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by Frank Rich, The New York Times

The assault on public broadcasting aims not to kill off PBS or NPR, but to quietly annex them into the state propaganda machine.

Source: http://www.tompaine.com

End-time for USA upon oil collapse


Informant: NHNE

How to ensure accurate Election Results

USCV is happy to announce the following new materials and progress. Please make use of these.

1. Thanks to the talents and efforts of volunteer Kim Tarner, USCV now has a professional brochure describing our National Election Data Archive Project and advising how to ensure accurate election results.


Please print this brochure and pass it out widely. It can also be used during house parties to raise funds.

2. A new letter advising state and county election offices regarding what election data is needed in order to monitor elections for accuracy and why.


Please put this into the hands of your local county and state election officials and include it when you request data using your state's freedom of information act.


3. USCV is making faster progress now towards implementing our National Election Data Archive project thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers.

We had two programmers reply to my last email to this list who may help us implement the public election document archive, plus several persons who offered to assist with marketing materials or help create videos.

4. Ron Baiman and I have thoroughly revised our latest analysis of the exit polls, removing simulation analysis, and will be asking the other USCV statisticians to read it, and our group of volunteer writers to assist with writing an executive summary for it soon.


5. I am leaving tomorrow to testify at the Election Assessment Hearing.


Please let any of you friends near Houston, TX know about it.
All the information presented by the Hearing Presenters there will be given to the Carter/Baker commission. David Cobb, the Green Party Presidential Candidate will be there, as well as Bob Fitrakis, one of the three lawyers sued by Blackwell in OH, and Bev Harris.

There is a lot of work to do to restore democratic elections in America and we need the help of all of you to:

1. Educate your own elected officials.

2. Educate your own county and state election officials and obtain the detailed data we need for analysis.

3. Get out the word and help raise funds to implement the National Election Data Archive project that will enable us to detect irregular vote counts in time to challenge the results.

4. I need to find a dedicated non-smoking soul to help me get my act together by being my executive assistant in Park City, UT in exchange for a modest place to live within my dwelling and a very modest stipend to start.

Best Regards and thanks to all of you,

Kathy Dopp

In a world gone crazy: Bush says U.S. seeks to eliminate torture worldwide

President Bush, whose administration has been hit by accusations of prisoner abuse, said on Sunday that the United States was committed to the elimination of torture worldwide.


Bush Signed Secret Executive Order Approving Torture

According to agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, President George W. Bush has signed a secret executive order approving the use of torture against prisoners captured in his "war on terror".


From Information Clearing House

More Evidence Indicts U.S.

New evidence on U.S. war crimes and violations of international law was presented at the concluding session of the World Tribunal on Iraq at hearings in Istanbul Sunday.


From Information Clearing House

Is Gotham Worth Saving?

Parallels to Bush's America are unmistakable. With control over all three branches of government, a compliant, sycophant press, and Americans too scared, dumb or oblivious to think, the Bush cartel would seem poised to build its house of cards as high as the heavens.


U.S. Air Raids in '02 Prepared for War in Iraq

July 19, 2003 - -Lt. Gen. T. Michael Moseley, the chief allied war commander, said the attacks also laid the foundations for the military campaign against the Baghdad government.


US public opinion on the Iraq war dips with every dead soldier, and plummets at the first sniff of defeat

The tipping point :

A letter from an Iraqi citizen to the American people


U.S. headed for disaster when efforts in Iraq collapse

We may now be only weeks away from a complete collapse of the Iraqi army and the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq in the face of overwhelming public pressure on Tony Blair.


From Information Clearing House

Articulating The Unspeakable: The Strategy Of Genocide


Testimony From World Tribunal for Iraq


What Have We Done to Ourselves America?


Scott Ritter: Unplugged and Uncensored


From Information Clearing House

Incinerating Iraqis: The napalm cover up

by Mike Whitney

Two weeks ago the UK Independent ran an article which confirmed that the US had "lied to Britain over the use of napalm in Iraq". (06-17-05) Since then, not one American newspaper or TV station has picked up the story even though the Pentagon has verified the claims. This is the extent to which the American "free press" is yoked to the center of power in Washington.


Gold soll nicht aus Ausbeutung kommen

Menschenrechte: Gold soll nicht aus Ausbeutung kommen (27.06.05)

Menschenrechtler fordern, Schmuck ohne Ausbeutung herzustellen. Anlass ist der Fall einer US-amerikanischen Goldmine in Guatemala, bei deren Betrieb gegen die Rechte von Indigenen verstoßen werde, so die Menschenrechtsorganisation FIAN (Food First Informations-und Aktions- Netzwerk). Mitfinanziert werde diese zudem durch Teile der Weltbank. Personen und Organisationen, die die Arbeiter unterstützen, erhielten Morddrohungen, hieß es. FIAN forderte den Stopp der öffentlichen Förderung und den Schutz der Menschenrechtsaktivisten.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Is This What They Call Democracy?


A Glide Path to Ruin


Beleaguered Bush Struggles to Reverse Pessimism over Iraq


Health Professionals Involved in Guantanamo Interrogations


Informant: Alan Dicey

Circumstances Petition of the Marshall Islands

The women of ERUB (This is the organization of the survivors of the 67 atomic "tests" carried out by the US Government on the Marshall Islands) in Hawaii tell us that the Petition for Changed Circumstances of the Marshall Islands will be discussed in the US Senate.

Energy Committe and the Senate Foreign Affairs Pacific Committee on July 19, 2005 and that it will come up for a vote in September. I have included information on the senators belonging to both committees and a suggested letter the ERUB organization sent.

In case you think that this has little to do with boricuas, the same people from the Nuclear Center in Mayaguez that carried out experiments with our cancer patients by implanting radio active seeds under their skin participated in similar experiments on the Marshall Islands during the same time frame.

Mayaguezanos con Vieques

For those not familiar with the Petition for Changed Circumstances of the Marshall Islands here is a link about it:

CRS Report RL32811 - Republic of the Marshall Islands Changed Circumstances Petition to Congress - NLE Abstract


Please call or send a letter of support, these people have also suffered greatly and their voices need to be heard. gracias

Telephone contact number for US Congress:
1-877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121.

