Jordan says U.S. troops abusing drivers

Report says U.S. troops forced four drivers to wipe human excrement in each other's faces, detained a dozen drivers in toilets for 12 hours and broke the windows of their cars.


New Memos Detail Early Plans for Invading Iraq

British officials believed the U.S. favored military force a year before the war, documents show.

By John Daniszewski
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

In March 2002, the Bush administration had just begun to publicly raise the possibility of confronting Iraq. But behind the scenes, officials already were deeply engaged in seeking ways to justify an invasion, newly revealed British memos indicate.


The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington - Conyers Blasts "Deafening Sound of Silence"

An interview with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) who is convening a public hearing tomorrow in Washington on the so-called Downing Street Memo and other newly released documents that he says show the Bush administration's "efforts to cook the books on pre-war intelligence." We also speak with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

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Zweckmäßig ist sinnlos

Ein Buch zeigt, warum die gegenwärtige Gesellschaftsordnung zerstörerisch ist - und was dagegen zu tun wäre.


Demand Accountability from the Bush Administration on Its Decision to Go to War




Childrens' health - EMR health effects


How the World Can Help Americans Halt Bush Administration War Crimes

posted 06/15/05

The World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) requested attendance of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to defend their decision to wage war in Iraq. Bush is likely to treat the WTI the same way he treated the millions of Iraq war protestors around the world -- with contempt. Events like the WTI would be more effective if they addressed the American public.


Internet under attack in Congress

posted 06/10/05

A bill just introduced in the House (H.R. 2726) could destroy universal, affordable Internet access everywhere. Help stop H.R. 2726 by sending a letter to your representative today.


Bush Sought ‘Way’ To Invade Iraq?


Ah yes, here it is - way BEFORE 9/11.

Anna Webb

Tom DeLay Isn't the Only Corrupt Congressman

On Sept. 27, 1994, more than 300 conservatives stood on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and endorsed Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, "to restore accountability to Congress," and "to end its cycle of scandal and disgrace." The image of reform they broadcast helped rocket them into power.

Fast-forward ten years. Today, government has been handed over to corporate lobbyists.

Together, we must fight back. We progressives are - and always have been - the real reformers and defenders of democracy. In our fight to take back America, we need to make the case that the kind of corruption Tom DeLay, and others like him, engage in is not the exception to the rule - it's the rule itself. We need to hold those corrupt individuals accountable.

Here's another example: Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) who, like DeLay, has repeatedly put lobbyists first and the American people second. Tomorrow, we're running ads in the newspapers of the two largest cities in his Ohio congressional district, exposing his corruption to tens of thousands of people.

Please contribute what you can to our campaign for a more accountable Congress and against Rep. Bob Ney.


Rep. Ney is emblematic of everything that's wrong with Washington. He uses the power of his office to do favors for influence peddlers that have nothing to do with his voters back in Ohio. What kinds of favors? When a Texas Indian tribe wanted to open a casino, tribal leaders sent him on a luxury trip to Scotland and give him more than $30,000 in campaign donations. When a Washington lobbyist wanted to buy a Florida gambling cruise line, he gave Bob Ney the biggest campaign contribution the law allows and Ney, in return, used the power of his office to put pressure on the cruise-line's owner to sell. When a foreign company wanted to sell planes in the Middle East, its lobbyists flew Bob Ney to London to gamble with them. All of this wheeling and dealing has linked Ney to some of the most notorious corporate lobbyists in Washington, and it's gotten him in hot water.

Who is Bob Ney supposed to work for? The citizens of his district, of course, not some lobbyist who wants to buy a casino in Florida. Where should he be focusing his job-creation efforts? On the working families in Ohio, not on an Indian tribe in Texas. Who pays his salary? We, the American people, do. Who pays for the phone he uses to talk to his lobbyist friends? We, the people, do. Rep. Bob Ney: another out-of-touch politician wasting our tax dollars to fulfill the wishes of lobbyists while the real needs of our country go unaddressed.

Help us hold him accountable. Help us make the case, as Gingrich and his self-proclaimed "revolutionaries" did a decade ago, that Washington is corrupt and out of touch with the real challenges facing America.

Help us fund our ad campaign. Contribute today.


If you're as sick and tired of the corruption as we are then join us in the fight. This is our democracy and it is our obligation to make sure that it works for the people - not the lobbyists.

It's not just Tom DeLay, it's Bob Ney too. Learn more about Bob Ney's corruption.


Thank you very much for all your help.


Ellen Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future

9/11: Ten Smoking Guns


Informant: Neo Mulder

San Francisco Chronicle Covers Downing Street Memo


San Francisco Chronicle | June 15 2005


New 'Downing Street Memo' says Bush, Blair agreed on 'regime change' in 2002

Is it a second Downing Street Memo -- or something even more damning for both the Bush administration and the government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair?

On May 1, Britain's Sunday Times broke the story of the now-infamous Downing Street Memo; that document, the minutes of a meeting of Blair's top advisers, showed that the prime minister had known, some eight months before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, that a war not authorized by the United Nations would be illegal for British troops to take part in. Now The Times has scooped its rivals again with the news -- and the text of -- a leaked, extremely secret British Cabinet Office briefing paper dated July 23, 2002.

Prepared for Blair and his closest advisers, this newly discovered document clearly states that "since regime change was illegal, it was 'necessary to create the conditions' which would make it legal."

The Times' news story, written by defense reporter Michael Smith, about the newly discovered, secret briefing paper noted that it had confirmed that Blair "had already agreed to back military action to get rid of Saddam Hussein at a summit at the Texas ranch of President George W. Bush three months earlier." In his news article, Smith explained that fabricating conditions for going to war "was required because, even if ministers decided Britain should not take part in an invasion, the American military would be using British bases. This would automatically make Britain complicit in any illegal U.S. action."

The British Cabinet Office briefing paper also stated that "U.S. views of international law vary from that of the U.K. and the international community. Regime change per se is not a proper basis for military action under international law." It further stated that the British government "would regard the use of force against Iraq, or any other state, as lawful if exercised in the right of individual or collective self-defense, if carried out to avert an overwhelming humanitarian catastrophe or if authorized by the U.N. Security Council." As it turned out, the U.S.-led attack on Iraq met none of those criteria.

