Join Cindy Sheehan & Thich Nhat Hanh for a Silent Peace Walk at McArthur Park

My suggestion is that all anti-war activists should attend the event below and meet and recruit as many interested people as possible into the anti-war movement. Anti-war signs would be great and, of course, anti-war petitions to sign up as many people as possible are virtually essential. I take the statement from below: ".....we shall walk together in silence, with no banners and no pickets. The walk will not be a petition addressed to anyone, nor will it be a demonstration against anyone." As a recommendation and as a statement of what those who agree with this position will do rather than as an order prohibiting those who want to have signs or petitions form having them. In other words I recommend that those who do not want signs and/or petitions be free not to have them and those who do want signs and/or petitions be free to have them as well. Isn't that the most free position to take?

Jim D.

Cindy Sheehan & Thich Nhat Hanh on Saturday, October 8th, 10:00AM at McArthur Park for a Silent Peace Walk to Promote Healing in US

Please distribute widely Join Cindy Sheehan and Renowned Vietnamese Peacemaker Thich Nhat Hanh for a Silent Peace Walk to Promote Healing in US on Saturday, October 8th at 10AM at McArthur Park

WHAT: Silent Peace Walk

WHEN: The walk begins at 10 a.m.on Saturday, October 8, 2005

WHERE: MacArthur Park, 2230 West 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90057.

WHO: Join Thich Nhat Hanh, 'Peace Mom' Cindy Sheehan, the monks and nuns of Deer Park Monastery and Plum Village, France .

As America struggles with its suffering, poverty, and racial and religious tensions, renowned peacemaker Thich Nhat Hanh will lead a mindful, silent peace walk Oct. 8th in Los Angeles to support the country's healing. ( http://www.peaceiseverystep.net/ )

"You are invited to come and walk peacefully," says Thich Nhat Hanh. "We shall walk in such a way that each step we make becomes a realization of peace; each step becomes a prayer for peace and harmony. Children will join us and we shall walk together in silence, with no banners and no pickets. The walk will not be a petition addressed to anyone, nor will it be a demonstration against anyone. The walk is to unite our heart, to nurture our togetherness and to dissipate fear and separation."

Thich Nhat Hanh is revered as one of the greatest peacemakers of our times. He was nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize and has been a Buddhist monk, peace activist and advocate of love and forgiveness since the age of 16. He has survived persecution, three wars, and 40 years of exile from his native Vietnam. Earlier this year the Vietnamese government allowed Thich Nhat Hanh to return to Vietnam.

"If you are a Buddhist, please come," says Hanh. "If you are a Christian, please come. If you are Jewish, Muslim, or belong to or identify with any other religious creed or peace organization, please come. If you are white, brown, black, yellow, red or any other color, please come."

Thich Nhat Hanh, who is the author of more than 100 books, says, "We shall learn together that wrong perceptions of self and others are at the foundation of separation, fear, hate, and violence, and that togetherness and collaboration are possible. Let us begin anew in our country by listening deeply to each other. Let us also begin anew in the world community by listening deeply and taking care of each other as one family and ending war."

Website: http://www.peaceiseverystep.net/

Cindy Sheehan

HAARP Awareness


"As technology advances, the ability to control populations and manipulate outcomes also advances. Because we know how to control the weather, create earthquakes, force behavioral changes and manipulate the physiology of people does not mean that we should do it. The age we are in requires even greater safeguards of personal freedoms, not further constraints upon it. If freedom is what is being defended than freedom is what must be inherent in the actions our governments take in creating aspects of our reality." -Dr. Nick Begich in 1998



-H.A.A.R.P. is the government acronym for the “High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”, which is run jointly by the United States Air Force and Navy. But, I assure you, it's not just research they conduct. Please, read on.

-“HAARP” (like the stringed instrument), in common use, refers to the broader scope of the mysterious project’s technologies, or just the anntennae, which are elusively named “Ionospheric Research Instruments” (IRI).

-HAARP uses a localized net of phased-array antennas (IRI) to beam, blast and pulse Earth's ionosphere with billions of watts of radio waves to achieve various effects. The ionosphere is a layer of electrically charged particles surrounding our upper atmosphere, which is, of course, an integral part of Earth's entire biological system, and consequently, our individual biological systems.

-Auxiliary antennae and satellites are used in conjunction with the IRI, to augment, complete, or study their effects. Other projects under different program names seem to be involved.


-While the officially stated purposes of HAARP are limited to auroral research and communications improvements, the patented and proposed uses are many and to some may be shocking.

The main categories of use are:

a) Weather-making and modification
b) Electromagnetic Weapons Systems
c) “Missile shield” technology
d) Satellite communications enhancement/disruption
e) Deep Earth penetrating tomography
f) Human neurological manipulation/control (very controversial)

If this all sounds far fetched to you, consider that the foundations of these ideas were conceived by, arguably the greatest technological genius of the twentieth century, Nikola Tesla, all before 1943. Tesla also invented Alternating-Current electricity, radio, radar, flourescent, FREE ENERGY and numerous other mind-blowing technologies which we are only getting glimpses of today. Tesla did not receive credit for much of his known work and was buried in our historic memory. It seems free energy, independent of any material fuel source, which could power everything on our planet, is not in some people's interest.

Check out some of the links below. They are a good place to start understanding what is actually possible in this day and age. I highly recommend http://Earthpulse.com as an introduction.

I also highly recommend “Holes in Heaven; HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology”, which is a thorough and well-made documentary about the monster, narrated by Martin Sheen. The documentary includes interviews with Bernard Eastlund, whose idea HAARP was, several other experts in related fields, as well as representatives of the project. If this doc. doesn’t convince you HAARP needs serious public scrutiny, I certainly can't. The DVD is available online.


Informant: Scott Munson

Harriet Miers' main qualification: her close relationship with the president

Pass It On: Thank You For Being A Friend
by ThinkProgress

Watch ThinkProgress' creative take on Harriet Miers' main qualification: her close relationship with the president. http://tompaine.com/#passiton

Thank You For Being A Friend

Watch ThinkProgress' creative take on Harriet Miers' main qualification: her close relationship with the president.

Click here to see the video:


A Failed Public Diplomat

by John Brown, TomPaine.com

If Karen Hughes cannot even convince the American media of her spin, why should the rest of the world buy it?


A Case Of Treason

by Larry Johnson, TomPaine.com

As the Plame investigation concludes, one thing is clear: the White House chose to protect itself over protecting the nation.


Al Gore: "Our Democracy Has Been Hollowed Out"

by Al Gore, Jr., TomPaine.com

The destruction of public discourse in America, the marketplace of ideas, threatens the very foundations of our republic.


Interpreting Harriet Miers

by Robert Reich, TomPaine.com

The Constitution has been strictly interpreted in all sorts of ways. To understand Miers we need to see her memos to the president.


Al Gore: "I believe that American democracy is in grave danger"


Informant: NHNE

Spain Asserts Right to Try Genocide Crimes Committed Abroad

Spain's courts may try cases of genocide and crimes against humanity committed outside the country, whatever the nationality of the victims, the country's Constitutional Court said in a ruling hailed by rights activists.


Toxic Gumbo

Senate Republicans, led by Environment and Public Works Committee chairman James Inhofe - who has declared that global warming is a hoax - have introduced a bill that would allow the EPA to waive clean water and air laws during cleanup. The EPA itself is drafting a plan that would allow the agency to waive state regulations on smog emissions or pollutants pouring out of coal plants.


GOP Plans Cuts in Food Programs, Conservation

Under orders to cut agriculture spending by $3 billion, Republicans in Congress have proposed reducing food programs for the poor by $574 million and conservation programs by $1 billion.


White House Official Indicted for Obstruction

The Bush administration's former chief procurement official was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury on charges of making false statements and obstructing investigations into high-powered Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff.


Judging Harriet Miers

Stephen J. Fortunato Jr. writes that Miers will provide no solace to those who think law in a constitutional democracy should protect individuals from official excesses and corporate predations.


Energy Hog Lessons

Kelpie Wilson writes that Bush and the Republicans have a well-known agenda of removing all regulatory restrictions on industry. They have already suspended labor and contracting laws to "speed" Gulf Coast reconstruction. Now they are using the disaster-spawned energy crunch to break down environmental laws and restrictions that they failed to destroy with last summer's energy bill.