Energy Committee

Republicans: (12) • Pete Domenici (NM) • Larry Craig (ID) • Craig Thomas (WY) • Lamar Alexander (TN) • Lisa Murkowski (AK) • Richard Burr (NC) • Mel Martinez (FL) • Jim Talent (MO) • Conrad Burns (MT) • George Allen (VA) • Gordon Smith (OR) • Jim Bunning (KY)

Democrats: (10) • Jeff Bingaman (NM) • Daniel Akaka (HI) • Byron Dorgan (ND) • Ron Wyden (OR) • Tim Johnson (SD) • Mary Landrieu (LA) • Dianne Feinstein (CA) • Maria Cantwell (WA) • Jon Corzine (NJ) • Ken Salazar (CO)

Foreign Affairs/ Pacific Area Democrats: (4) Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE)

Republicans: (5) Senator George Allen (R-VA) Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) Senator Lincoln D. Chafee (R-RI) Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

Sample letter

Changed Circumstances Petition of the Marshall Islands to be heard on July 19, 2005 by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Dear Honorable __________:

The survivors of the 67 nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands have suffered too long in silence. Survivors, through their organization ERUB (Enewetak, Rongelap, Utrik, Bikini), are asking to be heard directly by Congresspersons of the United States. The Changed Circumstances Petition of the Marshall Islands will be discussed at a hearing on July 19, 2005 before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Prior to the July 19th hearings or prior to the full vote on the floor of Congress, it is hoped that hearings can also be held in Majuro and Honolulu, where the majority of Survivors reside. The Survivors unknowingly sacrificed their lives for over 50 years for the security of American citizens. Survivors also feel most comfortable telling their stories about miscarriages, cancers, and deformed babies, often referred to as 'jellyfish babies', in their home environment of Majuro. People like government officials and lawyers often try to talk for them. However, Survivors want to talk for themselves because it is only when Survivors give details of their suffering will the truth come out in full force. Their stories of sacrifice need to be documented in the Congressional Record for future generations to read and understand. In addition, giving the opportunity to Survivors to tell their stories is a necessary part of the healing process.

As a voter who resides in your district, I urge you to call for hearings in Majuro and Honolulu in the very near future.

Thank you for your consideration of this request

Your name and address

Informant: Raulmax

Galloway opens door to expose U.S. crimes


Beyond Impeachment

The Bush Administration as War Criminals

Democracy, U.S.-style: Don't Believe Rice


Informant: Lew Rockwell

FBI Turned Loose


Informant: Valerie Fine

The return of "1984"


If you take something to read at the beach this summer make sure it is not one of George Orwell's books. The comparison with current events will ruin your day. In what was then the futuristic, nightmare world of '1984,' written in 1949, Orwell introduced the concepts of 'newspeak, 'doublethink,' and 'the mutability of the past,' all concepts that seem to be alive and well in 2005, half a century after Orwell's death. In the ever-changing rationale of why we went to war in Iraq, we can imagine ourselves working in Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth,' in which 'reality control' is used to ensure that 'the lie passed into history and became the truth.' And what about the Bush administration's insistence that all is going well in Iraq? ... What of Donald Rumsfeld's newspeak, or was it doublethink, saying that 'no detention facility in the history of warfare has been more transparent' than Guantanamo?


from Boston Globe, by H.D.S. Greenway

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

"Liberal" justices turn back clock ... To the year 1215


You no longer own your own home or have the right to buy one. This is due to an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, approved June 23. No, this amendment didn't pass both houses of Congress and three fourths of the state legislatures, in what is whimsically termed 'the amendment process.' Rather, our Constitution was amended in the usual way, by judicial fiat. In essence, five Supreme Court justices -- John Stevens, David Souter, Ruth Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Anthony Kennedy -- voted that you no longer own your own home. That's the result of Kelo v. City of New London, in which, according to dissenting Justice Clarence Thomas: 'The court has erased the Public Use Clause from our Constitution.' That's right. A whole Constitutional clause, a clause that protected your property from arbitrary government expropriation, erased by five justices...


from Sierra Times, by Thomas M. Sipos

Another road to serfdom


Now that local or state governments have been given the go-ahead to employ eminent domain to steal property from its rightful owners and give it to politically and/or financially powerful private interests, why would they voluntarily give up that power? Yes, eminent domain has been used over the last 20 or 30 years to do just that, but courts gave lip service to the takings clause by making the local warlords (I mean, local governments) hide and obfuscate their crimes. For example, property would be transferred to government first, then (after a suitable mourning period) sold to the developer it was originally intended to pass to in the first place. Now, the veil has been stripped away. It's as if the bank robbers need not wear masks any longer. ... Will this be the event that finally galvanizes Americans to wake up and demand their freedom back? I wish I could answer in the affirmative. I really do...


from The Libertarian Enterprise, by Chris Claypoole

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Flag proposal threatens First Amendment


For the Constitution to be amended, the resolution has to be approved by more than two-thirds of each house of Congress and more than two-thirds [try three-quarters] of the states, either by legislation or via public referendum. The House approved the resolution on Wednesday by a 286-130 vote. Now, the ball is in the hands of the Senate, which has failed to back a flag-burning amendment on seven occasions in the past. But, as the AP notes, the amendment failed by four votes in 2003, the last time it came up -- the exact number of seats picked up by the Republican Party in November. Republican senators have been supportive of an amendment in the past. The Senate, according to the AP, expects to consider the measure after the July Fourth holiday recess. That gives members of the Senate about two weeks to consider whether they want to be judged by history as the first American legislators to carve out exceptions to the First Amendment.


from Cranbury Press, by Hank Kalet

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The class of 05


After a marine or army recruiter visits Mammoth High School, students frequently ask me questions about my military experience in Vietnam. Eventually, these conversations lead to a single question: Should I enlist? Advice can carry a heavy burden in shaping a seventeen-year-old's future: employment, culinary school, a community college, a UC, a tour in Iraq, an amputated leg, a lifetime full of nightmares, cancer from the hundreds of tons of depleted uranium used in US and British munitions, a flag-draped coffin...


from TruthOut, by Kirk Stapp

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Supreme Court and the end of limited government


Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling permitting governments forcibly to transfer property through eminent domain from one private party to another for the sake of economic development did not come out of the blue. Although the 'takings' clause in the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifies 'nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation,' the 'Court long ago rejected any literal requirement that condemned property be put into use for the general public'...


