7th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin

This is the 7th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin (Safe Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Policy). SWEEP is assisted by the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund: we couldn't do this without their foresight and generous support.

This newsletter serves as a roundup of what has been occuring on the EMF/EMR awareness and advocacy front in Canada. Please send me Canadian links and stories. Thanks to a collaboration with GotEMF Canada we are now beginning to build a broad national news-sharing alliance.

TODAY: a report on our recent meeting in St Catharines, Ontario.

Last Saturday Magda Havas of Trent University presented to an interested group, some of whom had driven 6 hours to be present, on issues around electromagnetic fields, radio frequency radiation, dirty electricity, and ground current. A number of individuals living with electromagnetic injuries were present, as were representatives from STP-EMF from Markham, and also from a group looking at safety of wireless in schools around Kingston. Thanks for driving so far Sue, friend of Sue, and Janice!

A number of concrete plans came out of a meeting which followed the presentation:

1. Thanks to funding from a variety of sources (the breast Cancer Research and Education Fund, Dave Stetzer and Cammie Jackay's generous donation of $1000 worth of filters to our silent auction, and individual donations) we now have sufficient funds to begin our website. To date people from the SWEEP list have committed to writing short (1000-1500) articles for the website in the following areas: -Radio Frequency Radiation focussing on cell towers and wireless -Wireless and Computers in Schools -Rural and Agricultural Energy Issues -Ground Current -Electromagnetic Injury or EHS

We need writers for the following topics (even if you are not a scientist, please give it a go, we can get scientists to help back up and reference your texts): -Electromagnetic Pollution and the Medical Industry -Dirty Electricity -Alternative Healing Modalities for Electromagnetic Injury -EMF (I've asked two folks and hope they will say yes!) -Electromagnetic Pollution in the Home (Don Maisch has a great article on this: maybe he would let us use it and we could adapt it to the Canadian context?)

There are obviosuly many more topics: please let me know what you would like to contribute. Deadline mid-december -- we want to launch in January, although obviously we can always add material.

If you are an international observer, please send remarks as well, this is a global issue.

2. Anna Jonsson has submitted an excellent survey for EM Injured and EHS folks. Madga, myself, and most likely a medical researcher, will be circulating this survery (with some adaptations) as soon as it has gone through my university's ethics boards (necessary for research when you are colelcting data from people).

The material from this survery will be used as the basis for scientific papers as well as the basis of a book of testimonials on EM Injury and EHS similar to the 'Black on White' doc put out by the Swedes (see http://www.feb.se ). Anna has a Swedish background and has close connections with the EHS community in Sweden, and is the perfect person to help head up this project. We were approached by an environmental org on Saturday who may be able to help fund the publishing of this book. If we time the release properly, we could make real inroads with this. We would like to have this done within the next year.

We will need 100 completed surveys, so get ready to help circulating this. It shouldn't be hard, every day we hear of someone new living with this.

3. Magda plans on working with Dave Stetzer to set up training sessions for electricians that will certify them to test for various types of EM pollution and provide various solutions in corporate and household situations. We need some electricians to help organize this, please let me kwow if you are anyone you know may be interested. We would like to do this within the the next few months.

4. We have begun planning for a comprehensive map of all radio frequency towers, including cell towers, in Canada that you will be able to zoom in to from the comfort of your own home. This map will contain all available information about each tower and each frequency they emit. We have the individuals and sources necessary to do this, and will begin fundraising for the staffing of this project shortly.

More newsletters soon: there are many interesting posts sent in by the SWEEP list members that I will be sending out shortly.

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