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Cindy Sheehan

Ike Was Right About War Machine


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Victory for campaigners as mobile giant puts 48ft phone mast plan on hold


Bush Dunnit: Stephanopolis confirms possible indictments of Bush and Cheney

UPDATE: ABC News reports indictments


by Scott Mowry

On last evening's edition of "Shop Talk from Plot HQ" for Sunday, October 2, 2005, hosts Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick reported that ABC News has confirmed there are impending indictments of both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The revelation was made by none other than George Stephanopolis on the Sunday morning news show "This Week". Stephanopolis proclaimed his information came from "reliable sources".

"Without knowing it, we are working for ABC News, we are their 'reliable sources', Skolnick and Bloom said jokingly.

Skolnick and Bloom theorized now that Stephanopolis has leaked this historical information, it is likely that the major networks particularly, ABC and CBS, will begin immediately preparing news specials on this potentially explosive story of these indictments.

"They are trying to prepare the American people so it's not a shocker," said Bloom.

Bloom asked Skolnick how he saw the scenario playing out after Bush and Cheney are removed from office. Skolnick has reported in the past that he foresees a three-headed government emerging for a temporary period of time in what he has termed a "troika".

"'Troika' is a Russian word for a wagon pulled by three horses'" said Skolnick. "And I have surmised that we will have a three-person administrative emergency panel made up of (Albert) Gore, the actual President, not inaugurated, some (military) general, who is not a war monger and some other third person that they will select and they will run the government in the absence of the presidency. In other words, we will get into an emergency situation where an election cannot do the trick anymore."

Skolnick also expressed his concerns on how the Bush administration and those who control them, may respond to this latest development.

"I think our government will be discredited and swept away because this stooge and scapegoat, George W. Bush, supervised by his father who is not now an elected official at all, on behalf of the Queen of England and the Anglo-American aristocracy, has controlled what is going on in the united states and so I am very concerned that they may in the very near future create an earthquake scenario.

The technology to create earthquakes, man made, has been known for at least 30 years or more. California is perfect for it because there are places where the oil has been pumped out and it's is a hollow dome and sometimes they have forgotten to fill it up with water. If you send harmonic waves, HAARP, or whatever, that you will set off an earthquake, man made. And then the White House will claim there is an emergency and there has got to be Martial Law."

Skolnick also warned of a potential stock market crash with the date of October 19th, particularly likely to be the actual day. "I think by the third week of October we may have another historical event. October has been historically the crash month."


Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal?

Informant: V

George Stephanopolous dropped a bombshell on his show on Sunday. Toward the end, as Judd notes, he said, "Definitely a political problem but I wonder, George Will, do you think it's a manageable one for the White House especially if we don't know whether Fitzgerald is going to write a report or have indictments but if he is able to show as a source close to this told me this week, that President Bush and Vice President Cheney were actually involved in some of these discussions."


This is getting good. On ABC's This Week:[Stephanopoulos:] "Definitely a political problem but I wonder, George Will, do you think it's a manageable one for the White House especially if we don't know whether Fitzgerald is going to write a report or have indictments but if he is able to show as a source close to this told me this week, that President Bush and Vice President Cheney were actually involved in some of these discussions."

And this is entirely relevant, because Fitzgerald may be moving toward the "conspiracy" route.

"But a new theory about Fitzgerald's aim has emerged in recent weeks from two lawyers who have had extensive conversations with the prosecutor while representing witnesses in the case. They surmise that Fitzgerald is considering whether he can bring charges of a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by a group of senior Bush administration officials. Under this legal tactic, Fitzgerald would attempt to establish that at least two or more officials agreed to take affirmative steps to discredit and retaliate against Wilson and leak sensitive government information about his wife. To prove a criminal conspiracy, the actions need not have been criminal, but conspirators must have had a criminal purpose."

In other words, he may not just be targetting the two leakers themselves (Libby for sure, and maybe Rove?), but everyone involved in orchestrating the smear campaign against Wilson. That would definitely include Rove. And if Stephanopoulos' source is correct, that could go much, much higher.

It's a good time to be a criminal defense lawyer.


Informant: maintzger

Miserable by Design

According to Paul Krugman, federal aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina is already faltering on two crucial fronts: health care and housing. Incompetence is part of the problem, but deeper political issues also play a crucial role.