Although mainstream American news media were very slow or apparently even reluctant to publish news of the Downing Street Memo until as late as the middle of May, this time, in the United States, the Times' revelation of the Cabinet Office briefing paper made the front page of The Washington Post.

Smith noted that many U.S. citizens, as they have learned about the Downing Street Memo and have become "angry at what they see as media self-censorship in ignoring [it]," have been flooding Web sites that have been set up to focus on the controversial British document. Many Americans, Smith noted, have "demanded to know why [it] has been largely ignored by the U.S. mainstream media" and have expressed their support for a letter that U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-Ill.) and 88 other Democratic members of Congress have sent to President Bush. That missive asked Bush to confirm or deny that, as the Downing Street Memo asserted, in the run-up to the war, "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" that led to the U.S.-led invasion. (Times)

Smith also noted that, because Bush has so far refused to answer the U.S. lawmakers, the members of Congress have set up a Web site named Downingstreetmemo.com to collect signatures on a petition that urges the president to respond to their question. Another new site set up since the Downing Street Memo became known, AfterDowningStreet.org, "is calling for a congressional committee to consider whether Bush's actions as depicted in the memo constitute grounds for impeachment."

In Sunday's Times, Smith predicted that Blair's just-uncovered, July 2002 Cabinet Office briefing paper "is certain to add to the pressure, particularly on the American president, because of the damaging revelation that Bush and Blair agreed on regime change in April 2002 and then looked for a way to justify it."

* * * *

In other countries, some commentators have offered highly critical, bluntly worded assessments of just what they believe the Downing Street Memo represents.

In Canada, for example, Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis, writing just before news broke of the just-revealed Cabinet Office briefing paper, has authored one of the strongest. Language like his has yet to be seen jumping off the pages or screens of most mainstream U.S. news media outlets.

Of Bush and Blair's rush to war, Margolis writes, "And so it went. Lie after lie. Scare upon scare. Fakery after fakery, trumpeted by the tame [American] media that came to resemble the lickspittle press of the old Soviet Union. Ironically, in the end, horrid Saddam Hussein turned out to be telling the truth all along [about not having weapons of mass destruction], while Bush and Blair were not."

Margolis offers a conclusion that, so far, no major news sources in the United States has dared utter. The Downing Street Memo, he notes, "would have forced any of Europe's democratic governments to resign in disgrace. But not Bush and Blair. Far from it." He also chastises American news corporations for failing -- or refusing -- to investigate what appeared to news watchers in other countries to be a vitally important story linked to the war.

Instead, he observes, the U.S. mass media "amply confirmed charges of bias and politicization leveled against them by first ignoring the [Downing Street Memo] story, then grudgingly devoting a few low-key stories to the dramatic revelation. ... But don't just blame Bush and Blair. [Vice President Dick] Cheney, CIA boss George Tenet (a.k.a. 'Dr. Yes'), Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and other senior administration officials who promoted falsehoods over Iraq and war fever were just as guilty of deceiving and misleading the American people and Congress."

By contrast, he adds, "Kudos go to Blair's former foreign secretary, Robin Cook, who refused to be party to the lies and resigned. No senior U.S. official had the guts or ethics to follow Cook's admirable example." (Toronto Sun)

Informant: Neo Mulder


A great historical Trial against Orange is going to be taken

Orange Relay Antennas in Crest, Drome, France.

- Latest news -

After an adjourdment from Orange, a great historical trial against Orange is going to be taken. A summary procedure is going to take place in the Court of Justice in Valence on Wesdnesday 6 of July 2005 at 9.00 am.

The preliminary investigations of the summary procedure have been lasting for more than a month and a half and the file is more than 200 pages.

42 files from neighbourhood represent more than 150 people related to ASL.

This means that about more than 35 per cent of people living in the near aera which is directectly irradiated by the dangerous Orange relay antennas are concerned. These people suffer from biological and sanitary symptoms (not counting the ones in hospital).

Moreover, it is the first time for France to claim that the principles of precautionary measures which are written in the French Constitution are set (examinations by the scientists).

Since the scientist leader of l'AFSSE, Pr. Denis Zmirou, who had to cope with pressures from Scientists and Associations, the myth about the harmlessness of the electromagnetic fields of the mobile phone is a failure and a real danger.

Orange is well aware about this.

So Orange directly irradiates people with its fields of its strong relay antennas.



The Patriot Act Is Unpatriotic


Informant: Neo Mulder

Save one of the last primary Forests of Southern Brazil

We need your help!

Please use our cyberaction centre to support our campaign to save one of the last primary forests of southern Brazil.

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Necesitamos de tu ayuda.

Utiliza por favor nuestro centro de ciberacción para salvar una de las ultimas florestas primarias del sur del Brasil.

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Nous avons besoin de votre aide!

Veuillez visiter notre centre de cyberaction pour soutenir notre campagne de sauvegarder un de les ultimes forêts primaires du Brésil méridional.

Pour plus d'information et pour envoyer un message, visitez svp

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US suspects 'face torture overseas'

Bush Government Not Giving Up Torture

Informant: Charles Bremer

Mobilfunkrisiken richtig beurteilen

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Hagenauer,

in dem Symposium "Mobilfunk: Fakten, Nutzen, Ängste" haben die Mitglieder des "Forums Technologie" der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften u.a. folgende Schlußfolgerungen gezogen:

"Die Energiedichte der elektromagnetischen Wellen ist bereits wenige Meter von einer Basisstation entfernt wesentlich geringer (um den Faktor 100 bis 1000) als beim Betrieb eines Handys in Kopfnähe. Außer einer geringfügigen (0,1 Grad) thermischen Gewebeerwärmung etwa durch das dauernd betriebene Handy in Kopfnähe sind in der Wissenschaft bei Einhaltung der gültigen Grenzwerte derzeit keine merkbaren negativen oder gar Krankheiten auslösende Faktoren bekannt."

Mir wurde von einer - bei einem Patienten nachgewiesenen - Gewebeerwärmung von 0,7 Grad berichtet. Weitere Einzelheiten sind mir nicht bekannt.

