impeachment of Bush for all the high crimes and misdemeanors that he has committed already. In the end it may be the only way to restrain him.

TAKE ACTION NOW AT http://www.millionphonemarch.com/impeach.htm

If Bush tries to pardon himself AND cling to power, expect winds of historic intensity for change. And in the center of it all there will be a vacuum of power. For those politicians who have shown no courage so far, this will be their last chance! Don't be surprised to see the conspirators running to Roberts, their latest crony appointment, to try to find a way out. And eternal shame on any member of the senate who lets that one slide without demanding each and every document that could help reveal the truth.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Das Bundesgericht baut uns eine Notbremse


Votescam, Diebold: How The Scam Works


Karl and Scooter's Excellent Adventure


Iraqi's want us out

Powerful ammunition here. A poll conducted in Iraq by the British Ministry of Defence was just leaked to the press:

• Forty-five per cent of Iraqis believe attacks against British and American troops are justified - rising to 65 per cent in the British-controlled Maysan province;

• 82 per cent are "strongly opposed" to the presence of coalition troops;

• less than one per cent of the population believes coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in security;

• 67 per cent of Iraqis feel less secure because of the occupation;

• 43 per cent of Iraqis believe conditions for peace and stability have worsened;

• 72 per cent do not have confidence in the multi-national forces.

Full story here: http://tinyurl.com/96vb8

Russell Wallace


Informant: Bob Reuschlein

From ufpj-news

Chinese villagers threaten to riot again


Informant: Andy

Criminal trail of rainforest timber unveiled

by Greenpeace investigation

Sat, October 22, 2005 - 1:06 PM http://YubaNet.com

Sci/Tech Criminal trail of rainforest timber unveiled by Greenpeace investigation Author: Greenpeace Published on October 19, 2005, 07:56

A criminal trail of illegally logged timber from the world's last rainforests, which is 'laundered' in China before arriving in Europe, the USA and other consumer countries, has been uncovered by a major Greenpeace investigation.

Shortly after 7.30am this morning, Greenpeace activists blockaded government offices in London in protest. The activists dumped over a tonne of plywood secured with large chains over the entrance to DEFRA, the UK Government's department responsible for the environment. Two activists chained themselves to the plywood to prevent it being removed, and climbers scaled the outside of the building and secured a banner reading 'Ban Illegal Timber'.

"Governments around the world have known about this problem for years and they've done absolutely nothing about it. Illegally logged timber products from the world's last rainforests are sold openly around the world. This criminal trade must be prohibited immediately," said Phil Aikman, Greenpeace International forests campaigner.

Greenpeace has found that timber from the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Gabon is routinely logged illegally, shipped to China and transformed into plywood before being exported around the world. Many of the companies that log the tropical timber are known to be involved in criminal activities. In Papua New Guinea, for example, the logging industry is dominated by Malaysian logging giant Rimbunan Hijau, a company that has been directly linked not only to environmental destruction, but also to human rights abuses including torture and rape. "China is by far the largest importer of rainforest destruction in the world," said Aikman. "For every ten tropical logs shipped from the world's threatened rainforests, five are destined for China."

A new report, Partners in Crime, published by Greenpeace UK, explains the 14,000 mile journey taken by illegally logged timber from Papua New Guinea, home to animals and plants found nowhere else on the planet. This timber was traced back to UK ports, building sites and builders' merchants via the processing mills of China, where it is transformed into plywood and then exported to markets around the world. US owned 'Wolseley', the world's largest heating and plumbing company, is one of those identified selling such products in the UK.

Illegally logged rainforest timber was found at Chinese plywood mills destined for several other European destinations. Rainforest timber from Gabon, home to some of Africa's last great apes, was found marked for export to the USA.

Greenpeace is calling on governments to introduce legislation to ban the import of illegal timber and to support sustainable forest management globally.

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization, which uses non-violent, creative communication tools to put the spotlight on global environmental problems, and to drive towards solutions essential for a green and peaceful future.

