Sleeping With the Enemy

by John Pilger

The National Union of Journalists and the Blair government are planning a "launch" ceremony, at which they will announce their "partnership". According to John Fray, the NUJ's deputy general secretary, this collaboration will "promote awareness among journalists of the issues that surround the struggle against poverty on a world scale... We want to help the media to tell it like it is." In a glossy letter to NUJ members, Fray says that joining hands with the government is "enhancing the understanding of the need for a positive approach to international development amongst those who report and comment on the issues…” For this "positive approach," the government is paying the journalists' union 80,000 pounds. What a bargain price for the principle of independence from power....


Iraq: Bush's Land of Make-Believe


Trained to "Disassemble"


How African aid can be the new imperialism

The idea of the new American empire has been powerfully explained by Niall Ferguson, the Glasgow-born historian. Washington, he argues, is the new Rome as it maintains a new global world order, at great expense.


From Information Clearing House

War swells US army divorce rate

The number of US army officers getting divorced has soared in the past few years, the Pentagon says, a trend blamed on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


From Information Clearing House

Amnesty International Calls On Congress to Establish an Independent Commission and to Call for a Special Counsel

The refusal of the U.S. government to conduct a truly independent investigation into the abuses at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and other detention centers is tantamount to a whitewash, if not a cover-up, of these disgraceful crimes.


From Information Clearing House

UN: U.S.-led forces in Iraq hold 6,000 prisoners

Thousands of people are detained in Iraq without due process in apparent violation of international law, the United Nations said on Wednesday, adding that 6,000 of the country's 10,000 prisoners were in the hands of the U.S. military.


From Information Clearing House

Marines 'beat US workers' in Iraq

U.S. contractors say they were treated like Iraqi's

Papers Reach Iraq Boiling Point

Suddenly there seems to be something in the air -- the smell of death? Or something in the water -- blood? In any case, this past week, widely scattered newspaper editorialists roused themselves from seeming acceptance of the continuing slaughter in Iraq to voice, for the first time in many cases, outright condemnation of the war.


Iraq Tony And The Truth

Video: This is the story of what Mr. Blair did not tell us before sending British troops into battle.


The idea of UN inspectors was introduced not as a means to avoid war, but as a means to make war possible

Bush & Blair/Iraq denials raise questions

This is stunning. As Mark Danner wrote in Sunday's New York Review of Books, "Thus the idea of UN inspectors was introduced not as a means to avoid war, as President Bush repeatedly assured Americans, but as a means to make war possible."


War makes beasts of men

Watch this video of an Arabic-speaking former soldier, Aidan Delgado, who faced abuse and attacks after filing for Conscientious Objector status. His compassionate and powerful talk includes detailed Geneva Convention violations and shockingly personal accounts of the inhumanity he witnessed and experienced.

QuickTime Video - Click her to view.

Tortured Logic: Bush's Propaganda Rubicon

by Ted Rall

Failing an increasingly elusive military victory against the Iraqi resistance, the American public is looking for any excuse to cut and run. Revelations of systemic torture of innocent civilian detainees by American troops at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and Bagram provide a perfect reason for immediate withdrawal. There are neither WMDs to find nor hearts and minds to win, so why the hell are we there?


History carries no guarantees: A Democratic Revolution in the Muslim World?

by Abid Ullah Jan

The US and its allies are caught between the much vaunted democracy on the one hand and the exposed hypocrisy of allowing only those to be part of elections and power who suite their interest on the other. The objective is clear to everyone in the Muslim world: the US and its allies want to install new strongmen for serving their interest, but this time under the label of democracy.


When Peace Is The Enemy: Ten Deadly Enemies of Humanity in America

by Dr. Charles Mercieca

They are all linked to wars and they all view peace as their outright enemy since peace would eventually render their product obsolete.


Six leaked documents from Downing Street

Hurry! Copy and save to your hard drive

June 9, 2005


ZIP file of 6 leaked documents from Downing Street.

Copy and save to your hard drive.


Informant: Charles Shaw

From ufpj-news


Moving America Forward


Campaign for America's Future | http://www.ourfuture.org

Last week, thousands of patriotic Americans gathered in Washington DC to discuss our progressive movement's vision for a stronger America, and to outline the concrete steps we can take together to build it. The crowd was electric, the speeches were inspirational, and many - like us - left with a renewed sense of the power we have collectively to transform our country.

Most of the major speeches, behind the scenes footage and radio interviews from Take Back America 2005 are now available online. We hope you'll take a look.


At the end of Take Back America 2005, Bill Moyers reminded us that "what matters isn't what is said in Washington, but what you do across the country to carry on this movement for social and economic justice." With that conviction, we reach out now - to solicit your thoughts on how we can best work together to translate our progressive vision for America into reality.

We want to hear from you. What are your priorities? Where do you think progressives can and should be doing more? What kinds of actions will you take to help transform America? Share your thoughts and help shape the direction of our shared Campaign for America's Future.


Our movement is of, by and for the people and it's your ideas and energy that will carry us forward. We look forward to your thoughts and to continuing our work together to take our country back.


Thank you once again for all that you do.


Roger Hickey & Robert Borosage, Co-Directors
Campaign for America's Future

Wer nicht kuscht, wird getasert

Nichttödliche Waffen wie Elektroschockpistolen senken die Schwelle zur Gewaltanwendung, wie ein Fall in Florida zeigt, über den es ein Video gibt.


Schlampen, Manipulieren, Fälschen

Über die mangelnde Ehrlichkeit der Forscher


Keine Bewegung in der Klimapolitik

US-Präsident Bush lässt Tony Blair, der neben der Hilfe für Afrika mit dem Klimaschutz punkten wollte, im Vorfeld des G8-Gipfels abblitzen.