In einer Live-Diskusssion des tvm-Stadtgesprächs am 7.6.2005 haben Sie die Aussage gemacht, daß es k e i n e Wirkungsunterschiede zwischen ungepulster und gepulster Strahlung gäbe!! Ferner, warum sollte Mobilfunk schädlich sein, wo doch die Rundfunk- und Fernsehsender vielhundertfach stärker senden. Es tritt unter der Mobilfunkantenne keine Strahlung auf und die vielen wissenschaftllichen Arbeiten der letzten Jahre hätten alle keinen Nachweis erbracht, daß Mobilfunk krank macht.

Von der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und ihren Repräsentanten würde man erwarten, daß sie wissenschaftlich neutral sind und nicht die Interessen einer Wirtschaftsgruppe (Mobilfunk) vertreten!

Ist Ihnen nicht bekannt, daß schon in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion negative gesundheitliche Auswirkungen der Mobilfunkstrahlung festgestellt und deshalb niedrigere Grenzwerte, als in Deutschland eingeführt wurden. Die Sowjets wollten ihre Bürger nicht unnütz gesundheitlich schädigen. Können wir uns die Schädigung unseres Humankapitals leisten?

Ca. 2000 Ärzte setzen sich für einen gesundheitsverträglichen Mobilfunk ein (Freiburger Appell, Nailaer Arztstudie, Hofer Apppell, Bamberger Appell: "Dokumentierte Gesundheitsschäden unter dem Einfluß hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder", niederländische Studie des Instituts TNO über UMTS-Signale). Sollten diese und alle anderen Arbeiten über negantive gesundheitliche Auswirkungen des Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Hagenauer,

in dem Symposium "Mobilfunk: Fakten, Nutzen, Ängste" haben die Mitglieder des "Forums Technologie" der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften u.a. folgende Schlussfolgerungen gezogen:

"Die Energiedichte der elektromagnetischen Wellen ist bereits wenige Meter von einer Basisstation entfernt wesentlich geringer (um den Faktor 100 bis 1000) als beim Betrieb eines Handys in Kopfnähe. Außer einer geringfügigen (0,1 Grad) thermischen Gewebeerwärmung etwa durch das dauernd betriebene Handy in Kopfnähe sind in der Wissenschaft bei Einhaltung der gültigen Grenzwerte derzeit keine merkbaren negativen oder gar Krankheiten auslösende Faktoren bekannt."

Mir wurde von einer - bei einem Patienten nachgewiesenen - Gewebeerwärmung von 0,7 Grad berichtet. Weitere Einzelheiten sind mir nicht bekannt.

In einer Live-Diskussion des tvm-Stadtgesprächs am 7.6.2005 haben Sie die Aussage gemacht, dass es k e i n e Wirkungsunterschiede zwischen ungepulster und gepulster Strahlung gäbe!! Ferner, warum sollte Mobilfunk schädlich sein, wo doch die Rundfunk- und Fernsehsender vielhundertfach stärker senden. Es tritt unter der Mobilfunkantenne keine Strahlung auf und die vielen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten der letzten Jahre hätten alle keinen Nachweis erbracht, dass Mobilfunk krank macht.

Von der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und ihren Repräsentanten würde man erwarten, dass sie wissenschaftlich neutral sind und nicht die Interessen einer Wirtschaftsgruppe (Mobilfunk) vertreten!

Ist Ihnen nicht bekannt, dass schon in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion negative gesundheitliche Auswirkungen der Mobilfunkstrahlung festgestellt und deshalb niedrigere Grenzwerte, als in Deutschland eingeführt wurden. Die Sowjets wollten ihre Bürger nicht unnütz gesundheitlich schädigen. Können wir uns die Schädigung unseres Humankapitals leisten?

Ca. 2000 Ärzte setzen sich für einen gesundheitsverträglichen Mobilfunk ein (Freiburger Appell, Nailaer Arztstudie, Hofer Appell, Bamberger Appell: "Dokumentierte Gesundheitsschäden unter dem Einfluss hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder", niederländische Studie des Instituts TNO über UMTS-Signale). Sollten diese und alle anderen Arbeiten über negative gesundheitliche Auswirkungen des Mobilfunks der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften nicht bekannt sein??

Prof. Dr. Ing. Alexander H. Volger hat in "Mobilfunk und seine Technikfolgen, Sachstand und Handlungsbedarf (Aktualisierte Fassung Sept. 2002) u.a. festgestellt: "Die derzeit bekannten Versuche, die ECOLOG-Studie und weitere kritische wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zu relativieren und nicht anerkennen zu müssen, sind völlig unqualifiziert und lassen massive Voreingenommenheit erkennen.

Omega siehe "Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander H. Volger: Mobilfunk und seine Technikfolgen u.a." unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/168670/

Soweit bisher erkennbar, dürfte die angewandte periodische niederfrequente Pulsung auch bei sehr geringen Einstrahlungsdosen einen oder den entscheidenden Beitrag zur Schädlichkeit ausmachen.

Die Schutzbehauptung, "die Schädlichkeit sei nicht erwiesen", es fehle an der wissenschaftlichen Qualitätshöhe (z.B. Veröffentlichung und Verteidigung auf Kongressen, Reproduzierbarkeit), ist falsch und sogar absurd: Die Einzelwirkungen sind von renommierten Wissenschaftlern erforscht und dargestellt, und sie sind reproduzierbar, die epidemiologischen Studien sind ausreichend statistisch abgesichert, die berichteten Schadensfälle sind absolut zahlreich, aber einen Tumorfall sollte man wohl besser nicht reproduzieren wollen. Außerdem: Wo gibt es das sonst, dass die "Beschuldigten" für die Misere (Betreiber, Bundesregierung, Bundesämter, Strahlenschutzkommission) selbst die Beweiskriterien festlegen und die Beweise aussortieren dürfen?"

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

G. Pischeltsrieder
Bürgerinitiative Icking zu Schutz vor Strahlenbelastung

Invasion of the mobile masts

MOBILE phone technology is poised to swamp the UK - and Wirral communities face the prospect of absorbing a further 800 telephone masts.

That is the dire warning given by Cllr Chris Blakeley who revealed this week: "Recent comments from industry figures indicated that new '3G' technology will require four times as many masts than at present. This suggests an additional 209 masts on average in every single Parliamentary constituency - this means in Wirral alone the possibility of over 800 more masts."