God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers


Informant: NHNE

Mesures officielles de Contrôle du rayonnement des antennes relais de la macro-station de téléphonie mobile d’Orange à CREST

COMMUNIQUÉ Minute d’ASL: Mesures officielles de Contrôle du rayonnement des antennes relais de la macro-station de téléphonie mobile d’Orange à CREST (Drôme): Échec


5. November: Bundesweiter Sternmarsch gegen "Hartz IV" in Berlin geplant


"Hartz IV"-Gegner wollen ihre Proteste gegen die Arbeitsmarktreform wieder verstärken. Für den 5. November haben sie zu einer bundesweiten Großdemonstration in Berlin aufgerufen. Mit einem Sternmarsch wollen sie Druck auf die Politik machen und die Abschaffung der Gesetze erzwingen, wie die Koordinierungsgruppe Montagsdemonstrationen in einem Aufruf betonte. Bereits im Oktober vergangenen Jahres war Berlin mit 45.000 Teilnehmern Ausrichtungsort einer der größten Protestaktionen gegen "Hartz IV".

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Intelligent Design, Patriot Act Gag, New Supreme Court Term


Senate Defies Bush on Torture


Akustikneurinom: Zusammenhang von Handy-Nutzung und Tumorrisiko


Hörnervtumor (Akustikusneurinom): Leidensgenossen gesucht

Hörnervtumor: Höheres Risiko bei langer Handynutzung

Langjährige Handy-Nutzung erhöht Risiko für Ohrtumor

Gehirntumorprozesse gegen US-Mobilfunkindustrie sind nicht zu Ende: Berufung angekündigt

Court victory is a first for cell-phone programmers

Strategische Kommunikation mit "geprüften wissenschaftlichen Methoden"

Ein privates britisches Unternehmen bietet Regierungen und Militärs effiziente PsyOp-Methoden an, Gegner, Öffentlichkeit und Bürger des eigenen Landes zu manipulieren.


Dad’s mast concerns

06 October 2005

The maximum beam of a hotly-disputed mobile phone mast, under construction on the periphery of a Dundee playpark, will fall directly into the popular children’s facility, it has been claimed, writes Bryan Kay.

Local man Matthew Strachan has received a letter from operator O2, which he believes contains an admission that by erecting the mast they are flouting health risks flagged up by the Stewart Inquiry.

Councillors unanim-ously refused the plan for the 12.5-metre mast on Blackness Road, near Balgay playpark last year, but a Scottish Executive reporter overturned their decision.

Mr Strachan, a father of three young children, regularly uses the park and is deeply concerned by the letter’s contents.

“I have measured the area and it is about 30 metres away at the nearest point and 80 metres at the furthest point,” he said.

“The ground does rise from the mast to the furthest point — at the slide — but from what they say in this letter, the beam of maximum intensity does go directly into the playpark.

“I wrote to the chairman and made it clear I am really worried now that they have admitted this.

“They must be working with badly-drawn maps because the work is going ahead and they have the knowledge that the beam of maximum intensity falls into the park.

“When the Scottish Executive inspection took place, the agent said it wouldn’t fall into the playpark. He also said health concerns would not be taken into account.

“There was no consultation with playpark users. It goes smack against the Stewart Inquiry, which says to proceed carefully.”

The O2 letter states, “The beam of greatest intensity is at 0.147 of the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) public reference level at 73 metres, being the maximum exposure level.

Omega see "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

“The boundary of the playpark is not clearly defined, as it extends into the park area beyond.

“However, it would appear the furthest point of the equipment within the playpark is approximately 50m from our location.”

The letter went on to point out that scientific opinion remains divided on the health risks attached to masts, but conceded more research is required.

The company also disputed claims that no consultation was done prior to its planning application being submitted to the city council.

Near neighbours in Blackness Road, including residential properties, the bowling green, tennis club and Park View School, were all contacted, the company claimed.

O2 was unavailable for further comment before Press time.


Bush is closing his eyes to the economic and human costs his land and the world economy are suffering under natural catastrophes like Katrina

Category 5 hot air
Washington Times
by Walter E. Williams


President Bush, in his post-Hurricane Katrina address to the nation, said, 'And to the extent that the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility.' Accepting blame for the federal response is one thing, but I hope he doesn't shoulder blame for the hurricane itself. In a Sept. 9 speech to the National Sierra Club Convention in San Francisco, former Vice President Al Gore said Hurricane Katrina and global warming are related: 'We will face a string of terrible catastrophes unless we act to prepare ourselves and deal with the underlying causes of global warming.' Our European allies, most of whom have signed the Kyoto Protocol, have made scathing attacks on President Bush. 'Katrina should be a lesson to the U.S. on global warming,' read a headline of the German magazine Der Spiegel. Jurgen Tritten, Germany's environment minister and a Green Party member, said, 'The American president is closing his eyes to the economic and human costs his land and the world economy are suffering under natural catastrophes like Katrina.'


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Our rogue republic's dangerous game of risk

Strike the Root
by Doug Herman


The Great Game, Rudyard Kipling called the global land grab that passed for empire building in the Middle East during the late Nineteenth century. Nowadays I call it Risk, the game of global domination...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The recusal trap

The American Spectator
by John C. Wohlstetter


President Bush's choice of White House counsel Harriet Miers has prompted much criticism, but his friends miss perhaps the biggest problem with the nomination: the likelihood that if confirmed the new Justice, because of her White House work, will recuse herself in major cases where her vote could prove decisive -- notably, war cases. The White House can claim executive privilege and refuse the Senate Miers's memos written as White House counsel. ... But if Senators are prevented from seeing memos they should ask on what actual cases Miers has advised the President. Under federal law, if Ms. Miers is confirmed, and has professionally advised on a matter that subsequently comes before her on the bench, she must recuse herself...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Gods vs. geeks

by John Dickerson


The debate within the Republican Party over Harriet Miers has quickly devolved into a simple question: Is the nominee qualified because of her religious faith, or unqualified by her lack of intellectual heft? On the one side, James Dobson, Miers' fellow parishioners at Valley View Christian Church, and President Bush speak for her heart. On the other, George Will and William Kristol and others who swooned for John Roberts decry her unimpressive legal mind. In this battle, the White House has clearly sided with the churchgoing masses against the Republican Party's own whiny Beltway intellectuals. The Bushies have always mistrusted their own bow-tied secularists, but the rift has never before been so public...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Fall of the Rovean empire?

by Sidney Blumenthal


For 30 years, beginning with the Nixon presidency, advanced under Reagan, stalled with the elder Bush, a new political economy struggled to be born. The idea was pure and simple: centralization of power in the hands of the Republican Party would ensure that it never lost it again. Under George W. Bush, this new system reached its apotheosis. It is a radically novel social, political and economic formation that deserves study alongside capitalism and socialism. Neither Adam Smith nor Vladimir Lenin captures its essence, though it has far more elements of Leninist democratic-centralism than Smithian free markets. Some have referred to this model as crony capitalism; others compare the waste, extravagance and greed to the Gilded Age. Call it 21st century Republicanism... [subscription or ad view required]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Fall of the Rovean empire?

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Fall of the Rovean Empire?

Sidney Blumenthal writes that drunk on power, the Republican oligarchs overreached. Now their entire project could be doomed.


The myth of the paper trail

by Tim Cavanaugh


"With so many uncertainties, at least we know one thing for sure: Miers' greatest strength is her lack of a paper trail that could lead to an ideological fight in her Senate confirmation hearings. Forget her bragging rights as president of a 400-person law firm, president of the Dallas Bar Association, and president of the Texas State Bar. Miers' real selling point is that she provides no outstanding opinions or controversial rulings for her opponents to exploit; and in the contemporary climate of Senate confirmation hearings, this is the most important qualification a candidate can boast. Or is it?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Some unhappy with Bush pick for high court

Indianapolis Star


Not satisfied with President Bush's word, conservative senators and others questioned Wednesday whether Harriet Miers was the best Supreme Court nominee a self-proclaimed conservative Republican president could find. 'I guess they thought we'd all just say 'Whoopee!' but that's not the way it works around here anymore,' said Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss. He insisted there were many potential nominees more qualified than Miers. The White House and congressional GOP leaders -- weakened by the Hurricane Katrina recovery, high gas prices, the war in Iraq and investigations of House and Senate majority leaders Tom DeLay and Bill Frist -- now find themselves defending Bush's decision to elevate his 60-year-old White House counsel to the Supreme Court...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Senate approves detainee treatment rules

Cincinnati Enquirer


The Republican-controlled Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to impose restrictions on the treatment of terrorism suspects, delivering a rare wartime rebuke to President Bush. Defying the White House, senators voted 90-9 to approve an amendment that would prohibit the use of 'cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment' against anyone in U.S. government custody, regardless of where they are held. The amendment was added to a $440 billion military spending bill for the budget year that began Oct. 1...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Tetra-Mast-Skandal in Großbritannien

Der elektrische Sturm menschlicher Antennen

von Julia Hunt

Publiziert bei Gigaherz am 30.9.05
In einer Übersetzung von Evi Gaigg

Einer von 20 Schotten riskiert ein die Gesundheit lähmendes Leiden, verursacht durch elektromagnetische Wellen neuer Polizeifunkmasten. Die elektrosensitiven Opfer leiden unter Übelkeit, Kopfschmerzen, Nasenbluten, Gefühlsstörungen in Armen und Beinen und Enge in der Brust. Eines der Opfer verglich sich damit, eine menschliche Antenne zu sein.

