NY Times ready for war with Iran

One day after Libby’s indictment, the [NY Times], which played a key role in promoting the administration’s lies and its drive for war against Iraq, published an editorial on Iran that stated—as a matter of fact— “the trouble is that Iran has a nuclear weapons program...”

This claim, which has been rejected by the International Atomic Energy Agency and for which not a shred of evidence has been produced, serves the same function in preparing for military action against Iran as the WMD fabrications about Iraq. [1]

A Demagogue in Iran NY Times Editorial [2]

Published: October 29, 2005

"As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map." Thus spake Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, to 4,000 students gathered for a conference on "The World Without Zionism." The imam he was citing, of course, was the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Then Mr. Ahmadinejad added his own words: "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury."

Such vicious blather against Israel is still prevalent, alas, across much of the Islamic world. But for some time now, it has been largely restricted to Islamic radicals and terrorists. Most Muslim leaders, even those openly hostile to Israel, have come to understand that openly calling for the obliteration of a nation is unacceptable in international discourse, not to mention dangerous, stupid and despicable. But not Mr. Ahmadinejad, the handpicked president of Iran's ruling clerics. At the United Nations last month, he spouted much the same kind of bile, establishing himself firmly as a demagogue.

The trouble is that Iran has a nuclear weapons program that the combined efforts of the United States, Britain, France, Germany and the International Atomic Energy Agency have failed to halt. Mr. Ahmadinejad, moreover, has every reason to think that everything's going his way. Iran is riding high on soaring oil prices, the United States has neutered Iran's greatest enemy, Iraq, and both Russia and China are prepared to block any serious move toward sanctions in the U.N. Security Council. So why not indulge in some real vitriol?

Perhaps no one can now pretend that Iran has no hostile motives for its nuclear program. Britain, France and Germany were right to call their ambassadors back from Tehran (Washington doesn't have one there). Tough diplomacy must continue to curb Iran's nuclear aspirations, but there must be no illusions about the ideologue presiding in Iran.


[ 1 ] The political implications of the Libby indictment
by Barry Grey, 31 October 2005

[ 2 ] The New York Times Editorial Board GAIL COLLINS, Editor

Gail Collins, the editorial page editor, is responsible for the two opinion pages The Times publishes every day. Her department includes the editorial board, as well as the Op-Ed and Letters departments. The editorial department of the paper is completely separate from the news operations and Ms. Collins answers directly to the publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. She is assisted by Andrew Rosenthal, deputy editor, David Shipley, the editor of the Op-Ed page, and Thomas Feyer, the Letters editor.

Under her direction, the 16 members of the board prepare the paper's editorials. The board holds regular meetings to discuss current issues. The editorials are written by individual board members in consultation with their colleagues, and are edited by Ms. Collins and Mr. Rosenthal. •••


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Help Stop U.S. Torture

The United States should not stand for torture. Here's your chance to stop it!

Read all about it:

Billionaires R Us


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Rove Is "Official A"; Wilson Calls for His Firing

Late Friday, three people close to the investigation, each asking to remain unidentified because of grand jury secrecy, identified Rove as Official A. "I think the president should fire him ... these are firing offenses," Joe Wilson, a retired career US diplomat, said of Rove.


For full coverage of the CIA leak investigation, go to our Special Coverage Page.

Mr. Fitzgerald Calling

Ets1 oncogene induction by ELF-modulated 50 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field


If that is a proven fact 'the conclusion is that cellular radiation is acting and penetrating our bodies, into the bones 'inside the brain the same as x rays' inside bodies of newborn babies .... in contrast to what hidden spokesmens of cellular industry who enter our groups in internet discussion and mock at us saying that electricy is much more dangerous... because of higher watt, but to my understanding 'electric rays or even solar UVA or infrared cannot penetrate through walls or even cloth we wear, so my question is why most academic research and activists put attention just on the thermal effect and pulses (frequencies) as causing damage instead of explaining that the cellular radiation is penetrating our own bodies 'even if we wear clothes! - from such radiation nobody can escape! - and we are being radiated with this kind of x (rf) rays (even that it is non ion) we get artificial radiation non stop for 2400 hours radiation in 100 days!! how european people who are much more concerned and academic than americans, don't gather by thousands to protest that are illegally radiating RF deep into each one's body? HOW? do they allow even one day more to continue this scandal ?? and for the possibility of oncogens to be created from this frequent radiation article from pubmed:


Subject : Ets1 oncogene induction by ELF-modulated 50 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field.

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Juan Cole sees hand of Rupert Murdoch in NY Times's embrace of dubious sources


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From ufpj-news

Body Count

Erstmals hat das Pentagon Zahlen über die Opfer der Gewalt im Irak vorgelegt, allerdings nur die von Aufständischen getöteten Iraker - Die Zahlen zeigen dennoch die prekäre Sicherheitslage.


They Call Him 'Scalito'

The condemnation of Samuel Alito from civil rights, women's and civil liberties groups is coming fast and furious.


Time To Constrain The President

While Bush and Cheney are weakened politically, now is the time to rebuild the checks and balances on presidential warmaking.


The Battle Over Hackett

by David Goodman, TomPaine.com

Could the Ohio election that Iraq War veteran Paul Hackett nearly won be the wake-up call Dems need for '06?


Bursting Bernanke's Bubble

by Mark Weisbrot, TomPaine.com

No longer an academic, the incoming Fed chairman will have to confront the speculative frenzy threatening Americans.


Math Logic Proof Shows that ESI Analysis of Ohio and National Exit Poll Data is Bunk

Math Logic Proof Shows that ESI Analysis of Ohio and National Exit Poll Data is Bunk -- Mitofsky and ESI's Claim to "Rule Out Vote Fraud" is Proven Incorrect

Organization: The National Election Data Archive http://electionarchive.org

online versions of press release:
http://electionarchive.org/ucvInfo/release/ESI-hypothesis-illogical-press-release.pdf http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/10/prweb304137.php

Summary: George W. Bush could have won the 2004 presidential election due to large-scale vote fraud without election data showing the patterns that the Election Science Institute (ESI) and pollster Warren Mitofsky claim must exist if vote fraud had occurred. The analysis that exit pollster Warren Mitofsky presented at the October 14, 2005 American Statistical Association fall conference has been proven mathematically useless for testing exit poll data for vote fraud.

Background: In the 2004 presidential election, John F. Kerry won according to exit polls. Yet George W. Bush won according to the official election results. Exit pollster Warren Mitofsky in a January 2005 paper, stated that the discrepancy between election and exit poll results was caused by Kerry voters responding to exit polls more than Bush voters. From January to June, the National Election Data Archive (NEDA) used algebraic methods to show that this "reluctant Bush responder" explanation was refuted by the available exit poll data. However, in a June 2005 paper, and at the October 14 American Statistical Association fall conference, Mitofsky presented another hypothesis that he claimed "kills the vote fraud argument" in the 2004 presidential election.

Math Logic Proves that ESI's Latest Analysis Purporting to Rule out Vote Fraud Is Invalid

Mitofsky and Election Science Institute (ESI) argue that

"If systematic fraud or error in vote counting [favoring Bush] occurred [in precincts] in 2004 but not in 2000, then Bush would have done significantly better in those precincts in 2004 [than in 2000], and we would see larger exit poll discrepancies in those precincts."

That is, ESI claims that if precincts had vote fraud, then we would expect better Bush performance in those precincts in 2004 than in 2000. Mitofsky showed that precinct-level Bush vote increases from the 2000 election were not correlated with larger exit poll discrepancies, and concluded that vote fraud could thus be ruled out in the 2004 presidential election.

However, to cite just one possibility, what if the Democrats won the 2004 turnout battle big-time so that the effect of vote fraud in those precincts was to rescue Bush from a worse performance than in 2000 and bring him up to even?

The National Election Data Archive (NEDA) uses mathematical logic to prove that ESI's logic is incorrect and that any analysis of vote fraud based on it is meaningless. NEDA, in its proof, shows how Bush could win in 2004 due to large-scale vote fraud and yet have higher exit poll discrepancies where the Bush vote share is less in 2004 than in 2000 (not more as ESI claims).

In other words, no conclusion on the occurrence of vote fraud can be reached via the analysis used by Mitofsky with ESI.

Any mathematician utilizing the discipline of Math Logic can easily check the validity of NEDA's proof by reading “Mathematical Proof that Election Sciences Institute's Test to Rule Out Vote Fraud is Logically Incorrect” which can be found at http://electionarchive.org/ucvAnalysis/US/exit-polls/ESI/ESI-hypothesis-illogical.pdf.

NEDA requests that:

1. Mitofsky and ESI please shoot only straight arrows into the fray from now on -- by logically and mathematically checking their hypotheses of the 2004 exit poll discrepancies before publicly releasing them. Time could better be spent on implementing a national election data archive system to analyze election data as soon as polls close; and

2. the polling firm Edison/Mitofsky release their arsenal of 2004 raw precinct-level unadjusted data for the entire United States, as was done for Ohio, so that independent researchers could statistically ascertain whether vote fraud probably occurred or not. Further, precinct identifiers are needed to allow investigation into the causes of some impossible election results in some precincts where the sum of all non-responders to the exit poll plus the number of all responders who said they voted for Bush is less than Bush’s official vote share.

Any valid comparison of the 2000 and 2004 elections to test for vote fraud would require 1) the unadjusted exit poll discrepancy data for the 2000 election, and 2) consideration of other issues such as the influence of third party candidates, voter turnout increases, and changing precinct demographic and geographic characteristics .

NEDA will release its own analysis of the precinct level Ohio exit poll data on November 2, 2005 in a report, “The Gun is Smoking: Ohio Precinct-level Exit Poll Data Show Virtually Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount”.

Press Contact: Kathy Dopp 435-608-1382 or 917-656-0066 kathy@uscountvotes.org

The National Election Data Archive (NEDA) a nonprofit organization of statisticians and mathematicians devoted to the accuracy of U.S. vote counts.

Wer jetzt noch nach Betreuungsrecht zwangsbehandelt, ist ein Verbrecher

Der BPE hat einen hervorragenden Beschluß gefasst; das Link dazu befindet sich hier:

Wer jetzt noch nach Betreuungsrecht zwangsbehandelt, ist ein Verbrecher!

Sensationelles Urteil (17 W 37/05) des OLG Celle vom 10. August 2005

Nach dem Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Celle „ist eine Zwangsbehandlung auf betreuungsrechtlicher Grundlage rechtlich nicht zulässig und daher nicht genehmigungsfähig.