Cllr Blakeley, who represents Moreton and Saughall Massie, said: "Over the past 12 months there have been more and more planning applications for tele-phone masts in some of the most inappropriate locations.

"It appears that the mobile phone industry just wants to steamroll through as many applications as possible, regardless of the effect on the lives of thousands of people."

Across the country in the last 12 months activists have torn down mobile-phone masts as public concern over the health impact of radiation emissions have continued to grow.

Although Government advisers say there is no evidence that the masts threaten people's health, those living near them have complained of illnesses ranging from cancer to motor neurone disease.

Some scientists have suggested that the radiation produced by the aerials has an impact on sleep patterns and could have health implications.

Cllr Blakeley went on: "Currently there is a presumption in favour of development inherent in the current planning system, which over-rides local, environmental and safety concerns. Current planning rules cannot cope with the imposition of 130,000 more masts (across the UK ) - with a further 800-plus near homes and schools across Wirral."

He added: "We all want to be able to use a mobile phone, but this doesn't means masts should be constructed without any regard for the well-being of local people. It's time for (Prime Minister) Mr Blair to start listening and stop ignoring the views of local communities and the feelings of powerlessness and frustration experienced by those living under the threat of badly-sited masts." The Mobile Operators Association, set up in January 2003 to represent the five UK mobile phone network operators on radio frequency health and planning issues, disclosed that there are now around 60m mobile phone subscribers in the UK.

In a statement they observed: "Many people increasingly rely on mobile technology as their primary means of communication. However, without a network of base stations in place where people want to use their phones, they simply will not work." The statement added that operators were consistently addressing the issue of shared masts. Both sites and masts were shared where possible, but it was not always technically achievable as each network was planned slightly differently. The statement said: "A shared site can also be more visually intrusive than a single operator site because of the increase in height needed to accommodate two or more antennae systems."

A spokeswoman for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister disputed Cllr Blakeley's claim that 130,000 most phone masts would be erected across the UK.

The Mobile Operators' Association, she said, estimated that around 50,000 masts would be needed to cope with 3G - 5,000 more than there were at present.

She said: "We are confident that the planning system can cope with that increase."

I will not allow a mast in my yard

AN Aberystwyth businessman has told the Cambrian News that he has pulled the plug on a controversial planning application for a 12-metre mast to be erected at Woods Yard in Trefechan. Steve Woods, who owns Woods Yard, Old Brewery, Trefechan, has confirmed that Alder King, as agents for the Orange communication company, had approached him regarding a planning application for a mast to be erected at Woods Yard. The 12-metre column would have had up to six antennae and four dishes, and other associated equipment cabinets at ground level. The agents have submitted an application to Cyngor Sir Ceredigion’s planning authority, but Mr Woods is adamant that no agreement has been made with Alder King. Many local residents are objecting to the application, fearing that it might affect their health, as well as devaluing their properties. And Aberystwyth Town Council has also lodged an objection. But Mr Woods, the proprietor of Woods Building Supplies, Clarach, contacted the Cambrian News to state categorically that no mast would be erected on the site of the Old Brewery, which is used for storage purposes by the company. Mr Woods said: “Alder King did approach us. They said that they wanted to erect a mast, and a planning application was being submitted. “But no agreement has been made with Alder King. And as I can see that it would interfere with our daily work, as well as being of concern to local people, I can say that I will not be allowing the erection of a mast.” Mark Edge, and his wife Annette, who live above their Londis store in Trefechan, are strong objectors to the planning application. Mr Edge said: “We live here with our three children, overlooking the yard which is the subject of the planning application. It is potentially a serious hazard to health, as nobody is yet in a position to say that these masts do not provide a risk to health. “Dozens of children living in the area might suffer health problems in the future if a mast is erected. “As far as I am aware, all the locals are objecting to the application. The offices in the Old Brewery have not been used for years, and every ground-floor window is boarded-up. Now there is an application for a mast which would further devalue our property.” Aberystwyth Town Council has already lodged a formal objection.


Paisley Daily Telegraph 15 06 05

MOBILE phone firms have been dealt a double blow - after plans to erect two new masts in Renfrew were rejected.

Communications giants Vodafone and T-Mobile had both hoped to be able to install phone masts in the town.

But after more than 150 complaints from locals, councillors rejected their plans.

Bosses at Vodafone had applied for planning permission to install a 21-metre mast on land just off North Lodge Road in Renfrew.

But 135 people contacted Renfrewshire Council planning chiefs objecting to it.

Worried residents felt it would be sited far too close to homes and would also be an eyesore in the area.

SNP Councillor Richard Vassie backed them by speaking out against the mast proposal at a meeting of the council's planning and development board.

And he and the residents were delighted when councillors voted by eight to four against granting planning permission.

Afterwards Councillor Vassie, who represents the Glenburn South area in Paisley , said: "More than 100 people objected to this mast going up so there was a very strong feeling in the local community against this going ahead.

"I wanted to make sure that those objections were heard and I'm delighted that the majority of the planning committee agreed with me."

At the same meeting councillors also booted out plans by T-Mobile to put up a 15-metre mast up on land just off Afton Drive .

Once again angry residents had blasted the proposals, with 17 folk complaining to planning bosses.

They feared the mast would be close to a children's play area and also argued that many youngsters would have to walk past it on their way to and from school.

Local councillor Alex Murrin also hit out at the mast plans.

Councillor Murrin, who represents the Deanside area of the town, said: "I object to the site of this mast, and I ask councillors to reject it on the grounds that it will have a significant impact on the visual amenity in the area."

After hearing from him members voted by nine to five to refuse planning permission.


Paisley Daily Express 15 06 05

CONCERNED residents will have an opportunity to air their views on plans to site a mobile phone mast in the middle of a busy housing scheme.

The proposals from T-Mobile for the 12-metre pole at the junction of Brediland Road and Clippens Road are high on the agenda at this month's meeting of Linwood Community Council.

One source said the community council had already lodged an objection to plans for the pylon - which would be close to two schools and will have three antennae and associated radio equipment - as many people were concerned about its health and visual amenity implications.

It is believed there have been around 80 objections from local residents to the proposal.

"So far, no date has been given for a hearing of the application which will be decided by Renfrewshire Council," said community council secretary Iain Wilson.