Brown Confirmation a Shameful Day in the Senate

We Must Act to Prevent Another One

Sierra Club Denounces Senate Confirmation of Justice Brown; Urges Defeat of Pryor http://www.commondreams.org/news2005/0609-20.htm

Something Rotten in Ohio: The US of Amnesia


Major Political Scandal Unfolding in Ohio: Illegalities put presidential election in question


Annan: Illegal Detentions in Iraq by US Pose Great Challenge


Walschutz: WWF-Studie ermittelt die am stärksten durch Beifang bedrohten Kleinwale


Jedes Jahr verenden mehr als 300.000 Delfine, Tümmler und Wale ungewollt in Fischernetzen - weit mehr Tiere als den Harpunen der Walfänger zum Opfer fallen. Nach Einschätzung des WWF ist der so genannte Beifang inzwischen die größte Bedrohung für die Meeressäuger. Viele Kleinwalarten sind dadurch vom Aussterben bedroht, zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine jetzt vorgelegte WWF Studie. Besonders betroffen sind der Kalifornische Hafenschweinswal, der Schweinswal in der Ostsee und die asiatischen Flussdelfine im Mekong, Ganges oder Yangtse Fluss.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Krieg für Menschenrechte nicht ausgeschlossen: EU Parlamentarier wendet sich gegen Präventivkriege auch mit UN-Mandat


Die heutige Entschließung des EU-Parlaments über UN-Reformen (Entschließungsantrag Laschet, B6‑0328/2005) befürwortet besorgniserregende Fehlentwicklungen auf der Ebene der Vereinten Nationen, stellt das Mitglied des EU-Parlaments, Tobias Pflüger, fest. So fordere die Resolution z.B., dass die Möglichkeit zu so genannten militärischen "humanitären Interventionen" in das Völkerrecht eingeführt wird. Am gravierendsten sei jedoch, dass in der Resolution die Tür für die Mandatierung von Präventivkriegen durch den UN-Sicherheitsrat geöffnet wird.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Americans are waking up to the truth about Iraq


Climate: No Doubt about the Need for Action



RESIDENTS have reacted angrily to plans for a mobile phone mast in the heart of their Chester community.

Phone company Vodafone wants to install a 12-metre mast and equipment box at the junction of Victoria Road with Victoria Crescent, which is next to Chester Business School.

But people living in and around the area say they are concerned about the health implications of the base station, as it is officially called, and also the impact it would have on the area, which is under a conservation order.

Vodafone staff are in a pre-consultation period with residents about the plans, but it looks certain the phone company will be receiving only objections.

John Hughes, 70, who has lived in Victoria Court for five years, said: “I am very worried about the health effects of these masts. No-one has proved they are safe, and after reading reports that children who live near pylons are more likely to get leukaemia, you do start to wonder.

“Because we have a college here, there are a lot of young people walking about. And they would have to pass that pole every day. I am very worried for their health. I cannot think of a more unsuitable place for it.”

L. G. Bennion, 71, of Victoria Crescent , said: “I have already written to Vodafone about my displeasure. If it was built I would be able to see it from my garden. It is not going to be very nice to look at.

“This is a conservation area. I find it extremely difficult to get planning permission for things I want to do on the house, so it would be very upsetting if Vodafone could put a mast up here without any trouble.”

College Ward Labour Cllr Sandra Rudd, deputy chairman of the city council’s planning board, echoed the residents’ comments. “I personally feel it’s too close to homes and would be inappropriate in a conservation area,” she said.

“I’ve asked that Vodafone look at other sites or link up with the Microconnect system which is used successfully in the city centre by BT and is designed to be shared by mobile phone operators."

But Jane Frapwell, electromagnetic field adviser for Vodafone, said: “The Microconnect system is a complimentary device. It does not replace the need for base stations. We always try to be sympathetic to the areas we plan to put our stations in. If it is an area of outstanding beauty, we try to make sure the visual impact is lessened. But people need base stations to use their mobile phones.”

Campaigner lobbys EU over masts

by Lyndsay Young, Formby Times

Jun 9 2005

A LEADING campaigner is lobbying the European Parliament for new research into phone masts.

Formby protester Eileen O'Connor discussed independent research funding with European director generals in Brussels.

Professor Olle Johansson from Sweden and Dr Gerd Oberfeld from Salzburg, who would head the research, believe they can prove masts are dangerous.

As Salzburg 's government director, Dr Oberfeld secured the lowest radiation levels in the world.

His controlled experiment found people were effected when situated 18 metres from masts. He now aims to discover long-term effects such as cancer.

Eileen O'Connor founded anti-mast pressure group Radiation Research Trust after recovering form cancer three years ago.

She said: "He proved without a doubt that it caused severe disruptions to the brainwaves and they all got symptoms such as headaches, nausea and sickness."

Dr Johansson has spent 30 years studying "non ionising radiation", succeeding in reducing high level radiation transmitted from early computer screens.

Eileen is now in talks with John F. Ryan, Luxembourg 's director general for health and consumer protection, about possible funding.

Anger at mast plan near two schools

by Sharon McHendry

FERNHILL residents are outraged at a proposal to site a mobile phone mast near to Cathkin Primary and Fernhill private school.

One concerned resident, who does not want to be identified, said that the plan had angered many in the community, especially as the mast would be so close to schools.

At this stage South Lanarkshire Council has received a pre-planning application from the T-Mobile group which only intimates an interest in the site.

However, if T-Mobile choose to take their plans further and they are approved then the mast would go up on Burnside Road not far from Cathkin Primary School, Fernhill School, and a new housing development.

Norman Boyd, chair of Rutherglen Community Council, said that they were firmly opposed to plans for more masts.

He said: “The community council’s view is that far too many of these masts are going up. We are doubtful about the radiation factors but we cannot object on these grounds.

“There’s a rule in it somewhere that we can’t object on health and radiation grounds. The only objection that we could have is that it’s near a school or old folks’ home.

“We are not scared that one mast does damage but of the number of masts that are going up around Rutherglen.”

A spokesperson for South Lanarkshire Council confirmed that they had received paperwork from T-Mobile.

The spokesperson said: “A pre-application notification from agents acting on behalf of T-Mobile has been received for a mast on Burnside Road. This is common practice and alerts local authorities to areas where telecommunications companies are considering applying for planning permission.

“Should the company decide to proceed we would expect to receive a full planning application in due course.”

Mast do better!

by Kenny Smith


CAMBUSLANG residents are opposing a plan to erect a new mobile phone mast - which will be hidden inside a bowling club’s flagpole.

Houses in Grenville and Stewarton Drives, beside Kirkhill Bowling Club, have been leafleted over the past few days informing them of T Mobile’s plans for the area.

Already, a petition against the mast has been handed to the bowling club, with about 100 signatures gathered in a very short time.

Protestors have also written to Members of the Scottish Parliament, as well as local MP Tommy McAvoy, and intend to e-mail councillors on South Lanarkshire Council’s planning committee before they meet to decide on the issue next month.

A concerned Stewarton Drive resident said: “Because of an application to build a 3G mobile phone mast within 50 metres of my home, I sought support from my neighbours to oppose the installation.

“These neighbours also live dangerously close to the mast. I was amazed at the universal fear and concern expressed on the health risks.

“I gained almost 100 signatures in a very short time.

“The latest National Radiological Protection Board report acknowledges that more research is required and that there is growing evidence of biological effects from the rays emitted by these masts.