Der Senat folgt insoweit der Auffassung, nach der in Anlehnung an die Entscheidung des Bundesgerichtshofs zur ambulanten Zwangsbehandlung (FamRZ 2001,149) auch die stationäre Zwangsbehandlung auf der Grundlage des Betreuungsrechts infolge des Fehlens einer ausreichenden Rechtsgrundlage als rechtlich nicht zulässig angesehen wird (OLG Thüringen, R&P 2003, 29; Marschner, Zwangsbehandlung in der ambulanten und stationären Psychiatrie, R&P 2005, S.47ff. mit weit. Hinweisen).“

Es „ ... verlangt der Bundesgerichtshof (a.a.O, S. 152) unter Hinweis auf die Rechtsprechung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts für jede Zwangshandlung gegen den Widerstand des Betreuten eine ausdrückliche Rechtsgrundlage durch ein formelles Gesetz.“

... „Der sprachlich eindeutige Gesetzestext enthält nur die Befugnis zur Unterbringung bzw. unterbringungsähnlichen Maßnahmen nicht jedoch auch die Befugnis zur - gemessen an der Eingriffintensität - deutlich schwerwiegenderen Zwangsbehandlung .“

Soweit der Originaltext des Urteils. Unterstreichungen BPE-Vorstand. Es hängt von Euch ab, in wie weit dieses Urteil umfassende Wirkung entfaltet! Wir unterstützen Euch mit allen uns verfügbaren Mitteln!

Das Urteil bietet verschiedene Ansatzpunkte, etwas zu tun.

1) Erst mal müssen Psychiatrie-Erfahrene, Rechtsanwälte und Richter/innen wissen, dass es dieses Urteil gibt. Alle Amts- und Landgerichte müssen sich an dieser Rechtsprechung orientieren. Eine abweichende Rechtsauffassung muss von nun an ausführlich begründet werden.

2) Aber auch Psychiater, Betreuer/innen, Sozialarbeiter/innen müssen von diesem Urteil wissen. Ab sofort riskiert jede/r, die/der eine/n Betreute/n gegen seinen erklärten Willen zur Behandlung auch nur nötigt, Strafanzeige, Ermittlungs-verfahren, Gerichtsverfahren und, wenn es schlecht läuft, sogar Verurteilung.

Da es (noch) genügend PE gibt, die sich behandeln lassen wollen, wird das niemand riskieren.

3) Vor allem innerhalb der Selbsthilfegruppen und Landesverbände muss allen klar werden, unter Betreuungsrecht kann zwar untergebracht, aber nicht zwangsbehandelt werden.

Wie setzen wir das nun um?

Den Gesetzestext könnt Ihr unter www.psychiatrie-erfahrene-nrw.de, dort Weg mit dem Zwang runterladen. Oder Mail an Matthias.Seibt@psychiatrie-erfahrene-nrw.de bzw. beratung@bpe-online.de (Miriam). Oder Anruf an 0234 / 68 70 5552 (Miriam) bzw. 0234 / 640 5102 (Matthias).

Auch ausführliche Beratung zum Vorgehen wird von Miriam und Matthias geleistet. Wenn nur ein Staatsanwalt erfolgreich wegen Körperverletzung anklagt, geht die Zwangspsychiatrie nach Betreuungsrecht in die Knie!

Der geschäftsführende Vorstand des BPE e.V. 29.10.2005

Eine Mitteilung des Werner-Fuß-Zentrum Scharnweberstr. 29
10247 Berlin http://www.psychiatrie-erfahrene.de

'If I were Cheney I'd be sweating a little'


Informant: NHNE

Ending the Fraudulence

Paul Krugman writes that this administration's political triumphs have never been based on its real-world achievements, which are few and far between. The administration has, instead, built its power on myths: the myth of presidential leadership, the ugly myth that the administration is patriotic, while its critics are not. Take away those myths, and the administration has nothing left.


Smoke Gets in Our Eyes


Press Acquits Itself after Libby Indictment

A lot of media outlets are now scrutinizing some of the lies told by the Bush administration before the invasion of Iraq. Norman Solomon writes that the same news organizations are bypassing their own key roles in the marketing of those lies. A case in point is the New York Times.


US 'Had No Policy' in Place to Rebuild Iraq

The US government had “no comprehensive policy or regulatory guidelines” in place for staffing the management of postwar Iraq, according to the top government watchdog overseeing the country’s reconstruction.


Democrats Demand Rove's Firing

Democrats demanded yesterday that President Bush fire Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, and that the White House fully account for Vice President Cheney's role in the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame, as Republicans acted to limit the political damage from Friday's indictment of Cheney's chief of staff.


Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak


The Political Implications Of The Libby Indictment

by Barry Grey
31 October 2005

Friday’s indictment of I. Lewis Libby for perjury and obstruction of justice in the Justice Department probe of the outing of a CIA agent has shaken not only the White House, but the entire political establishment in the US.

Libby was one of the chief architects of the invasion of Iraq.

His indictment for lying about an administration “dirty tricks” operation against a critic of the war implicates both the vice president and Bush himself.

As the New York Times wrote on October 29, Libby “had the exalted position of being a full member of President Bush’s inner circle ... holding three pivotal jobs at once: assistant to the president, chief of staff to the vice president and Mr. Cheney’s national security adviser.”

Underlying Libby’s indictment is a deep crisis of American foreign policy— first and foremost the disastrous results of the US invasion of Iraq—which has come together with growing internal opposition to both the war and the worsening economic situation confronting broad masses of working people.

This crisis is more than the end result of the personal limitations of Bush and the subjective predilections of Cheney, Rumsfeld and their fellow conspirators.

It is rooted in an objective crisis of historical proportions: American imperialism has arrived at a blind alley, for which it has no way out other than war and reaction.

That is fundamentally what imparts to the US government its criminal character, and dictates that the more it becomes caught up in its own contradictions, the more dangerous and violent it becomes.

It would be the most serious mistake to believe that the response of the Bush administration to the indictment of Libby will be to compromise and retreat from its policies of militarism and social reaction.

Its instinctive response will be to adopt even more extreme measures.

This can already be seen in the Bush administration’s signals to the Christian right, following the collapse of the Harriet Miers nomination for the Supreme Court, that the president’s next choice will meet the specifications of the administration’s neo-fascist “base.”

Despite the crisis and disarray of his administration, Bush has one great advantage: his nominal opposition, the Democratic Party, has no interest in seeing his government collapse.

The Democrats’ combination of cowardice and complicity in the war ensure that Bush will be given time to work out his plans for a counteroffensive.

Libby’s indictment arose out of the attempt by the White House to discredit former diplomat Joseph Wilson. In July of 2003, after US occupation forces had failed to turn up any evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the anti-US insurgency had begun to grow, Wilson published a column in the New York Times exposing as a lie one of the main pieces of “evidence” cited by Bush and other top administration officials to back up their tales of a nuclear-armed terror regime in Baghdad. This was the claim that Saddam Hussein had sought to purchase uranium from the African country of Niger.

Wilson revealed that he had been sent by the CIA the previous year to Niger to investigate the uranium claim, and had found it to be false.

He accused the Bush administration of “twisting” intelligence to drag the American people into war.

The administration responded by feeding to the press the fact that Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, was a CIA operative, and suggesting that she had played a role in assigning Wilson to check out the African uranium story.

The aim was to smear Wilson and dissuade any other would-be whistle blowers from exposing the government’s lies.

This plot to silence a critic of the war was only a small part of an immense web of criminality and lies.

It flowed from the central crime: the unprovoked invasion of Iraq, justified through the systematic and deliberate deception of the American people.

If the principles laid down by the Nuremburg trials were enforced, this conspiracy to wage aggressive war would itself result in Bush, Cheney, Libby and others suffering the maximum penalty.

The Bush administration elevated the illegal premises underlying the Iraq war to the foundation of its foreign policy, in its doctrine of “preventive war,” which is a direct repudiation of international law.

The pursuit of this policy has entailed the widespread use of torture, the practice of “disappearing” alleged terrorists and the establishment of American-run gulags in various parts of the world.

Given the enormity of these crimes, and the scale of the lying used to justify or conceal them, what is remarkable is not that one small aspect of the conspiracy has unraveled, and one of the culprits has been indicted, but that it has taken years for the administration to suffer any serious consequences.

This is a government that has carried out one cover-up after another: of its role in the so-called “intelligence failure” that enabled a band of Islamic terrorists to blow up the World Trade Center and bomb the Pentagon; of its policy of torturing detainees in the so-called “war on terror;” of its conspiracy to drag the country into an illegal war that has already cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and more than 2,000 American soldiers.

It is a government, moreover, that came to power on the basis of fraud and the suppression of votes.

Yet it has been given a free pass by the Democratic Party, Congress, the courts and the media.

The CIA leak investigation that has resulted in Libby’s indictment did not come about as a result of demands from the Democratic Party, Congressional probes, or investigations by the establishment press.

Rather, it was the result of mounting tensions and jurisdictional disputes between the CIA and the State Department on the one side and the White House, Cheney and the Pentagon on the other.

Within the CIA, bitterness and anger grew over the open contempt with which Cheney and Rumsfeld treated the agency and its staff.

Dissatisfied with the reports coming from the CIA on Iraqi WMD, Cheney tried to bully CIA analysts into producing intelligence that could justify an invasion, and simultaneously set up his own intelligence unit to bypass the normal channels and churn out the most dire reports.

When the administration outed Valerie Plame Wilson, a covert operative, the CIA bureaucracy was shocked that the government would violate so basic a principle of the spy apparatus for political ends. It decided to retaliate.

It was, in fact, an official request from the CIA for an investigation of Wilson’s exposure that forced then-attorney general John Ashcroft to appoint a special counsel to conduct a probe.

That the administration’s claims of Iraqi WMD were either gross exaggerations or outright lies was known throughout the political and media establishment.

Even the United Nations weapons inspectors and the International Atomic Energy Agency had rebutted Washington’s assertions.

And it was well known that the Bush administration was dominated by neo-conservatives who had been agitating ever since the first Gulf War of 1991 for a new war to topple Saddam Hussein and turn Iraq— with its vast oil resources—into an American protectorate.

Defenders of the war and the Bush administration repeatedly point to the fact, as supposed proof that the White House did not deliberately lie, that the preceding Democratic administration of Bill Clinton had insisted that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.

Clinton used this claim to justify relentless American pressure on the Baathist regime, including the launching of air wars and the maintenance of sanctions that destroyed the country’s infrastructure and led to the death of hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

The argument that both parties promoted the myth of Iraqi WMD is, of course, true.

What it demonstrates, however, is not the innocence of Bush, but rather the degree to which the Iraqi WMD canard had for a decade served as an essential premise of US imperialist foreign policy.

This lie had become so pivotal that it took on a life of its own and could not be challenged.

The bipartisan consensus surrounding this lie, and its inevitable and bloody consequences, were spelled out during the 2004 election campaign by James Rubin, a top Clinton-era State Department official and adviser to Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Rubin declared that had Democrat Al Gore won the 2000 election, the US would have invaded Iraq anyway.

These political facts show that every institution of American capitalism is implicated in the crime of aggressive war, and the conspiracy against the democratic rights of the American people of which it is a part.

However, no matter how complicit and prostrate the Democratic Party and the media, taking the country into war on the basis of lies is an enormously reckless enterprise, fraught with consequences unforeseen by those who conspired to carry it out.