from Foundation for Economic Education, by Sheldon Richman

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The flag flap

There are many curious aspects to the latest flag fracas. There is the absurdity of the proposed change in our basic constitutional framework by treating such minor specifics as a flag law. There is the proposal to outlaw 'desecration' of the American flag. 'Desecration' means 'to divest of a sacred character or office.' Is the American flag, battle emblem of the U.S. government, supposed to be 'sacred?' Are we to make a religion of statolatry? What sort of grotesque religion is that?" (written 1995; reposted 06/26/05)


from LewRockwell.Com, by Murray N. Rothbard

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How they get away with it

It was surprising how many people seemed to take genuine pleasure in British MP George Galloway's contentious appearance before the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations. ... What was striking was the sight of a man inside the Senate chamber using the full force of the English language to denounce the pack of lies behind President Bush's Iraq policy. Galloway didn't submit to the Democratic Party script and pretend that the war was due to a 'massive intelligence failure,' that President Bush was somehow misinformed about Saddam's weapons (or lack of them). He went instead for the jugular of the whole enterprise, reiterating what he had said well before the war -- that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, no connection to 9/11, no ties to al-Qaeda -- and on these crucial points he was right and Sen. Norm Coleman and the other Republicans hoping to milk his testimony for electoral gain were dead wrong." (for publication 07/04/05)


from The American Conservative, by Scott McConnell

What now?

Part one


'And just when will the revolution actually start now?' That was the first question my wife had when I told her of the insane 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court announced yesterday, concerning the power of government to seize private property. And it is a valid question. This morning, a raft of stories about some of the 10,000 'eminent domain' actions in progress across the former republican union popped up on various web news-sites and newspaper sites...


from The Price of Liberty, by Nathan A. Barton

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's war against Iraq ruining America


During his June 25 Saturday radio message to Americans, Bush gave an upbeat report on victory in Iraq and said: 'Americans can be proud of all that we and our coalition partners [he means his poodle, Tony Blair, but likes the plural sound] have accomplished in Iraq.' Gentle reader, are you proud that American troops are torturing Iraqis? Are you proud that tens of thousands of Iraqi women and children have been killed and maimed with their deaths and terrible wounds dismissed as 'collateral damage?' Are you proud that you elected and reelected a president who lied you into an illegal war that has killed 1,755 American troops, maimed thousands more, and destroyed your country's reputation? If you are proud of this, what kind of person are you?


from LewRockwell.Com, by Paul Craig Roberts

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Illusion that the Democrats really are an opposition party


The idea that this is a Republican war, that we were lured into Iraq under false pretenses exclusively by George W. Bush and his neocon advisers, with no responsibility or input from the Democrats, is a partisan myth: we are in there, and are staying in there, to a large degree because the Democrats not only bought into it, but also because they continue to buy into it. Nothing illustrates this better than a recent (June 21) speech given by Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.), a leading light of the Democratic foreign policy establishment, before the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. ... [Biden's] position of basic support for the war is dressed up as criticism: after all, he has to somehow maintain the illusion that the Democrats really are an opposition party.


from AntiWar.Com, by Justin Raimondo

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The great leap backward


It is time to change the national anthem. The land is no longer free. Last week, in an appalling decision that will prove to be every bit as infamous as the Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade decisions, the Supreme Court eliminated the American right to property and in one fell swoop, converted the country into the legal equivalent of a Third World society. This is not a minor matter, it is a calculated provocation, an insult to the American people and their rights which makes a mockery of them as well as the current administration and its obsession with external terrorists and exogenous threats to liberty. ... No 9-11 attack, no suitcase nuke exploding in Manhattan or Los Angeles, could injure the nation one-tenth as much as the Supreme Court harmed America in its totalitarian Kelo decision, wherein a majority of the ironically named 'justices' declared that a government may forcibly take property from one party and give it to another party, at its sole discretion...


from WorldNetDaily, by Vox Day

The naked Supremes


We should be grateful to the Supreme Court for demonstrating once again what government thinks government is really all about. There can be no denying that, at least since neolithic times and the invention of agriculture, governments -- every last one of them -- have been created for the express purpose of devouring the productive class. Each one always comes equipped with its own set of assertions about what it was 'really' created for -- of the people, by the people, for the people, blah, blah, blah -- but those assertions, all of them, are lies...


My gulag and welcome to it


"It is clear that we can no longer count on even the Supreme Court to uphold the intent of the Constitution, which was to protect the individual rights of American citizens. Should we be surprised that justice, even at the highest level, has become muddled and even overturned by partisan and corrupt politics? Perhaps not, but the Supreme Court was my last hope for salvation. Their decisions have often been ignored and even laughed at by Congress and the President, but I took some consolation from having one branch of our government at least SPEAK for individual rights.


from No Force, No Fraud, by Bob Smith

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ethnic minorities "will be targeted by ID cards"


Tony Blair is facing increased opposition to ID cards amid fears that they will be used to target ethnic minorities. The Muslim Council of Britain will issue a statement expressing concern about the legislation today while the Commission for Racial Equality warned that the scheme could have an 'adverse impact on different racial groups.' Ministers are already bracing themselves for a battle over ID cards in the Commons tomorrow, when MPs will have their first opportunity to vote on the proposals since the election...


from Independent [UK]

Ministers reject ID card claims


Senior ministers refused to compromise yesterday in the face of a ferocious onslaught from MPs, trade unions and civil liberty groups seeking to overwhelm tomorrow's Commons second reading of the ID cards bill. As critics stepped up the pressure on the system they have sought to paint as a 'plastic poll tax,' the scheme's achilles heel was increasingly being seen as the cost -- between £15bn and £18bn, according to some independent analysts. The home secretary, Charles Clarke, intervened to counter claims about the misuses to which the ID card data could be put. Ministers dismissed as 'complete and utter nonsense' one report that personal details about 44 million adults could be bought by firms for £750 a head."


from Guardian [UK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Food Supplements and European Regulation: Black box or level playing field rationality?

Please find our release below, which provides news of the commissioning of a much needed independent study which aims to assist in the development of a better,fairer and more scientifically rationalframework for food supplements, in relation both to EU legislation and globally,via Codex Alimentarius guidelines.