“The new 3G masts have been linked to negative effects on brain function. The report acknowledges that a minority of the general population may be ‘hypersensitive’ to the energy beams from the masts.”

The protestor pointed to quotes from Michael Clarke, radiation expert at the Health Protection Agency (NRPB).

Mr Clarke said: "We feel we should discourage prolonged use of mobile phones. Our view is that it is sensible to take a precautionary approach to mobile use, especially in the very young.”

The Stewarton Drive resident continued: “The Government recommends children less than eight should use mobile phones only for emergencies.

“The mast, which is at a similar height to the bedrooms of the surrounding houses, will expose the occupants to beams 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I estimate that 50 per cent of those living within 100 metres of the mast have children of pre-school or primary school age - the age group that NRPB state are most at risk.

“T Mobile cannot tell me what other sites they have assessed before selecting this site in the middle of a residential area.

“There are alternative sites more remote from houses where the mast could be placed but they probably incur extra expense for T Mobile.”

To examine peoples’ concerns about mobile phone masts, the Government set up the Stewart Committee which reported in 2000.

The protestor continued: “This proposed mast does not have to be built, the risks, however small, do not have to be introduced to this residential area.

“As the Stewart Committee suggested, a precautionary approach should be adopted. We would suggest that prudent avoidance would be a better approach in our residential area.

“The health and well being of those who play at Kirkhill Bowling Club will also be put at risk, as they also will be subjected to the energy beams from the proposed mast.

“High-spirited youths have been known to trespass on the bowling green and it is believed that they flew underwear on the flagpole.

“A proper fence will be required round the flagpole to prevent youths shinning up the flagpole and getting fried.

“The field behind Grenville Drive or the pathway across the field at the top of West Coats Road seem more appropriate locations.“

Anyone looking for more information on the protests should e-mail mash_the_mast@yahoo.co.uk.

Call from phone mast protesters

Jun 9 2005

ANGRY parents fighting to stop a phone mast being erected next to a primary school are calling on all residents to write to North Ayrshire Council and object to the plans.

The campaigning residents have formed a group, SAYNO2O2 and want to stop the 15 metre high 3G mast being put on ground along from Lawthorn Primary School.

They have already written to every parent of children at the school asking for support and now want Irvine Herald readers to sign up and write to the council’s planning team.

They have mounted a letter on a website for residents to print off: http://hometown.aol.co.uk/sayno2o2.

Comments on SIDS /EMF

from Lachlan Mudge

Easter Island Tells Tale of Environmental Suicide


Downing Street Memo a Growing Problem for Bush




Two weeks before Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for governor, the Bush administration offered to pay a Florida developer three times the value of his Everglades swampland.


Our Newest Proconsul

by Robert Dreyfuss, TomPaine.com

The choice of Iraq's new ambassador shows just how detached from reality the White House -- and the Democrats -- are.



Tamworth Herald


10:30 - 09 June 2005

Legal experts have been called in to investigate whether the mobile phone mast at St Edward's RC Primary School in Coleshill can be pulled down in light of concerns over safety.

Warwickshire LEA bosses have ordered the authority's solicitor to begin an urgent investigation into the deeds of the land on which the mast stands, which was sold to British Telecom by the council 11 years ago.

News of the action was announced on the day mast protestors delivered an informal health survey to the school which appears to show that 98 per cent of pupils are suffering from health problems including headaches, nausea, itchy eyes, tiredness or nosebleeds.

County education officer Eric Wood said: "We are concerned at the issues being raised, in particular legal aspects to do with the use of the land on which the mobile phone mast is situated.

"We are asking the county solicitor to investigate as a matter of urgency because the legal and health and safety concerns of the parents must be treated seriously and dealt with as promptly as possible."

The survey, carried out with parents of 200 children at the school, was not sanctioned by Warwickshire County Council, although it is believed no objections were raised to it being circulated to parents.

But the findings have been seen by headteacher, Gillian Owen, who issued a statement to the Herald saying she shares the concern of the parents and supports them in their campaign to have the mast removed.

"They are leading this effort allowing me to concentrate on the busy day-to-day task of running a successful school. "I look forward to hearing of the developments but am not taking an active part in the group that is looking at this serious issue," she said.

The survey was prepared by mast protestors Jackie Slater and Geraldine Canavan with advice from physicist Dr John Walker - who worked with action group SCRAM in their successful fight against the Wishaw mast.

Scientist Anne Silk, who learned of the survey results in a meeting on May 27, is now presenting the findings to a meeting of the World Health Organisation in Geneva on June 15, to call for a national effort to study the health of every child whose school is close to a phone mast.

Mast protest

Shoreham Today

RESIDENTS are ready to go into battle to stop a mobile phone mast being put up outside their homes in north Shoreham.

T-Mobile wants to build an 11.7-metre 3G mast and transmitter on a small plot of land on the east side of Downsway, at the junction of Upper Shoreham Road .

Rod Hotton, of Downsway, who is leading the anti-mast campaign, said: "This is a case of profit before people.

"The proposed mast would be too close to properties and to one of the main routes for children attending local schools, Buckingham Middle and Shoreham First.

"Children and the elderly are believed to be especially vulnerable to the effects of such transmissions.

"From my house opposite, it will be taller than a lamppost and totally obtrusive."

Mr Hotton has already put up posters and notices, objecting to the mast, in Downsway since he found out about the plans on Friday.

He received a notice through his door from Adur District Council about the application and has since been galvanising his neighbours and residents into action.

Mr Hotton said: "According to current regulations, these mobile phones companies don't need planning permission to put up masts which are under 15 metres.

"But this is not a suitable site. There are other areas in north Shoreham where it could go.

"We are urging everyone in the area to object to Adur council, but we have only three weeks to do it, so the clock is running."

A public meeting was being held at Mr Hotton's home last night to put together a campaign to fight the plans.

An Adur council spokeswoman said the application was due to go before Adur's planning committee on July 4.

09 June 2005


This is Bristol


11:00 - 09 June 2005

Bristol Zoo has unveiled plans to allow a mobile phone mast to be installed in its grounds. Bradley Stoke-based mobile firm Orange wants to put the transmitter on top of a building near the zoo's reptile house, near the Northcote Road entrance.

The zoo says it will consider comments from neighbours before making a final decision.

But some visitors the Evening Post spoke to about the plans questioned the zoo's suitability as a site for a mast. Despite assurance from the industry that the masts are safe, doubts remain over their potential health effects.

Preliminary drawings posted outside the zoo show that the transmitter would be located on top of a building not used to house animals, behind cladding to minimise the visual impact the tall structure may have. Zoo spokeswoman Heather Holve, said: "We can confirm that we have been contacted by Orange about putting a mobile phone transmitter within our walls.