In the end, what has produced the Libby indictment and the broader crisis of the US political system is the failure of the American military to suppress the Iraqi resistance and the mounting opposition of the American people to the war.

The growth of popular opposition has been compounded by the disastrous response of the government to Hurricane Katrina and the escalating assault of big business against the jobs and living standards of the working class.

Every one of those who conspired to invade and occupy Iraq richly deserves whatever legal punishment may be eventually meted out.

But militarism, war, the assault on democratic rights and living standards will not be halted by the institutions of the very system that is responsible for these crimes.

On the contrary, the American people face the danger that the ruling elite, in response to its mounting and intractable problems, will strike out both abroad and at home.

No matter how extended and bogged down the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan, the impulse will be to widen the war in the Middle East.

The editorial page of the October 29 New York Times is instructive.

One day after Libby’s indictment, the Times, which played a key role in promoting the administration’s lies and its drive for war against Iraq, published an editorial on Iran that stated—as a matter of fact— “the trouble is that Iran has a nuclear weapons program...”

This claim, which has been rejected by the International Atomic Energy Agency and for which not a shred of evidence has been produced, serves the same function in preparing for military action against Iran as the WMD fabrications about Iraq.

The only basis for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and preventing future and even more bloody catastrophes is the independent political mobilization of the working class in opposition to the two-party system and the financial aristocracy whose interests it serves.

See Also: Iraq war is the real “underlying crime” in the Libby indictment [29 October 2005]


Informant: friends2b

Bush's imploding presidency

Boston Globe
by Robert Kuttner


"With the indictment of Lewis Libby and possible indictment of Karl Rove, President Bush faces a fateful choice. ... It is worth pausing a moment to take stock of it all: The vice president's chief aide is indicted on perjury and obstruction charges that potentially implicate Cheney, since he told Libby of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson's position. ... The religious right humiliates Bush on the Harriet Miers nomination. This will leave Bush furious at his usual allies, weakened politically, and Democrats and moderate Republicans in Congress more determined to prevent the far right from dictating the next nominee. Tom DeLay ... is indicted for corrupt campaign money-laundering, while his opposite number in the Senate, Bill Frist, faces potentially criminal conflict-of-interest charges for dumping stock. ... The president is caught flat-footed in the most serious natural disaster in a century...


Gotterdamerung for the Bushies?

by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St.Clair


This is what CounterPunch gets from Plamegate, and what we always got from Plamegate. The people in charge of the nation's destinies these last five years are very, very stupid. Only really stupid people could have thought that outing Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA employee was a good way of undercutting her husband, Joe Wilson...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A grave indictment, but grave questions remain

The Nation
by David Corn


If a senior White House official leaks classified information that identifies an undercover CIA officer to reporters in order to undermine a critic of the administration, he is not entitled to lie about it to FBI agents and a grand jury charged with the task of determining if such a leak violated the law. That was special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's message, as he held a dramatic press conference at the Justice Department to explain the five-count indictment his grand jury issued against I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. 'This is a very serious matter,' he insisted...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Observations on irresponsible behavior in modern welfare states

The Free Liberal
by Ali Hassan Massoud


People are told that it is their right to do as they wish regardless of whatever that happens to be. If they want to smoke, use drugs or alcohol, have unprotected sex, get deeply into debt or any other form of folly or indulgence it is OK, as long as they don't hurt or infringe on the rights others. Yet in a modern social democracy, which is what most of the liberal democracies have been morphing into, the social wreckage caused by these actions becomes a problem for every one else too. Especially when it comes to paying for it all...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney

by Justin Raimondo


The lesson the Bushies are learning is that the neocons -- who have colonized Cheney's office more effectively and permanently than the Pilgrims did Plymouth Rock -- are nothing but trouble, and it just isn't worth it to go to bat for them. It may, however, be a lesson learned far too late. Bush's presidency is sinking faster than New Zealand's Whakarewarewa Thermal Village: both sit precariously atop a locus of volcanic activity. At this point, there are, no doubt, many in the White House who wish they could hand Cheney the presidential Medal of Freedom and send him on his way. The war Cheney and his neocon confreres wanted has turned out to be an albatross hung 'round Bush's neck, and it is dragging down the GOP as we approach the 2006 congressional elections...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A self-fulfilling prophecy

Independent Institute
by Craig S. Marxsen and Carl P. Close


Although Americans have often expressed strong support for environmental protection in recent decades, much of the cost of 'green' regulations has remained hidden from public scrutiny. That may soon change, however. In September, the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs held a hearing about the impact of Environmental Protection Agency regulations on U.S. businesses -- specifically on the manufacturing sector, which bears most of their direct costs. Some testimony given at the hearing was highly troubling...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Plamegate: Behind crisis, key advisers' tactics

Boston Globe


The indictment of I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby and the efforts to expose a CIA agent outlined by a federal prosecutor yesterday add to a growing body of evidence that the Bush administration approached foreign policy like a political campaign, dividing people into friends or foes. This leadership strategy involves rallying intense groups of supporters and striking out against critics. It helped win President Bush many close votes in Congress in his first term and a narrow, hard-fought reelection victory. But when the White House applied the same approach to building the case for the Iraq war, it found itself in battles not just with Democrats but also with parts of its own government, including the CIA. The fierce prowar leanings of Libby, combined with the partisan warfare perfected by presidential adviser Karl Rove, led to a legal and political disaster for the administration...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

White House halts royal visit to New Orleans

Guardian [UK]


The crisis engulfing the White House has forced the Prince of Wales to alter his plans to visit hurricane-ravaged New Orleans over the next week. A visit to the city was planned by Clarence House and Downing Street to display the compassionate side of the Duchess of Cornwall. However, the trip has been put on hold by the White House, which is anxious that it may draw attention back to President George Bush's much-criticised response to the Katrina victims. ... After President Bush was portrayed as uncaring in the wake of Katrina, the White House questioned whether the Prince's presence in New Orleans would contrast unfavourably with the President's failure to respond in good time...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Democrat urges Rove to quit over CIA leak

Cincinnati Enquirer


The Senate Democratic leader said Sunday that presidential adviser Karl Rove should resign because of his role in exposing an undercover CIA officer, and a veteran Republican senator said President Bush needs 'new blood' in his White House. Rove has not been charged, but he continues to be investigated in the CIA leaks case that brought the indictment and resignation Friday of I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, an adviser to Bush and the top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush nominates Alito to Supreme Court

CBS 13 News


President Bush nominated Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court on Monday, selecting a conservative federal judge to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a moderate. Alito is 'one of the most respected and accomplished judges in America,' said Mr. Bush. 'He understands that judges are to interpret the laws, not to impose their preferences or priorities on the people.' Alito himself said federal judges should always be 'keeping in mind the limited role the courts play in our judicial system.' Unlike the nomination of Harriet Miers, which was derailed by Mr. Bush's conservative allies, Alito will face opposition from liberal Democrats. 'This is a red-meat conservative choice,' says CBSNews.com Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen. 'The president's base is going to love it, Democrats are going to hate it'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Federal Hate Crime Bill: Don't Forget it Hasn't Gone Away


Joe Wilson Says Leak Destroyed Wife's CIA Career

Valerie Plame's nearly two-decade career at the CIA, and the secret life she crafted to conceal it, were blown when her identity was revealed by a newspaper columnist, her husband Joe Wilson stated on Sunday in a CBS "60 Minutes" interview.


For full coverage of the CIA leak investigation, go to our Special Coverage Page.

Mr. Fitzgerald Calling


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The Senate amendment to the new Defense Appropriations Act would explicitly prohibit the U.S. government from subjecting those in its custody to cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment or punishment. It's pretty straightforward stuff. Yet despite a rousing 90-9 vote for its passage, there are still dark forces at work trying to subvert the intent of this measure, the language of which must survive the conference committee in the House of Representatives.

If the morality perverters have their way, there will be a carve-out to exempt the CIA from this prohibition. They are seeking this with the express knowledge that sadists (acting under the color of CIA authority) have been responsible for the horrific abuses which made necessary further action and clarification of existing law. This exemption would in fact turn the measure on its head to AUTHORIZE torture by a particular agency, diametrically contrary to the amendment's intent. They might as well appoint a "Torture Czar" and make it a cabinet level position.

Actually, for all practical purposes we already have a torture czar . . . it's the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Yes, it is Cheney himself who is PERSONALLY pressuring the conference committee to rescind the McCain amendment in this way (just as he was pressuring CIA analysts in the cooking of the justification for war with Iraq). It has been Cheney himself who has taken a lead role from the beginning, talking in 2002 about the need to revive the "dark arts." Since they could no longer keep the abuses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and elsewhere classified, they have prosecuted a couple of selected patsies for these crimes, while their agency handlers right up through the chain of command have continued in their unconscionable ways.

This is not to let the president himself off the hook. In the first place there is Bush's own overreaching lust for absolute dictatorial power. Indeed, his longtime attorney and ally, Alberto Gonzales, put his name on the infamous Jan 25, 2002 memo, referring to the Geneva convention as "quaint." But what many people do not realize is that the heart of that reprehensible legal pretzel job was drafted by David Addington, the staff attorney closely associated with Dick Cheney. And would anybody like to guess Mr. Addington's current title in the White House? That's right. He just replaced the indicted "Scooter" Libby as Cheney's Chief of Staff.

There isn't a "talking head" out there not drinking their own "talking points Kool-Aid" who believes the Fitzgerald investigation is remotely close to being finished. If anything, the allegations in the Libby indictment, which identify Cheney as the one who specifically advised Libby that Valerie (Plame) Wilson worked under the covert wing of the CIA, suggest that the Vice President is at least one of the big game that the Special Counsel is still pursuing. The tight-lipped Fifth Amendment-type reactions given by Cheney in the aftermath of the indictment to explain his own role in the leak scandal do nothing to dispel the intrigue. Instead the administration is circling the torture-advocate wagons even tighter with the promotion of Addington, while the shadow of Traitorgate continues to darken over their heads.

Especially now, with the chickens of treason coming home to roost in the nest of the chicken hawks themselves, this is the last time in history for the authors of torture as official American policy to be allowed to push for largesse for even wider atrocities. We must all immediately contact our senators and members of the House of Representative who might have influence on the conference committee to demand that the overwhelmingly approved language of the McCain amendment remain intact in the final Defense Appropriations Bill.

ACTION FORM: http://www.nocrony.com/no_torture.htm (McCain Amendment)

We must also recognize that this is profoundly related to the selection of a replacement for Harriet Miers as Supreme Court nominee. Remember -- one of the talking points of the neocons (before they turned on her for not being sufficiently and demonstrably loyal to their causes) was that she would support the president's policies in the deceptively dubbed "war on terror." But the universal common denominator of all Bush appointees is their submissive endorsement of the unlimited expansion of the president’s power to do whatever he likes in defiance of Congress and even the people themselves.