For immediate release

27 June 2005


On 5 April 2005, the European Court of Justice’s Advocate General, Leendert Geelhoed, provided his opinion on a legal challenge filed by the Alliance for Natural Health which concluded that the EU Food Supplements Directive was invalid under EU law. The Advocate General stated that the procedure for admitting ingredients to a ‘positive list’ had the “transparency of a black box”. The Court’s ruling, which will take into account the opinion of the Advocate General, will be issued from the Court in Luxembourg on the 12th of July,

Unless the legal challenge is successful next month, the Food Supplements Directive could potentially ban, as of 1 August 2005, up to 75 percent of vitamin and mineral forms currently on the European market including many of those found naturally in foods. Due to the devastating impact this would have on consumers as well as practitioners and industry, the Alliance for Natural Health, the lead party in the legal challenge of the Directive, has today commissioned, under the sponsorship of the International Nutritional Company (INC BV, Netherlands), an independent group of professional risk analysis scientists to evaluate the overall regulation of food supplements in the EU. The study will focus in particular on developing a new and appropriate scientific risk assessment methodology for vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients.

The study, entitled Food Supplements and European Regulation: Black box or level playing field rationality?, will be led by Dr Jaap Hanekamp and Professor Aalt Bast, of the Heidelberg Appeal Nederland (HAN) Foundation, which has previously provided definitive risk assessment studies to assist governments on key human health issues such as nitrates in food and drinking water and antibiotic growth promoters in livestock.

Dr. Hanekamp, CEO of the HAN Foundation, said today: “In view of the procedural problems that the Directive poses for industry, it is essential to develop a straightforward, rational, transparent, and scientifically coherent benchmark methodology to regulate food supplements cost-effectively within a European, or even a global, level-playing field in which assessment and management are explicitly linked.”

INC spokesman Bert Schwitters comments: “Nutrients deserve our fullest credit because they are essential to life. Their safety must not be evaluated by applying the methods traditionally used in dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical compounds. Nutrients are our safest and most economic means to maintain and restore health. In terms of public health “too little” poses a far greater risk than “too much.” Evaluating nutrients’ safety must be done in a scientific and balanced way that pays respect to the fundamental fact that we cannot do without them.”

Dr Robert Verkerk, executive director of the Alliance for Natural Health, added: “It is essential that the issue of food supplements regulation is looked at by a leading independent group of risk analysis scientists with a blank sheet of paper, before any amendment to the Directive is finalised and before the international guidelines on vitamin and mineral food supplements are finalised through the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission in July. The HAN Foundation scientists are perfectly set to provide a fully independent, bias-free view on this complex area and it would benefit governments and the UN, as well as consumers, practitioners and industry, to await the findings of the study, due in around 9 months time, before any further regulations or guidelines are finalised.”

The Alliance for Natural Health has submitted a detailed report to the Food & Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization of the UN, which are developing a so-called “nutrient-appropriate risk assessment” system for food supplements likely to be adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is in turn about to finalise international guidelines on vitamin and mineral food supplements in its meeting in Rome between 4th and 9th July.

Dr Verkerk also noted: “The implications of getting risk assessment wrong are horrendous. You could actually deprive very large numbers of people from taking nutrients that improve their health. The cost of this could be very great. And in our opinion, and that of medical doctors practicing clinical nutrition and other scientists around the world who have endorsed our proposal, the existing risk assessment systems being used by Regulators are deeply flawed. We badly need a new model that takes into account both risks and benefits of food supplements. This approach is central to the remit of the HAN Foundation scientists.”

The Alliance for Natural Health believes that the results of the study will greatly facilitate legislation being developed for food supplements in Europe as well as globally, and will reduce the likelihood of future legal challenges.

The HAN Foundation study, commissioned and overseen by the Alliance for Natural Health, has been sponsored by International Nutrition Company (INC), the Netherlands-based worldwide supplier of natural products originally developed by Professor Jack Masquelier in France.

For enquiries and further information contact:
Dr Robert Verkerk, Executive Director
Alliance for Natural Health
Tel: +44 (0)1252 371 275
Fax: +44 (0)845 280 4910
E-mail: info@alliance-natural-health.org

Dr. Jaap Hanekamp, CEO
Heidelberg Appeal Nederland
Tel: + 31 79 346 0304
Fax: + 31 79 346 0643
E-mail: jaapchan@euronet.nl

Notes for editors:


The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is a Europe-wide non-profit alliance of consumers, doctors, complementary health practitioners, and innovative industry manufacturers and suppliers who have an interest in food supplements and natural health. More information, including details of the ANH’s support base, will be found at www.alliance-natural-health.org.

Good science and good law underpin all of the ANH’s work, and the scientific reports produced by the ANH are endorsed by many of the world’s leading doctors and scientists working in the field of nutrition.


The HAN Foundation (stichting Heidelberg Appeal Nederland) was established in the Netherlands in 1993 and named after the Heidelberg Appeal, a declaration signed in 1992 by over 3500 scientists. HAN is an independent non-profit making alliance of scientists and science supporters whose aim is to ensure that scientific debates are properly aired, and that decisions which are taken and action that is proposed are founded on sound scientific principles. Members are accepted from all walks of life and all branches of science. HAN has at present over 800 donors, including almost 200 professors.


If the proposed ban on vitamins and minerals is implemented on 1 August 2005 across Europe, there is much at stake:
· Over 5000 products will disappear from the shelves of UK health stores as a result of the ban removing access to over 300 vitamin and mineral ingredients (out of a total of about 420). These include, amongst others, the main natural forms of Vitamin E, several forms of vitamin C, the key natural form of folic acid, MSM and a range of minerals such as vanadium, silicon and boron, all being products which millions of consumers choose to take as part of their regular health regime and have done so without any ill effects for many years.

· An individual’s freedom of choice to take safe natural health products will be removed; 40-45% of the UK, Irish and Swedish populations take vitamins and minerals.

· Products are to be banned with absolutely no scientific justification. Many of the world’s leading scientific and medical experts in nutrition support the absence of any proper basis for the proposed bans.

· Although the proposed bans related only to vitamins and minerals, unless overturned, the ‘Positive list’ system will most likely be transferred to other nutrients used in food supplements, such as plant extracts, amino acids and enzymes. The precedent set by an ANH victory will drastically reduce the chance of future bans on these other nutrient forms.

· Further regulatory proposals by the EU and Codex Alimentarius are due to be considered by later this and next year. These include restrictions on maximum dosages of vitamins and minerals and restrictions on health claims of foods and food supplements. Again, the ANH is working to help positively shape such legislation using its mantra of ‘good science and good law’.


The Codex Alimentarius Commission develops international guidelines for a very wide range of food products. These guidelines are used by governments with the intention of harmonising rules on food products to assist international trade as well as ensuring consumer safety.