Informant: Scott Munson

Die Ohnmacht der Verbraucher?

"Die Ohnmacht der Verbraucher" titelte die Süddeutsche Zeitung am 18. Oktober 2005 auf Seite 1 und meint die permanent steigenden Öl- und Gaspreise - welch ein Unsinn!


Grönland bald ohne Eis?

Modellrechnungen zeigen die weltweiten Eisvorkommen sensibler für globale Klimaerwärmung als bisher angenommen.



Als das Netz nach Grönland kam

Organic Law in Danger of Being Weakened without Public Input


Informant: Gomez

Congress Threatens to Eliminate Country of Origin Labeling for Food


Informant: Gomez

Flu Fear Fighters


Bush's accomplisments

after presidential coup

In no particular order, except from bad to bad:

1. Significantly eased field-testing controls of genetically engineered crops.
2. Cut federal spending on libraries by $39 million.
3. Cut $35 million in funding for doctors to get advanced pediatric training.
4. Cut by 50% funding for research into renewable energy sources.
5. Revoked rules that reduced the acceptable levels of arsenic in drinking water.
6. Blocked rules that would require federal agencies to offer bilingual assistance to non-English speaking persons. This, from a candidate who would readily fire- up his Spanish-speaking skills in front of would-be Hispanic voters.
7. Proposed to eliminate new marine protections for the Channel Islands and the coral reefs of northwest Hawaii (San Francisco Chronicle, April 6, 2001).
8. Cut funding by 28% for research into cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks.
9. Suspended rules that would have strengthened the government's ability to deny contracts to companies that violated workplace safety, environmental and other federal laws.
10. OK'd Interior Department appointee Gale Norton to send out letters to state officials soliciting suggestions for opening up national monuments for oil and gas drilling, coal mining, and foresting.
11. Appointed John Negroponte - an un-indicted high-level Iran Contra figure to the post of United Nations Ambassador.
12. Abandoned a campaign pledge to invest $100 million for rain forest conservation.
13. Reduced by 86% the Community Access Program for public hospitals, clinics and providers of care for people without insurance.
14. Rescinded a proposal to increase public access to information about the potential consequences resulting from chemical plant accidents.
15. Suspended rules that would require hardrock miners to clean up sites on Western public lands.
16. Cut $60 million from a Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America program for public housing.
17. Proposed to eliminate a federal program, designed and successfully used in Seattle, to help communities prepare for natural disasters.
18. Pulled out of the 1997 Kyoto Treaty global warming agreement.
19. Cut $200 million of work force training for dislocated workers.
20. Eliminated funding for the Wetlands Reserve Program, which encourages farmers to maintain wetlands habitat on their property.
21. Cut program to provide childcare to low-income families as they move from welfare to work.
22. Cut a program that provided prescription contraceptive coverage to federal employees (though it still pays for Viagra).
23. Cut $700 million in capital funds for repairs in public housing.
24. Appointed Otto Reich - an un-indicted high-level Iran Contra figure - to Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs.
25. Cut Environmental Protection Agency budget by $500 million.
26. Proposed to curtail the ability of groups to sue in order to get an animal placed on the Endangered Species List.
27. Rescinded the rule that mandated increased energy-saving efficiency regulations for central air conditioners and heat pumps.
28. Repealed workplace ergonomic rules designed to improve worker health and safety.
29. Abandoned campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide, the waste gas that contributes to global warming.
30. Banned federal aid to international family planning programs that offer abortion counseling with other independent funds.
31. Closed White House Office for Women's Health Initiatives and Outreach.
32. Nominated David Lauriski - ex-mining company executive - to post of Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health.
33. OK'd Interior Secretary Gale Norton to go forth with a controversial plan to auction oil and gas development tracts off the coast of eastern Florida.
34. Announced intention to open up Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest to oil and drilling.
35. Proposes to re-draw boundaries of nation's monuments, which would technically allow oil and gas drilling "outside" of national monuments.
36. Gutted White House AIDS Office.
37. Renegotiating free trade agreement with Jordan to eliminate workers' rights and safeguards for the environment.
38. Will no longer seek guidance from The American Bar Association in recommendations for the federal judiciary appointments.
39. Appointed recycling foe Lynn Scarlett as Undersecretary of the Interior.
40. Took steps to abolish the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
41. Cut the Community Oriented Policing Services program.
42. Allowed Interior Secretary Gale Norton to shelve citizen-led grizzly bear re- introduction plan scheduled for Idaho and Montana wilderness.
43. Continues to hold up federal funding for stem cell research projects.