I Remember Democrats

The leadership caste of the Democratic party - those worthies and also-rans in the Senate and the DNC - should take a walk down to the Rayburn House office building and find Representatives Conyers, Lee, Woolsey, Abercrombie, Sanders, McDermott, Waters and Waxman. William Rivers Pitt asserts that this crew has been keeping good company, has been burning the midnight oil, and has been speaking the truth of this administration all day and every day.


Copie Courriel à Mr Jean-Marie DANJOU Délégué Général de l'AFOM

Courriel ouvert à Monsieur Jean-Marie DANJOU.

Délégué Général de l’Association Française des Opérateurs Mobiles

Monsieur le Délégué Général de l’AFOM ,

Les utilisateurs de téléphones portables peuvent-ils dormir sur leurs deux oreilles?

Si les pouvoirs publics commencent à en douter au vu de ce qui "transpire" depuis quelques mois, par les propos de votre prédécesseur, l’AFOM en tant que représentant des Opérateurs l’assure.

Mais pour les assureurs la cause est entendue, c’est NON.

Swiss Ré, le deuxième réassureur mondial, a fait état de ce risque émergent dès 1997:

«Tous les assureurs franco-français appliquent cette exclusion dans les contrats de responsabilité civile», précise Klaus Doebereiner, de Swiss Ré.

Principe de précaution oblige, les assureurs savent ce que mesurer un risque signifie.

Puisqu’ils refusent depuis 2002 de couvrir les dommages liés à l’émission de champs électromagnétiques, et notamment ceux de la téléphonie mobile, ces services offerts au public ont-ils une couverture de risque ?.

Next-up organisation souhaite afin de clarifier la situation que l’Association Française des Opérateurs Mobiles dont vous êtes le Délégué Général publie les contrats de responsabilité civile d’entreprise des trois principaux Opérateurs Français.

Dans l’attente, Veuillez agréer Monsieur le Délégué Général nos salutations distinguées.

Le Président de Next-up organisation,

Serge Combe-Sargentini.

Le Vice-Président de Next-up organisation,

Dr Claude Monnet.


A Double Standard

Government programs for upper-income families or wealthy individuals are called "tax incentives" or "write- offs," while those for working Americans are called "handouts" and "poverty programs."


Europe Learns, America Provokes

by Rami G. Khouri, TomPaine.com

While the U.S. continues to claim that terrorists hate our way of life, Europe understands terror is about our policies.


Democracy DeLayed

by Lee Drutman, TomPaine.com

As we watch the GOP scramble to recover, let's not forget that the DeLay indictment shows how corrosive corporate money is to American democracy.


Téléphones portables: des risques sous-évalués


Roundup Ready Sudden Death, Superweeds, Allergens


Miller Tried to Cut Earlier CIA Leak Deal




Black Box Voting: Tools For Election Reform



This month, BLACK BOX VOTING exposed NEW information on how elections can be manipulated. We produced the information in a visual, easy to understand format showing several real-life attack mechanisms. As the Carter-Baker panel showed in their insufficient report (more on that below), our public officials are still not dealing with real problems in election security. We need to get everyone out of denial.

You can use the file below for presentations just as is, or for guidelines on developing your own communications. You can quickly flip from page to page. The presentation is in three sections: Why voting is so important, how to evaluate the real risks, and factors in local and national election manipulation.


If you have questions about the information in the presentation, just post your questions here, and we'll provide one-on-one answers to help you and others (who probably have the same questions):


Note that the Carter-Baker panel shifted the "frame" of elections integrity. They want to "restore voter confidence", but they don't make much effort to repair the flaws themselves.

Here is our quick, point-by-point rebuttal to the Carter-Baker Report:



We are often asked "what can citizens DO to repair our broken election system?" Black Box Voting is investing in real solutions to help repair our elections process. We are not waiting for new laws to be passed, new voting machines to be invented, or public officials to change their ways.


Working with expert Harri Hursti, Black Box Voting is distributing the new "Votascope" program. It's free. It's open source. Anyone can use it to find out if their local election is ailing.*

* This is not a complete solution by any means. Right now, the Votascope program will help with absentee votes and mail-in votes. Recounts are also often done on this kind of machine.

