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On July 4, 1776, our founding fathers declared our independence from an oppressive foreign power. And -- against all odds -- the movement they led won America its freedom.

Today, America faces a different form of dependence: an oppressive reliance on a diminishing supply of oil. But instead of declaring our independence, today's Republican-led Congress just passed legislation that will leave us even more dependent and vulnerable. The Apollo Alliance ( http://www.apolloalliance.org ) -- a remarkable coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, urban leaders, and citizens of common sense -- has proposed an alternative: a 10 year drive for energy independence that would create 3 million new jobs and set America free from foreign oil.

Where our leaders refuse to take up this charge, we, the people can and must lead. Everyday, each of us can act to hasten America's independence from foreign oil. From using energy efficient transportation like trains, buses, and hybrid cars, to employing energy-saving technologies in our homes, to walking, biking and simply turning lights off when we leave a room -- we, the people, can advance American energy independence, even while we indict the failure of our national leaders.

Collectively, our actions can make a powerful statement to the President and Congress that we're doing our part to promote American energy dependence, and that we expect them to do theirs. In this spirit, we ask you to share a photograph of yourself -- or a friend or family member -- taking action to promote American energy independence. We'll publish them online and shower them on the President and members of Congress to let them know that we will not forget their failure to lead.


Help us challenge the failure of the administration and the Congress to stand up. The administration's energy plan was cooked up by big oil lobbyists in secret meetings with Vice President Cheney. In the wake of rising gas prices, the president has changed his rhetoric but not his policy. Led by the corrupt Tom DeLay, the House passed a bill this year that is a shameless giveaway to the big oil companies that are pocketing record profits from high gas prices.

The Senate did better, recognizing the reality that rising demand for oil and global warming makes action imperative. But even their bill fails to address the root causes of today's sky-rocketing gas prices. It weds us to importing ever more oil, making our economy literally dependent on the shifting sands of Persian Gulf emirates. It stymies the birth of a new American alternative energy industry and sacrifices millions of new jobs here at home. And, it fails to adequately address the growing threats to our global environment.

On this Independence weekend, it is time for America to declare its independence once again. And we have no choice but to lead the way. Please share photographs of actions you've taken to foster American energy independence. We'll publish them to help press the President and Congress to follow our lead.


A generation ago, John F. Kennedy inspired Americans to accomplish what was believed to be an impossible task -- to put a man on the moon in less than a decade. Today's Apollo project is not to put a man on the moon, but to achieve American energy independence. It's time to enact a modern-day Apollo plan that will...

>> Reduce gas prices by helping Americans lead the world in reducing the demand for oil.

>> Free America from dependence on unstable oil emirates through real investments in modern energy-saving technologies.

>> Create millions of new jobs here in America while capturing the alternative energy industries of the future and rebuilding our communities for high-performance energy efficiency.

>> Protect our natural environment by mobilizing investment in pollution-reducing technologies like bio-fuels, energy efficient buildings, solar and wind power, and a new generation of clean power plants.

In the spirit of 1776, and in the spirit of John Kennedy's call to a new generation, we call for a national commitment to energy independence, and back up this call with a personal commitment to actively support our country's move to independence. Please share your photos with us today.


Thank you for all that you do, and best to you in celebrating your independence!


Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future and Apollo Alliance Steering Committee Member

P.S. Please spread the word. When you're celebrating the 4th of July, please take a few minutes share news about the Apollo Alliance's push for energy independence with your friends and family, and encourage them to join the effort.

The Apollo Alliance is a joint project of the Campaign for America's Future and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy.


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