"We have sent out letters to all the local residents and have posted copies of the plans outside the zoo.

"Things are still at a very early stage at the moment, and depending on the views and opinions of local people the zoo will consider renting space to Orange ."

Orange spokesman, Richard Bryman, said: "In an arrangement with the zoo, a full planning application will be submitted to Bristol city council's planning department in the near future.

"The transmitter site has been proposed because Orange has identified a weakness in the local network coverage.

"The proposed site will increase coverage within the zoo and the surrounding areas. All calls made on mobile phones are routed through transmitters, which are designed to be very low powered and have a very short range.

"If they are too far away from where people live and work then they are of little use."

When the Post spoke to visitors at the zoo, Sarah Ubhi, a 34-year-old mother of two from St Andrews, said: "I would protest about it if it came down to it, as I don't think it is suitable, especially when there are children around.

"There are also the animals to consider - we don't know how it would harm them having to live there the whole time."

Catherine Wilson, aged 28, from Bishopston, said she might reconsider her zoo membership if the plans go ahead.

She said: "The zoo is a lovely place to visit, and this would not be good for the environment.

"If there is any potential risk then it should be avoided especially as there are children and young families involved.

"When the decision is made I will have to think about whether to renew my membership."


Before I posted this story, I wrote a letter to the local paper in Bristol urging all animal lovers to protest and fight the planning application. I just hope they print it. I have also emailed the zoo.


In a message dated 09/06/2005 17:52:15 GMT Standard Time, Mastsanity.org writes:

Can I encourage each and everyone of us to send a quick email to Bristol Zoo advising them of the dangers of allowing Orange to erect a mobile phone mast within the Zoo's grounds.

I have sent one this evening and reference adverse effects in animals as shown by Prof Semm and Dr Alfonso Balmori Martinez.

Their email address is groups@bristolzoo.org.uk and information@bristolzoo.org.uk .




Thanks for providing the email addresses for Bristol Zoo, I have sent the following message to them.

Best wishes

Dear Bristol Zoo

I was shocked to read that you are considering allowing a phone mast on your premises. Please do not allow any phone masts in or near your zoo - for the sake of the animals and the visitors health and safety.

The reports below are just a tiny sample of the mounting evidence of adverse health problems related to mast and phone emissions. It is so important to provide sanctuaries that are free from radiation emissions in this increasingly polluted world.

Please do not alienate those of us who are electrosensitive and those who wear hearing aids and other sensitive medical aids which are known to be affected by masts.

Animals may be even more sensitive than humans to pulsing microwave radiation emissions, please do not risk their health.

Jane Lee

Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

Reports by Nic Fleming, Health Correspondent

(Filed: 24/01/2005)

Scientists and health advisers are taking the claims of people who say electricity makes them ill seriously for the first time.

The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) is carrying out a review of existing scientific studies into "electromagnetic hypersensitivity" (EHS).

Brian Stein suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Click here for his story:

Two studies into the condition, funded with £750,000 from the Department of Health and the telecommunications industry, are already under way.

Sir William Stewart, the government's adviser on radiation, has called for more research into the issue.

Some researchers believe a proportion of the population suffers ill health, with symptoms including fatigue, severe headaches and skin problems, because of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
Other scientists say there is no evidence.

The Swedish government, which recognised EHS as a physical impairment in 2000, calculates that 3.1 per cent of its population – 200,000 people – suffer from the condition. A recent warning by Sir William, head of the NRPB and the Health Protection Agency, that parents should limit their children's use of mobile phones received widespread publicity.

However, his suggestion that another section of the population, as well as the young, could have extra sensitivity to exposure to either radio frequency fields from mobiles or electromagnetic fields in general did not.

The NRPB has commissioned Dr Neil Irvine, of the Health Protection Agency, to carry out a review of existing scientific literature on EHS.

His report, focusing on symptoms, prognosis and treatment, will be published in the summer.

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research programme, funded by the Government and the telecommunications industry, is spending £8.6 million on 29 studies, two of which will investigate EHS.

A team at King's College, London, is looking at whether mobile phones cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea and fatigue in those who claim to be hypersensitive and those who do not.

Researchers at the University of Essex are exposing two groups of volunteers to signals from a mobile mast to test if cognitive functions such as attention span and memory are affected. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;sessionid=E0CMT53CZW1TXQFIQMFSM5OAVCBQ0JVC?xml=/news/2004/12/13/nmast13.xml
Half will be people who say they suffer EHS.

Dr David Dowson, a former GP who is now a complementary medicine specialist based in Bath, said he had seen around 10 patients he believed to be suffering from EHS. "I think the condition is increasing in prevalence, because we are living in a more electrically polluted environment."

Olle Johansson, associate professor of neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, has been studying EHS for 20 years.

He has shown in experiments that there is an increase in the number of mast cells near the surface of skin when exposed to electromagnetic fields, a similar reaction to that when it is exposed to radioactive material.

He said: "If you put a radio near a source of EMFs you will get interference. The human brain has an electric field so if you put sources of EMFs nearby, it is not surprising that you get interference, interaction with systems and damage to cells and molecules.''

Others say the condition is in the mind.

13 December 2004: Volunteers tested on phone mast 'dangers'

7 April 2004[Connected]: Radiation rules made stricter 'as precaution'

© Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2005

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;sessionid=E0CMT53CZW1TXQFIQMFSM5OAVCBQ0JVC?xml=/news/2005/01/24/nelec24.xml

Informant: Sarah Benson


Researches Find Mobile Phones Can 'Excite' Antigens

From Judy Tidwell

If you have noticed an increase in skin rashes or allergic reactions to dust mites and pollen, your cell phone may be to blame. In what researchers called surprising results, a study indicates radiation emitted by mobile phones may increase allergic reactions.

Dr. Hajime Kimata from Unitika Hospital, Kyoto, Japan believes microwaves emitted by mobile handsets can 'excite' antigens - substances which cause allergic reactions - in the bloodstreams of people who already suffer from allergies.

Dr. Kimata tested 52 people who had a history of allergies. They all watched a one-hour video -- half of them while talking on their mobile phones and the other half with their phones turned off.

"When we did blood tests we found that the mobile phones had raised the levels of certain chemicals in the blood which provoke allergic reactions such as eczema, hay fever and asthma," Kimata said. "We were surprised but we carried out a properly controlled study. One group of patients had their phones turned on and receiving for an hour while they watched a video. The second group watched the same video while having their phones turned off so they couldn't receive calls. There was a significant increase in allergy levels which seemed to be linked to the use of mobile phones."