Here's how it works:

Harri Hursti discovered that some voting machines automatically create a file that you can obtain using the Freedom of Information Act ("Public Records Requests").

This type of voting machine takes photos of each ballot, which it keeps in a file automatically. You can get these ballot photos with public records requests.

Of course, elections have a lot of ballots. The July 26 San Diego election, for example, had about 250,000 ballots, about 75,000 of which went through the kind of voting machine that takes and keeps digital photos. The recent school election in Marin County, California was all mail-in, and had about 15,750 ballots go through this kind of voting machine. It would take a long time for you to count all those ballots.

The Votascope program counts the ballots for you, using precise open source programming.

Of course, it will come with instructions. It can do many diagnostics. For example, you will be able to diagnose various election ailments with Votascope.

Example: One way to tamper with an election is to set the machine to reject or accept more votes. The Votascope program can catch this manipulation.

Votascope can also find machines that are poorly maintained, or show you if a ballot design favored one candidate over another.

Votascope will be available for free downloads at Black Box Voting beginning in mid-October, in time for the Nov. 8 elections this year! The photo files it uses to count ballots are ALREADY in voting machines; you can get them on CD or DVD; the laws you need to get them are ALREADY on the books.

The first edition of the Votascope program counts Diebold ballot images. Later editions will count images from Hart Intercivic and, if possible, ES&S.

With your help, we can soon find out how healthy (or unwell) our elections are. Here is more information on the new Votascope checkup program for voting machines:



How did we get into this mess with voting machines? Who made the decision to privatize our elections?

The Election Center and R. Doug Lewis are of interest, because this entity and this individual organized elections officials and propagandized the introduction of voting machines in the United States. The Election Center and R. Doug Lewis were involved in consolidating election officials under the National Association of State Elections Directors (NASED) and overseeing the Independent Testing Labs (ITAs) that certified the current crop of tamper-friendly voting systems.

We wanted to know who started The Election Center (a private organization) and who hired R. Doug Lewis. In a recent trip to Washington D.C., we obtained copies of microfiche documents that provide this information. Here they are:


These documents show the names of all directors in 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1997. R. Doug Lewis was appointed director of The Election Center in 1994, so the individuals in 1993 and 1994 would presumably be those people who hired him.

R. Doug Lewis's resume does not seem to check out. He claims he was an "assistant to the president in the White House" but he doesn't say which president. He says he ran the Texas Democratic Party and the Kansas Democratic Party, but we can find no evidence of this and no one with those parties seems to remember him.

Because we have not yet been able to confirm who he is or his whereabouts prior to the mid-1980s, we are continuing to examine his background and the role he has played in U.S. elections. We do know that he sold used computers in the late 1980s, before taking over The Election Center, taking over training of election officials, and pushing voting machines into every corner of the U.S.

We are finding fruitful information, which we are currently developing on these issues, and will post it on our Web Site as a consumer report as soon as it's ready.

Informant: NHNE

5th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin

This is the 5th installment of the Canadian SWEEP Initiative e-bulletin (Safe Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Policy).

This newsletter serves as a roundup of what has been occuring on the EMF/EMR awareness and advocacy front in Canada. Please send me Canadian links and stories. Thanks to a collaboration with GotEMF Canada we are now beginning to build a broad national news-sharing alliance.

This Week:

1. Thanks to GotEMF Canada for posting our previous SWEEP bulletins while we build our website:


2. We received tremendous response for our call to contact Member of Parliament Scott Simms. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Consult the site above for more information about this initiative. I will forward Olle Johansson's very useful and informative response shortly.

3. As ever, Magda Havas of Trent has been very active with a number of groups over the past few weeks, and has also done some frontline work visiting electrosensitives in the Toronto area along with Martin Weatherall.


4. Magda, as well as Sue Fusco and Richard Johnston of STOP EMF met with representatives of the Ontario Ministry of Health. Their lists of requests will be posted shortly on our temporary site above.

5. STOP EMF have had some important successes over the past weeks, congratulations:


6. An Alberta school board has begun going through deliberations similar to those of the Vancouver school board on the issue of wireless communications:


7. If you are within driving distance, please come to the SWEEP event on October 15th (pdf attached). Below is the press release for the event.