The meeting is at the Tweedie Halls, Ardlamont Square , on Tuesday, June 21, at 7.30pm.

Non-members can usually - at the discretion of the chairman - take part in debates on any topic on the agenda.

Disappointment at phone mast decision

Alliance Party website


East Belfast Alliance Councillor, Naomi Long, has expressed her disappointment that the mobile phone mast at the junction of Cairnburn Road and Old Holywood Road will not be relocated to Belmont Park .

Following a campaign by local residents and political representatives to have the mast re-sited within Belmont Park and screened from public view, local Councillors supported a change in Council policy to permit such telecommunication equipment to be located on Council property in certain circumstances.

Cllr Long said, “As recently as January of this year, Hutchinson 3G assured me that the company was still actively exploring the relocation with Council Officers. The mast was then activated on 1 March 2003 and so I contacted Hutchinson 3G again to discuss the delay. I have now been informed that the relocation work on the mast will not be undertaken.”

“Given that the equipment will now be a permanent feature, I have sought assurances that the colour of the installation, which is particularly intrusive, will be changed.I have been advised that the base equipment will now be painted green to try to blend with other street furniture in the area, whilst the mast will be kept grey, to match the street lighting fixtures. Whilst I understand that this in no way compensates for the decision to leave the equipment in-situ, I hope that it will at least make the site less obvious for residents.

“I believe that residents and Councillors did everything possible to facilitate the Company, who initially appeared willing to pursue the relocation. Ultimately, however, the relocation relied upon the company’s willingness to undertake the necessary work. I am extremely disappointed at their decision. They had an opportunity to facilitate the wishes of the local community and instead have chosen to completely disregard it.

Bombshell As Six More British Documents Leaked



The "Downing Street Memo" to David Manning from Matthew Rycroft on July 23rd 2002

Memo from Jack Straw To Tony Blair March 25, 2002
Straw admits case for war in Iraq is weak, and that there is no link
between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Memo from Peter Rickets March 22 2002
This memo admits that Saddam had not accelerated his WMD program.

Memo from Chris Meyer To David Manning March 18 2002
"I then went through the need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN SORs and the critical importance of the MEPP as an integral part of the anti-Saddam strategy."

David Manning Memo to Tony Blair on March 14 2002, describing his trip to the US. IN this memo, Manning confirms that Condi Rice was committed to regime change in Iraq in 2002. The use of military force for regime change per se is illegal under international law and treaties to which the US is a signator.

Memo from Overseas & Defense Secretariat March 8 2002
This memo admits that threat of WMD from Iraq had NOT increased.

Informant: Charles Bremer


Antiwar protesters face federal conspiracy charges


Informant: Kev Hall

Vielen Menschen wachsen die Schulden über den Kopf


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Angriff auf die EU-Arbeitszeitrichtlinie: Kommission und Parlament weichen Schutzstandards auf

„Europaweit trommeln die Unternehmerverbände für eine Verlängerung und weitere Flexibilisierung der Arbeitszeiten. Sie finden willige Helfer in den meisten Regierungen der Mitgliedstaaten, der Europäischen Kommission und im Europäischen Parlament. Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte der Europäischen Union sollen nun bestehende soziale Mindestvorschriften ausgehöhlt werden: Es geht um die Revision der EU-Arbeitszeitrichtlinie, deren bisheriges ›Mindestniveau‹ nun noch weiter unterschritten werden könnte, wenn sich nicht eine breite kritische Öffentlichkeit des Themas annimmt und die von Kommission bzw. Parlament geplanten Richtlinienentwürfe - ähnlich wie im Falle »Bolkestein« - zu Fall bringt.

Klaus Dräger berichtet über den Stand der Revisions-Verhandlungen und die geplanten Entwürfe…“ Aktualisierter Artikel von Klaus Dräger


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Überflüssiger Kapitalismus

Ein Blick in die Wirtschaftspresse samt Einladung zur Diskussion. "Wenn Siegerländer Sozialdemokraten die dunklen Seiten des Kapitalismus entdecken, Jesuiten-Intellektuelle darob die Glaubwürdigkeit der SPD bezweifeln und dagegen eine »substanzielle Kapitalismuskritik« einfordern und die IG Metall sich ihren Reim auf die Verhältnisse mittels einer Karikatur macht, die den metaphorischen Qualitäten des »Stürmers« in nichts nachsteht, ist Aufklärung gefragt..."Artikel von Slave Cubela


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Allgemeinverbindlichkeit statt gesetzlicher Mindestlohn?

„Schlechter Ersatz“: Allgemeinverbindlichkeit statt gesetzlicher Mindestlohn?

„So schnell kann es gehen: Eben noch hatte die Regierung, um die populistische Kapitalismusschelte der SPD nicht völlig konsequenzlos aussehen zu lassen, beschlossen, das Entsendegesetz auszuweiten, da ist nach verlorener NRW-Wahl und angesichts der Neuwahl des Bundestags schon wieder fraglich, ob dieser Vorschlag es noch in den Rang einer Gesetzesinitiative schafft. Auch die Unternehmerlobbies, die gleich »Achtung Massenarbeitslosigkeit!« riefen, haben längst wieder das Thema gewechselt…“ Artikel von K. Schmid


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Das Ende von Rot-Grün und die Gewerkschaften

Nach der Wahl ist grad’ egal? Eher Kontinuität als Zäsur: Das Ende von Rot-Grün und die Gewerkschaften

„Es gab wohl keine wichtige Landtagswahl, die so schnell publizistisch abgewickelt wurde wie die NRW-Wahl 2005. Schröder macht's möglich - zum letzten Mal vermutlich, denn im September ist aller Voraussicht nach Schicht. Nicht gestürzt durch eine mächtige soziale Protestbewegung, sondern gestolpert über eine Zahl. Mehr als fünf Millionen Arbeitslose auf Grund einer Fehlkalkulation der Hartz IV-Strategen, dies war dann doch etwas zuviel. Wer wie Schröder dauernd betont, es gebe keine Alternativen, er könne »keine andere Politik«, und dazu eine penetrante Verflachung und Personalisierung der öffentlichen Debatte betreibt, braucht sich eigentlich nicht wundern, wenn am Ende zwar kein prinzipiell anderes Programm, aber ein neues Gesicht gewählt wird. Wenn nichts gravierendes dazwischen kommt, regiert also ab Oktober die CDU alleine, in einer Koalition mit der FDP oder in einer Großen Koalition mit der SPD als Juniorpartner…“ Artikel von R. Müller