The Codex Guidelines on Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements have been in development for approximately 10 years. It is one of a large number of Guidelines pertaining to food products that has been developed under the auspices of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (established in 1963), which is a subsidiary body of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Codex Guidelines are frequently implemented into laws of Codex member countries (172 in total), and they are used as reference points in any trade disputes brought to the World Trade Organization.

The text for the Guidelines was agreed by consensus in the Codex Committee for Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) in Bonn in November 2004, and the Guidelines are due to be ratified at the next CCNFSDU meeting in Rome on 4-9 July 2005.

The key area of the Guidelines which has yet to be agreed is the nature of the ‘nutrient appropriate’ scientific risk assessment, which will be used to establish Upper Safe Levels for the vitamins and minerals. The process of determining this science has effectively, although unofficially, been handed to the FAO/WHO, who, in turn, have allowed an open consultation phase for input from external parties. The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) was one of 16 organisations to submit comments for this consultation in December 2004, and the ANH submission revealed, with extensive reference to peer-reviewed science, very substantial flaws in the various existing models that have been used by US and European authorities. These models are assumed to form the basis of the risk assessment science to be employed in establishing upper levels. The ANH’s submission has subsequently been endorsed by over 100 leading clinical nutritionists in the US and Europe.

Forderung der Gewerkschaft der Polizei nach höherer Handy-Sicherheit ist begründet und technisch durchführbar

Berlin am Montag, 27.06.2005

Die Forderung der Gewerkschaft der Polizei ist wohl begründet und technisch solide durchführbar. Jedes gestohlene Handy läßt sich über die Netzbetreiber zwangsabschalten.

Als Insider der Branche habe ich ausreichendes technisches Wissen, um die Machbarkeit sicher zu beurteilen.

Jede anderslautende Meldung der Netzbetreiber ist unzutreffend.

Es war schon zu Zeiten meiner aktiven Berufstätigkeit ein fachlich unstreitiges Thema, die im Telefonat genutzten Handy's in jedem Gespräch zusammen mit der Rufnummer über den unveränderbaren Identitäts-Code des zentralen CHIPs erkennungsdienstlich zu erfassen.

Hätte man nicht aus Gründen der geringen Software-Ersparnis diese bereits erprobten und diskutierten Sicherheiten bewußt gekillt, wäre das heutige Problem nie entstanden. Da aber die Netzbetreiber mit großer wirtschaftlicher Macht auch die öffentlichen Äußerungen der Hersteller vorbestimmen, sollten Sie als Leser dieser Zeilen sich hüten, den gehalts- und auftragsabhängigen Experten die brutal erzwungenen gegenteiligen Äußerungen zu glauben.

Jedes geklaute oder anderweitig verlorene Handy könnte blitzschnell über eine Webseite ähnlich der homebanking-Software mit hohem Paßwortschutz inaktiv geschaltet werden. Alle Netzbetreiber müßten die Sperrmeldungen automatisiert über Zentral-Dateien austauschen, damit auch der Austausch der SIM-Karte mit der Rufnummer das Handy in einem anderen Funknetz nicht wieder funktionsfähig machen kann. Jede andere Lösung, die nicht den Ursprungs-Ident-Code des zentralen CHIPs ausliest und im Aufbau des Funkgespräches zwingend übermittelt, läßt sich von findigen Hackern aushebeln. Die Form der zu realsierenden Sicherheitsfaktoren muß ein Gesetz und eine technische Verordnung zwingend bestimmen.

Zum Nachweis meiner Fach- und Sachkunde:

1992 war ich als verantwortlicher Mitarbeiter einer Tochterfirma der ericsson-AG aus Schweden in Hannover auf dem Messegelände am Aufbau der ersten GSM-DECT3-Demonstrationsanlage für das erste Handy-Gespräch zwischen dem damaligen Minister Herrn Schwarz-Schilling und seinem ungarischen Amtskollegen aktiv eingebunden.

Schon damals waren Verluste und Diebstähle ein aktuelles und kritisches Thema. Vorläufer der Handy's gab es ja bereits als betriebsinterne Funktelefone in Krankenhäusern und Fabriken. Das Verlust-Problem aus Diebstählen gab es schon in bedeutender großer Aktualität.

Mein direkter Arbeitgeber (die niederländische Firma NIRA) hatte als bedeutendsten Kunden in Deutschland die BfA mit sämtlichen Kliniken ausgestattet. Im Zuge der Branchen-Konzentration wurde NIRA in Emmen NL von ericsson Schweden aufgekauft.

Ich war ab der Wende Geschäftstellenleiter der Firma NIRA in Berlin mit der Zuständigkeit für die neuen Bundesländer.

es grüßt

Knut W. Schlanert
fon +49 30 78716377
fax +49 30 78716378

NRPB to acknowledge Electro Sensitivity


Informant: No Name

Mobilfunk-Gegner funken dazwischen

Informationsveranstaltung in Kirchseeon

Landkreis - "Ist Ihr Nachbar nie gereizt? Schlafen und lernen Ihre Kinder gut? Wird das auch übermorgen noch so sein, wenn morgen vor Ihrem Haus eine Mobilfunkantenne aufgestellt worden ist?" Das fragt sich das Aktionsbündnis "Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk" im Landkreis. Wissenschaftlich bewiesen sind die Mobilfunkschäden nicht - aber auch nicht die Ungefährlichkeit der Funkwellen.

Omega Mobilfunkschäden sind wissenschaftlich bewiesen. Siehe „Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/293807/

Wer selbst mitreden können will und wem es lieber ist, wenn ein Bauantrag für einen neuen Mobilfunkmasten im Rathaus seiner Gemeinde auch unter Gesundheitsaspekten geprüft wird, der hat bald die Möglichkeit dafür: Die Bürger im Landkreis können in ihrem Rathaus durch Unterschrift das Volksbegehren "Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk" unterstützen.

Dieses Volksbegehren möchte den Gemeinden ein Mitspracherecht beim Aufstellen von Mobilfunksendern sichern und somit die Strahlenbelastung in Wohngebieten verringern. Die Eintragung ist aber nur vom 5. bis zum 18. Juli möglich.

Neueste ärztliche Studien würden den Verdacht bestätigen, dass ein Langzeiteinfluss von Mobilfunk und anderen Mikrowellen krank mache. Nach wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen würden genau die biologischen Systeme gestört, die den menschlichen Körper vor Krankheit schützen sollen. Es sei daher zwingend notwendig, endlich Vorsorge vor Strahlenbelastungen zu betreiben, so Hanno Sombach, der Kreisvorsitzende der ödp.