Contacts: David Fancy – 905-682-8034 SWEEP Coordinator dfancy@brocku.ca

Karin Perry – 905-937-9235 Breast Cancer Research & Education Fund ecossentialhome@cogeco.ca

Electrical Pollution: No Place to Hide Saturday, October 15th, 2005
1 to 5 pm

Speaker: Dr. Magda Havas St. John's Anglican Church, 80 Main Street Port Dalhousie, (in St. Catharines) admission $15.00 (includes refreshments) co-sponsored by: Breast Cancer Research & Education Fund and SWEEP (Safe Wireless Electrical & Electromagnetic Policies) for tickets call: 905-687-3333 (BCREF)

We live in a world full of an increasing amount of electrical and wireless activity. Most Canadians come into contact with significant amounts of these types of emissions on a daily basis at home, school, and in the workplace.

What do we know about the long-term effects of electromagnetic emissions on human health? How does contact with increasing amounts of wireless and electrical activity affect the emergence of diseases such as breast cancer, diabetes, and MS? On the other hand, how can the safe harnessing of these technologies be used to increase human health?

St. Catharines Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund, in collaboration with the Canadian Safe Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Policy (SWEEP) Initiative would like to invite you to join a talk and information session presented by Dr. Magda Havas, on October 15th, from 1-5pm at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Port Dalhousie.

Dr. Havas is a researcher at Trent University in Peterborough whose internationally renowned work deals with the effects of electromagnetic emissions on human health. “Research shows higher electromagnetic fields are associated with a higher risk of childhood leukemia” says Havas, while “other studies report a slight increased in female breast cancer and a large increase in male breast cancer for occupational exposure; an increase in brain tumours above 10 milligauss (mG, the standard used to measure these fields); an increased incidence of miscarriages above 16 mG; and an increased incidence of Lou Gehrig’s disease [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis].”

Significant health effects have also been documented with relation to radiofrequency or wireless emissions from devices such as home portable phones, cell phones, and other wireless devices.

A recent report from the Ontario Ministry of Labour acknowledges that:

“A number of health effects have been linked to exposure to time varying electric and magnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation which are generally called ‘Non-thermal effects. These effects include cancer induction, cancer promotion, ALS, flu-like symptoms, etc. […] It is recognized by the ministry that certain workers may be more susceptible to a given workplace condition/exposure and the exposure standards may not be sufficiently protective for those individual workers.”

A number of individuals suffering from the effects of exposure to electromagnetic emissions at home and in the workplace will also be present on the afternoon of Oct 15th to discuss their experience.

Members of the newly formed SWEEP Initiative — an umbrella organization which is working at municipal, provincial and federal levels with dozens of Canadian organizations to educate citiziens and promote safe levels of emissions for all Canadians — will also be present to discuss the current developments on a national level of issues of electromagnetics and human health.

Dr Havas will be presenting summaries of up-to-date peer-reviewed research into the effects of radiofrequency and wireless exposure, as well as research into ‘ground current’. The phenomenon of ground current occurs when spent electricity makes it way back to generating stations through conductors such as sewer lines, phone cables, the effects of which can be deleterious to both human health and that of livestock.

The provincial, federal and international guidelines for safety with regard to these emissions are prone to change and evolution in response to scientific discovery, the opinion of various utilities/providers, and the level of concern amongst citizens and workers. In the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has recently suggested that there is uncertainty whether current guidelines around long-term radio frequency exposure (from cell phone towers, wireless networks, etc) protect human health. In 2001, Dr Sheila Basrur suggested that the Toronto municipal guidelines for radiofrequency exposure should be 100 times lower than current limits.

This session will be of interest to homeowners, consumers, employers, workers, environmentalists, mainstream and complimentary health-care professionals, teachers, and the general public.

-Johansson on electrosensitivity
-How can we help Lorna Wilson? -Full Stop EMF update

Report links chemical exposures to cancers


The Greatest Strategic Disaster in US History


Informant: Kev Hall

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations

The Role of U.S. Nuclear Weapons: New Doctrine Falls Short of Bush Pledge


From FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign

Data Retention: EU-Zwist um Datenspeicherpflicht geht weiter

q/depesche 2005-10-03T11:06:28

Data Retention - the Show goes on

Zum Thema Datenverhaltungszwang gibt es heute um 19:00 einen pseudomedizinischen Vortrag in der Netbase [Neustiftgasse 17 1070 Wien], der Eintritt ist frei. Im Rahmen dessen werden aktuelle, bis dahin nicht-öffentliche EU-Dokumente vorgestellt.