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Die Zerstörung der Mittelschichten - Vom Unternehmergeist zu Solidar-Netzwerken

Vom Unternehmergeist zu Solidar-Netzwerken. Der Mailänder Soziologe Sergio Bologna über das Phänomen der Neuen Selbständigen und Chancen der Selbstorganisation. Das Buch des Mailänder Soziologen Sergio Bologna "Die Zerstörung der Mittelschichten. Thesen zur Neuen Selbständigkeit" erscheint im Herbst auf Deutsch. Am 26. 4. 19 Uhr hielt Bologna einen Vortrag zum Thema im ÖGB Seminarzentrum Strudlhof in Wien, MALMOE hat vorab ein Interview mit ihm geführt:


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Der Euromayday als Suchprozess im Terrain der Prekarität

Bewertung vom Vorbereitungskreis Euromayday Hamburg in ak - Zeitung für linke Debatte und Praxis Nr. 495 vom 20.5.2005 (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Statt Hartz IV und Armutsarbeit: Mindesteinkommen und Mindestlohn

Vorschläge für eine gerechte und solidarische Gesellschaft des „Arbeitslosenverband Deutschland e. V.“ vom 13.06.2005. (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Hart IV ist Armut per Gesetz

In dem Artikel werden die Haushalteinkommen mit Hartz IV (Regelsätze + mögliche Zuschläge/Mehrbedarfe + übernommene "angemessene" Unterkunfts-/Heizungskosten gemäß Hartz IV / SGB II) den Armutsgrenzen (relative Einkommensarmut) des 2. Nationalen Armuts- und Reichtumsberichts der Bundesregierung gegenüber gestellt. Es soll nachgewiesen werden, dass Hartz IV Armut per Gesetz bedeutet. Artikel von Ronald Blaschke, Arbeitslosenverband Deutschland, Sächsische Armutskonferenz, vom Juni 2005. (pdf)


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen für "Ein-Euro-Jobs"

Ebenfalls bei Tacheles e.V. ist der Aufsatz von Dr. Bertram Zwanziger, Richter am Bundesarbeitsgericht, mit dem obrigen Titel verlinkt. Der Aufsatz ist zuerst bei „Arbeit und Recht“ im Heft 1/2005 erschienen. In dem Aufsatz werden grundlegende Fragen zur Ausgestaltung der Rechte und Pflichten der Betroffenen in der EinV und gegenüber der Einsatzstelle rausgearbeitet.


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 9

Clement ordnet Verfolgungsbetreuung an


The Effects of American Power

With democratic elections either recently held or soon to take place in Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Ukraine, and Georgia, a fight over foreign policy bragging rights has broken out, the likes of which has not been seen since the debate over whether Ronald Reagan or Mikhail Gorbachev deserved more credit for demolishing the Soviet Union. As in that earlier contest, when it comes to the sources of today's democratic resurgence, history's first draft has already degenerated into competing black-and-white cartoons.


Memo-Gate: Demand the Truth!

June 14, 2005

A few weeks ago, CODEPINK joined together with other groups to form the After Downing Street coalition in order to publicize the shocking Downing Street memo. This memo shows the Bush administration's determination to invade Iraq even though Iraq posed no threat to us, and its decision to "fix" intelligence data to justify the case for invasion. With more than 100,000 deaths, over $300 billion tax dollars spent, and a severely tarnished international reputation, we, the American people, must now ensure that those in charge are held accountable. The Downing Street memo presents a unique opportunity to do that and we need your help.


Here are important ways you can help:

1. Sign Rep. Conyers petition and get your congressional Rep to sign as well. Shortly after the May 1st leak of the memo, Rep. John Conyers sent a letter to George W. Bush asking for an explanation. To date, more than 100 of his congressional colleagues have also signed on. Please urge your congressperson to join! (See link below to send a letter to your Rep.) If you have not already signed the letter yourself (over 500,000 people have!), or if you are willing to send the letter to friends for their signature, click here.

2. Pressure your Congressional Representative to join this effort. On Thursday, Rep. Conyers will hold a public hearing to look into the constitutional questions raised by the memo. Directly following the hearing, Rep. Conyers, together with other members of Congress and concerned citizens (including CODEPINK ), will go to the White House to hand deliver the letter with the 500,000 signatures! Send your Rep an email letter urging him or her to: a) sign on to Conyers' petition letter, b) attend the June 16 hearing on the Downing Street Minutes, and c) support a resolution of inquiry into impeacheable offenses. Please email your Rep today and ask him or her to do the right thing! Spread the word!

If you are in the DC area, come join us at the June 16 Hearing and Rally in Lafayette Park.

3. Pressure your media to cover the hearing and the memo itself. The White House would love to see this memo fade away, and so would much of the mainstream press! Let's force them to cover the issue. Contact your local media. Click here for action ideas, sample letters to the editor, press releases and op-eds.

The way we see it, this memo shows that the Bush administration has engaged in a conspiracy to deceive Congress and the American people about the reasons for going to war. That constitutes a High Crime, and grounds for impeachment. While it is highly unlikely that a Republican Congress will impeach George Bush, it is critical for us to push the process and to educate the American people about the lies that sucked us into this quagmire in Iraq. Let's ride the Downing Street wave as far as we can take it!