In his own confirmation hearing Roberts refused to say (among other things) whether the Congress would have the power to stop a war if the president ignored their authority. That case might come before him, he argued, as if he knew something we didn't. And it most certainly will if Bush is not stopped from making any more such appointments. Roberts and his ilk will not legislate from the bench (as if that were the boogie man to be feared). No, instead they will UN-legislate from the bench, perhaps even to remove the McCain language from American law by court order on the grounds that it would interfere with the power of the president to play God. Remember also that in his first day on the bench of the high court Roberts left the sheep's clothing in his chambers to ask aggressively why they should not overturn the TWICE-expressed will of the people in the Oregon "Right to Die" case.

For all of these reasons we must demand that the next nominee to the Supreme Court be a true moderate and a true nonpartisan. One of the truly beautiful things about Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is that the American people can look at his work and agree that it will be based entirely on the facts and the law. Even opposing attorneys of those he has indicted must concede that he is unwavering in his fairness and his integrity, favoring neither side by any inherent bias. We can demand no less from the next justice to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

ACTION FORM: http://www.nocrony.com/no_conservative.htm (Supreme Court)

If we all speak out, we can remove the Vice President from his position as the torture czar. It's not as if he doesn't have enough other black hats to wear; he's already serving in the capacity of treason czar as it is. Sheriff Fitzgerald is working on that last one. The rest is up to we the people.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Clinton to Dems: Don't Fear Tough Issues

Democrats can't be afraid to talk about hot-button issues, and should fight back against personal attacks from conservatives if they want to regain power in Washington, former President Bill Clinton said.


Libby Takes the Fall

Conason: While the full implications of the Scooter Libby indictment have yet to emerge - including the question of whether Karl Rove, aka "Official A," ultimately escapes prosecution - special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has convincingly exploded right-wing disinformation about the CIA leak affair.


Who Talked? It Wasn't the Special Prosecutor

Fitzgerald's 22-page indictment, with its bare-bones outlines of the case, provided a bracing lesson on what major political investigations have become now that they are no longer conducted by independent counsels, and how the culture of rooting out scandal in Washington has fundamentally changed.


Prosecutor Should Dig Deeper

Scooter Libby lied to cover-up greater crimes, the authors argue, and more potential Bush administration crimes should be investigated including lying to Congress, violations of the US Anti-Torture Act and violations of the US War Crimes Act.


Effets des CEM sur la thyroïde


Ecouter cette info

Schuften für die US-Army

„Ein Heer von ArbeiterInnen aus Südasien arbeitet in US-amerikanischen Militärlagern: für miese Löhne, bei miserablen Bedingungen, unter Lebensgefahr. Schuften für die US-Army Es schien eine sichere Sache. Jing Soliman verliess seine Familie auf den Philippinen für einen Job als Lagerarbeiter im US-amerikanischen Camp Anaconda im Irak. Die Firma, für die er im Irak arbeiten sollte, war die Prime Projects International (PPI), einer der grossen, wenn auch kaum bekannten Subvertragsnehmer des US-Konzerns Halliburton. Halliburton hat mit dem US-Verteidigungsministerium einen Milliardendeal für die Versorgung der US-Truppen abgeschlossen…“ Artikel von David Phinney in der schweizerischen WOZ vom 13.10.2005


Aus: LabourNet, 31. Oktober 2005

Stopp - keine Arbeitszeitverlängerung

„Damit nicht noch mehr Menschen arbeitslos werden! Damit Arbeitsüberlastung nicht Gesundheit, Familie und Freundschaften kaputt machen! Damit die Qualität der Arbeit nicht leidet! Damit die Jugend eine Zukunft hat!...“ Flugblatt der ver.di Betriebsgruppe des Klinikum Kassel gegen die geplante Arbeitszeitverlängerung (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet, 31. Oktober 2005

US-Wal-Mart gegen Kranke

Zu hoher Preis der kleinen Preise

Nur Gesunde sollen künftig bei Wal-Mart arbeiten. Die Veröffentlichung eines unternehmensinternen Memorandums setzt den Konzern unter Druck. Artikel von Sebastian Gerhardt in der jungen Welt vom 29.10.2005


Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs

“An internal memo sent to Wal-Mart's board of directors proposes numerous ways to hold down spending on health care and other benefits while seeking to minimize damage to the retailer's reputation. Among the recommendations are hiring more part-time workers and discouraging unhealthy people from working at Wal-Mart…” Artikel von Steven Greenhouse und Michael Barbaro in der New York Times vom 26. Oktober 2005


Reviewing and Revising Wal-Mart’s Benefits Strategy

Das Original-Memo von Susan Chambers auf der Seite von Wal-Mart Watch (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet, 31. Oktober 2005

Wir sind weder Menschenmaterial noch Humankapital

Der Kampf auf der Straße - der Streik in der Fabrik, das ist unsere Antwort auf ihre Politik.

Rede der AG Betrieb/Gewerkschaft und Soziales München bei der Demo gegen Sozialabbau in Nürnberg am 29.10.05

Aus: LabourNet, 31. Oktober 2005

Pressefreiheit in Gefahr: zunehmende Tendenz kritisch berichtende Journalisten staatlicherseits zu behindern

Veranstaltung „Pressefreiheit in Gefahr!“ in Karlsruhe

Gefährliches Mineralwasser. Ver.di-Podium: Behinderungen der Pressefreiheit kaum wahrgenommen

„Eine zunehmende Tendenz hier zu Lande, kritisch berichtende Journalisten staatlicherseits zu behindern, konstatierten die Referenten einer Veranstaltung von ver.di am Donnerstagabend in Karlsruhe…“ Artikel von Dieter Balle in ND vom 29.10.05 http://www.nd-online.de/artikel.asp?AID=80275&IDC=2

Der Rechtsstaat im Clinch mit der Presse

Meldung vom 28. Oktober 2005 in ka-news

Hartnäckige Bemühungen um die Aushöhlung des Datenschutzes unter dem Deckmantel von Sicherheit und Terrorbekämpfung

Big Brother Award 2005: Die unglücklichen Gewinner

Die Redaktion des LabourNet Germany konnte sich mit ihrem Vorschlag die Staatsanwaltschaft Bochum für ihre Daten-Sammelwut nicht durchsetzen. Wie auch? Bei der Konkurrenz. Z.B. erhält Otto Schily den Preis auch für sein "Lebenswerk", nämlich für den Ausbau des deutschen und europäischen Überwachungssystems auf Kosten der Bürger- und Freiheitsrechte und für seine hartnäckigen Bemühungen um die Aushöhlung des Datenschutzes unter dem Deckmantel von Sicherheit und Terrorbekämpfung... Siehe die Laudatio von Dr. Rolf Gössner


Die anderen Preisträger auf der Seite von Big Brother Awards Deutschland. http://www.bigbrotherawards.de/2005/

Aus: LabourNet, 31. Oktober 2005

Catching Up and Keeping On


Bush Nominates "Scalia-lite" to High Court

President Bush is nominating Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, The Associated Press has learned, choosing a long-time federal judge embraced by judicial conservatives to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. So consistently conservative, Alito has been dubbed "Scalito" or "Scalia-lite" by some lawyers because his judicial philosophy invites comparisons to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.


Get your Truth Out and stay informed


Informant: Mofmars3

Manifestation des Riverains du Gouttet TASSIN (69)


From Los Angeles high school students: RESIST OR DIE

by Sara Escudero and LJ, LA high school students

November 2nd marks Bush’s reelection, but after 2005, it will be remembered as the beginning of the end of the Bush regime. On November 2nd thousands of people will be leaving jobs, leaving schools, and taking to the streets. This is a time to take action. What else needs to happen before we act? Go back to segregation? New Orleans, the war in Iraq, and these Supreme Court nominations are proof enough that this regime must go.

Bush is a threat to society. He is drifting society towards fascist theocracy with its roots in the Bible.

Bush is letting people die in Iraq. He’s against abortion. He wants to take women’s rights away. He hasn’t said anything about the minutemen on the border. He’s a threat to our future.

We as high school students not only have the right to join this movement, but responsibility to do so. We are going to have high school walkouts all over the country on November 2nd.

In Los Angeles, principals and administrators are trying to stop us from doing this. At Locke, the principal threatened to expel a student because she was passing out posters telling about the genocidal comments of William Bennett and how this is part of why we have to drive out the Bush regime. At Banning, the principal forced a student to walk around the school and take down all the stickers and posters about November 2nd. Then he cancelled the speakout she was working on, which she had permission to schedule at the school. At Reseda, school police told a student she would get a $700 ticket if she walked out of school on November 2nd. And at Fairfax, some teachers started scheduling tests for November 2nd and telling students their grades would be lowered if they missed the test.

Our answer to all this is: F*ck their threats, we’re changing the world!

The administrators are using the same tactics as the Bush administration: fear. They are trying to scare us so we’ll back off and not walk out or go against Bush. What are these threats compared to what Bush is doing? They are nothing.

On top of this, their own policy says we students have the right to walk out of school and the administrators are not allowed to try to stop us!

This was in a memo from the Los Angeles Unified School District that was sent to all the principals on October 26, 2005. That memo should be made public to all students and parents. People should support the high school students and make sure these administrators don’t try to punish any students for walking out on November 2nd.

We owe it to the millions of people that are getting tortured, getting murdered, and suffering around the world to do this. Resist or Die - it has come down to that slogan. If we don’t resist right now we won’t have a chance to again. Right now the future is in everybody’s hands. It is up to us. The question is what kind of world do you want to live in? Will you accept everything this regime stands for? If you don’t, then you must join this movement. Join the school walkouts. Join us on Wilshire Blvd. at 12 noon on November 2nd and in Westwood at the Federal Building at 5pm.

Sara Escudero is from Reseda High School and LJ from Los Angeles High School Los Angeles, California 10/29/05


Informant: C. Clark Kissinger

From ufpj-news

It Costs Nothing to be a Patriot


Alzheimer's in America: The Aluminum


Informant: Gomez


From: "Peter Myers"

October 30, 2005

(1) aluminum and alzheimer's
(2) Aluminum fluoride and alzheimer's
(3) aluminum and fluoride
(4) Fluoride Combines with Aluminium in Drinking Water

(1) aluminum and alzheimer's

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 00:40:25 -0700
From: Phil Eversoul


Lynn Investigates ...

Alzheimer's in America: The Aluminum - Phosphate Fertilizer Connection

by Lynn Landes 8/19/02

Americans are losing their minds to Alzheimer's disease. It's an epidemic. And it's not typical of what's going on in the rest of the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 18 million people with Alzheimer's. Over 4 1/2 million Americans have the disease. We account for 25% of all Alzheimer's cases, even though we represent only 4.6% of the world's population. Europe is experiencing half our rate of disease. For Americans over
85 years of age, 50% are thought to have Alzheimer's.

The question is, "Why?"

Alzheimer's was first discovered in 1906. It is not a part of normal aging, says the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH contends that the cause of Alzheimer's is "not known." They say, "Prior theories regarding the accumulation of aluminum, lead, mercury, and other substances in the brain have been disproved."