Professor Olle Johansson vom Department of Neuroscience am Karolinska Institut Stockholm sagte: „Es wurden einmal geeignete Untersuchungen durchgeführt und ich erwarte, dass zwischen 3 und 5 Prozent der Menschen in Schottland und der Rest von Großbritannien als elektrosensitiv diagnostiziert werden.“

Das neue 2.5 Billionen Pfund teure Polizei-Kommunikationssystem TETRA – Terristrial Trunked Radio wurde über ganz UK eingeführt. Mehr als 1000 Masten wurden in Schottland errichtet. Sie pulsen bei der 17.6 Hz - Frequenz, vor der die Government’s Independent Expert Group on Mobil Phones (regierungsunabhängige Expertengruppe für Mobilfunk) warnt, dass sie die Hirntätigkeit beeinflussen könnte. Experten sagen, dass Radiowellen mit diesen Frequenzen den Calcium-Ausstoß aus dem Hirn verursachen können, die ihrerseits Schäden am Nerven- und Immunsystem nach sich ziehen. Wenn die Masten weniger als 15 Meter hoch sind, wird keine Planungserlaubnis benötigt.

Die Sunday Mail sprach letzte Woche mit kranken Opfern:

Die frühere Krankenschwester Catherine Faser, 78 aus Oldpatrick, in der Nähe von Glasgow, behauptet, dass ihre Wohnung wegen der Masten in der Nähe vibriert. Georgie Hyslop, 63 von largs Ayrshire sagte, dass sie 14 000 Meilen gereist ist, um den Wirkungen der elektromagnetischen Wellen zu entfliehen.

Der Website Designer Mark Bannermann, 40 aus Pittenweem Five ist nicht imstande, seinen PC einzuschalten, seit ein Tetra Mast in der Nähe seiner Wohnung aufgestellt wurde.

Elektrosensitivität ist eine erhöhte Reaktion auf elektrische Energie, wenn man elektromagnetischen Feldern ausgesetzt ist, wie Mikrowellen, Strahlung durch Mobiltelefone, Strahlung durch Telefone und Tetra-Masten und durch Hochspannungsmasten. Dies hat sich in einem Bericht, der nächsten Monat durch die von der Regierung gestützte Health Protection Agency (Gesundheitsschutz-Organisation) veröffentlicht wird, als Hauptproblem herausgestellt.

Rod Read, der Vorsitzende der Elektrosensitiven von Großbritannien sagte: „ Wir sind so vielen elektromagnetischen Emissionen ausgesetzt, dass bei den Menschen der Sättigungsgrad erreicht ist.

Mark‘s Geschichte: Der Webdesigner Mark Bannermann ist nicht mehr imstande, sich in der Nähe seines Computers aufzuhalten, seit ein Tetra-Mast in seinem Dorf erstellt wurde. Mark, 40, begann ab letztem November an Nasenbrennen, extrem starker Migräne, Herzstolpern und Schwindel zu leiden. Es war Monate zuvor, als er realisierte, dass seine Symptome zur gleichen Zeit begonnen hatten, als der Tetra-Mast in Pittenweem Five eingeschaltet wurde. Er sagte: „Jedes Mal, wenn ich in die Nähe meines Computers komme, beginnt mein Gesicht zu brennen, so als ob ich einen Sonnenbrand hätte. Ich bekomme Knochen- und Nackenschmerzen und fühle mich richtig krank.

„Es scheint blödsinnig, dass diese Masten überall aufgestellt werden, wenn wir noch keine Ahnung davon haben, was sie bei der Bevölkerung bewirken.“ „Five ist nun mit Tetra-Masten abgedeckt, so wie ganz Schottland. So gibt es keinen Ort mehr, wohin man sich flüchten kann, um dem zu entgehen“

Catherine’s Geschichte: Mein Kopf ist nahe daran, zu explodieren. Die frühere Krankenschwester, Catherine Fraser hatte immer ein feines Gehör. Jahrelang dachte sie , das sei ein Segen, aber bald wurde daraus ein Fluch. Wenn sie sich nach Old Kilpatrick, in der Nähe von Glasgow begab, begann sie elektrische Signale im Inneren ihrer Wohnung zu empfangen. Die 78-Jährige sagte: „Ich begann ein fremdartiges Brummen zu hören und fühlte, wie der Boden vibrierte.“ „Dies hielt jede Nacht an und wurde in den frühen Morgenstunden noch schlimmer. Es war unmöglich zu schlafen.“ „Ich hatte ein brennendes Gefühl in meinen Beinen und mein Kopf fühlte sich an, als wolle er demnächst explodieren.“ „Ich hatte verschiedene Leute, die das abcheckten. Ich habe sogar einmal in der Nacht die Polizei angerufen und zwei Beamte kamen.“ Sie fühlten ein fremdartiges Prickeln in ihren Beinen und Druck auf ihrem Kopf.

Catherine glaubt, dass das Brummen von elektromagnetischen Wellen von Telefonmasten in der Nähe kommt. Sie hat den Verdacht, dass das einen signifikanten Effekt auf ihr Haus hatte, denn es hatte eine Menge Metall in den Wänden. Sie sagte: „ Mein Leben ist seit 1997 eine Hölle. Wenn Sie das nicht selbst an sich gespürt haben, wissen Sie nicht, was das heißt.“ Seit sich Tetra verbreitet hat, gibt es überall im ganzen Land verteilt, Masten. Ich glaube, dass es einen Zusammenhang gibt zwischen den Übertragungen von diesen Masten und der Gesundheit der Menschen. „Es ist nur eine Frage der wissenschaftlichen Beweisbarkeit.“ „Aber es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis die HPA die Elektrosensitivität erkannt hat.“

Georgie’s Geschichte: Ich fühle mich krank, wenn ich nur ein Telefon abhebe. Georgie Hyslop 63, floh vor 5 Jahren aus ihrem Heim in lars, Ayrshire und ist 14 000 Meilen weit gereist, um den elektromagnetischen Wellen zu entkommen. Sie behauptet, sie sei von etwas betroffen worden, was die Einheimischen „das große Brummen“ nennen, ein unerklärliches niederfrequentes Geräusch. Georgie, eine ehemaliger Radar-Operatorin, trägt seit ihrer Rückenverletzung nach einem Ski-Unfall ein metallisches Implantat. Aber das Implantat verwandelt sie in eine menschlichen Antenne , wenn immer sie sich in der Nähe eines Masten oder Hochspannungsmasten befindet.

Sie leidet unter Übelkeit, Nasenbluten, Gefühllosigkeit an Armen und Beinen, Schmerzen in der Brust und Brennen im Gesicht.

Sie sagte: „ Ich wurde gezwungen, aus meinem Heim zu fliehen, denn ich war umringt von Telefonmasten und als der Tetramast installiert wurde, wurde es unerträglich. Mein Rückenimplantat macht mich zu einer Antenne, so betroffen bin ich von allem, was Elektrizität überträgt. Die Tetramasten sind das Schlimmste. „Mobiltelefone und Schnurlostelefone verursachen tagelanges Brennen in meinem Gesicht, wie bei einem Sonnenbrand. Als Royal Air Force Radar-Operator war ich Radiowellen in solchen Dosen ausgesetzt, dass mein Körper heute mit keinem Anstieg mehr fertig wird.

Ich habe vier Jahre mit Arbeit am Radar verbracht und jetzt kann ich nicht einmal mehr ein Telefon benützen, ohne mich krank zu fühlen .