With a passion for truth,

Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, and Tiffany


Military Families Call for Truth Regarding Downing St. Memo



Rumsfeld Blocked NATO Call for Probe into Uzbek Massacre


Icy torture ordeal for terror suspect


Informant: Charles Bremer

Republicans Against Torture


Informant: Charles Bremer

When Nanopants Attack


In Denial Over Bush’s Torture and Rape Gulag


Informant: Charles Bremer

Torturing People for Freedom and Human Rights


Informant: Charles Bremer

Bush's long history of rewriting science


Informant: Teresa Binstock

Guantanamo, It's hurting the U.S. cause


Informant: Charles Bremer

The Geneva Trap


Informant: Charles Bremer

Time to indict our leaders for crimes against humanity


Informant: Charles Bremer


Bolton Said to Orchestrate Unlawful Firing


Informant: Charles Bremer

Beyond Guantanamo


Informant: Charles Bremer

South Africa Opposes Japan's Plan to Expand Whale Hunt


Help Kentucky fight for their mountains


US insider says explosives destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11


Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000




US War Crimes, An International Vow of Silence







Strong antiwar, anti-Bush words published by Kentucky paper


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Foregone forethought


Mid-May saw the leak of the so-called Downing Street Memo written by high-level British national security officials offering textual proof of what those of us who've been paying attention have long suspected: The Bush administration was determined to invade Iraq almost immediately after September 11, and the whole business with WMD, UN inspections, and so forth was just so much kabuki theater designed to lay the groundwork for a policy whose true motives lay elsewhere. This weekend, a second memo, leaked to the Times of London, provided further background. The British government, it seems, had committed itself to joining the United States in this war and was rather gravely concerned that the policy to which it had committed itself violated international law, making it necessary to design an appropriate pretext...


from The American Prospect, by Matthew Yglesias

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The crumbling foundation of American government

Almost everyone recognizes that government can perpetrate great evils. One has only to think of the regimes of Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot, three of the most hideous examples. But government is also widely regarded as a potential source of great good. Even Ludwig von Mises, an archenemy of statism, declared that government is 'the most necessary and beneficial institution, as without it no lasting social cooperation and no civilization could be developed and preserved.' How can people enjoy the benefits of government while avoiding the dangers? Upon what principles must a tolerable government be built?" (written 1991; reposted 06/14/05)


from Foundation for Economic Education, by Robert Higgs

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The government is like a hung jury


As long as the crybabies in Washington keep dropping their pacifiers -- they are incapable of getting anything accomplished past their whining. I have pondered the verbal melee, and never-ending daily attack between both political parties, and I have arrived at one conclusion: it's time to form a third viable party and let the whiners have at it ... at their own expense. The country has suffered long enough without further ado. We need a 'People's Party' to take back our rights that have been stomped in the ground by politically driven, self-serving politicians who 'lord' themselves over the people, instead of leading them to a better, safer environment...


from Frontiers of Freedom, by Kaye Grogan

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

In the American bunker


Progressivism will never again succeed in America until we begin to understand Americans at the level of their psychological functions, and start addressing not just their rational, material and moral needs, but their deeper emotional requisites, as well. Bush, and his movement of the American bunker, understand this well. Indeed, they must, for they cannot deliver at any other level, and they can only pretend to even deliver at the emotional level by creating conditions of heightened fear and focused rage which barely cover their myriad policy failures...


from Common Dreams, by David Michael Green

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iraq Invasion: Memo faults planning


It's one thing to knock off a tin-pot dictator with limited weaponry and a less-than-loyal army. It's another to force an ethnically and religiously divided nation to a democratic state by outside military force. In its preparations to win the war, it seems the Bush administration failed to come up with a battle plan sufficient to win the peace...


from Seattle Post-Intelligencer, by staff

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

What to expect after receiving your draft notice


The draft is coming and it isn't my objective to argue the merits of the induction morality. I'm only offering a 'what to expect' tutorial. Americans can expect the induction process to commence very shortly, and it makes no difference what the politicians have promised you about the draft. The generals at the Pentagon are starting to gripe at Congress about manpower needs and that is the tiny signal that we all should have been listening for. Get ready, because here the draft comes...


from Unknown News, by Don Nash

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US dragged down by news from Iraq


The mainstream media in the US are increasingly reporting on pessimism in high places in the US military over ever 'winning' in Iraq. Even the Pentagon's news roundup is gloomy. No surprise, then, that Americans, too, are having serious second thoughts...


from Asia Times, by Jim Lobe

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Challenging empire on the world stage

Acts of hope: Challenging empire on the world stage


A lot of activists expect that for every action there is an equal and opposite and punctual reaction, and regard the lack of one as failure. After all, activism is often a reaction: Bush decides to invade Iraq, we create a global peace movement in which 10 to 30 million people march on seven continents on the same weekend. But history is shaped by the groundswells and common dreams that single acts and moments only represent. It's a landscape more complicated than commensurate cause and effect. Politics is a surface in which transformation comes about as much because of pervasive changes in the depths of the collective imagination as because of visible acts, though both are necessary. And though huge causes sometimes have little effect, tiny ones occasionally have huge consequences...


from Mother Jones, by Rebecca Solnit

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

DC is occupied territory


The indictment of Larry Franklin, the 58-year-old analyst who headed up the Pentagon's Iran desk, marks a milestone in the FBI's four-year-plus probe into Israel's covert activities in the U.S. The investigation predates 9/11 and involves some of the leading figures associated with planning and agitating for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The players: a hardline faction of the administration committed to 'regime change' not only in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East. Skilled at the art of bureaucratic infighting and relentlessly determined, even as the neocons' plan for the invasion and occupation of Iraq was being implemented they were planning to put the next phase of their grand plan for the Middle East into operation: a confrontation with Iran...


from AntiWar.Com, by Justin Raimondo

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Conservatives, liberals align against Patriot Act


Conservative groups have found common ground with the liberal American Civil Liberties Union in their opposition to the USA Patriot Act and pledge to wage a high-profile fight against it, claiming even its renewal is shrouded in secrecy...


from Washington Times

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Undetectable Waves Detected


Informant: Jerry Decker

Trigger Man

In Paul Wolfowitz, messianic vision meets faith in the efficacy of force.


Informant: Lew Rockwell

How Much Proof Needed Before the Truth Comes Out?



Pardon Me?



Unleashing the Resistance



Ask C-SPAN to Cover Downing Street Memo Hearings

Contact C-SPAN Now! Conyers Congressional hearing at 1:30pm THURSDAY!!!

Click on this URL to take action now

The DSM hearing is at 1pm in the DNC headquarters. The rally is at 5pm in Lafayette Park. C-SPAN should cover these events. Please call and write them, and ask them to do so:

Main Number: (202) 737-3220
Viewer Services: (765) 464-3080 (for programming questions)

We got this done for the Conyers Ohio hearings. We need to do it again.