Further testing indicated that the group using mobile phones also had greater skin reactions when exposed to house dust mites or pollen from cedar trees.

Previous testing of mobile phones has resulted in contradictory claims concerning their affect on the health of their users. In a British study two years ago, researchers could find no evidence that mobile phones cause any risks to health, but recommended caution in using handsets, especially for children.

Earlier this year, researchers in Sweden claimed that mobile phones could damage key brain cells and trigger the early onset of Alzheimer's disease. Radiation from mobile phone handsets appeared to damage areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement in laboratory rats.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger



A response from Bristol Zoo

Dear Mr Kearney

Thank you for your email with attached papers. I will forward these to the relevant Zoo staff involved in this proposal.

Just to clarify. We have been approached by agents for Orange to provide space for a mobile phone transmitter site. The agents are currently conducting a pre-planning consultation period and have alerted the Zoo’s neighbours to this proposal. During this period any comments or enquiries about this proposal should be directed to:

Sue Hammett
Council and Community Liaison Officer (Orange)
4520 Aquarius
Solihull Parkway
Birmingham Business Park
B37 7YN


Heather Holve
PR and Marketing Manager
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Dir. 0117 974 7308

Bristol Zoo Gardens maintains and defends biodiversity through breeding endangered species, conserving threatened species and habitats and promoting a wider understanding of the natural world.

-----Original Message-----
From: Receptionist
Sent: 10 June 2005 10:37
To: Jo Gipps
Cc: Heather Holve
Subject: FW: FAO Director General and Heather Hoave
Importance: High

-----Original Message-----
From: stephen
Sent: 09 June 2005 18:20
To: information@bristolzoo.org.uk; Groups
Subject: FAO Director General and Heather Hoave
Importance: High

Dear Sir/Madam

I write to express my overwhelming concern in relation to an article appearing within the Evening Post concerning proposals to erect a mobile phone mast within the grounds of Bristol Zoo. Can I strongly suggest that in order to ensure that as an organisation concerned with the health and well being of animals and in particular those animals within your care that you only agree to such a course of action once you are in full possession of all relevant facts.

I suggest that the provision of factual and unbiased information by mobile phone operators such as Orange is unlikely and remind you of the multi million pound annual turnover of these companies who rely on persuading land owners such as you to accept their base stations with typical tie in contracts for ten years.

Using the analogy that once ink has been put to paper the buck rests with you, can I ask if you are aware of the research papers written by acclaimed scientists that SHOW DIRECT ADVERSE EFFECTS IN ANIMALS FROM PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION AS EMITTED BY MOBILE PHONE BASE STATIONS.

Early studies of adverse effects in animals include Löscher & Käs (1998), which recorded recorded reduced milk yields, emaciation, spontaneous abortions, abnormal behaviour patterns, conjunctivitis, heart failure and stillbirths in cattle when kept close to a base station. When cattle were moved away from the base station their condition and milk yields improved. The severe symptoms reappeared when the cattle were moved back to their original field beside the base station. The symptoms only appeared when microwave transmitters were added to an existing television transmitter. Löscher and Käs also report the profound affects experienced by the farmer and his family since the microwave transmitters were installed. Löscher postulates that the effects are connected to changes in melatonin levels. Abelin (1999) looked at adult sheep disturbance with RF exposure at Schwarzenburg, Switzerland. Alpeter et al (1995) tested bovine salitary melatonin at the same location. Turning the transmitter off revealed significant rises in bovine melatonin and human sleep quality. The biological effect of proximity to a base station is reinforced by a study of fecindicity in mice near an ‘antenna park’ Magras and Xenos (1997) which states ‘RF power densities between 168 nW/cm2 were measured. Twelve pairs of mice divided in two groups, were placed in locations of different power densities and were repeatedly mated five times. One hundred eighteen newborns were collected. They were measured, weighed and examined macro and microscopically. A progressive decrease in the number of newborns per dam was observed which ended in irreversible infertility’.

Whilst aware that in 2002 English Nature commissioned a review of this subject, additional research papers have been written after this date and include studies by Professor Semm in August 2002, who was previously employed by Deutsche Telecom and Dr Alfonso Balmori Martinez whose papers include ‘The effects of Microwaves on the trees and other plants’, recently published in the peer reviewed journal ‘Ecosistemas’ (Spain) and ‘The effects of microwave radiation on the wildlife’ which includes for research carried out in the United Kingdom., published in March 2004, December 2003 and February 2003. English Nature accepting the limitations of the original study have in December 2004 asked the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology to examine the additional reports of adverse effects.

I can also advise that DEFRA in their letter to me dated 10/09/04 agree 'there are some areas of uncertainty that might warrant some further consideration and discussion with the industry' and p rovide the following transcript taken from a letter to me dated 14/07/04 from the Director General of the RSPCA Jackie Bollard

‘I am copying this letter to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (the government department that responded to the Stewart Report) as an official register of our concern on the matter . This issue is not one with which the RSPCA has had much previous dealings but the Society would certainly be concerned by any evidence showing that animals might be suffering as a result of these masts (for example through impaired neurological functioning, increased abnormal behaviour, adverse effects on reproductive ability and success or reduced quality or length of life). I do acknowledge your concern and also importantly note that the Stewart Report made very little mention of any potential impact of these masts on the health or welfare of farm or wild animals living nearby, choosing to focus nearly exclusively on the perceived or potential consequences on human safety. As the use of mobile phones and the associated erection of telecommunications masts on such a large scale has only been a relatively recent phenomenon, it is true that any long-term effects on people or animals may be difficult to assess or estimate. For this reason and because much of the research undertaken seems to lead to inconclusive findings, an impact on animal health and well being may no be beyond the realms of possibility. As such, this is a matter of concern and I would agree that the issue requires further examination'.

I have also taken the liberty of attaching some of these and suggest these warrant your EARLY READING. I can also upon request put you in direct contact with the Authors of these papers.

I would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this email to prevent me troubling you further.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Kearney


Re the animals, why does this appear to be a matter for Orange at all? Are they going to consult with the hippos? Surely it is simply a matter for the zoo. Neighbours are a separate matter, but I would have thought the zoo would have more concern for its own residents.



Further info on the Bristol Zoo mast proposal. Sandi's objection letter was published in the Bristol Evening Post yesterday (mine was published on Monday). I also had an objection letter published in the Western Daily Press yesterday. For some reason these letters have not appeared in the mast "News Now" stories.

John Elliott


Probably because they are letters or the system picks it up as an animal story! It just goes to show that no technology can replace human workers effectively!



