Stand with Cindy Sheehan

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Martia, Thanks for sharing this .. and please take a look at

//www.faithfulamerica.org in the stand they have taken with Cindy. We need to get past the differnences that polarize us and think, not in terms of right and left or party loyalties but in terms of right and wrong ... and the smeer campaign against Cindy Sheehan and the mothers who have joined her is reprehensible. Did you hear Alex Jones' interview with one of the mothers in Crawford Friday? You could listen on the gcnlive archives if you didn't get the chance to.



I agree with every word (polarized) you said...There should be no left or right...It should be just right or wrong

Thanks for the Cindy site, Andrea...I hadn't seen that one

I didn't get a chance to hear Alex Jones interview...we're working on an interview with her on>>> Click here: Welcome To Mysteries Of The Mind //mysteriesofthemind.com/ The most informative radio host concerning truth, broadcasting in 57 countries

Later on Alex Merklinger

Please be sure you all see and hear this video if you never watch another one again...I already sent it but some of the links didn't work.

This is the must see video of all times...it probably will never be heard on the news again.

Click here: The Political Teen » Cindy Sheehan Spins With Her Agenda, Olbermann Allows it (VIDEO)


Click here: The Political Teen » Cindy Sheehan Spins With Her Agenda, Olbermann Allows it (VIDEO)


Cindy Sheehan


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