C-SPAN Suggestions
CSPAN Events Suggestions

June 15, 2005

Please cover this event! This is an important event about our Democracy and why we went to war in Iraq. The information is below:

On Thursday June 16, 2005, at 1:30 p.m. in the Wasserman Room at 430 S Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C., Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, and other Congress Members will hold a hearing on the Downing Street Minutes and related evidence of efforts to cook the books on pre-war intelligence.

The hearings are being held at the Democratic National Committee because the Republicans controlling the House Judiciary Committee refused to permit the ranking Democratic Member to use a room on the Hill.


Nonetheless, Republicans are welcome to attend.

Later on the same day at 5:00 p.m. ET in Lafayette Square Park, in front of the White House, a large rally will support Congressman Conyers who plans to deliver to the White House a letter addressed to President Bush and signed by over 500,000 Americans and at least 94 Congress Members. The letter asks the President to respond to questions raised by the Downing Street Minutes.

Among those speaking at the hearings will be: Joe Wilson, Former Ambassador and WMD Expert; Ray McGovern, 27-year CIA analyst who prepared regular Presidential briefings during the Reagan administration; Cindy Sheehan, mother of fallen American soldier; John Bonifaz, renowned constitutional lawyer and co-founder of AfterDowningStreet.org.

Among those speaking at the rally will be: Congressman Conyers and various other Congress Members, Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star Families for Peace, John Bonifaz of AfterDowningStreet.org, Ray McGovern former CIA analyst, Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange, Rev. Lennox Yearwood of Progressive Democrats of America, Stephen Cleghorn of Military Families Speak Out, Kevin Zeese, Director of Democracy Rising. More information, and flyers promoting the rally, are available at http://www.afterdowningstreet.org

Informant: Jack Topel


Enough of the GM bulldust

The Network of Concerned Farmers (NCF) today released a comprehensive presentation titled "Beyond the Bulldust of Genetically Modified Crops – the Case for Strict Liability" in both DVD and video format. The presentation details the specific GM benefit, alternatives, risks and the risk management needed to manage this controversial crop.

"We have given specific referenced detail why agronomically and economically GM canola will fail to benefit Australian farmers," said Mrs Newman, the author of the presentation and national spokesperson for the NCF. "We have also explained how and why GM crops are being rammed down the throats of farmers and reluctant consumers."

The Network of Concerned Farmers (NCF), an alliance of conventional and organic farmers throughout Australia are pushing for fair risk management as they wish to maintain the right to market an uncontaminated consumer preferred non-GM product. These farmers are insisting on a strict liability regime to ensure farmers are compensated by the GM companies for any economic loss associated with GM crops.

Despite the West Australian moratorium banning the commercial release of genetically modified crops, there has recently been Federal GM wheat trials planted in Corrigin, WA. Farmers themselves are the main investors in this technology through a company called Council of Grain Growers Organisation (COGGO) who have funded the development of a GM salt tolerant wheat.

"Our wheat customers do not want GM wheat or any trace of it and yet it is possible that pollen could remain viable for up to half an hour on the wind. These trails need wind buffers in order to prevent pollen travelling during flowering time."

"If the GM companies were liable for economic loss, they would be far more careful."

"Greed, ignorance and arrogance is no excuse to deny fair risk management.

There are good reasons why consumers are rejecting GM products but if farmers do not have a choice, consumers will not either," explained Mrs Newman.

The launch was held at Parliament House in Perth and farmers have commenced distributing the presentation to key politicians and others involved in the GM debate with an aim to influence both State and Federal legislation to adopt a strict liability regime.


Julie Newman - West Australia 08 98711562 or 08 98711644

Walfang - Proteste in Neuseeland


Empire: American as Apple Pie


Informant: Michael Novick

We All Thought Bush Was Lying: Now We Have Proof

Help Rep. Conyers Find Out What Really Happened

We all thought that Bush was lying when he said that we had to invade Iraq because of 9/11 and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Well, now we have proof. A British journalist uncovered a memo to Tony Blair from his chief of foreign intelligence written after a series of high-level meetings in Washington back in July of 2002—months before Colin Powell’s famous presentation to the United Nations.

Basically, the memo states that the Bush administration was set on ousting Saddam Hussein despite the circumstances. However, since that would violate international law, the administration planned on using terrorism and WMDs as the pretext, even if the facts didn’t support it. You can read the entire memo here http://action.truemajority.org/ct/P1AU4VF1KzxJ/,

but these are a few of my favorite lines:

"It seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action...but the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbors, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran." In another section, the intelligence advisor writes: "But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

That’s a smoking gun if I’ve ever smelled one. While administration officials filled the airwaves talking about the need to remove Saddam because of his WMDs and his being an imminent threat, they were confiding to their closest ally that that really wasn’t true. Apparently Tony Blair deserved the truth but the American people didn’t.

Rep. John Conyers and 88 other members of Congress sent a letter to the president asking five straightforward questions about the memo (see them below). Their request has been met with stony silence. Rep. Conyers is asking the American people to join him as he tries to get some answers, by signing the letter yourselves. If you are a member of TrueMajority, you can sign the letter by simply hitting “Reply” and “Send,” and we’ll add your name. If you were forwarded this e-mail or would like to read the full text of the letter, simply click here: http://action.truemajority.org/ct/P1AU4VF1KzxJ/


Rep. Conyers is holding a hearing on this issue on Thursday, June 16th, so please take action and urge your friends to do the same before then.

Thanks for seeking the truth,

Andrew Greenblatt
Online Organizer

You can read the entire letter and the Downing Street Memo click here. http://action.truemajority.org/ct/P1AU4VF1KzxJ/

Here are the five questions in the letter:

1) Do you or anyone in your administration dispute the accuracy of the leaked document?

2) Were arrangements being made, including the recruitment of allies, before you sought Congressional authorization to go to war? Did you or anyone in your Administration obtain Britain's commitment to invade prior to this time?

3) Was there an effort to create an ultimatum about weapons inspectors in order to help with the justification for the war as the minutes indicate?

4) At what point in time did you and Prime Minister Blair first agree it was necessary to invade Iraq?

5) Was there a coordinated effort with the U.S. intelligence community and/or British officials to "fix" the intelligence and facts around the policy as the leaked document states?

Resolution of Inquiry

Informant: Carol Wolman


Panel Faults Tactics in Rush to Install Antimissile System


Informant: Kev Hall


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