Unter dem Markenname POLICOM soll in der Schweiz ein neues, einheitliches interkantonales Funksystem für die Polizei, den Rettungsdienst, die Feuerwehren und für die Behörden im Katastrophenfall eingeführt werden. Hinter dem Namen POLICOM versteckt, befindet sich nichts anderes als ein TETRA- oder TETRAPOL-System

Hans-U. Jakob, 1.9.05

Die Frequenzen liegen zwischen 380 und 400MHz und sind vom BAKOM im zivilen Emergency Network-Bereich reserviert worden. Das heißt, dass alle kantonalen Dienste irgendwo zwischen 380 und 400 MHz einige fixe Kanäle zugeteilt erhalten, welche sie dann strikte einhalten müssen um den andern Dienststellen nicht hineinzufunken. 380 bis 400MHz bedeutet lediglich eine unter oder obere Begrenzung der Reservationen. Das entspricht einer möglichen Bandbreite von 20MHz das sind 20‘000kHz Die Gesprächskanäle haben untereinander einen Abstand von 12.5kHz Weitere reservierte Frequenzen sind 410-430MHz und 450-470MHz

Die Grenzwerte Im Bereich 10 bis 400MHz liegen die Grenzwerte bei 28V/m für Kurzzeitaufenthalt und bei 3V/m für Daueraufenthalt, d.h. an Orten mit empfindlicher Nutzung. (Grenzwerte liegen immer dort, wo die interessierte Industrie diese benötigt) Da in diesem Frequenzbereich die Wellenlängen wesentlich größer sind als bei GSM und UMTS kommt man damit viel besser in Häuser und Fahrzeuge hinein. Wellenlänge bei TETRA 400 = 75cm Wellenlänge bei GSM 900 = 32cm Wellenlänge bei GSM 1800 = 16cm Faustregel: Ist die Wellenlänge kleiner als die Mauerdicke, kommt man schlecht in die Häuser hinein. Mit 75cm, wie TETRA, gibt es praktisch keine Gebäudedämpfung.

Die Pulsierung Ein herkömmliches GSM-Handy ist mit 217Hz gepulst, das heißt alle 4.61 Millisekunden erfolgt beim Senden ein scharfer Puls. Das TETRA-Handy ist mit 18Hz gepulst, es folgt alle 55.5Millisekunden ein Puls. Auf derselben Trägerfrequenz sollen jeweils über 4 Zeitschlitze 4 Tetra-Handys bedient werden können, was dann auf der Senderseite einer Pulsfrequenz von 72Hz entsprechen würde. Wie der obige Erfahrungsbericht zeigt, reagiert das menschliche Nervensystem auf diese Pulsfrequenzen möglicherweise noch empfindlicher als auf GSM.

Die Reichweite einer Tetrapol-Basisstation liegt für Polizeiqualität (klar und deutlich) um die 30 km. Die Handfunkgeräte (Handys) senden 10 bis 20 mal stärker als ein „normales“ GSM-Handy Tetrapol hat keine automatische Leistungsregulierung wie „normale“ Handysender und sendet immer gleich stark.

Die Dauerstrahler Eine Tetrapol-Basisstation strahlt dauernd (24 Stunden am Tag) einen Organisationskanal aus und zwar mit typisch 3000Watt ERP (die angegebenen 50Watt sind stets mit dem Antennengewinn von 60 zu multiplizieren) Dazu kommen nach Bedarf die 22 Gesprächskanäle mit einer mittleren Leistung von 1500Watt ERP. Das kann ganz schön happig werden!

Die biologisch Hochwirksamen Tetrapol-Handys führen wegen ihrer hohen Sendeleistung in einer biologisch hochwirksamen Frequenzlage und der fehlenden Leistungsregulierung immer wieder zu Gesundheitsproblemen und lauten Protesten innerhalb der europäischen Polizeikorps. Da die Schweizer Polizisten bekannterweise viel dickere Schädel aufweisen als andernorts, macht es diesen vielleicht nichts. Abwarten!

Was die sonst noch alles können resp. nicht können Tetrapol-Handys können auch ohne Basisstation direkt untereinander kommunizieren wie normale Handfunkgeräte, was beim „normalen“ Handy nicht möglich ist. Das Tetrapol-System erlaubt auch Gruppenrufe und Gruppenkommunikation was beim „normalen“ Handy auch nicht möglich ist. Tetrapol ist ein digitalisiertes Übertragungssystem und kann mit entsprechender Fachkenntnis und hohem technischen und softwaremäßigen Aufwand auch abgehört werden. Da Tetrapol ein Handelsprodukt ist, sind die entsprechenden Datenblätter im Internet für jedermann zugänglich. Und die Mafia hat die entsprechenden Geldmittel, um sich die nötige Hard- und Software bauen zu lassen. Die Polizei sollte sich da nicht allzu sicher fühlen. Mit der Abhörsicherheit kann jederzeit Schluss sein.

Die Geheimniskrämerei In der Schweiz behaupten die zuständigen Behörden, Tetrapol oder Policom sei noch nirgends in Betrieb. Das System sei erst im Aufbau begriffen und könne noch gar nicht senden. Legt man diesen jedoch einen Ausdruck ab Spektrum-Analysator mit den aufgefundenen „Buckeln“ in den entsprechenden Frequenzen auf den Tisch, kann es schon vorkommen, dass der eine oder andere der Angesprochenen plötzlich ziemlich still oder gar bleich wird. Zudem wird im Eidgenössischen Ausbildungszentrum in Schwarzenburg, direkt vor der Haustüre von Gigaherz.ch ein Ausbildungs- und Kompetenzzentrum für POLICOM betrieben. Machen die da am Ende Ausbildung für etwas, was es noch gar nicht gibt? Oder wollen die Verantwortlichen etwa die NIS-Verordnung unter Vortäuschung von Sicherheitsgründen umgehen? Es wird uns ein Vergnügen sein, die Sache im Auge zu behalten.


Miers Involved in Silencing Whistleblower


NOW we pay attention to Bush's use of the military for quarantines...TOO LATE


A Bush Clone?


Telecoms giant reconsiders mast site

Telecommunications giant Vodafone has agreed to put on ice plans for a phone mast in Revelstoke Road as it considers another site.

The company had been granted prior approval for the 13.4m mast by Merton Council, but during 11th-hour talks with councillors, the company agreed to consider a relocation.

Town hall bosses can only stop the mast if it is next to a site of interest, such as a conservation area, or above 15m.

Unhappy residents have reacted with outrage to the mast which would be next to Revelstoke Road Surgery and near to Wimbledon Park Primary School and a petition collected hundreds of signatures.

Campaigner Alison Palmer, of Normanton Avenue, said: " I understand that mobile phone masts are a necessary evil but surely this mast could be better sited on industrial land."

10:05am today



TOWN councillors will be considering the possibility of postponing installation of the controversial phone mast in Stratford cemetery after receiving advice from their solicitors.

A special meeting of Stratford Town Council has been called for Friday to look into the decision to sign the contract to install the mast on the cemetery chapel.

The mayor, Cllr Bill Lowe, called the meeting after the council’s legal experts examined its original contract with mobile phone company Hutchinson 3G.

Cllr Lowe said: “We’ve had correspondence in and I thought it was appropriate to get the council together following the concerns that are being expressed and look at the legal interpretation of our position.

For the full story, buy the Herald.


Anti-mast demo vows to fight on

by Pete Sherlock

Residents living near the site of a proposed mobile phone mast in Bulls Cross are continuing their protest despite the scheme being given the go-ahead.

A large crowd gathered last Friday at the site near the junction of Turkey Street and Great Cambridge Road to voice their disapproval.

Planning permission for the mast was granted by Enfield Council at a planning department meeting on August 31, following an application from T-Mobile.

Residents claim the council disregarded their concerns over the mast's environmental impact as well as potential health risks.

The Stewart report, published in 2000, found no evidence of a health risk to people living near mobile phone masts but public anxiety over the issue remains.

Omega see under:

Paula Lamb, 42, of Bowles Green, was one of those protesting on Friday.

She said: "I am not happy with the thought that once this mast is installed it is going to be radiating waves into our bedrooms.

"I am prepared to sit in the hole to stop them putting it up."

Local authorities are not obliged under Government guidelines to take health concerns into consideration as long as radiofrequency emissions from the proposed mast meet radiation protection guidelines.

A council spokeswoman said: "The applicant was able to demonstrate that the proposal met the existing safety guidelines."

Residents also claim the consultaion process was flawed and inadequate.

Letters were sent to residents and schools at the beginning of July, but some recipients say this was unacceptable because many people were on holiday.

Staff at St Ignatius college, which is near the site, say they never received notification of the proposal and it was left to a concerned resident to inform them. Head of sixth form Anthony Holborne said a letter of protest to the council had gone unanswered and that parents and staff remained concerned.

The residents are unable to appeal the decision but may seek a judicial review and say they will continue their campaign into the decision-making process.

Protestor Jason Rosario said: "The idea of the campaign is to highlight the misuse of power by the council and to encourage residents not to be afraid to oppose applications."