FYI I sent this off on 11th June. I have just received a reply. Don't know how to get it on to this email, so will have to do another one now. It's another good result! Best Jen

Dear Ms Holve,

I write with regard to the proposed Orange mast at Bristol Zoo.

It would appear from emails on the Mast Sanity list that the Zoo is a most worthy and dedicated organisation with ethical and humane priorities concerning the animals in its care. I quote, "Bristol Zoo Gardens maintains and defends biodiversity through breeding endangered species, conserving threatened species and habitats and promoting a wider understanding of the natural world."

There is now a huge raft of scientific evidence worldwide, proving long term harm to humans and animals from electro-magnetic radiation (mobile phone masts) at levels far below the so-called ICNIRP 'safety' guidelines. These guidelines were not arrived at by doctors, epidemiologists or scientists, but by technicians who were calculating the immediate heating (thermal) effects of the radiation. By their own admission, the guidelines cannot claim to protect against long term exposure, which is now known to have serious biological risks, including damage to DNA that can be passed on through future generations. As a Zoo wishing to protect and breed endangered species, the proximity of a mast could have untold repurcussions.

The Operator (Orange) will not disclose this information. Indeed, no Telecom Operators are willing to admit the dangers, and go out of their way to mislead and misinform people with whom they wish to do business ie prospective landlords. Their line is always - "We operate well below the safety guidelines, so there is no need for concern."

You should also be aware that permitting one Operator will almost definitely force you into accepting more, because of the Government Planning Policy of mast and site sharing. Whatever they tell you, once you have signed the contract you will effectively have no say or control over the development either in upgrading or on the number of dishes, side lobes etc.

If the health, safety and well-being of the animals in your care is important to you, I beg you to turn down whatever tempting financial offer Orange may have made to you. Some things are beyond price - and the integrity and success of the vital work you do, should not be jeopardised by profit. Doubtless they will remind you of what useful things can be done with the money their mast will provide. It will be of little use, however, if your precious animals no longer thrive or survive. And please remember, the Operators are not serving your interests, they are serving their own. Against them, you will be powerless. If your animals, or your employees become ill, you will not be able to ask them to leave. A number of landlords have fallen into the trap of thinking that they can renegotiate their contract midway. In practice this is virtually impossible.

It is just as important to consider that your employees may be equally at risk, though human illness such as cancer and leukaemia may take longer to surface. As the controversy rages on this subject and the media coverage increases, there may at some point even be an impact on visitor numbers. For instance, as a parent, I would not allow my child to come into close proximity to a mast. This is why so many schools are now fighting against them, and why so many parents are now withdrawing their children from schools that have them on site.

Please, for all our sakes, because these animals are entrusted into your care, refuse Orange and other Operators who may approach you - and if you really want to help - make the reasons for your refusal known to the Press. You will have the gratitude, support and respect of us all.

Yours very sincerely,

Jennifer Godschall Johnson


Exeter Express and Echo


12:00 - 09 June 2005

Mobile phone mast emission metering equipment is to be struck off Exeter City Council's shopping list. The council's executive decided two years ago to set aside £25,000 to spend on hi-tech mast monitoring gear.

The decision to buy the equipment was made amid widespread public unease at the health impact of masts.

Public concern about the issue has been highlighted by the Echo's Shockwaves campaign, which is calling on the Government to fund more research into mast emissions.

But now the council's environmental health officials say they do not believe there is any real benefit to be gained from monitoring masts.

A report to the council's community scrutiny committee said the equipment would be used to monitor emissions that are established to be well within the safety limits.

At the meeting, Jayne Donovan, the council's head of environmental health services, said: "It is clear that if the council measured mast emissions the results would be very similar to levels monitored nationally.

"The emissions we would get would be likely to be below international guidelines.

"In my opinion, there would be very limited uses of the information and the results would not be able to provide any meaningful health protection tool.

"However, we will continue to keep abreast of research and other developments in the field."

The committee voted to recommend that the council's executive should support the move not to buy the monitoring equipment.

Conservative city councillor Norman Shiel, the deputy chairman of the committee, said: "I support this recommendation. It would be gesture politics to spend taxpayers' money on this monitoring equipment."

Anzeigen-Muster für Volksbegehren

An alle
Kreisverbände und unterstützenden Initiativen und Organisationen

Anzeigenmuster für Volksbegehren

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir haben im Aktionsleitfaden angekündigt, Ihnen Anzeigenmuster für das Volksbegehren zu schicken. Die Anzeigen "Nur noch bis 18. Juli" sollten während der Eintragungszeit in den örtlichen Tages- und Wochenzeitungen geschaltet werden. Sie können jedoch leider nicht vom Volksbegehren-Landesbüro bezahlt werden. Dafür reichen unsere Mittel nicht. Sie müßten also vor Ort Spenden sammeln, wenn Sie die Anzeigen schalten wollen. Die Schaltung wäre sehr sinnvoll, da viele Leute zwar registrieren, dass ein Volksbegehren läuft, dann aber doch überrascht sind, dass der letzte Tag schon vorbei ist. Deshalb versuchen wir mit den Anzeigen auf das bevorstehende Ende der Eintragungsfrist hinzuweisen. Im Anhang finden Sie:

1. die Textteil-Kleinanzeigen

Sie sollte auf der ersten Seite des Lokalteils im redaktionellen Teil geschaltet werden. Diese Plazierung ist zwar teurer als im Anzeigenteil, hat aber einen hohen Aufmerksamkeitswert. Bitte bestehen Sie bei der Schaltung ggf. darauf, dass die Anzeige auf der ersten Lokalseite oder an einer anderer Stelle, die Sie für richtig halten, gedruckt wird. Natürlich kann die Kleinanzeige aber auch kostengünstiger im Anzeigenteil geschaltet werden.

2. die Großanzeigen

Wir haben zwei Varianten der Großanzeigen: die kleinere ist für den Anzeigenteil bestimmt. Sie können in diese 6 Fotos örtlicher Volksbegehren-Unterstützer (am besten parteiübergreifend) mit Namensangabe einsetzen. Bei der größeren Variante können Sie zwölf Fotos einsetzen. Diese größere Variante erfüllt zugleich in vermutlich allen Tageszeitungen die Mindestgrößenvorgabe für "Eckfeldanzeigen". Eckfeldanzeigen sind in der Regel rechts unten (daher Eckfeld) im redaktionellen Teil. Bei der vorgegebenen Mindestgröße wird der Tarif dann deutlich günstiger als bei einer kleinen Textteilanzeige (s.o.) mitten im Text. Bitte lassen Sie sich wegen der Details vom Anzeigenverkäufer Ihrer Zeitung beraten.