44. Makes sure convicted misdemeanor drug users cannot get financial aid for college, though convicted murderers can.
45. Refused to fund continued cleanup of uranium-slag heap in Utah.
46. Refused to fund continued litigation of the government's tobacco company lawsuit.
47. Proposed a $2 trillion tax cut, of which 43% will go to the wealthiest 1% of Americans.
48. Signed a bill making it harder for poor and middle-class Americans to file for bankruptcy, even in the case of daunting medical bills.
49. Appointed a Vice President quoted as saying "If you want to do something about carbon dioxide emissions, then you ought to build nuclear power plants." (Vice President %@!#$& Cheney on "Meet the Press.")
50. Appointed Diana "There is no gender gap in pay" Roth to the Council of Economic Advisers. (Boston Globe, March 28, 2001.)
51. Appointed Kay Cole James - an opponent of affirmative action - to direct the Office of Personnel Management.
52. Cut $15.7 million earmarked for states to investigate cases of child abuse and neglect.
53. Helped kill a law designed to make it tougher for teenagers to get credit cards.
54. Proposed elimination of the "Reading is Fundamental" program that gives free books to poor children.
55. Is pushing for development of small nuclear arm to attack deeply buried targets and weapons, which would violate the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
56. Proposes to nominate Jeffrey Sutton - attorney responsible for the recent case weakening the Americans with Disabilities Act - to federal appeals court judgeship.
57. Proposes to reverse regulation protecting 60 million acres of national forest from logging and road building.
58. Eliminated funding for the "We the People" education program which taught School children about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and citizenship.
59. Appointed John Bolton - who opposes nonproliferation treaties and the U.N. - to Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.
60. Nominated Linda Fisher - an executive with Monsanto - for the number-two job at the Environmental Protection Agency.
61. Nominated Michael McConnell - leading critic of the separation of church and state - to a federal judgeship.
62. Nominated Terrence Boyle - ardent opponent of civil rights - to a federal judgeship.
63. Canceled 2004 deadline for automakers to develop prototype high mileage cars.
64. Nominated Harvey Pitts - lawyer for teen sex video distributor - to head SEC.
65. Nominated John Walters - strong opponent of prison drug treatment programs - for Drug Czar. (Washington Post, May 16, 2001.)
66. Nominated J. Steven Giles - an oil and coal lobbyist - for Deputy Secretary of the Interior.
67. Nominated Bennett Raley - who advocates repealing the Endangered Species Act - for Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
68. Is seeking the dismissal of class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. against Japan by Asian women forced to work as sex slaves during WWII.
69. Earmarked $4 million in new federal grant money for HIV and drug abuse prevention programs to go only to religious groups and not secular equivalents.
70. Reduced by 40% the Low Income Home Assistance Program for low-income individuals who need assistance paying energy bills.
71. Nominated Ted Olson - who has repeatedly lied about his involvement with the Scaiffe-funded "Arkansas Project" to bring down Bill Clinton - for Solicitor General.
72. Though has a clear history of drug abuse has signed legislation making it impossible for students to get federal financial aid if they have a drug conviction on their records. This means that if you're privileged and don't need financial aid, you can get convicted for drugs and still go to college. If you need financial aid and have had a drug conviction—ever—you're out of luck.
73. Proposes to ease permit process - including environmental considerations - for refinery, nuclear and hydroelectric dam construction. (Washington Post, May 18, 2001.)
74. Proposes to give government the authority to take private property through eminent domain for power lines.
75. Proposes that $1.2 billion in funding for alternative renewable energy come from selling oil and gas lease tracts in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve.
76. Appoints Army Secretary Thomas White who is being investigated for selling Enron stock just before Enron posted losses. White was a former Enron executive who is alleged to have dumped his stock after being contacted by an Enron official.
77. Took 3 months of vacation of first 9 months in office as president.
78. Had absolutely no concern about terrorism before 9-11
79. Many of his big campaign supporters are crooks who doctored their books in order to screw investors.
80. Wants to fulfill a personal vendetta against Hussein causing a huge and costly war with destabilization of the middle east and Russia and china siding with the Arabs.
81. Wants to kill minimum wage and it's enforcement so that people work at slave wages for his corporate supporters.
82. Wants to take away benefits from the elderly and children in order to compensate for giant tax cuts for super rich.
83. Gave the Taliban approximately $40 million in may, 2001 so that they would allow pipelines for his buddies at Enron.
84. Wants to create the most polluted country on earth by eliminating anti pollution laws so that his super rich factory owner supporters can get richer.