11:16am today


„Wir wehren uns gemeinsam. Veränderung erfordert Bewegung! Eine andere Welt ist möglich und nötig!“

2005: „Wir wehren uns gemeinsam. Veränderung erfordert Bewegung! Eine andere Welt ist möglich und nötig!“

Aufruf des Sozialforums Nürnberg zur Demo am 29.10.2005 in Nürnberg (pdf)

Nun steht auch der Ablauf fest: Beginn: 13 Uhr Lorenzkirche, Auftaktkundgebung; ca. 13:30 Uhr Begrüßungsrede durch das Sozialforum Nürnberg (Kurt-Jürgen Bär und Elisabeth Ramthun); ca. 14:00 Uhr Demo Beginn; Demoroute: Lorenzkirche - Karolinenstr. - Ludwigsplatz - Jakobstr. - Kornmarkt - Grasersgasse - Frauentorgraben - Lessingstr. - Tafelfeldtunnel – Bogenstr. - Karl-Bröger-Eck - Celtisstr. - Celtis-Unterführung - Bahnhofsplatz - Königstr. - Josephsplatz oder Hallplatz Wichtige Stationen, Zwischenkundgebungen: SPD-Haus, Gewerkschaftshaus, CSU, Deutsche Bank. Weitere Redethemen: Bildung (Schule, Hochschule), Erwerbslosigkeit, Migration, Betriebskämpfe, Alternativen zum Kapitalismus (kann noch erweitert werden)

Beteiligte Gruppen, Organisationen, Mitglieder von: ANA, AGIF, Ak gegen Bildungsklau FH Nürnberg, AstA evFH Nürnberg, Organisation von Anti-Studiengebühren-Demos in Erlangen/Nürnberg (FAU), Sozialforum Erlangen, WASG (Nürnberg u. Erlangen), Schülerbündnis, Solid, Montagsdemo Ini, oa, Karawane, Verdi Mittelfranken und viele weitere

Übersicht über regionale Anti-Hartz-&-Co-Bündnisse

ist aktualisiert worden.

Aus: LabourNet, 6. Oktober 2005

Nürnberger Bundesagentur ermittelt über Call-Center-Agenten sensible Daten von ALG-II-Empfängern

Antwort des „Kundenreaktionsmanagement“ der Bundesagentur für Arbeit


auf den Offenen Brief der GALG (Gewerkschaftliche ArbeitsLosengruppe Göttingen) an die Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Nürnberg: Telefonterror gegen Erwerbslose (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet, 6. Oktober 2005


From: Scott Munson/John Johnson

By any other name, FEMA remains this nation's "secret government," with powers to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant, hold citizens without a trial, seize control of all transportation and communication systems and -- suspend the US Constitution: Sheila Samples

While everyone bashes FEMA ~ I have always been troubled by the power that it wielded during the Katrina crisis ~ stopping convoys in their tracks, refusing help to thousands, barring delivery of food to those in desperate need and seizing control of all communication and transportation systems."

Then my friend Sheila Samples uncovered the obvious ~ and revealed " By any other name, FEMA remains this nation's "secret government," with powers to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant, hold citizens without a trial, seize control of all transportation and communication systems and -- suspend the US Constitution."

Of course, now it so obvious ~ FEMA has become the enforcer for the grand and sinister designs of the Department of Homeland Security and Patriot Act Two ~ which is why it was totally confused when it was asked to play a humanitarian role in a natural disaster.

Which is why Brown was replaced by a military type ( Vice-Admiral Allen ) today ~ which is one step closer to its original military purpose. Sheila calls it the SNAFU plan and reveals FEMA for what it really is. And this is why the Cheney/Bush administration want to lead the investigation of FEMA ~ and keep it's real paranoid purpose under wraps.

Excerpt: " FEMA is the Patriot Act on crack. Once its powers are unleashed, Oliver North's REX 84 "exercise" will become a reality. The Constitution will be suspended and FEMA will have the right to detain or seize the property of anyone even suspected of engaging in, or who might be thinking of conspiring with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage. REX 84 also advocated rounding up and transferring to "assembly centers or relocation camps" of at least 21 million American Negroes in the event of massive rioting or disorder, not unlike the rounding up of the Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s."

Allen L Roland


"A government that terrorizes its own people can never stop. If such a government ever lets the fear subside and rational thought return to the populace, that government is finished."

~Michael Rivero, What Really Happened

It's a good thing President George Bush doesn't read newspapers or watch TV. If he did, even he could see that people from one end of this nation to the other are rapidly reaching zero tolerance with his bumbling ineptitude each time he is faced with a crisis. Those who watched in amazement as Bush sat paralyzed in a Florida elementary school on the morning of September 11, 2001 as planes were ramming into the World Trade Center and Pentagon -- who watched in dismay as he zigzagged across the country from one hidey hole to another throughout the day -- were not surprised that he dropped the ball when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast on August 29.

Bush has dropped every ball thrown to him throughout his life. But he's a hell of a cheerleader. It's almost like being back in college. In an instant, Bush can whip a crowd into a frenzy, armed with nothing but a bullhorn and a shell-shocked firefighter. He can divert the attention of an entire nation from what is happening on the field by locking it into one massive, cheering "wave." Life is a game. Go Team.

However, Operation Hurricane Katrina is vastly different from Bush's "freedom is on the march" game that continues to wreak chaos, death and destruction throughout the Arab world. In the aftermath of Katrina, the homeless, bewildered, abandoned and starving citizens may be poverty-striken, they may be dark-skinned, but they are Americans. And, because they are Americans, the cheering has stopped. The media, led by the shaking outrage of CNN's Anderson Cooper and right-leaning curmudgeon Jack Cafferty, followed by the networks and, finally, by the wonderous on-air meltdown of Fox News' Shepard Smith, at long last is doing its job. For a time, however fleeting, the media has been shocked into telling the truth, asking the right questions and holding the administration's feet to the fire.

Thanks to the media, Bush is out there without a bullhorn -- and without a game plan.

The best-laid plans

Of course the neoconservatives who are in control of this country had a plan for Iraq. I've written about it so often I'm almost embarrassed to bring it up again. In 1992, Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby and Paul Wolfowitz laid out their obsesson for world dominance in a secret document, Defense Planning Guidance wherein they boldly asserted, "our overall objective is to remain the predominant outside power in the region (Middle East and SW Asia) and preserve U.S. and Western access to the region's oil."

Although such arrogance caused a furor when released to the media, the war jackals merely retreated into their lair and continued to hone the policy of preemptive war to seize control of the world's resources. That was the plan then, it was the plan in 1997 when they established the warmongering think-tank, Project for a New American Century, it was the plan outlined in the September 2000 Rebuilding America's Defenses, which included another bold assertion -- to achieve their goal they would need "a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor" -- and it remains the plan today.

It was a stroke of genius in 2000 to rig the election and put George Bush in the Cheerleader in Chief role. Bush is mean-spirited, vindictive, greedy, incapable of feeling empathy, easily manipulated, desperate for attention -- even adulation -- and has no qualms with playing the God card for political gain. Americans are a forgiving people, and most accepted without question this worthless, former booze-and-drug sodden ne'er-do-well's claim that he was born again -- a man of God. They loved him. All Cheney had to do was select himself as Number Two, slip behind the curtain, and the cabal -- as they like to call themselves -- was open for business, and waiting for a new Pearl Harbor.

It was not long in coming. If 9-11 taught us nothing else, we must ultimately concede that George Bush entered office on his way to war with Iraq, and had no qualms about lying repeatedly to the American people and to our allies to get there. Piles of dead bodies, including nearly 2,100 coalition soldiers and marines and tens of thousands of Iraqis, the majority of whom are women and children, are but a minor irritant to Bush. That part of humanity not belonging to the corporate world is invisible to Bush, nothing more than collateral damage, and is not factored into his "war plan."

Long before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, just as before 9-11, administration officials were warned of impending peril. Although they played out the frightening scenario in rehearsal after rehearsal, when it was "show time" they were nowhere to be found. They knew. And they did nothing. Either by incompetence or design, they failed to act, and the death, crippling despair, disease and sheer hopelessness suffered by Americans in our most romantic city is breathtaking in scope and indefensible on any level.

Bush has repeatedly slashed funds for the Army Corps of Engineers water projects for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. In 2003, the money that had previously flowed into the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project (SELA), tasked with shoring up levees and building pumping stations, dried up to a mere trickle. With warnings ringing in his ears, in 2004 Bush refused the money requested to raise the levees and rejected a plea for a $15-million project to shore up the banks of Lake Pontchartrain. And, in June, Bush's 2006 federal budget called for slashing SELA funds from an already inadequate $36.5-million to a mere $10.4-million, and for cutting the overall New Orleans Corps of Engineers budget a record $71.2-million, which Corps officials say is the largest single-year funding loss ever.