Don't believe that. Federal agencies have a talent for not finding environmental causes for many diseases. They live by the motto, "Do not seek and thou shall not find." Genetic triggers and lifestyle choices get the research dollars for pretty obvious reasons - their findings don't hurt polluters' profits.

The world's scientists and government researchers have not taken aluminum off the scientific table as a causal factor in Alzheimer's. Research scientists with the International Aluminum Network report, "Aluminum has been implicated ... as a potential factor or cofactor in the Alzheimer's syndrome, as well as in the etiopathogenesis of other neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinsonism, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and other diseases." That's a mouthful, but you get the picture.

Initially, it was thought that aluminum might be the sole cause of Alzheimer's. Persons with Alzheimer's have been found to experience increased absorption of aluminum in the brain, as well as exhibit densities of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. However, there are reports that suggest plaques and tangles do not always signify Alzheimer's, and vice versa.

Further clouding the issue are patients on kidney dialysis machines. They are unable to excrete aluminum, plus they may also be treated with medicines that include aluminum. However, reports say that dialysis patients don't develop Alzheimer's, although they can develop dialysis dementia if the equipment doesn't filter out aluminum. And therein lies a clue.

The process of kidney dialysis requires very purified, non-fluoridated water. What does this mean? Perhaps fluoride is aluminum's partner-in-crime.

In 1998 Julie Varner and two colleagues published research on the effects of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride on the nervous system of rats. They concluded, "Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride in the drinking water of rats resulted in distinct morphological alterations of the brain, including the effects on neurons and cerebrovasculature." In layman's terms, it looked like fluoride and aluminum could cause Alzheimer's.

That was not a definitive study, but they may have been onto something. Aluminum is in our drinking water, foods, and many consumer products. Adding fluoride to drinking water in the U.S. started in the 1950's. America's drinking water is now over 60% fluoridated. Fluoride appears in many processed foods and beverages made with fluoridated water. Keep in mind, Europe has half our rate of Alzheimer's. They don't fluoridate their water supplies, but they do use fluoride supplements and dental products. Is there a connection?

There are other intriguing issues. Why do people with thyroid disease have an increased risk for Alzheimer's? In the U.S., thyroid disease has reached even greater epidemic levels than Alzheimer's, with as many as 20 million American victims. Besides problems with iodine intake, a common cause of thyroid disease is radiation.

There are also striking similarities between Alzheimer's, Creutzfeldt-Jacob-Disease (CJD), and mad cow disease. Mad cow has been linked to livestock feed and fertilizer.

So, what do radiation, livestock feed, fluoride, and fertilizer have in common which may have led to the emergence of the Alzheimer's epidemic? The phosphate fertilizer industry.

"Fertilizer use was not a common practice in the United States until after 1870, when phosphate and lime were applied to crops like cotton and tobacco. By the end of World War II, an era of intensive agriculture began.," says Cargill Fertilizer. "Of the phosphate produced in Florida, about 95% is used in agriculture (90% goes into fertilizer and 5% into livestock feed supplements)." The remaining 5% is used in a variety of foods and beverages, plus personal care, consumer and industrial products.

George Glasser writes in the Earth Island Journal, "Radium wastes from filtration systems at phosphate fertilizer facilities are among the most radioactive types of naturally occurring radioactive material wastes...Uranium and all of its decay-rate products are found in phosphate rock, fluorosilicic acid (fluoride) and phosphate fertilizer."

The Florida Institute of Phosphate Research says, "Removal of uranium as a product is no longer profitable and all of the extraction facilities have been dismantled. The uranium that remains in the phosphoric acid and fertilizer products is at a low enough level that it is safe for use." That's not reassuring. Chronic exposure to low levels of contamination can be as dangerous, or more so, than chronic high levels of exposure or acute occurrences.

Of particular interest is calcium silicate, another byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry. One of its uses is as an anti-caking agent in iodized table salt. Is calcium silicate also radioactive? Would that have a significant impact on the thyroid? Given the relationship between Alzheimer's and thyroid disease, Alzheimer's may be destined to increase exponentially.

The phosphate fertilizer industry seems to be the common thread in Alzheimer's - and maybe also in thyroid and mad cow type diseases. Aluminum by itself may not cause Alzheimer's, but in combination with the radioactive products of the phosphate fertilizer industry, it could be wreaking havoc on our health.

Whatever the cause, we deserve real answers to the Alzheimer's epidemic, not the red herrings of research on genetics and lifestyle. The number of American victims is totally out of proportion to the incidence of Alzheimer's worldwide. Something truly has gone terribly wrong.


http://www.bio.unipd.it/~zatta/alumin.htm http://www.fluoride-journal.com/98-31-2/31291-95.htm http://www.earthisland.org/eijournal/fluoride/fluoride_phosphates.html

Lynn Landes is the publisher of EcoTalk.org and a news reporter for DUTV in Philadelphia, PA. Formerly Lynn was a radio show host for WDVR in New Jersey and a regular commentator for a BBC radio program. She can be reached at (215)
629-3553 / lynnlandes@earthlink.net.

(2) Aluminum fluoride and alzheimer's

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 00:47:59 -0700
From: Phil Eversoul

Number Five


NEWS RELEASE April 16, 1998 Contact: Jeff Green

Citizens For Safe Drinking Water 3243 Madrid Street San Diego, CA 92110

Email: jgreen@abac.com (800) 728-3833 Email: davidkennedy-dds@home.com

Research Links Low Levels of Fluoride and Aluminum to Alzheimer's and Kidney Damage

In a study just published in the peer-reviewed journal Brain Research the presence of low levels of fluoride in the drinking water of test animals, equal to the amount of elemental fluorine found in fluoridated water, caused damage to the tissue of the brain that the authors identified as similar to the pathological changes found in humans with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

While the purpose of this study was to assess the factors that enhance or inhibit the bioavailability of aluminum and its effects on the nervous system, the study looked at the effects of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride separately.

The authors report, "Histological evidence of glomerular distortion and other signs of kidney disorder were found in animals in both the aluminum-fluoride and sodium fluoride groups..."

"While the small amount of aluminum-fluoride in the drinking water of rats required for neurotoxic effects is surprising, perhaps even more surprising are the neurological results of the sodium-fluoride at the dose given in the present study (2.1 ppm). {the amount used to achieve 1 ppm of elemental fluorine used in fluoridation}.

"Fluoride has diverse actions on a variety of cellular and physiological functions, including the inhibition of a variety of enzymes, a corrosive action in acid mediums, hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, and possibly cerebral impairment."

The authors summarize, "Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride in the drinking water of rats resulted in distinct morphological alterations of the brain, including the effects on neurons and cerebrovasculature."

While there are numerous studies linking fluoride to increased risk of hip fracture, cancer, genetic damage, bone pathology, and dental fluorosis, as identified in July 1997 by the union which consists of all of the scientists and other professionals at the Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., this study adds further definition to a series of recent studies that have illuminated fluoride's adverse neurological impact and have anticipated the results from this research that focuses on the hippocampus region of the brain, and interaction with other neurotoxins.

A previous study by Mullenix, et al. in Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 1995, documents abnormal behavioral responses by animals exposed to fluoride at various stages of gestation, which resulted in the exposed animals exhibiting either permanent hyperactivity if exposed prenatally, or what layman refer to as "the rat version of couch potato" if exposed after birth.

In "Psychopharmacology of Fluoride: A Review", 1994, the author A. Spittle concludes, "There would appear to be some evidence that chronic exposure to fluoride may be associated with cerebral impairment affecting particularly the concentration and memory of some individuals. These symptoms are reminiscent of those seen in the chronic fatigue syndrome."

In the "Effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland", 1994, the author, J. A. Luke suggests that fluoride also effects the gland in the brain that produces melatonin, which has been established as critical to those people suffering from sleep disorders.

The follow-up question should be obvious: In light of this scientific evidence, is it in the best interest of our nation to continue a public policy - a public policy that has already been rejected by 98% of Europe - that forces each man, woman, and child to ingest a known cumulative neurotoxin, which is added to our water supply with no control over total intake from all sources, or variances in susceptibility?

The 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act requires that each chemical that appears in our drinking water be re-assessed with a new criteria for assuring the safety of drinking water for the most susceptible segments of our population. The coming days will reveal whether the agencies that have been established to protect our health will act.



Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride or sodium-fluoride to rats in the drinking water: alterations in neuronal and cerebrovascular integrity, Julie A. Verner, Karl F. Jensen, William Horvath, Robert L. Isaacson, Brain Research, vol. 784, pp. 284-298, 1998.

Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats, Mullenix et al., Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 169-177, 1995

Effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland, J. A Luke, Caries Research, Vol. 28, p204, 1994.

Psychopharmacology of Fluoride: A Review, A. Spittle, International Clinical Psychopharmacology, Vol. 9, 1994.


http://www.sonic.net/~kryptox/fluoride.htm http://www.cadvision.com/fluoride/index.htm

(3) aluminum and fluoride

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 00:38:16 -0700 From: Phil Eversoul <Philev@e-znet.com>


Fluoride Study Produces Too Many



George Glasser

"In l999, EPA convened a group of experts to carefully consider the results of the Varner et al. (1998) study," USEPA spokesman, Charles Fox wrote in a September 5, 2000 letter to US Congressman Ken Calvert, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. Fox continued, "As a result of that conference, EPA has requested that the National Toxicology Program consider the possibility of conducting additional studies of the neurotoxicity of aluminum that include verification of the results observed in the Varner et al. Study."

Fox carefully avoided mentioning the fact that the reviewed study he cited was replicated in two previous studies by Dr. Julie Varner. All three studies found that aluminum-fluoride interactions are associated with brain and kidney damage in laboratory animals. Aside from brain and kidney damage, there was an 80% mortality rate in the animals fed doses of sodium fluoride and aluminum similar to those found in artificially fluoridated drinking water.

Alum (aluminum sulfate) is most frequently used by water companies to improve the appearance of drinking water, to make it clear. For many years, aluminum has been known to be neurotoxic to humans and animals.

The original Varner, et al, study published in Neuroprotective Agents, 1997, was designed to determine whether aluminum and fluoride (aluminum fluoride) in drinking water play a role in age-related neurological damage similar to Alzheimer's disease. It was the first scientific study to deal with fluoride/aluminum interaction.

The researchers considered that fluoride and aluminum could combine in the stomach and be more readily transported to the brain. The combination, they believed, could enhance neurological damage and cause conditions such as presenile dementia or Alzheimer's like dementia (ALD). During the first experiment, the researchers had noted and were perplexed by the alarmingly high death rate in the group of animals receiving aluminum and fluoride in their drinking water (80% of the animals in the low-dose group died before completion of the experiment).

They also noted that the amounts of aluminum and fluoride fed to the animals was about the same as the amounts people are exposed to in artificially fluoridated public water supplies. The reasons for the high number of animal deaths is still unexplained as was the fact that the greatest number of mental impairments appeared in the low-dose group of animals.