From Scott Munson

To Loot and Rape

Slavoj Zizek discusses how the words of media reporters covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, had tangible and racist effects on the poor blacks abandoned and left without means to survive.


The Sorrow of Haiti


Iraq Slips Away

The delusional happiness reflected in Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's remarks this week to Congress about the so-called progress in Iraq ignores hard facts that point to a debacle.


Miers' Answer Raises Questions

Harriet Miers' leaves many constitutional experts shaking their heads.

Real Men Go to Tehran

by Media Lens

Media Lens on the corporate media's rehashing of pre-Iraq War lies in the context of possible US/UK attacks on Iran...


Open Letter to President Bush on Harriet Miers

by Ralph Nader

Dear President Bush:

Your position regarding the nomination of Harriet Miers to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is increasingly untenable, even with your own Party, for reasons well known to you...


Ohio Players


Strike for Peace

An Interview with Brian Bogart

by Mickey Z.

Activist Brian Bogart asked himself: "Our top industry has been the manufacture and sale of weapons-and we're a peace-loving nation?" Inspired by this paradox, Bogart created Strike for Peace...described on its website as an attempt "to highlight for everyone's sake the dominant role of the military industry in America's economy. We stand for a future of shared resources instead of a future of resource wars. The weapons we help the Pentagon develop in our schools will be used in such wars unless we step away from the microscope to see the macro view and change America's priority from war-industry profit to the Founding vision of prosperity for all." "The action I'm taking is not about political parties," Brian declares. "It's about deadly priorities that have been ruining this country for 55 years and causing a world of suffering, even here at home, and even to our soldiers abroad." I interviewed Brian Bogart via e-mail...


Times Reporter Entangled in Leak Case Had Unusual Relationship with Military, Iraqi Group

Escorting Judy to the Gallows

Times Reporter Entangled in Leak Case Had Unusual Relationship
with Military, Iraqi Group

by Jason Leopold

Embattled New York Times reporter Judith Miller acted as a "middleman" between an American military unit and the Iraqi National Congress while she was embedded with the U.S. armed forces searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in April 2003, and "took custody" of Saddam Hussein's son-in-law, one of 55 most wanted Iraqis, Dissident Voice has found. Moreover, in one of the most highly unusual arrangements between a news organization and the Department of Defense, Miller sat in on the initial debriefing of Jamal Sultan Tikriti, according to a June 25, 2003 article published in the Washington Post. The Post article sheds some light on her unusual arrangement in obtaining a special security clearance from the Department of Defense which is now the subject of a Democratic congressional inquiry. On Monday, Reps. John Conyers and Ira Skelton, the ranking Democrats on the House Judiciary and Armed Services committees sent Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a letter demanding an explanation to Miller's top secret security clearance, which Rumsfeld reportedly personally authorized...


Condi Lies With the Great Ones


Disasters Are Us


WILMA - The Storm of the Century


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