But all is not lost. The Corps of Engineers managed to get a hefty $100-million for just one water project -- in the Kurdish area of northern Iraq. According to the peerless Ward Harkavy, who writes The Morning Report for the Village Voice, "On August 15, just two weeks before Katrina slammed into the U.S., the Pentagon boasted of spending $6.4-billion -- so far -- on 2,705 Corps of Engineers construction projects in Iraq, all but 200 of them started since June 2004." The SNAFU plan

It looks to me like everything is going according to plan. Chaos, like everything else, is just a matter of perspective. Few people really know anything about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), except it's a name that's thrown around a lot during times of national disaster. Do not think for one minute that Bush "gutted" FEMA by placing it under the control of Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff. By any other name, FEMA remains this nation's "secret government," with powers to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant, hold citizens without a trial, seize control of all transportation and communication systems and -- suspend the US Constitution.

FEMA was created outside of Constitutional law via a President John Kennedy Executive Order, and is subject to no Congressional oversight. It received a "tune up" under President Jimmy Carter then, like Topsy, "just growed" through presidents Nixon, Reagan, Poppy and Bubba to the present time. Genocide fascists like Henry Kissinger, and greedy patriots like former General Richard Secord and Lt. Col. Oliver North, the architects of both the Iran-Contra scandal and today's FEMA, must be laughing their asses off at the juvenile disinformation bait-and-switch scenario playing itself out in the US media.

We would do well to remember that these jackals are on a mission. No matter how many times they are exposed as liars and deceivers, they continue across the field of life like a hoard of grasshoppers, leaving stripped and broken humanity in their wake. They are roiling the waters of the Mississippi by portraying FEMA as dim-witted, absent-minded, rudderless.

And it's working. The media, Internet, Congress, you, me -- everybody -- all baying for Bush to dump the hapless FEMA director, Michael Brown, a Bush crony and former counsel for the International Arabian Horse Association. We are all outraged, not at Bush for dropping the ball; for being so chillingly disconnected from those he is charged to protect -- but at Brown, who is a perfect lightning rod and, if need be, a fall guy.

He's also a man with a plan.

Take a look at these headlines -- FEMA refusing all offered rescue assistance from Amtrack to experienced firefighters, FEMA not delivering on promises, FEMA barring delivery of desperately needed food or water to frightened and bewildered victims of Katrina, FEMA telling First Responders not to "respond" to the disaster. Does anybody but me see a pattern here? Is it possible for an emergency aid organization to show up at the scene only to refuse all offers of aid? Does McDonald's cook up a bunch of hamburgers and then lock its doors to its hungry patrons?

FEMA is the Patriot Act on crack. Once its powers are unleashed, Oliver North's REX 84 "exercise" will become a reality. The Constitution will be suspended and FEMA will have the right to detain or seize the property of anyone even suspected of engaging in, or who might be thinking of conspiring with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage. REX 84 also advocated rounding up and transferring to "assembly centers or relocation camps" of at least 21 million American Negroes in the event of massive rioting or disorder, not unlike the rounding up of the Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The actual number of displaced New Orleans residents is unknown. Overnight, they became "refugees," and hundreds of thousands packed into the Super Dome or sat sweltering in the sun on roads and bridges during a nightmarish week of waiting for help that did not come, while political fat cats finger-pointed and accused each other of playing the "blame" game. Finally, their military liberators herded them onto buses and planes, refusing to reveal their destination -- husbands and wives separated, families split apart -- and disappeared to "assembly centers or location camps" throughout the United States.

Bush, who once asked Sojourners' Reverend Jim Wallis how to talk to poor people because he had never been around one, has once again dropped the ball. Telling Americans whose homes, jobs, loved ones, whose whole lives were washed away in a single night to "hang in there, and don't buy gasoline if you can't afford it," before cutting out to a birthday party in Arizona falls a bit short of his presidential promise to "protect the American people."

It's unfortunate that it took a tragedy like Katrina for middle- and lower-class America to finally come to grips with where they will fit into the capitalist White supremacist New World Disorder. Americans now know that Bush is incapable of leading. They know he's too arrogant and stubborn to follow. They know it's time for him to get out of the way -- before more of us are trampled, displaced, abandoned, and destroyed, not only here but throughout the world.

Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma writer and a former civilian US Army Public Information Officer. She is a regular contributor for a variety of Internet sites. Contact her at: rsamples@sirinet.net. © 2005 Sheila Samples

Bush Chooses New, Dirtier Refineries over Efficiency

President George W. Bush on Tuesday repeated his call for more oil refineries to be built in the United States, a need he said was highlighted by "tight" petroleum supplies and high energy prices caused by hurricanes Rita and Katrina.


CBS's One-Sided DeLay Discussion

It was no surprise that the Sunday morning talkshows would focus on the indictment of Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay on conspiracy charges. But CBS's Face the Nation covered the DeLay scandal in an unusual manner: by convening a panel of three Republicans.


Bush Switching Priority from Social Security to Taxes

The Bush administration is beginning to segue from its failed effort to overhaul Social Security to rewriting the tax code, an issue that is fraught with its own political challenges.


Weeks Later, Most Storm Victims Lie Unnamed

In a country that cherishes the names of the dead, reads them aloud, engraves them in stone and stitches them into quilts, it is odd that Hurricane Katrina's victims remain, more than a month later, largely anonymous. There has been no accounting of their age, sex and race, nor of how they died or where they were found.



*For release 10/6/05*


*By Robert C. Koehler*

/Tribune Media Services/

If I want to generate a little fear-based insomnia, all I have to do is remind myself just before bedtime that the 2006 elections are barely a year away. Suddenly I'm awash in cold sweat and my heart starts pounding like a steam piston.

No, please, somebody stop the clock. It's too soon. We can't hold the elections until we get our right to vote back.

If you are one of those people who has opened up the can of worms known as the 2004 election and stared appalled at the irregularities writhing around the count in Ohio and New Mexico and Pennsylvania and other swing states - where dirty tricks and outright disenfranchisement (spurious voter challenges, too few voting machines) were blatant in inner-city and other Democratic strongholds and where electronic, no-paper-trail voting yielded results at odds with exit polls in statistically near-impossible percentages - you know what I'm talking about. Our elections, and therefore our democracy, are not safe, and not enough people know or care yet that this is so.

The only antidote to this insomnia is to connect with other stunned, appalled souls, realize you aren't alone, and begin groping communally for a way to take a stand. And as you do this, a remarkable thing happens. Fighting for fair elections becomes not so much a desperate, stopgap chore as an act of citizenship of the highest order.

This is what I learned last weekend in Portland, Ore., at a gathering of 200 or so appalled souls at an event called the National Summit To Save Our Elections, sponsored by the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition and the Portland chapter of the Alliance for Democracy.

"We're not trying to save democracy, we're trying to create democracy," said keynote speaker David Cobb, the Green Party's 2004 presidential candidate.

That was the tenor of the summit: that while we may be in the midst of a crisis of disenfranchisement, thanks primarily to the frenzy among state and county election officials to move to electronic, unverifiable voting, with counting procedures inexplicably turned over to a few private corporations such as Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia, democracy is /always/ in a crisis of some sort.

That is, power is a high-stakes game and those who have it usually try to horde it. Democracy is only grudgingly submitted to by the powerful, because it's the ultimate in redistribution of power to those who have none, and the franchise is only expanded with struggle. In 1789, when the U.S. Constitution was ratified, African-Americans were considered three-fifths of a human and didn't get the right to vote for almost 80 years. Women didn't get it until 1920. Native Americans, not till 1924 (some, not until 1948). And in the South, African-Americans only got the right in fact in 1965, with the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

We've been complacent about our democracy for the past 40 years. Since then, a lethargy - a "sophisticated despair," as some have described it - has set in. Voter turnout has steadily plummeted. Until last year, barely half the registered voters bothered to show up to choose a president, and little of consequence was at stake in any case. The contests between superficially distinguishable candidates seemed to hinge on gaffes and tie color, not issues. Our democracy was dying of indifference.

The 2004 election was a watershed in several ways. Thanks almost single-handedly to George W. Bush, the Great Polarizer, voters surged to the polls in numbers not seen in several generations. And thanks also to George Bush and his friends, the election was dirty enough to spark a citizenship movement.

At last.

"We need a revolution every generation," Thomas Jefferson said. Now there's a bit of Founding Father wisdom that hasn't been worn down to a platitude yet. Democracy is either evolving and expanding or it's dying. We have to found our nation anew - wrest it from the cynically entrenched - every generation.

Jefferson's words were quoted at the summit by Paul Lehto, a lawyer from Everett, Wash., who is suing Snohomish County to void its contract with Sequoia Voting Systems on the grounds that the company's claim of "proprietary trade secrets" and refusal to release voting data from the 2004 election, creating a secret vote count, are illegal in a democracy.

What a radical idea - that the voting process should be open and transparent; that the count should be publicly, not privately, done, and absolutely verifiable. If you know this is not the system we currently have, raise your hand.