It was also observed that the animals who drank the aluminum/fluoride-laced water developed sparse hair and abnormal, copper-colored underlying skin which is related to premature aging. Researchers said that most often this condition is the result of several diseases including chronic kidney failure. Further autopsy results showed serious kidney abnormalities in animals that drank water containing both sodium fluoride and aluminum fluoride.

The Varner team said that, "Striking parallels were seen between aluminum-induced alterations" in cerebral blood vessels that are associated with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of presenile dementia. They concluded that the alterations of the blood vessels may be a primary event triggering neuro-degenerative diseases.

Astounded, the researchers went on to say: "Not only did the rats in the lowest dose groups die more often during the experiment, they looked poorly well before their deaths. Even the rats in the lowest dose group that managed to survive the
45 weeks looked to be in poor health."

Subsequently, the researchers reported that the results of the "THIRD" animal study confirmed the findings of the previous studies. This red flag alarmed the USEPA panel of experts because the same physical and neurological damage can also be occurring in humans in areas where both aluminum sulfate and fluorides are added to the public drinking water.

Based on the conclusions drawn from the third Varner study, the USEPA experts requested further research be commissioned by the National Toxicology Program. In spite of the disturbing Varner team revelations it will take two to three years for the National Toxicology to review the request.

Almost 60% of the United States is fluoridated, and the odds of an American developing some form of dementia by the age of 65 is estimated at 1 in every 10 people, and at the age of 85, the odds are 3 in every 10 people.

In the United Kingdom, which is 10% fluoridated, 7% of the population over 65 years will develop some form of dementia.

Recent USEPA concerns over arsenic, a Group 1 (a) carcinogen, caused the government-contracted water treatment chemical certification laboratory, National Sanitation Foundation International, to say that there will be "increased product failures" due to high arsenic levels in fluorosilicic acid. USEPA has asked the US Government to dramatically reduce arsenic levels in drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 5 parts per billion. The EPA is keen to change the regulations because arsenic in known to cause a wide range of cancers in humans.

More recently, the primary component of fluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate - silicon - has also been discovered in the brain plaque of Alzheimer's and Alzheimer's-like dementia (ALD) victims. Silica has also been found in the brain tissue of people with primary brain tumors, which is considered a terminal condition. Although aware of these new developments, no responsible government agency including the USEPA will request that any research be done with the actual toxic waste "product" used to fluoridate public drinking water. ==

(4) Fluoride Combines with Aluminium in Drinking Water



Promoters of fluoridation can no longer get away with the "unequivocal statement" that fluoride is a "free ion" in water", OR that "it completely dissociates and doesn't react with other minerals in drinking water."

Following the Varner, et al aluminium fluoride studies in which 80% of the experimental rats died before the end of the experiment the United States Environmental Protection Agency was sufficiently alarmed to push the National Toxicology Program (NTP) to do further research.

Varner and associates appear to have found TOXIC SYNERGISTIC ACTION between FLUORIDE and ALUMINIUM in drinking water. This has now been made a part of PUBLIC RECORD in the US FEDERAL REGISTER as of December 4, 2000.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) concurs with the EPA and has formally called for NTP to commission studies.


For the first time, synergistic action is officially acknowledged, along with the fact that FLUORIDE in the water COMBINES WITH OTHER MINERALS.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has commissioned a Review of Toxicological Literature on Aluminium Compounds.

[Federal Register: December 4, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 233)] [Notices] [Page
75727-75730] From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov] [DOCID:fr04de00-106] ... ==


Aluminum, Fluoride, and Hormones

International Fluoride Information Network

December 15, 1999

IFIN Bulletin #28: Aluminum, Fluoride, and Hormones

by Paul Connett, PhD

These days there is a great deal of concern about industrial chemicals, such as pesticides, additives to plastics and incinerator emissions, which disrupt the activities of hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers which finely tune and regulate the body's chemistry. They are produced in specialiazed glands (for example, adrenaline is produced in the adrenal glands) in the body and are then circulated in the bloodstream until they find their target tissues. Hormones can be divided into two large classes: ones which are fat soluble and others which are water soluble. The fat soluble ones ( e.g. estrogen and testerone) are able to cross the cell membranes (which are made of fat) without difficulty. Inside the cells they find a protein ( a receptor) to which they bind like a key fitting into a lock. This combination then attaches to the DNA, resulting in the switching on of genes and thus the production of new proteins in the cell. The water soluble hormones ( e.g. insulin, adrenaline, glucagon etc) as well as some neurotransmitters) are not able to enter the cell. Thus they have to deliver their message from the outside. They combine with receptors on the outside of the cell. This combination triggers of a change in the G-proteins - proteins which stretch out across the membrane-, this change in turn leads to the activation or release of a "secondary messenger" (usually cyclic AMP or Ca2+), inside the cell, which then goes on to make changes inside the cell -usually the activation of enzymes involved in the breakdown of sugars and fats to produce more energy and growth. Thus the G-proteins are seen as an" On-OFF switch" between the delivery of the hormonal message at the outside of the cell and the ensuing activity inside the cell. When the hormone ( or neurotransmitter) arrives the G-proteins are switched ON and when the message has been delivered the G-proteins are switched off again.

The actual mechanism is actually fairly simple. Sitting in a crevice of the G-protin is a molecule called GDP (Guanosine diphosphate)- this consists of one of the bases in nucleic acids (guanine)- attached to a sugar (ribose)- and then to two phosphate groups. The G-protein is switched on when a third phosphate group attaches to the end of the other two and forms GTP. This attachment occurs when the hormone attaches to the receptor.

Now this is where the devastating news about fluoride comes in. In the presence of a little aluminum, fluoride forms an ion called AF4-: that is an aluminum ion surrounded by four fluoride ions. To the G-protein this AlF4- looks just like a phosphate ion. Thus when there is fluoride and aluminum around, it is this species that can combine with the GDP in the G-protein, AND without any involvement of the hormone it can deliver the message (ie activate the cellular change) that the hormone would have delivered. Should this happen it would cause serious problems for the tissue involved. It would be getting the wrong message at the wrong time. We describe chemicals that disrupt hormonal signals as "endocrine disruptors".

Could fluoride and aluminum at the levels to which we are exposed to them cause pathological problems. This issue was reviewed by two Czech scientists in the following article sent to me by Andreas Schuld of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children. Even if you don't underestand all the science involved, please keep hold of this article and share it with any doctor, dentist or scientist you know. The information here is potentially the silver bullet that could get the fluoride out of our water, out of our tooth paste and out of industry. Please read on.

Paul Connett.

Charles University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physiology and Developmental Physiology, Prague Department of Toxicology, Purkyn? Military Medical Academy, Hradec Kr?lov?, Czech Republic

Running title: Pharmacological implications of aluminofluoride complexes

Corresponding author: Anna Struneck? Department of Physiology and Developmental Physiology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Vini?n? 7, 128 00, Prague
2, Czech Republic Telephone: (42) - 02/21953239 Fax no.: (42) - 02/299713 E-mail: astrun@cesnet.cz


Aluminofluoride complexes have been widely used in laboratory investigations for stimulation of various guanine nucleotide binding proteins. These fluorometallic complexes cannot be obtained through any catalogue or drug store. They are formed in water solutions containing fluoride and traces of aluminium in the form of the soluble ionic complexes, Aluminofluoride complexes have been recognised to act as phosphate analogues. Reflecting many studies which utilise aluminofluoride complexes in laboratory investigations, the effects of these fluorometallic complexes on various cells and tissues as observed, can be reviewed. With the appearance of acid rain and the use of aluminium in industry, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of uncomplexed aluminium in ecosystems. In view of the ubiquity of phosphate in cell metabolism, aluminofluoride complexes represent a strong potential danger for living organisms including humans. The possibility of pathophysiological consequences of their long-term action is not fully recognised at this point. ...

Supported by Grant Agency of Charles University, Prague (Grant No.113/1998/BBio/P?F).

?Anna Struneck? & Jir? Patocka ...

Fluoride Action Network | 802-859-3363 | info@fluoridealert.org ==

August 26, 1998

Many older papers claiming that the concentration of fluoride in public water systems is so small that we can be sure it does no harm have been published in scientific journals. New research, reported at the twenty-second conference of the International Association for Fluoride Research on August 25, 1998, has uncovered a fatal flaw in the research design of experiments with laboratory rats. It was the custom for laboratory experiments about fluoride toxicity to be done using sodium fluoride in distilled water for the rats' drinking water. It was presumed that if sodium fluoride at very low levels in distilled water did not harm the rats then fluoride in tap water must be safe.

Now, scientists have found that there is a toxic chemical reaction with aluminum and fluoride even at very low levels just like they put in the water. K. Jensen and coworkers found that when fluoride and aluminum combine to make AlF3 at very low concentrations in water, aluminum gets into the brain and kidney more easily. The accumulation of aluminum in the brain results in damage to the neurons thus resulting in an Alzheimer's-like condition with memory loss. Alum is commonly used for processing water for municipal water systems. This leaves small amounts of aluminum in the water which combine with fluoride.

ISFR Conference: Dr. Mullenix Presents More Evidence that Fluoride Damages the Brain

August 25, 1998

Presentations of scientific research at the twenty-second conference of the International Society for Fluoride Research (ISFR) began today. The highlight of the day was Dr. Mullenix's report that her laboratory studies that fluorine damages the brain. The toxic effect of fluorine in the brain is relevant to childhood leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow which causes excess production of white blood cells The treatment for leukemia causes the cancer cells to go to the brain. Drugs must be used to kill the cancer cells in the brain if the treatment is to be successful. Prednisoline and dexamethasone have been used for this purpose. The molecular structures of these two drugs is almost the same. Dexamethasone has one fluorine atom in each molecule and prednisolone does not. Dexamethasone has become the drug of choice because it is more powerful. However, children who were treated with dexamethasone and who already had mediocre IQ lost ten more IQ points after treatment with dexamethasone. These children also grew more slowly, had narrower skull shapes and their teeth stopped developing.

In her latest laboratory studies, Dr. Mullenix found that dexamethasone impaired the behavior of rats in a way that is equivalent to hyperactivity in humans. Dr. Mullenix pioneered a computerized technology for these studies. Video cameras record the activity of rats at specified intervals. The activities of the rats are classified and then the sequence of activities can be compared. The rats on the dexamethasone had "dispersed" sequences. This means that their behavior sequences did not follow the usual patterns of healthy rats. The disrupted patterns of activity are reminiscent of hyperactivity in children.

Dr. Mullenix is in the Pscyhiatry Department at Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Another presentation at the ISFR conference showed photographs of microscopic brain damage of rats which drank water with sodium fluoride (NaF). Dr. Chubek and co-workers found that the rats on the fluoridated water for 21 days had the highest concentrations of NaF and had brain cells that were smaller and mishapen. The myelin, a substance which surrounds certain axons and nerve fibers, was swollen:

"A neuropathological study and computerized morphometric analyses revealed revealed a marked shrinkage of cerebellar granular and Purkinje cells, perivascular myelin swelling, and astroglia reaction, especially in the white matter of brains in the NaF-treated animals. Neuronal and myelin changes appeared to be more pronounced ... " ...