Die Nachfrage nach Information ist auch im Landkreis Ebersberg groß, meint die Anzingerin Angelika Hollerith, Leiterin des Unabhängigen Aktionsbündnisses zum Volksbegehren. Am Dienstag, 28. Juni, um 19.30 Uhr, lädt das Aktionsbündnis zu einem Informationsabend im Evangelischen Gemeindehaus Kirchseeon (Gartenweg 9a). Referenten sind Rudolf Renner, Elektrobiologe aus Zorneding und der Zahnarzt Dr. Claus Scheingraber, der seit Jahrzehnten Erfahrungen über die Wirkungen hochfrequenter Strahlen sammelt. ez




Eye Witness Testimony Is Conclusive That North Tower Collapsed From Controlled Demolition


Informant: Jacques

US press blacks out World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

US general says troops question support

Army General John Abizaid: ''I can tell you that when my soldiers ask me the question whether or not they've got support from the American people . . . that worries me. And they're starting to do that. And when the people that we're training, Iraqis and Afghans, start asking me whether or not we have the staying power to stick with them, that worries me, too."


World Tribunal for Iraq, Culminating Session Testimony

The graphic testimony below, provided by Dahr Jamail, provides accounts of very serious problems in Iraq.


Congressional Corruption: Home Sale Causes Woes for U.S. Representative Cunningham

Sweetheart deals: "U.S. Representative Randy 'Duke' Cunningham (R-CA) has a reputation for both brashness and emotion. The tough-talking former Navy ''Top Gun'' fighter pilot once said that President Clinton's anti-war activities during the Vietnam War would result in being 'tried as a traitor and even shot' if he had lived in another country. He has also unleashed nasty attacks on political opponents and cried during speeches. But he was nearly silent for almost two weeks after the story broke this month that he had sold his house for nearly $1.7 million to a campaign contributor and close friend -- whose company was enjoying a rush of new business with the Pentagon."


Bush and Co. still distorting facts about Iraq

If only George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld hated war as much as they hate admitting a mistake. To hear them tell it, Iraq is a success story and the Guantanamo prison is a tropical paradise.


Aggressive strategy by the phone companies

It has just been released in Israeli press that phone companies are renting hundreds of apartments in private buildings all over the large cities, and installing cell towers in them. They are trying to conceal the towers so to achieve lower rent costs, and to prevent resistance of those who live close bye.


Auftaktveranstaltungen zum Mobilfunkvolksbegehren

Auftaktveranstaltung zum Mobilfunkvolksbegehren in Augsburg:


Mittwoch, 29. Juli in Augsburg, 19 Uhr 30 im Zeughaus (Hollsaal)

Referent: Hans Schütz
Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V.
Netzwerk mobilfubkkritischer Initiativen im Pfaffenwinkel

Im Anschluss Diskussion zur Thematik und zum Volksbegehren!


Freitag, 1. Juli 2005, 20 Uhr
Garmisch-Partenkirchen im Gasthof "Bräustüberl"

"Gefahren der Mobilfunktechnik"

Referent: Hans Schütz (Peiting)
Umweltinitiative Pfaffenwinkel e. V.
Netzwerk mobilfunkkritischer Initiativen im Pfaffenwinkel

Rice silent on women’s rights in Middle East

SHE may be America’s most powerful woman but Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, made clear during her tour of the Middle East last week that she is not about to become its most outspoken supporter of women’s rights. During her week-long sweep through Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Rice steered clear of confrontation over one of the region’s most volatile issues — the role of women in Islamic societies.


Rape earns dubious distinction as a weapon of war

Before World War I, casualties of armed conflicts were largely limited to battlefields and the soldiers upon them. Combat doctrine and equipment favored flat plateaus, fields or deserts removed from civilian populations. Unless the action took place in a populated area, civilians seldom tasted the bitterness of war.


Iranian Upset, U.S. Challenge

Even before Iranians went to the polls in their presidential election, the Bush administration declared the process rigged, saying that no matter what the outcome, Iran would be truly ruled by men who "spread terror across the world."


Strobing cell-tower lights installed without the RF Choke are hazardous to your health

In May 2001 some very high frequency signals appeared on equipment monitoring electrical ground currents at a few dairy farms in Wisconsin. The signal was traced to a nearby cell tower whose rotating beacon light had just recently been changed to a strobing light. The origin of the signal was verified by shutting off the strobing light momentarily. The signal on the monitoring equipment disappeared while the light was off. The signal starts at about 25 MHz and rings down from there. It is produced when the capacitors, which store up the 1000 volts or more needed to strobe the light, release that energy all at once to strobe the light. Therefore, a high frequency and high voltage impulse is released each time the light flashes.

If the RF Choke is in place and the utilities wires are adequate to carry the current back to the substation, there is no problem. However, many companies, not realizing the problem they cause, have opted to save the approximately $30 and omit the filter. The utility system, in many areas, cannot return such a high frequency high voltage impulse to the substation on the neutral wire, as it should. Therefore, it takes the path of least resistance back to the substation. The path of least resistance is not always the shortest path. Problems have been found as far as 6 miles from the tower.

People unfortunate enough to live in the return path may experience symptoms of Radiofrequency Sickness.

These can include: sleeplessness or disturbed sleep, fever, rash, nausea, inability to concentrate, thinking in a fog, short-term memory problems, sore joints particularly hip joints, irritable bowel syndrome, miscarriage, and birth defects. Symptoms, particularly the fever, clear up outside of the exposure area as long as there is not continued exposure to high frequencies from another source.
Dairy farms unfortunate enough to be in the path may experience decreased milk production, longer milking time, poor cow coat and health, miscarriages, difficulty breeding cows back, and difficulty getting cows to eat and drink properly.

These problems can be substantially cleared up by the cell tower companies if they install the approximately $30 filter. Additionally, cell tower companies should install filters on the electronic equipment running at the towers, so that they are in compliance with the IEEE-519 rules. An ordinance requiring compliance with the IEEE-519 was passed recently at the county level in a county in Wisconsin.