Während EU-Kommission und -Parlament die Rahmenrichtlinie des Ministerrats kritisieren, treiben die Hardliner unter den Innenministern den Entwurf weiter voran. Auf die kommende österreichische EU-Präsidentschaft kommt offenbar ein schweres Erbe zu.

Die ungewöhnlich scharfe Ablehnung ihrer Pläne durch den Innen- und Justizausschuss des EU-Parlaments am vergangenen Dienstag hat die Hardliner unter den EU-Innenministern offenbar wenig beeindruckt.

Bereits am Donnerstag saß man in Brüssel wieder zusammen, um die harsch kritisierte Rahmenrichtlinie des Rats zur verpflichtenden Speicherung von Verkehrsdaten - wer mit wem wann wo telefonisch oder via Internet kommuniziert - weiter voranzutreiben.

Angeführt vom britischen Innenminster und Ratsvorsitzenden Charles Clarke versuchen derzeit die EU-Innenminister Englands, Frankreichs, Irlands und Schwedens eine EU-weite Entscheidung unter Ausschluss des Parlaments zu fällen.

Dazu ist im Ministerrat freilich Einstimmigkeit nötig, und die besteht [...] unter den Mitgliedsländern derzeit nicht. Mehr dazu

relayed by Harkank

Joy as phone mast plan sunk

by Rebecca Jones

Oct 3, 2005

Campaigners in Kidderminster were celebrating after plans by mobile phone giant Vodaphone to build a mast on green belt land were thrown out for good.

The Government's planning inspectorate has rejected proposals to erect the 10-metre pole in Wolverley Road, Franche, following an outcry from hundreds of residents.

Wyre Forest District Council turned down the bid at the end of last year after a petition was raised against it but Vodaphone appealed to the Government.

Councillor Anne Hingley said today: "There were streets of people who wrote in to object. The mast was refused at local level and Vodaphone went to appeal.

"There was a petition at the newsagents and there was a lot of strong feelings against it.

"We've had a couple that have failed recently including one at the back of Coningsby Drive, so this is great news for campaigners."

Another mast for nearby Trimpley Drive has been recently thrown out by Wyre Forest planners.

At a packed development control meeting, councillors grilled Vodafone planning expert Susan McMorrow who spoke in support of the Wolverley Road mast.

However, phone companies have warned it might not be the end for them.

Mrs McMorrow said: "There will be a need for this equipment when people are unable to use their phones. The Government has said there must be 80 per cent coverage by 2007."

Fears have been raised by councillors that phone networks would continue to apply for the hi-tech equipment, which is currently not functioning in Kidderminster.

A Wyre Forest task group is now looking at new health legislation to examine widespread fears of long term effects of possible radiation caused by mobile phones.

A recent survey showed one in three children under the age of 10 now own their own mobiles. Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, warned earlier this year children under eight should be stopped using handsets.


Gutachten als Beruhigungspille



HNA online 27-09-05

Gutachten als Beruhigungspille

Zierenberg. Die Bürgerinitiative Zierenberg sieht in der aktuellen Diskussion um die künftige UMTS-Versorgung mögliche gesundheitliche Auswirkungen auf die Bevölkerung nicht ausreichend berücksichtigt. In einer Stellungnahme zum kürzlich vorgelegten Gutachten des Elektrosmogexperten Prof. Wuschek (wir berichteten) äußern die UMTS-Gegner die Befürchtung, hier solle eine "Beruhigungspille" verabreicht werden. Das Gutachten legt Berechnungen bestehender wie zu erwartender Immissionen durch Anlagen von D2 Vodafone im Bereich der Stadt dar, nimmt aber keine gesundheitliche Bewertung vor.

Omega siehe hierzu „Prof. Dr. Matthias Wuschek“ unter:

Die Auswahl der Messpunkte im Stadtgebiet lasse, so die BI, eine Ausgewogenheit vermissen. Weiter wird bemängelt, in die Prognose hätte auch die Belastung durch weitere Mobilfunk-Sendeanlagen wie Bärenberg oder Katzenstein und E-Plus auf dem Raiffeisen-Silo einbezogen werden müssen. So bezweifeln die Kritiker die Eignung des Gutachtens als Grundlage für eine objektive Meinungsbildung.