Part of this information came from the Seattle Times, June 23, 1998, p. A1.


1.Robert Lenzner, "A monster beverage event," Forbes, October 20, 1997, p. 64.

2.Time, June 10, 1996, p. 70. 3.BA Auslander, "Toronto Tap Water: Perception of its Quality and Use of Alternatives," Canadian Journal of Public Health, March-April, 1993, pp. 99-102. 4.S Van Winkle, et al., "Water and Formula Fluoride Concentrations: Significance for Infants Fed Formula," Pediatric Dentistry, July-August, 1995, pp. 305-310. 5.AM Weissman, "Bottled Water Use in an Immigrant Community: A Public Health Issue?" American Journal of Public Health, August, 1997, pp. 1397-1380. 6.JT Chan, et al., "Fluoride Content of Bottled Waters: Implications for Dietary Supplementation," Texas Dental Journal, April, 1990, pp. 17-21. 7.S Van Winkle, op. cit. 8.GM Whitford, GM, "Intake and Metabolism of Fluoride," Advances in Dental Research, June, 1994, pp. 5-14.

Peter Myers, 381 Goodwood Rd, Childers 4660,
ph +61 7 41262296
Mirror: http://mailstar.net/index.html

Informant: beefree

Bush & Rumsfeld could be indicted - The War Crimes Act of 1996


President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email Says

United States War Crimes Against Iraq

Plame's Name: Was it Cheney or a State Department Official?


The link between aspartame and brain tumors

What the FDA never told you about artificial sweeteners:

Informant: beefree



Did Rove Rat on Scooter?


Libby’s Indictment: Counterrevolution

One Down, Many To Go

EPA, Get Out of My Kitchen


What Goes Around, Comes Around


Why I Feel Sorry for Scooter Libby


Indicting One Apparatchik Doesn't Do It


Zakaria's review of Packer's 'The Assassins Gate' is an apology for hegemony


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

To the police authority in Stockholm County: Report of criminal activity

I hereby report the Swedish government for criminal activity and request that the police and prosecutors investigate whether the Swedish Prime Minister, any Ministers in the Swedish government or any leading representatives for these authorities are guilty of haveing commited a crime, by omitting to secure that the roll-out of the Swedish 3G-net has happened without a risk for people's health.

On the following pages, background and justification for the reporting are listed.

Fårösund 27 september 2005

I report the Swedish government and its managment to the police for criminal activity and request that the police must investigate whether Sweden's Prime Minister, any Minister in the Swedish government or any leading representatives for these authorities are guiltyof committing criminal activity, by omitting to secure that the roll-out of the Swedish 3G-net has been executed without a risk for people's health.

After, twice, having read the book ”Spelet om 3G” by Mona Nilsson and Marica Lindblad, which in a convincing way, shows that authorities and government lie and mislead on the question about health risks with the 3G-roll-out, and presents results that indicate serious health risks by exposure from mobile telecommunication radiation, I asked the SSI the (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority).

The book clearly states that there exists only one study of the impact of 3G and this study shows negative effects despite a very short exposure. In addition to this, the book presents research that suggests risk for cancer and for negative effect in the form of sleep problems, headache, nausea and cardiogenic problems. I therefore asked if SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority) could to give me a document wich would guarantee that the SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority) would take full responsibility for the consequence of possible harm caused by the 3G-masts that exists in my environment.

Lars Mjönes, the responsible person for the company activity at SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority) replied: SSI can, of course not, give any guarantees of the kind you suggest. We do our risk assessments on the basis of the scientific knowledge that exists today. That knowledge can be changed in the future. SSI´s assessment is that base stations for mobile telecommunication do not cause any adverse health effects.

I got, with this answer the proof for what is stated in the book: Swedish Radiation Protection Authority hides the fact that their claim, that there are risks, have no foundation, and at the same time they take no responsibility for the consequences.

After contacting PTS I got the information that six 3G-basestations are placed within a radius of thousand metres from my family residence. The nearest being 200 metres away from the balcony, (in the centre of the beam direction), where my, not yet, two year old daughter mostly takes her midday nap.

I have reasons to suspect that the government and the authorities deliberately set aside the Environment Chapters pre-cautionary principle, perhaps because of fear for the strong economic interests. The pre-cautionary principle shall, without exeptions, be applied, even when there is a moderate suspicion about health risks. Moreover, the pre-cautionary priciple includes a reversed burden of evidence: It is up to the industry to show that the radiation does not carry risks for people and environment – something they have got away with ignoring, despite many people's testemony about health effects.

Why won´t the government and the authorities utilize all the knowledge, which among other things, a majority of the Swedish researchers who are active within this field possess, and who are highly critical of the current development? Why are the only ”experts”, allowed to do risks assessments, those with a guaranteed, non-critical and industrially loyal attitude?

Why are the same lies repeated over and over, that there is no scientific evidence to proof that the radiation from the masts is harmful, at the same time they not disclose that very little research has been done into the round-the-clock exposure that we are all subjected to?

I therefore, now demand that Swedish Radiation Protection Authority publicly disclose:

- which published research results of round-the-clock exposure by radiation from 1). 3G - and 2). GSM-transmitters, are the basis for the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority's assessment, that radiation from base stations for mobile telecommunication installations do not cause health problems?

- Today there do exist several studies that 1). show 3-4 times increased risk of cancer for people living in the vicinity of mobile masts, 2) risk of headache, sleep problems, nausea, heart problems etc. Many people also state general healthproblems. In the light of the the reversed evidence burden in Swedish environment law, I requests that the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority discloses, which published research results proof the opposite!

150 years ago in London, it was found, that the in the vicinity of certain wells there were many critical cases a diarrhoea with fatal outcome. These wells were closed down for consumption by the general public, and the infections dissapeared. It was not until 30 years later Robert Koch descovered the Colera bacteria, which had caused the diseases. The wells stayed closed for further 70 year, until the process was understood. Today we are in the observation phase, we see that the mobile radiation causes diseases, although the exact causal reason is not yet clear. Why dont we learn from history? Instead, of waiting for everything to be researched and explained in the smallest details. Meanwhile a health disaster can occur.

What prompted me to report this to the police is, that we will probably not get any further any other way. There has, apart from lying and misleading about the research situation and abandoning the pre-cautionary principle also been the downgrading of the whole of the democratic process, that everyone has a right to be heard. 3G is forced forward without anyone having a say or the possibility for taking part in decisionsmaking and follow up. The whole of the elected Swedish government contributes to this.


Donald Forsberg
Fårövägen 37
62035 Fårösund

(Translated by: Agnes Ingvarsdottir.)

Against the OTA Sneak Attack on Organic Standards in Congress

National Organic Standards Board Chair Jim Riddle Speaks Out Against the OTA Sneak Attack on Organic Standards in Congress


James A. Riddle and Joyce E. Ford
31762 Wiscoy Ridge Road, Winona, Minnesota, USA, 55987-9514 Ph/Fax: 507-454-8310
E-mail: jriddle@hbci.com

To members of the organic community and the House-Senate Conference Committee,

I have farmed organically since 1980 and been an organic inspector since 1986. In 1991, I was elected founding chair of the Independent Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA). I helped develop standardized organic certification and inspection templates and training materials that are used worldwide today. Since 1991, I have served on Minnesota’s organic advisory board, where we originated the organic certification cost share program and helped institute organic transition incentives. In 1997, I took the lead in writing detailed comments responding to USDA’s disastrous first Proposed Rule. I have been a member of the Organic Trade Association for over 10 years. I co-authored OTA’s American Organic Standards in 1999, and compiled OTA’s comments on the second Proposed Rule. I have served on the National Organic Standards Board since 2001, developing the NOSB’s principles of organic production and handling, compatibility criteria, standardized Board procedures, and numerous recommendations to maintain, clarify, and strengthen our organic standards. My roots in the organic community run deep.

The comments I offer here reflect my own opinions, and not those of the NOSB, USDA, OTA, or IOIA.

I am very concerned that proposals submitted to Congress by some OTA members and major food manufacturers to amend the Organic Foods Production Act in response to the Court’s ruling in Harvey v. Johanns would weaken existing standards and undermine the authority of the NOSB.

OTA claims that their proposed OFPA changes are mere “clarifications” that restore the status quo. A close analysis reveals that the changes are substantive and do not restore the status quo. Below is an analysis of the status quo, OTA’s proposed changes, and my positions on amendments to OFPA related to these issues. The topics are grouped in three areas: synthetic substances allowed in the processing of organic products; commercial availability of organic agricultural ingredients; and dairy herd conversion.

Synthetic Substances

Status Quo – The regulation allows the use of synthetic substances “used in or on” processed organic foods only after the substances have been recommended by the NOSB and placed on the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. 38 synthetic substances are currently allowed in the processing of organic foods. The regulation contains specific criteria for the evaluation of synthetic substances used in processing, but the Court ordered removal of the criteria, since synthetic substances will no longer be allowed for the processing of “organic” food under the Court’s ruling. Non-compliant products can continue to enter the stream of commerce until June 9, 2007.

OTA Proposal – OTA has introduced language that would allow the use of synthetic “ingredients” in the processing of organic food. OTA’s language calls for deletion of an OFPA section containing the word “substances” and places the synthetic allowance after the word “ingredients.” If OTA’s language is adopted, synthetic substances such as processing aids and food contact substances would be allowed with no restrictions and no review by the NOSB. In addition, OTA has not called for placement of the vacated evaluation criteria in the statute.

My Position – If OFPA is to be amended to allow the continued use of a limited number of synthetic substances, the statute must require review of all substances used in or on processed organic products. Language that only requires the review of “ingredients” must be rejected. The vacated evaluation criteria currently in the regulation must be retained and transferred to OFPA, comparable to the evaluation criteria in OFPA used by the NOSB to assess crop and livestock materials. As with crops and livestock, specific categories of allowed synthetic processing substances need to be established, either in OFPA or through notice and comment rulemaking.

Commercial Availability

Status Quo – Under the present system, if an agricultural ingredient is not available in an organic form, an accredited certifying agent can allow a processing operation to use a non-organic form, if the processor can demonstrate that an organic form is not commercially available. The Court ordered that only those agricultural ingredients that have been reviewed and recommended by the NOSB and appear on the National List may be considered for commercial availability determinations. While accredited certifying agents have been directed by USDA to discontinue commercial availability determinations of ingredients not on the National List, non-compliant products can continue to enter the stream of commerce until June 9, 2007.

OTA Proposal – OTA has proposed allowing USDA to make expedited determinations of commercial unavailability of organic agricultural products and ingredients due to natural disasters and crop shortages for placement on the National List for up to twelve months, with no review by the NOSB.