Informant: Shivani Arjuna

The Iranian Working Class Rejects Neoliberalism and Imperialism


Informant: Yoshie

From ufpj-news

"Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk" Volksbegehren News

An alle unterstützenden Verbände und Initiativen

Ergänzung der Internetseite: Eintragungszeiten vor Ort, lokale Ansprechpartner, Diskussionsformum über Werbe- und Aktionsideen

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir haben nun auf der Startseite der Volksbegehren-homepage einen link "Eintragungszeiten vor Ort". Beim klick darauf kommt man zu einer alphabetisch gegliederten Auflistung aller Orte, die unserer Bitte nachgekommen sind und uns die direkte Internetseitenadresse zu den örtlichen Eintragungszeiten und -räumen mitgeteilt haben. Ergänzt wird diese Darstellung um alle Orte, in denen lokalisierte Benachrichtigungskarten verteilt werden, da in diesen Fällen die Eintragungsdaten bereits erfaßt sind. Falls Sie darüber hinaus Orte ergänzen wollen, geht dies nur durch Zusendung einer fertigen WORD-Datei an unsere Agentur stefan.schleifer@internetfabrik.de. Sie müssen dabei den Namen des Ortes und die Postleitzahl angeben. Manuell können wir leider keine Eintragungszeiten eintippen.

Demnächst werden wir außerdem einen link "Ansprechpartner vor Ort" auf die Volksbegehrenseite stellen. Auch hier können Sie weitere lokale Ansprechpartner ergänzen. Sie müßten dazu den Namen des Landkreises, VN und NN der Ansprechpartner + Tel.Nr. + ggf. Fax-Nr + ggf. eMail-Adresse an stefan.schleifer@internetfabrik.de schicken. Falls Sie eine lokale überparteiliche Volksbegehren-homepage haben, können Sie diesen link ebenfalls hinzufügen.

Es wurde vereinzelt angeregt, für das Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren ein Internet- Diskussionsforum für Werbe- und Aktionsideen einzurichten. Wir haben das inzwischen gemacht. Falls Bedarf besteht und Sie gerne vor Ort entwickelte Ideen austauschen wollen, können Sie dies im halb- nichtöffentlichen Bereich unserer Bündnis-homepage unter http://www.gesundheitsvorsorge-mobilfunk.de/werbung tun.


An alle

Kreisvorsitzenden, unterstützende Initiatven und Rundschreibenbezieher

Mobilfunk-Vobe: Bestellschluss für lokalisierte Benachrichtigungskarten

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir haben Ihnen ursprünglich den 20.6. als Bestellannahmeschluss für die lokalisierbaren Benachrichtigungsarten genannt, weil viele Bestellungen erfahrungsgemäß sehr kurzfristig eingehen und dann die termingerechte Auslieferung oft schwierig ist. Wie mir Thomas Mayer, den wir mit der Abwicklung der Karten beauftragt haben, soeben mitteilte, können auch nach dem 20.6. noch Karten mit ortsspezifischen Eindruck bestellt werden. Bitte bestellen Sie aber trotzdem so früh wie möglich! Sie müssen mit einer Woche Lieferzeit rechen.

Im Anhang finden Sie nochmals das Bestellformular. Weitere Infos zu den Werbemitteln sind unter http://www.gesundheitsvorsorge-mobilfunk.de/werbung


An alle

Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer des Volksbegehrens "Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk"

eMail-Aktion für das Volksbegehren - Bitte investieren Sie wenige Minuten!

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

vom 5. bis 18. Juli läuft in allen bayerischen Gemeinden das Volksbegehren "Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk". Wir danken Ihnen für die bisherige Unterstützung und bitten Sie, sich an der landesweiten e-mail-Aktion zu beteiligen. Schicken Sie bitte die nachfolgende mail an Ihre elektronisch erreichbaren Verwandten, Freunde und Bekannten!

Vielen Dank und freundliche Grüße

Urban Mangold
Organisator des Volksbegehrens

Muster-Brief an Ihre Verwandten, Freunde und Bekannten:

Liebe(r) ... (Freunde, Verwandte und Bekannte)

vom 5. bis 18. Juli läuft in allen bayerischen Gemeinden das Volksbegehren "Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk". Die Aktion richtet sich nicht grundsätzlich gegen Handys. Ziel ist vielmehr, die Strahlenbelastung deutlich zu reduzieren. Ich halte das für sehr wichtig und bitte deshalb alle meine Freunde und Bekannten, dieses Projekt mit ihrer Unterschrift zu unterstützen.

Das Volksbegehren ist nur erfolgreich, wenn sich während dieser zwei Wochen in ganz Bayern zehn Prozent der Wahlberechtigten in die Listen eintragen, die aber nur in den Rathäusern ausliegen (in größeren Städten auch in Stadtteil-Eintragungsräumen).

Bislang können die Mobilfunkbetreiber ihre Sendemasten bis zu einer Höhe von 10 Metern hinstellen, wo sie wollen. Das soll jetzt geändert werden. Mit einem erfolgreichen Volksbegehren werden öffentliche Genehmigungsverfahren mit Nachbarschaftsbeteiligung eingeführt. Dann können in lokalen Vorsorgeplanungen Tabu-Zonen (Wohnbereiche, Kindergärten, Schulen ...) ausgewiesen und unproblematischere Sendemastenstandorte genehmigt werden. Denn wer möchte schon, dass der nächste Sender neben seinem Schlafzimmer strahlt!

Weitere Informationen findest Du unter
http://www.gesundheitsvorsorge-mobilfunk.de oder unter der Info-Tel.Nr. 0851/931171. Dort kannst Du auch kostenlos Flugblätter zum Verteilen anfordern. Bitte leite diese e-mail an Deine Bekannten weiter und bitte diese, die Nachricht wiederum an ihre Bekannten zu schicken. Dieses Projekt ist es wirklich wert, den Weg ins Rathaus (des ersten Wohnsitzes) auf sich zu nehmen. Bitte den Personalausweis zur Eintragung mitnehmen! Wenn irgendwie möglich, solltest Du möglichst frühzeitig (nicht erst zum Ende der Eintragungsfrist) unterschreiben, damit der Start gut gelingt.

Liebe Grüße

PS: Inzwischen warnen auch Immobilienexperten: Wer einen Sender in der Nachbarschaft hat, muss mit einer Wertminderung rechnen.

Info: http://www.immobilien-wertminderung.de


eMail-Aktion - Eilt !!!

