How You Can Help Cindy Sheehan

HERE'S THE WEEKEND NEWS from the gates on the ground in at Camp Casey (two miles outside Bush's Vacation Ranch):

Saturday was phenomenal--lines of cars coming in to support Cindy Sheehan for as far as the eye could see. Many mothers and children of fallen soldiers (some who had supported the war) have joined now in the struggle to end the Iraq war.

In the town of Crawford, 6 miles from the camp, Gold Star Families and Military Families Speak Out held a Teach-in Rally. It worked like a ballet. A right-wing radio guy drummed up a hundred people (who support Bush's policy of invading sovereign countries) to harangue the peace-makers. But when they arrived at Camp Casey, there was scarcely anyone around to confront because most had left to attend the rally in Crawford! With the twenty-five campers guarding Sheehan's tent, no confrontations erupted. The police kept the harassers at a distance--on the opposite side of the road. It was poorly organized, as they came with no hats, no water and they were forced by the police to walk the last mile in the August heat to reach Camp Casey. As they approached, they saw the Iraq War Memorial--rows upon rows of a thousand white crosses interspersed with stars of David and crescent moons. They saw the American flags adorning the memorial, and must have felt a bit surprised. The overblown image of us, that they are taught by the radical right, was deflated. When they arrived at Camp Casey, they had very little energy to rouse a protest. They were too exhausted. After about an hour, they walked back, leaving their own American flags among the Memorial crosses.

Meanwhile in the town of Crawford, the Military Families held a packed rally at the Municipal Park. (A counter-rally was scheduled for the same time, else where in Crawford, but it was poorly attended.) Some military families, with children killed in Iraq, (but still supporters of Bush's war making policies) came to the Crawford Peace House. They were warmly welcomed and fed, and all shared in their grieving. The Peace House is serving meals to more than 400 people. A thousand visitors a day are coming through. The local High School Stadium serves as a parking lot and a shuttle runs back and forth from Crawford to Camp Casey regularly.

The Crawford Peace House reports that relations with the local police are very good, respectful and appreciated. There are no plans for civil disobedience.

Through out Saturday there were occasional visits to Camp Casey by radical-invasion-policy-supporters that streamed in--a handful at a time. They looked like flies buzzing compared to the multitude that supported Cindy Sheehan's call to speak with the President. All of Cindy's supporters are aware of the need to remain NON-CONFRONTATIONAL.

Co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Tim Goodrich, spent the entire day giving interview after interview. He'd like for more Iraq Veterans to join Cindy. (See instructions at the bottom to learn how you can help.) Tim reports that he met soldiers from Fort Hood , a nearby military base. They came to observe. Some were quiet and curious--on the fence, while many others, including Iraq vets, said specifically that they are against the Iraq war.

On Sunday, Maxine Waters came quietly to Camp Casey. She didn't seek media attention, but wanted to meet privately with the vets and military families. They all introduced themselves and told her their stories. She offer condolences to the families whose children were killed in Iraq.

Cindy is a Mother for Peace. Guess what her name 'Sheehan' means? It's an Irish name and it means PEACE! So every time the right wing pundits say 'Sheehan,' little to they realize, they are saying 'Peace'! How fitting and beautiful! As often as you can, in ordinary conversation, repeat her name, Sheehan, Sheehan, Sheehan! and spread the word for PEACE! Cindy (and Casey) have made PEACE a household word!

You can assist CINDY SHEEHAN. Here's how:

1. People who wish SEND VETERANS TO JOIN CINDY may donate to:
//www.IVAW.net (Iraq Veterans Against the War)

Or mail checks to: IVAW P.O. Box 8296 , Philadelphia PA 19101
(write "Cindy" on the memo line)

2. Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans call Frank at 610-931-9046 for airfare assistance, if you wish to stand with Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey outside the gates to Bush's vacation ranch.

3. People are still needed to come to Camp Casey especially during the weekdays. Come prepared to give assistance. Bring extra supplies with you, flashlights, camping gear, etc. and share it with others. If you need to stay in a hotel, come prepared to pay. If you are a good camper, bring your supplies. New helpful arrivals will keep morale fresh and the momentum strong! Call John at the Crawford Peace house for directions: 469-879-2227

4. Send Flowers. Fresh flowers are always needed to place at the Iraq War Memorial which is surrounding Sheehan's Camp Casey, along the road side. Call Code Pink for more supply suggestions: 310-827-3046

Sheehan (peace) is showing the way, Topanga Peace Alliance Tonia Young 310-455-2688 tonia4@earthlink.net

Cindy Sheehan


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