My Position – There is no need for this amendment. OTA’s proposal would undermine the authority of the NOSB over the National List and transfer that authority to the USDA. Under OFPA (6518(n)), the NOSB already has the authority to establish procedures for the petitioning of substances to be placed on the National List. The NOSB, working with USDA, should be allowed to establish expedited procedures and evaluation criteria for the timely review of agricultural ingredients not available from organic sources. The current authority of the NOSB over the placement of substances on the National List must be retained.

Dairy Herd Conversion

Status Quo – Presently, dairy herds can be converted to organic production either by feeding and managing cows organically for one year prior to the production of organic milk, or by converting entire herds by managing them organically for one year and feeding at least 80 % certified organic or third year transitional feed for 9 months, followed by 3 months of feeding 100% certified organic feed prior to the production of organic milk. Once converted, farms that use the 80/20 provision are required to feed and manage all replacement animals organically from the last third of gestation.

As a result of the Harvey ruling, dairy farms have until June 4, 2006, to begin conversion of their operations to organic using the 80/20 provision. Non-compliant dairy products can continue to enter the stream of commerce until June 9, 2007.

OTA Proposal – OFPA would be changed to allow the feeding of organic and/or farm-grown, third-year transitional feed for one year prior to production of organic milk. The milk could be sold as organic as soon as the land qualifies for organic certification. After conversion to organic, replacement animals could routinely be fed conventional feed that may contain slaughter byproducts, and they could be treated with prohibited substances, including antibiotics and hormones, up to one year prior to the production of organic milk, during which they would need to be fed and managed organically.

My Position – OPFA should be amended to allow the feeding of farm-grown, third-year transitional feed, so that milk could be sold as organic when the land qualifies for organic certification. In addition, the statute should require that all farm-raised and purchased replacement animals be fed and managed organically from the last third of gestation once a farm has converted to organic production, regardless of how the farm converted.

In Summary

It is important to keep things in perspective as we consider amending OFPA. Every other organic standard in the world, including IFOAM, the EU, Codex, and JAS, allows the limited use of approved synthetic substances. Synthetic substances were allowed in the USDA’s First, Second, and Final Rules. The NOSB has established a rigorous review process with well-established criteria for the review of petitioned substances. Changes to the statute must reinforce and strengthen – not weaken – the current system.

I have remained open-minded regarding regulatory vs legislative remedies to the issues raised by Harvey v. Johanns. I have come to the conclusion that changes that strengthen OFPA are in order. I have attempted to engage in discussions with OTA to change their proposal to maintain the authority of the NOSB and to reflect the concerns expressed by an overwhelming number (+320,000 calls and letters submitted to Congress) of organic farmers, consumers, and environmental groups. OTA has not been willing to negotiate in good faith to change their proposal.

I am calling on the House-Senate Conference Committee to reject OTA’s proposal and to either retain the “study rider” adopted by the Senate or to include no language on the topic in the Agriculture Appropriations bill now before the Committee.

If OFPA is to be amended, it should be done following an inclusive and transparent process that unites, rather than divides, the organic community.


Jim Riddle

Informant: Gomez

Monsanto's Propaganda Machine Exposed



Posted 10/27/05

Source: International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, October - December 2005

"One large and important producer of genetically modified (GM) crops - Monsanto - has engineered public opinion to reduce critical scrutiny," writes a group of South African, Mexican and American academic researchers. Monsanto has followed "a tried-and-true set of PR tactics designed to tie GM crops to the question of hunger, to silence debate on the topic, and to challenge critics as technophobic. This PR strategy removes debate that is vital for public and environmental health." In portraying GM crops as a "solution" to hunger worldwide and promoting company defenders from developing countries, Monsanto has positioned itself "as a development partner, as a benevolent philanthropist who has technology to 'share.'" This PR strategy is "seductive," the researchers explain, in that it suggests easy answers to complex problems. It also "attempts to depoliticize; the public relations machinery, through active co-optation, becomes an 'anti-politics machine.'"



"The humans will eat this stuff, but the animals won't." U.S. farmer, ACRES, USA Special Report 19 September 1999.

After four months of retrieving anecdotes from Kansas to Wisconsin, I think its high time to sample the producer community more thoroughly to see how many stories there are out there.

Tell us more about the hogs that wouldn't eat the ration when the GMO crops were included. About the farmer who said ' Well, if you want your cattle to go off their feed, just switch them out to a GMO silage.'

About the farmer who said that his cattle broke through an old fence and ate down the non-GMO hybrids but wouldn't touch the Round-up ready corn, and as a matter of fact, "They had to walk through the GMOs to get to the Pioneer 3477 on the other side."

About the cattleman who saw the weight-gain of his cattle fall off when he switched over to GMO sources. About the organic farmer with a terrible deer problem on his soybeans, and when he drives out at night there are forty of them mowing down his tofu beans while across the road there isn't one doe eating on the Round-up Readies.

About the raccoons romping by the dozen in the organic corn, while down the road there isn't one ear that's been touched in the Bt fields. Even the mice will move on down the line if given an alternative to these 'crops'.

What is it that they know instinctively that most of us ignore? I have been traveling around with a bag of contaminated cob corn on the floor of my vehicle, and I have begun to think of it as if it was a bag of plutonium."


"Sarah, if the people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." - George H.W. Bush speaking in an interview with reporter Sarah McClendon in Dec. 1992

"Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable." - Robert F. Kennedy

"Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God." Thomas Jefferson

In the Wake of Vaccines By Barbara Loe Fisher Issue 126, September/October 2004

Vaccines: Mercury, Autism and Chronic Disease Recognized for journalistic excellence, and now reprinted in one 32-page, full-color publication, these articles contain information no parent should be without, including details on the use of the known neurotoxin mercury in flu vaccines, alarming evidence of the possible connection between vaccines and autism, exploration of the rise in chronic disease, stories of parental activism and advocacy on behalf of their vaccine-injured children, and the hopeful example of one child’s recovery from autism.

This is an EXCELLENT website on the vaccine issue:

"We must confront the privileged elite who have destroyed a large part of the world." Hugo Chavez

"If one really wishes to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the policemen, the lawyers, the judges, or the protected members of the middle class. One goes to the unprotected - those, precisely, who need the laws' protection most - and listens to their testimony." -- James Baldwin (1924-1987)

Aspartame Makers In A Tizzy

by Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.

In July famous Italian scientists made world news by reporting an impeccable three-year study on aspartame proving it causes malignant brain tumors, lymphoma, and leukemia. In Sept they added kidney cancer and cancer of the cranial peripheral nerves. Next the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board granted Stephen Fox's request to convene a five day hearing to consider banning this poison from the state. The full week hearing is scheduled for July.

The folks at Merisant have cranked up the smoke machine to convince us the Italian doctors are morons, though congressional testimony, scientific studies and scores of renowned MD's have said the same thing for years. An anonymous editorial that reads like an ad appeared in the Albuquerque Journal; next the Santa Fe New Mexican ran a letter from Paul Block, Merisant CEO, with the absurd title ASPARTAME SAFE.

Block tells us: "there is simply no question aspartame is safe...200 studies over 30 years, etc., etc., etc." Rejoice that an unbiased, impartial authority, with no prejudice, absolutely neutral, servant of enlightenment, purity and truth recommends a neurotoxin he stands to cop an extra ten million from. In September Merisant bonused Block with four percent of the first $100 million, 5% of the next and 6% thereafter. Plus his regular pay, of course, and the limousine, and the airplane, and, and, and ...

Surely no one would think such meager monetary considerations color Block's allegiance to truth. He just drank too much diet pop and it blew his memory, #9 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms from 10,000 aspartame complaints. Block forgot the 17 page expose in September's Ecologist, and many renowned doctors raising outcry, publishing books, magazine and Internet articles, and by radio warning America of this dread and growing disaster. Block can't recall that once FDA asked the Justice Department to investigate the manufacturer for filing fraudulent reports to get it approved. Caught dead to rights, their defense lawyers hired the prosecutors and the case died with the statute of limitations. The Godfather hired the district attorney!

This wasn't the first time. A parade of FDA officials, Commissioners included, have hired into the aspartame business. Every test endorsing it was paid for by the manufacturer. All independent studies say its toxic. The Italian researchers declared it's a Multi-Potential Carcinogen. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills says: "This study should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products. This was a carefully done study which clearly demonstrated a statistically significant increase in several types of lymphomas and leukemias in rats. Both of these malignancies have increased significantly in this country since the widespread use of aspartame." FDA has received more complaints on aspartame than all other food additives combined, so they stopped taking complaints.

Aspartame makers are honorable men, all honorable men! So they put little blue paks of rat poison on restaurant tables worldwide, and the cursed stuff triggers diabetes, destroys the mind, eradicates sexual function, destroys sight and makes you fat! A test on 7 monkeys gave 5 grand mal seizures and killed number six. We're the monkeys now!

At every point in the fertility process aspartame destroys, beginning with the gleam in Mom and Pop's eyes. "It destroys female sexual response and induces male dysfunction," says James Bowen, M.D., "Beyond this, aspartame disrupts fetal development by aborting it or inducing defects. And if a live child is born aspartame may have heinously damaged the DNA of the baby, cursing future generations. The schools are filled with children with ADD, ADHD and behavioral problems triggered by this neurotoxin." The next phase in New Mexico's battle to free itself from aspartame begins with the N.M. Board of Pharmacy's consideration of a complete ban from children's vitamins and medications in Albuquerque on November 14 & 15. Co-petitioner with Stephen Fox (505 983 2002) is Ken Stoller, M.D., Pediatrics and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UNM School of Medicine (505 - 820-6234).

Aspartame propaganda is tired and worn out. All shenanigans are a matter of public record. You can read the FDA audit, Bressler Report, damning Center for Disease Control investigation and protest of National Soft Drink Association on
http://www.dorway.com To Paul Block: Everybody's sick of the denials after a quarter century of controversy, sickness, ruination and death. The world has had enough. You don't have to lose your bonus, Paul, just change the label to read rat poison. The world already knows it's a killer.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 http://www.wnho.net and http://www.dorway.com Aspartame Toxicity Center, http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame

To Investigate:

A juicy letter to the Albuquerque Journal they thought too strong to print: http://www.wnho.net/letter_abq_journa

Aspartame Manufacturers Tell A Whopper, http://www.wnho.net/whopper.htm http://www.rense.com/general67/aspar.htm

Ajinomoto, Aspartame & Brain Tumors: Recipe for Death
http://www.wnho.net/recipe_for_death.htm : Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D.1,038 page medical text, http://www.sunsentpress.com or 1 800 827 7991.

See the documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,
http://www.docworkers.com Learn how a deadly neurotoxin got FDA approval even after their tech people said NO!

The Shocking Story of the World's Bestselling Sweetener, http://www.wnho.net/the_ecologist_aspartame_report.htm

Aspartame Interacts with All Drugs, Vaccines and Toxins: http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_interacts.htm


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