An alle unterstützenden Parteien und Verbände

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

rechtzeitig vor dem Start des Mobilfunk-Volksbegehrens beginnen wir die Aktion "email an meine Freunde" - eine Art Ketten-eMail-Aktion, die einen Schneeballeffekt erzeugen soll. Würden Sie bitte Ihre Mitglieder auffordern, ihrerseits die mail an ihre Verwandten, Freunde und Bekannten zu schicken! Anbei ein gebrauchsfertiges Muster, das Ihnen die Erstellung der mail für Ihren Verband/Initiative sicherlich erleichtert.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühe


Urban Mangold
Organisator des Volksbegehrens

Muster für Brief von Initiativen, Verbänden und Partei-Untergliederungen an ihre Mitglieder

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Mitglieder,

vom 5. bis 18. Juli läuft in allen bayerischen Gemeinden das Volksbegehren "Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk". Unser Verband unterstützt dieses Projekt mit Nachdruck. Ich persönlich halte diese Aktion für sehr wichtig und bitte deshalb alle Mitglieder und deren Angehörige, das Anliegen mit ihrer Unterschrift im Rathaus zu unterstützen.

Darüber hinaus bitte ich Sie, sich an der landesweiten e-mail-Aktion zu beteiligen. Schicken Sie bitte die nachfolgende mail an Ihre elektronisch erreichbaren Verwandten, Freunde und Bekannten!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und freundliche Grüße


Kreisvorsitzender / Sprecher ...

Muster-Brief an Ihre Verwandten, Freunde und Bekannten:

Liebe(r) ... (Freunde, Verwandte und Bekannte)

vom 5. bis 18. Juli läuft in allen bayerischen Gemeinden das Volksbegehren "Für Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk". Die Aktion richtet sich nicht grundsätzlich gegen Handys. Ziel ist vielmehr, die Strahlenbelastung deutlich zu reduzieren. Ich halte das für sehr wichtig und bitte deshalb alle meine Freunde und Bekannten, dieses Projekt mit ihrer Unterschrift zu unterstützen.

Das Volksbegehren ist nur erfolgreich, wenn sich während dieser zwei Wochen in ganz Bayern zehn Prozent der Wahlberechtigten in die Listen eintragen, die aber nur in den Rathäusern ausliegen (in größeren Städten auch in Stadtteil-Eintragungsräumen).

Bislang können die Mobilfunkbetreiber ihre Sendemasten bis zu einer Höhe von 10 Metern hinstellen, wo sie wollen. Das soll jetzt geändert werden. Mit einem erfolgreichen Volksbegehren werden öffentliche Genehmigungsverfahren mit Nachbarschaftsbeteiligung eingeführt. Dann können in lokalen Vorsorgeplanungen Tabu-Zonen (Wohnbereiche, Kindergärten, Schulen ...) ausgewiesen und unproblematischere Sendemastenstandorte genehmigt werden. Denn wer möchte schon, dass der nächste Sender neben seinem Schlafzimmer strahlt!

Weitere Informationen findest Du unter
http://www.gesundheitsvorsorge-mobilfunk.de oder unter der Info-Tel.Nr. 0851/931171. Dort kannst Du auch kostenlos Flugblätter zum Verteilen anfordern. Bitte leite diese e-mail an Deine Bekannten weiter und bitte diese, die Nachricht wiederum an ihre Bekannten zu schicken. Dieses Projekt ist es wirklich wert, den Weg ins Rathaus (des ersten Wohnsitzes) auf sich zu nehmen. Bitte den Personalausweis zur Eintragung mitnehmen! Wenn irgendwie möglich, solltest Du möglichst frühzeitig (nicht erst zum Ende der Eintragungsfrist) unterschreiben, damit der Start gut gelingt.

Liebe Grüße

PS: Inzwischen warnen auch Immobilienexperten: Wer einen Sender in der Nachbarschaft hat, muss mit einer Wertminderung rechnen.

Info: http://www.immobilien-wertminderung.de

Alle Infos von Urban Mangold


The Assault on Scientific Freedom: Science Under Siege By Bush Administration

ACLU Charges

June 21, 2005

Contact: media@aclu.org

Report Details Civil Liberties Implications of Faulty Policies

WASHINGTON -- The American Civil Liberties Union released a report today examining government policies and practices that have hampered academic freedom and scientific inquiry since September 11, 2001.

Learn more >>

The report sheds new light on how these policies curtail basic rights and put all Americans at risk. "Attacks on scientific freedom have the same effect on our democracy as attacks on political freedom," said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. "Curtailing scientific freedom in the name of national security is bad for science, bad for freedom and simply not effective in increasing the safety of America."

The report, Science Under Siege, connects the dots between several different areas where misguided government policies are affecting science. Among the abuses the ACLU examines in the report are:

* moves to overclassify information and designate whole areas of research as "sensitive but unclassified;"

* outright censorship and prescreening of scientific articles before publication;

* exclusion of foreign students from access to research projects;

* suppression of environmental and public health information; and

* increased restrictions on materials and technology commonly used in basic scientific research.

Throughout the report, the ACLU challenges claims by the Bush administration that such policies are ultimately beneficial for national security, and points to documented cases in which the administration has distorted scientific and academic inquiry for particular political purposes.

"This report makes clear the extent to which the Bush administration has hampered the pursuit of knowledge and scientific inquiry," said Tania Simoncelli, the Technology and Science Fellow with the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Project. "It has diminished America’s standing as a magnet for students and intellectuals around the world, had a chilling effect on many practicing scientists, and set terrible precedents for the government control of information."

According to the ACLU, restrictions on the free flow of information have jeopardized America’s current global leadership in the sciences. In addition to policies implemented post-9/11, the report notes an ongoing erosion of environmental and public health standards, including mercury emissions, global climate change, sexual education and mountaintop removal mining.

The ACLU recommends a series of reforms including a halt to overclassification, the elimination of the "sensitive but unclassified" designation, the removal of censorship and publication restrictions, dropping unnecessary restrictions on foreign students and scholars, maintaining the fundamental research exemption and protecting science from undue political interference.

"The future security of our nation will flow from our global scientific strength and leadership," said Barry Steinhardt, Director of the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Project. "Attempts to achieve security through control and repression of information will never work, and will only undermine that leadership. The administration must reverse its misguided and damaging policies."

Science Under Siege is available online at http://www.aclu.org/scientificfreedom


MKULTRA Mind Control Program in Washington Post


Government programs such as MATRIX and Carnivore are destroying our privacy


Informant: beefree

Harsh reality of dissent

Emily Colvin was yanked from the crowd protesting Bush during one of his Town Hall meetings in Westfield, NJ last March. Her trial is Monday. She did absolutely nothing wrong.


Informant: DitziSis


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