What's at stake? I think of how dehumanizing one group or another is a precondition for disenfranchisement. "The idea that we all have a right to vote is very similar to the idea that we all have a soul," Lehto said.

Let's see how much democracy we can create by 2006. Let the disenfranchised unite!

/- - -/

/Robert Koehler, an award-winning, Chicago-based journalist, is an editor at Tribune Media Services and nationally syndicated writer. You can respond to this column at _bkoehler@tribune.com_ or visit his Web site at commonwonders.com./

*© 2005 Tribune Media Services, Inc.*

Forwarded by: Kathy Dopp National Election Data Archive (NEDA)

Mission: The National Election Data Archive is a scientific project whose mission is to investigate the accuracy of elections through the creation and analysis of a database containing precinct-level vote-type election data for the entire United States. By making detailed election data publicly available and, when warranted, by informing election officials and candidates of probable errors in local vote counts, our goal is to ensure the accuracy of vote counts so that correctly elected candidates are sworn into office following future elections.

Common-sense solutions to ensure accurate vote counts:

Please donate to help implement NEDA:

NEDA brochures are available:

National Election Data Archive
P.O. Box 682556
Park City, UT 84068

A Humanist Code of Ethics

Do no harm to the earth, she is your mother.
Being is more important than having.
Never promote yourself at another's expense.
Hold life sacred; treat it with reverence.
Allow each person the digity of his or her labor.
Open your home to the wayfarer.
Be ready to receive your deepest dreams;
sometimes they are the speech of unblighted conscience.
Always make restitutions to the ones you have harmed.
Never think less of yourself than you are.
Never think that you are more than another.

-Arthur Dobrin

This message was sent by Care2 Connect member: Faithe Tilley

Former Bush Official Indicted in Probe


The Associated Press
Wednesday, October 5, 2005; 5:12 PM

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration's former chief procurement official was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury on charges of making false statements and obstructing investigations into high- powered Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The five felony counts in the indictment charge David H. Safavian with obstructing Senate and executive branch investigations into whether he aided Abramoff in efforts to acquire property controlled by the General Services Administration around the nation's capital.

Both probes looked into an August 2002 golf outing that Safavian took to Scotland with Abramoff, former Christian Coalition executive Ralph Reed, Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, and others.

Safavian, a former lobbying associate of Abramoff, is the first person beyond Abramoff himself to face charges arising out of the probe of the lobbyist, who is a major Republican fundraiser with close ties to GOP leaders in Congress.

The indictment covers May 16, 2002, until January 2004, when Safavian was chief of staff at the General Services Administration, the government housekeeping agency. From November 2004 until late last month when he resigned three days before his arrest, he headed the government's top procurement officer in the Office of Management and Budget.

The indictment said Safavian falsely told a GSA ethics officer, a GSA inspector general's agent and the Senate Indian Affairs Committee that Abramoff had no business with GSA at the time the Scotland trip was being planned. It said Safavian concealed that Abramoff did have business with GSA before the trip and that Safavian was aiding him in dealing with GSA.

Barbara Van Gelder, Safavian's lawyer, has said that Safavian accurately reported Abramoff was not doing business with GSA at the time of the trip, and she said Safavian would fight the charges.

Each count carries a potential top penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


Informant: maintzger

A Wolfowitz in sheep's clothing

Following the lead of that other wooly-headed war theoretician, Robert McNamara, Wolfie scuttled to the World Bank, where he changed the subject from bollixing up Iraq to fixing up Africa.


Death Squads And Diplomacy

A flurry of Arab diplomacy over the last few days is unfolding in a rear-guard effort to prevent the crisis in Iraq from exploding into what Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al Faisal warned last month could be a regional civil war involving not only Iraq, but all of its neighbors.


Casualties rise in west Iraq offensive

Iraqi National Assembly speaker Hajim al-Hasani denounced the US military operations, saying they discourage Iraqis from participating in the referendum on the new constitution.


From Information Clearing House

Wanted a leader for America

by Noam Chomsky

The human toll of Katrina is incalculable, especially among the region’s poorest citizens, but a relevant number is the 28-per cent poverty rate in New Orleans — more than twice the national rate. During the Bush administration the US poverty rate has grown, and welfare’s limited safety net has been weakened further.


Night And Fog Revisited

By Ted Rall

Four years after 9/11, the U.S. government still refuses to release information about the disappeared. We do not know how many there are, where they are being held, how many are dead and alive, or even their names. The vanished have access to neither their families nor legal representation.


A Tale of Two Lives Destroyed by Abu Ghraib

Nine US soldiers have now been sentenced for their role in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. But is it enough?

By Marian Blasberg and Anita Blasberg

Davis says that his country punished him for crimes over which he had no control. Instead, he says, the people who were responsible for creating the system of torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib should be brought to justice. Davis wants to talk and wants to set things right.


Petrocollapse for change of culture


When you have to classify the very capacity of the Earth to support life as an "externality", then it is time to rethink your theory. --Herman Daly

Informant: Russ Ferriday

Asia-Pacific 'to Face More Disease' as Planet Warms

A report on climate change warns that rising world temperatures could increase the incidence of malaria, dengue fever and cholera.


The Erosion of Environmental Policy

The Bush administration and Congress have been chipping away at the National Environmental Policy Act ... Now the House is about to consider how to "modernize" the act, but based on what the White House and Congress have already done, it's clear that the agenda isn't so much updating the law as gutting it.


Miers's Ties to Conservative Church May Offer Insights

Though Miers is reticent to reveal her views, her two-decade-long membership in the Valley View Christian Church suggests how she might stand on hot-button social issues regarded as top priorities to social conservatives who form a cornerstone of Bush's support.


Iraqi Unions Defy Privatization

David Bacon says that Iraq's oil union is its "largest, most powerful labor organization, with 23,000 members in southern Iraq. Together with two other labor federations and a handful of independent professional associations, the labor movement is now the biggest secular institution in Iraqi civil society - and the one most opposed to Bush's privatization schemes."


Republican Party Caught in the Middle of Tom Delay's Web of Corruption


Call for Prosecution of White House Propaganda Crimes

Media Reform Groups Call for Prosecution of White House Propaganda Crimes.


Will Harriet Miers Vote to Overturn Bush’s Conspiracy Conviction?


Arrogance in the Face of Disaster


An Unrealistic Mission in Iraq


Their God Is Bigger Than Our God


Claims of Cronyism Force Bush to Defend Choice for Supreme Court


U.S. Offers New Animal Feed Rules, but Critics Assail Them


Miers Mired in Bush's Guard Service Cover-Up


Congress Seeks to Cut Food Aid for Poor


US Poverty: Chronic Ill, Little Hope for Cure


Letter in Support of the Movement in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

I've linked here the PDF version of my just-finished 50 page Letter in Support of the Movement in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast:


Notes on Strategy & Tactics.

You can also visit http://www.frontlinespress.com to download the PDF, or contact us to receive hardcopies. I have been working on the Letter for 21 days non-stop, aided by many conversations with Gulf Coast activists and organizers, and other Black organizers throughout the U.S. I have been trying to read, devour the tons of articles on the racist, human-made attack on the Black community, code name Katrina, to inform this work.

For those of you who have read my Dispatches from Durban, Letter to the Movement on the War in Iraq, and The 2004 Elections: A Challenge to the U.S. Left, you know I try to focus my writing on the re-building of a multiracial Left led by the interests of the Black, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Indigenous peoples, in alliance with the nations and peoples of the Third World. The objective is to help build an antiracist, anti-imperialist united front, and to try to address issues of strategy and tactics from that perspective.

We live at a time when Right-wing racists are so emboldened that Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of freedom-fighter Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, and former Education Secretary William Bennett, the architect of the war on drugs that has contributed to 1 million Black people being in prison today, stated, If you wanted to reduce crime you could abort every Black baby in the country. The defense of the New Orleans movement offers a hopeful opportunity for a major assault on the forces of reactionwhat this Letter calls a Third Reconstruction. Today, the embattled Black people are under unbearable assault, and are in great need of friends and allies willing to go to the mat to fight against white supremacy and imperialism.

This Letter in Support of the Movement in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is rooted in that tradition. I hope people find it worth their time to read, to debate, to generate other strategy papers such as Saladin Muhammads important Hurricane Katrina: The Black Nations 9/11! As this goes to press there is a critical meeting of Gulf Coast organizers in South Carolina working to further refine and develop their strategy and tactics, and we can expect important statements coming from Community Labor United and the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund and Reconstruction Project in future days. This Letter is an effort to gain more national and international support for their efforts.

