Electrosmog in Japan

I am an American who has been living in Japan for the past 17 years. Recently, I have become aware that the Electrosmog caused by the more and more ubiquitous microwave antennas has been seriously negatively affecting my health.

Are there communities I can go to to get away from the Electrosmog and if so where are they?


Art Kab


Replying to Art Kab, I too left Tokyo because my health was seriously affected. I am now living in a rural area near Mt. Fuji, and I feel much better. There are really no areas without cell phone antennas, but if you go into the mountains it is much better. If you like to hike, most of the wild places are practically free of cellular pollution. There are still satellites, though, and I think the BS broadcasting satellite is particularly bad. Going to Okinawa or further south gets you out of the stronger part of the beam, but there is no place that is completely free.

I went in to central Tokyo this morning to a dentist for removal of one of my amalgams (and will go back to get the others done later--I will see if this also helps with my health), and became dizzy. I am seriously affected by the electrosmog in Ginza. I try to avoid spending too many hours in central Tokyo. In August, when I spent two days in central Tokyo, I came down with what appeared too be meningitis, so now I don't go to central Tokyo without a very good reason.

A shame, though! The anti-cell phone group has apparently chosen a name: Keitai Off. (keitai means cellphone) And they've gotten a good start, but are having all their meetings in central Tokyo, so I just can't join them. I'll try to get more news from them somehow and relay it to everyone.

All the best,

Pat Ormsby


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