Wenn Sie Fotos in die Großanzeigen setzen wollen, können Sie dies entweder von der örtlichen Zeitung machen lassen oder aber von unserer Agentur: Hans Amann, Tel. 0941/7816299. Kosten 6 Fotos: 10,- Euro; 12 Fotos: 20,- Euro; aber nur, wenn Sie die Fotos vollständig und als Datei abliefern. Für darüber hinausgehende Arbeiten (z.B. scans) entstehen Mehrkosten. Es bietet sich an, dass die Personen, die auf der Anzeige veröffentlicht werden, durch Spenden zur Finanzierung beitragen. Bitte lassen Sie sich vor dem Anzeigendruck auf jeden Fall einen Korrekturabzug schicken und erklären Sie von Anfang an, dass Sie einen wünschen!

3. Die Immobilien-Wertminderungsanzeige:

Am 11.5. war im Immobilenteil der SZ ein interessanter Bericht, in dem sich der Haus-, Wohnungs- und Grundbesitzerverband positiv über das Volksbegehren äußert. Dem Bericht zufolge stellen Immobilienexperten verstärkt Wertminderungen bei Immobilien fest, wenn ein Sendemast in der Nachbarschaft steht. Diese bislang von uns noch kaum bearbeitete Argumentationsschiene sollten wir verstärkt kommunizieren. Unter http://www.immobilien-wertminderung.de kommt man auf eine Unterseite unserer Volksbegehren-homepage, auf der auch der SZ-Artikel abrufbar ist. Diese neue Internetadresse wird mit der Kleinanzeige im Anhang beworben. Wenn Sie sie schalten wollen, empfehle ich im Anzeigenteil vorzugsweise den Immobilienteil, die Familienseite und die Seite mit ärztlichen Nachrichten.

Die Immobilienanzeige könnte ab jetzt geschaltet werden. Die Schaltung der anderen "Nur noch bis 18. Juli"-Anzeigen dagegen erst ab Start der Eintragungszeit.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Urban Mangold

PS: Noch ein wichtiger Hinweis - Wir haben Ihnen mit dem Aktionsleitfaden auch die "Stelzengeher-Tour" angekündigt: Stelzengeher überwinden eine symbolische 10-Prozent-Hürde in den Fußgängerzonen für ein Pressefoto. Leider müssen wir diese Ankündigung zurücknehmen. Die Honorare für die Stelzengeher können wir uns nicht mehr leisten. Die außergewöhnliche Menge an Bestellungen hat unseren Etat schon gesprengt. Wir müssen bei den Stelzengehern die Bremse ziehen. Wenn Sie aber vor Ort Leute kennen, die diese Aktion ehrenamtlich umsetzen, wäre das natürlich sehr gut.

Vergleich von Grenzwerten und Studien zu Gesundheitsschäden



Global warming is a 'clear and increasing threat'


Sen. Kennedy speaks out on Downing Street Memo



Privacy Rights Under Attack


The Vitamin Police Are Suiting Up


The ties that bind China, Russia and Iran

The military implementation of the George W Bush administration's unilateralist foreign policy is creating monumental changes in the world's geostrategic alliances. The most significant of these changes is the formation of a new triangle comprised of China, Iran and Russia.


Fluoride Chemicals Leach Lead Into Water Supplies


Informant: Scott Munson

Have upwards of 7000-9000 American GIs actually died in this war?

This very disturbing report has been circulating the last few days. I do not know if it is true, and there has been no official confirmation, but the implications are pretty staggering.

The contention is that of the roughly 1700 deaths that have been officially recognized, these have been soldiers who have fallen KIA on the field of battle. BUT.there is an additional claim that there have been another roughly 6,210 who have died on the way to or after arriving at the army hospitals in Germany. Official figures also do not include suicides, which we know is a grossly underreported (if not outright denied).

Below and here http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/5/18/115832/501 are some suggestions on how to try and verify this, or at the very least, if the DOD is in fact using creative accounting practices for casualty figures.

It seems prudent for the anti-war movement to speak up loudly about this, investigate, and find out if it is true. I have found that there is always some measure of truth in any of these allegations, and I see no reason whatsoever to trust the Government.


ICNIRP: A well packaged web of lies




Stratford Herald 8th June 2004

THE sanctity of Stratford Cemetery will be destroyed if plans for a mobile phone mast go ahead, it was claimed yesterday (Wednesday).

Campaigners trying to stop the 17-metre-high mast from being put on the chapel in the Evesham Road burial ground will stage a six-hour protest on Saturday.

Dozens of residents, some of whose relatives are buried at the cemetery, are expected to turn out.

Hutchinson 3G made the bid to install the mast there after their original plans to site it at the junction of Evesham Road and Halford Road withdrew the proposal in the face of local opposition which also won the support of Stratford MP John Maples.

Objections to siting the mast on the cemetery chapel were first raised at the annual town meeting in March when electors voted against it by 11 votes to eight with seven abstentions.


David, please note the differing information!



Stratford Herald

THE sanctity of Stratford Cemetery will be destroyed if plans for a mobile phone mast go ahead, it was claimed yesterday (Wednesday).

Campaigners trying to stop the 17-metre-high mast from being put on the chapel in the Evesham Road burial ground will stage a six-hour protest on Saturday.

Dozens of residents, some of whose relatives are buried at the cemetery, are expected to turn out.

Hutchinson 3G made the bid to install the mast there after their original plans to site it at the junction of Evesham Road and Halford Road withdrew the proposal in the face of local opposition which also won the support of Stratford MP John Maples.

Objections to siting the mast on the cemetery chapel were first raised at the annual town meeting in March when electors voted against it by 11 votes to eight with seven abstentions.

Vor G7-Finanzministertreffen fordern Attac und BLUE21 Schuldenstreichung und internationale Steuern

Attac Deutschland / BLUE21
Berlin, 9. Juni 2005

* Vor G7-Finanzministertreffen fordern Attac und BLUE21 Schuldenstreichung und internationale Steuern /
Proteste beim G8-Gipfel in Schottland geplant

* "Eitles Getöse und blanker Zynismus"

Vor Beginn des G7-Finanzministertreffens, das am 10. und 11. Juni in London stattfindet, haben das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac und die Berliner Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Umwelt und Entwicklung (BLUE21) Vorwürfe gegen die Schuldenpolitik der G7-Staaten erhoben und eine umfassende Schuldenstreichung gefordert. Die G7 verweigerten den Ländern des Südens seit über 20 Jahren eine Entschuldung und verhinderten damit einen wirtschaftlichen Neuanfang der Schuldnerländer, sagte Philipp Hersel, Geschäftsführer von BLUE21. Die Folgen müssen Millionen Menschen mit Armut und Elend bezahlen. "Wenn sich die G7 heute als Wohltäter und Weltverbesserer inszenieren, dann ist das in Wahrheit nur eitles Getöse. Und es ist blanker Zynismus gegenüber den Opfern einer Weltordnung, die tagtäglich millionenfach Elend und Tod hervorbringt und zulässt. Damit muss endlich Schluss sein."