In solidarity and struggle,

Eric Mann September 30, 2005

I would appreciate comments and feedback at info@frontlinespress.com

Informant: John Johnson



Bush's Guard Service May Affect Miers Nomination


Informant: Chris

Christian Soldier on the High Court


Informant: Mark Tomes

Miers Law Firm pays $30 MILLION in Ponzi Scheme


WMD COMMISSION: Iraq Intel Probe a Political Smoke Screen


WMD COMMITTEE: seeds of future "Intelligence Failures"

Plame Gate a/k/a WMD GATE a/k/a LEAK-GATE


Vaccine Ingredients: Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury


The assault on our freedom of speech


Death toll in New Orleans: 8,000 bodies taken to the morgue


The Secret Dangers of the Flu Vaccine


Shocking Miers Connection to Infamous Bush Briefing


Missing dead in Gulf


White House Losing Ground on Prisoner Treatment


The Inherent Contradictions of Forcible Government


The Deadliest Flu Virus in the World: Made in USA


Outsourcing and America’s Nanny-Statism Bubble


War, Peace, and the State


Grandma's fury at mast site bid

An angry grandma has blasted plans to build a phone mast just 300 yards away from a nursery school.

Delia Smith, one of more than 70 objectors, is furious that phone giant Hutchison 3G wants to put up a 12.5 metre mast on Stubley Lane, Dronfield.

Mrs Smith (56), of Croft Lea, Dronfield Woodhouse claims there are three schools in the area, including Gosforth Pre-School just 300 yards from the proposed site.

She said: "It's just ridiculous how Hutchison 3G has been able to put in again and again for this mast. We just don't want it in our community.


"If the Government can give us a 100 per cent assurance it is safe, then great, but where there is a doubt they shouldn't be able to erect them near schools and communities."

Dronfield Town Council unanimously voted against the proposal to site the mast on the road verge next to the Talbot Arms pub, on Monday.

Councillors voiced fears about the height of the mast and unknown dangers to health.

However, the bid has been recommended for approval when it goes before planners at NE Derbyshire District Council on Tuesday.

A NEDDC spokeswoman said there was no previous history of an application on the site. However, there had been three other applications over the last few years by Hutchison in the Barnes Farm area, Barnes Lane, Dronfield, all of which had been turned down by the council.

A spokesman for Hutchison 3G said: "The mobile base station will be a 12.5 metre slimline column. Its design will blend in with the surrounding street scene and the proposal will not have a negative impact on the visual amenity of the area.

"I understand that some people may have concerns about the mobile phone health issue but it is important to look at the scientific evidence surrounding it.

"The most recent expert review of the science in the UK by the Independent Advisory Group on Non Ionising Radiation (January 2004) had a very positive message for the public: 'Exposure levels from living near mobile phone base stations are extremely low, and the overall evidence indicates that they are unlikely to pose a risk to human health.' In fact, radiowave exposure for a base station is about 1,000 times less than from a mobile phone.

Omega see under:

"There is a need for suburban 3G coverage in Dronfield and requirement, by the public, for its services to give access to video messaging and many more mobile video applications such as news, sport and music."

06 October 2005


Familie Lange aus Bonn wohnt seit Jahren Wand an Wand mit einem Trafohaus


An Open Letter to Congressman Tom DeLay


Piracher wehren sich gegen Mobilfunkanlage

Pirach / Traunreut - Seit zwölf Jahren steht auf dem Wasserturm in Pirach eine Mobilfunksendeanlage, vor fünf Jahren kam eine zweite hinzu. Fast genau so lange quälen Schlafstörungen, Kopfschmerzen und Schwindel viele der 60 Einwohner. Die Zahl der Krebserkrankungen ist auffallend hoch. Fünf Jahre noch glaubten die Menschen in dem Örtchen auf Trostberger Gemeindegebiet durchhalten zu müssen, bis 2010 die Verträge zwischen den Mobilfunkbetreibern und den Traunreuter Stadtwerken, den Besitzern des Wasserturms, auslaufen. Doch jetzt haben sie davon Wind bekommen, dass einer der Mobilfunkriesen bereits eine Vertragsverlängerung beantragt hat.

Gerade 50 Meter trennen die Familie Schopf vom Wasserturm. Als Reinhold Schopf mit Frau und Kindern vor fünf Jahren nach Pirach zog und der Protest gegen die Errichtung der zweiten Mobilfunkanlage in vollem Gang war, protestierte er wie selbstverständlich mit. Was es tatsächlich bedeutet, nur wenige Meter neben einer Mobilfunksendeanlage zu leben, weiß der 44-Jährige erst heute. Oft schläft er schlecht, fühlt sich morgens wie gerädert - obwohl der Belastungswert mit 350 Mikrowatt pro Quadratmeter um ein Vielfaches unter dem zulässigen Grenzwert liegt. Verbringt die Familie ihre freie Zeit im Ferienhäuschen im Bayerischen Wald, sind die Beschwerden wie weggeblasen.

Die in einer Studie Bamberger Ärzte aufgeführte Symptomliste von Menschen, die langfristig elektromagnetischer Strahlung ausgesetzt sind, ist lang: Müdigkeit, depressive Stimmung, Unruhe, Allergien, Ohrgeräusche, Herzrhythmusstörungen, Tumorerkrankungen und und und. «Da finde ich unser Dorf wieder», sagt Reinhold Schopf.

Und deshalb gehen die 60 Piracher jetzt auf die Barrikaden. Vergangene Woche sind 40 von ihnen ins Traunreuter Rathaus gefahren. Eindringlich appellierten sie an Bürgermeister Franz Parzinger, die bestehenden Verträge nicht über 2010 hinaus zu verlängern. Ihre Sorge: «Wir befürchten, dass die Stadt Traunreut unsere Gesundheit und Lebensqualität hinter die Mieteinnahmen aus dem Betrieb der Sendeanlagen stellt.»

Ein Festhalten an den beiden Mobilfunksendeanlagen erscheint ihnen umso weniger nötig, als nur 800 Meter nördlich des Ortes eine weitere Anlage steht. Deshalb kommt für die Piracher auch kein Alternativstandort in Frage: «Wir wollen nicht, dass andere mit Gesundheitsbeeinträchtigungen leben müssen.» Trostbergs Bürgermeister Ignaz Sperger steht hinter seinen Bürgern - und zeigte das nicht zuletzt mit seinem Erscheinen im Traunreuter Rathaus. Schon im Juni sprach sich der Trostberger Stadtrat gegen eine Verlängerung der Verträge mit den Mobilfunkanbietern aus.

Die Entscheidung aber liegt beim Werkausschuss der Stadt Traunreut. Sie soll noch im Oktober in einer nichtöffentlichen Sitzung fallen. «Ich werde den Ausschuss über die Einwände informieren», meinte Franz Parzinger. Den Chiemsee Nachrichten sagte er, er könne beide Seiten, die Piracher und die Mobilfunkbetreiber, verstehen. «Ich glaube, dass es Menschen gibt, die empfindlicher sind als andere Aber ich weiß auch, dass jeder, der ein Handy besitzt, ein lückenloses Netz haben will.» Nicht einfacher werde die Situation durch den Umstand, dass Pirach zu Trostberg gehöre, der Wasserturm aber zu Traunreut.

Reinhold Schopf ist enttäuscht von Parzinger, zumal sein Vorgänger Eduard Wiesmann sich in seiner Amtszeit bereits gegen eine Vertragsverlängerung ausgesprochen hatte. Schopf ärgert vor allem, dass der Bürgermeister nicht klar Stellung bezieht und sich letztlich hinter dem Werkausschuss versteckt - «und das, wo er selbst Vorsitzender des Ausschusses ist». Seine Gesundheit und die seiner Familie und Nachbarn in den Händen von acht Ausschussmitgliedern zu wissen, lässt Reinhold Schopf nicht besser schlafen. «Für die ist Pirach doch weit weg», legt er genervt nach.

Still sein wollen die Piracher noch lange nicht. Von den beiden ersten Sendeanlagen hätten sie erst erfahren, als die Verträge bereits unterschrieben waren. Diesmal wollen sie die Chance nutzen, vorher handeln zu können. «Wir protestieren lauthals weiter», gibt sich Reinhold Schopf kämpferisch. Wenn sein Protest ungehört bleibt, weiß der Familienvater nicht, wie es weitergehen soll. Die Fenster auf der zur Anlage gewandten Hausseite hat er bereits mit Metallgittern verschlagen, die die Strahlung abschirmen sollen. Derzeit denkt er über metallene Baldachine für die Betten nach. Eine teure Anschaffung: eine Baldachin kostet 2000 Euro. Wenn die Anlagen über 2010 hinaus in Pirach bleiben, sagt er, schließt er einen Wegzug nicht aus.


Don't Let Congress Allow Innocent People to Be Executed


Informant: Andrea Ball


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