Zur strittigen Festlegung der Grenzwerte in der 26. Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundes-Immissionschutzgesetzes (BimSchV) stellt die Bürgerinitiative fest, diese bezögen sich lediglich auf gesundheitliche Schädigungen, die die elektromagnetische Strahlung durch Steigerung der Körpererwärmung verursache. Neue Studien aber gäben Anlass zur Vermutung, dass weit unterhalb der gesetzlichen Grenzwerte Gesundheitsbeeinträchtigungen hervorgerufen werden können. Vor diesem Hintergrund, erklärt die BI, empfehle die Bundesärztekammer, die Grenzwerte drastisch nach unten zu korrigieren. Auch das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz weise auf Vorsorgemaßnahmen wie Strahlungsminimierung hin. Die aktuellen Grenzwerte geben nach Überzeugung der Bürgerinitiative "nur eine scheinbare bzw. trügerische Sicherheit". Die Bürger dürften nicht als Versuchskaninchen benutzt werden.

Von dem in Kürze erstmals stattfindenden Runden Tisch zur Mobilfunkproblematik in Zierenberg erwartet die Initiative einen Dialog, auch über alternative Standorte zum bereits geplanten im Bereich Oberer Hundemarkt. (PBB)

Die BI Zierenberg lädt alle Interessierten zu ihren Treffen jeden 1. Freitag im Monat um 20 Uhr im "Kasseler Hof" ein. Kontakt: Markus Overbeck, Tel. 05606/1832



Scapegoating small fry

by Paul Craig Roberts


The news that yet another Army private, Lynndie England, 22, of Fort Ashby, West Virginia, has been convicted and sentenced for posing for the infamous photos of torture at Abu Ghraib, while her superiors duck responsibility, is a sad commentary on the extent to which the Bush administration has corrupted the US Army. The reminder of the photos of those inexcusable activities was sickening enough, and England deserves to be punished. But I am of the old-Army school where officers took responsibility for the actions of those under their command. For anyone who cares to look, there is abundant documentary evidence that the Army brass and its civilian leadership are responsible for the torture. They continue to dance away from taking responsibility. They choose, instead, to stone the woman, like the hypocrites of Bible fame, contending that the photos inflamed the insurgency in Iraq. It is the torture, not the photos, that inflames the insurgency. And responsibility for the torture reaches directly up the chain of command to the commander-in-chief himself...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ill winds blow sick politics

Washington Times
by Alan Reynolds


It's an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody some good. That apparently applies to hurricanes. A recent Washington headline was, 'Lobbies line up for relief riches.' Of course they do. This is no surprise to those in the District of Corruption, where the worst government failures invariably become the best excuses for handing out billions more to special interests. In a remarkable 1972 book, 'Redistribution to the Rich and the Poor,' Kenneth Boulding and Martin Pfaff demonstrate political power is often used 'as an exploitive device leading to the transfer of income from the poor to the middle class, or from the middle class to the wealthy.' ... ' If we can keep our eyes wide open during strong political winds, the hurricanes might actually awaken more people to the sober realization that government 'solutions' are most often obscenely overpriced, ineffective and corrupt...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Rational Review
by Justin Raimondo


Now that our attention is focused on Libby, the real outlines of the scandal that will envelop this administration are becoming clearer by the day. Scooter-gate isn't about revenge, although that's part of it; it isn't about intra-bureaucratic infighting, although that certainly played a role; and it sure isn't about Karl Rove, as the chattering classes were convinced only a few weeks ago. It is about how a band of ruthless ideologues lied us into war -- and betrayed their country in the process. It's about a criminal conspiracy finally felled by its own hubris. And, unfortunately for the defendants, it's about espionage...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Emperor's New Consensus

The American Conservative
by Scott McConnell

[A]s a Philippine government official put it, 'It's so heartbreaking to see how helpless America has become. You're not strong any more. You can't even save your own countrymen and there you are, out there trying to control the world.' Such statements don't come configured with neo-Marxian accoutrements about hegemony and imperialism -- they are, rather like the child's response to the emperor's new clothes, a conclusion drawn from obvious visual evidence. Variations of this reaction swept the globe in the early days of September, at the beginning of Osama bin Laden's second term. The underlying cause of this turnabout in world thinking was America's inability to tame the Iraq insurgency, two and half years after George W. Bush initiated a war of choice against Saddam. That war is not yet over for American troops or the Iraqis, but its basic strategic outcome is clear: as a vehicle for transforming the political culture of the Arab world in a pro-American direction, it is an utter failure... (for publication 10/10/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Britain in the dock for human rights failures

Independent [UK]


Britain has one of the worst human rights records in Europe and faces investigation over its failure to comply with a series of European court rulings. More than 100 findings have been lodged against Britain to which the Government has not adequately responded, five years after Tony Blair said he had fulfilled his promise to 'bring rights home' by implementing the Human Rights Act. These range findings from violations of the rights of mental health patients to the failure to protect children from unlawful corporal punishment in the home...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Jedes zweite Kind leidet an Kopfschmerzen



Manuela Knapp 28-09-05

Aus dem Deutschen Ärzteblatt am 27.09.05

Studie: Jedes zweite Kind leidet an Kopfschmerzen

Göttingen. Jedes zweite Kind hat laut einer Studie von Göttinger Wissenschaftlern im vergangenen halben Jahr unter Kopfschmerzen gelitten. 6.5 Prozent aller sieben bis 14-jährigen waren danach sogar einmal wöchentlich oder häufiger davon betroffen, wie die Universität am 27. September in Göttingen mitteilte. Wenngleich mit der Untersuchung die hohen Werte ausländischer Studien nicht bestätigt worden seien, sei die Kopfschmerzhäufigkeit "schon dramatisch", sagte Birgit Kröner-Herwig vom Georg-Elias-Müller-Institut für Psychologie. Deutsche Vergleichsstudien lägen bislang nicht vor.

Der erste Kopfschmerzanfall tritt nach der Göttinger Erhebung durchschnittlich im achten Lebensjahr auf, bei Jungen früher als bei Mädchen. Insgesamt haben Mädchen häufiger Kopfschmerzen. Mit dem Alter steigt die Zahl der betroffenen Kinder kontinuierlich an, ebenso wie die Zahl derjenigen, die regelmäßig Kopfschmerzen haben. 7,5 Prozent der Kinder sind nach Angaben Kröner-Herwigs von Migräne betroffen. Dabei handelt es sich um die Kopfschmerzform, die am stärksten beeinträchtigt.

Es gebe zudem eine enge Verbindung zwischen Kopfschmerz und anderen Schmerzarten wie Bauch- und Rückenschmerzen. Auch andere gesundheitliche Beschwerden seien mit dem Auftreten von Kopfschmerzen verbunden. Schulstress und kritische Lebensereignisse seinen weitere mögliche Belastungsfaktoren, die das Auftreten von Kopfschmerz begünstigen.

Für die Studie wurden Fragebögen an rund 8 800 Familien mit Kindern in Niedersachsen ausgegeben. 60 Prozent der Befragten antworteten.


Anmerkung: Mit Schuleintritt erhalten die meisten Kinder ihr eigenes Handy

Manu K.

Omega siehe dazu auch „Jugend: Jeder Dritte leidet unter Nervosität und Kopfschmerz“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/352522/

Climate change warning - this time it's personal


Informant: NHNE

In the Beginning, There Was Abramoff

Frank Rich argues that it's not just Mr. DeLay, a k a the Hammer, who is on life support, but a Washington establishment whose infatuation with power and money has contaminated nearly every limb of government and turned off a public that by two to one finds the country on the wrong track.


The latest incarnation of Innocents Abroad


Questions and Answers on Plame Case

Reporters hauled before grand juries. A White House under fire. With the CIA leak investigation perhaps ending soon, some questions and answers about what it has meant.


Days of US's 'unprecedented credit bubble' are numbered


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From ufpj-news

Last One to Leave, Please Turn On the Lights


More Lies for More War


Day of the Jackass


Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Kelo Decision and the Fourteenth Amendment


Back in the Belly of the Beast


$300 Billion Terrorist Training Ground


GOP's Unified Front Is Reduced to a Veneer


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