Statt erneut wolkige Ankündigungen zu verbreiten, müssten die G7-Finanzminister endlich konkrete Schritte für eine Entschuldung einleiten, forderte Markus Meinzer von der Attac-AG Finanzmärkte. Um nur das Minimalziel der "UN Millennium Deveolpment Goals" (MDG) zur erreichen, seien jährlich mindesten 50 Milliarden Dollar zusätzlich erforderlich. Dabei bleiben die MDG schon weit hinter früheren Beschlüssen zurück und setzen statt auf eine Eliminierung nur auf eine Halbierung der weltweiten Armut. Die von Tony Blair vorgeschlagene "Internationale Finanzfazilität" stelle zwar bis 2015 verlässliche Entwicklungshilfezahlungen sicher, verschiebe die Belastungen aber in die Zukunft. Sinnvoller sei es, auf internationale Steuern, etwa auf Kerosin und Devisentransaktionen zu setzen, sagte Meinzer: "Für globale Probleme brauchen wir globale Lösungen: Globale Steuern, die die Profiteure der Globalisierung belasten und die weltweite Gerechtigkeitslücke schließen helfen."

Um gegen die Politik der G8 zu protestieren, sind rund um das Gipfeltreffen in Schottland (6.-8. Juli 2005) diverse Aktionen geplant, an denen sich auch Attac beteiligt. "Die Anmaßung der G8 als Weltregierung und ihre konkrete Politik wollen wir nicht schweigend akzeptieren", sagte Christiane Metzner von der Attac-Campusgruppe Potsdam, die eine Busfahrt nach Schottland organisiert hat. Unter dem Motto "Make Poverty History" ist für den 2. Juli eine Großdemonstration in Edinburgh vorgesehen. Vom 30. Juni bis 8. Juli findet dort darüber hinaus eine internationale Gegenkonferenz zum G8-Gipfel statt. In den Highlands nahe dem Gipfelort Gleneagels ist zudem ein großes Protestcamp geplant.

Für Rückfragen:
* Philipp Hersel, Tel. (0179) 6727 351
* Markus Meinzer, Tel. (0179) 318 7326
* Christiane Metzner, Tel. (0177) 306 2126

Weitere Informationen:

* zur Schuldenkrise: http://www.attac.de/schuldenkrise und http://www.blue21.de

* zu internationalen Steuern: http://www.attac.de/finanzmaerkte

* zu Protesten in Schottland: http://www.g8alternatives.org.uk/

Malte Kreutzfeldt
Pressesprecher Attac Deutschland
Post: Münchener Str. 48, 60329 Frankfurt/M
Tel.: 069/900 281-42, Mail: presse@attac.de, Fax: 069/900 281-99

Iraq's other resistance: Oil workers in Basra are ready to fight privatisation

Faced with daily reports of car bombs and kidnappings, it's difficult to feel optimistic about Iraq. But last week in the south of the country I heard a very different story. A story of the movement that has formed to rebuild the country's economy and national pride, to create an Iraq with neither the tyranny of Saddam nor the pillage of military occupation.


If Pinochet is guilty, so is Bush


General Augusto Pinochet, approaching his 90th year, has survived many years of legal harassments resulting from alleged human rights violations during the period of the Chilean military government's war on terrorism. On the basis of a U.S. Senate staff report, Pinochet is now going to be investigated for stashing $13 million in U.S. banks. What is interesting about the Pinochet case is that everything the former president of Chile is accused of, George W. Bush and his cronies are guilty of. Indeed, why are Senate staff wasting their time on 30-year-old alleged crimes of an elderly Chilean when the president of the United States ought to be in the dock? The prosecutor's brief -- the Downing Street Memo -- is already written...


from Antiwar.Com, by Paul Craig Roberts -- Hat Tip to Sierra Times

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Jugendliche Rowdies filmen Prügelei

Winterthur - Vier Jugendliche aus Zug haben bei einem Ausflug nach Winterthur einen 15-Jährigen verprügelt, weil er ihnen keine Zigaretten geben konnte. Einer der Rowdies filmte die Tat mit seinem Handy.

Die vier 16- und 17-Jährigen hatten den Jüngeren nach Rauchbarem gefragt. Als der Velofahrer sagte, er habe nichts dabei, versetzten sie ihm kurzerhand mehrere Fausthiebe ins Gesicht. Der 15-Jährige stürzte vom Velo, konnte aber davonlaufen.

Einer der Täter hatte das Geschehen mit seinem Handy gefilmt. / Foto: fotos-direkt.de

Mütze und Brille, die er verloren hatte, steckten die vier Prügler ein, das Velo nahmen sie auch mit. Kurz darauf wurden sie festgenommen, wie die Winterthurer Stadtpolizei mitteilte. Sie gaben ihre Tat zu. Es hätte ihnen auch wenig gebracht, sie zu leugnen, hatte doch einer von ihnen das Geschehen mit seinem Handy gefilmt.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

A state run news service?


Public broadcasting is the latest front in the Republican majority's assault on the 'liberal' media. After years of trying to destroy public broadcasting from without, right-wing Republicans are now trying to do so from within, by planting aggressive conservatives on the board and staff. These people have no qualms about destroying the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's function as a 'heat shield' from governmental influence. Rather, they seem bent on turning public broadcasting into a heat source -- a censorship center. This may be the most effective tactic yet in the longstanding struggle to kill public broadcasting." [editor's note: It is significant that nobody from "this side of the aisle" was complaining when public TV and radio were essentially lapdogs for the incumbents. What goes around ... - SAT]


from In These Times, by Jerry Starr

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

On resistance

We are all conscripts in one sense or another. For all of us, it is hard to break ranks; to incur the disapproval, the censure, the violence of an offended majority with a different idea of loyalty. ... To fall out of step with one's tribe; to step beyond one's tribe into a world that is larger mentally but smaller numerically -- if alienation or dissidence is not your habitual or gratifying posture, this is a complex, difficult process. It is hard to defy the wisdom of the tribe: the wisdom that values the lives of members of the tribe above all others. It will always be unpopular -- it will always be deemed unpatriotic --- to say that the lives of the members of the other tribe are as valuable as one's own... (originally published 2003; re-posted 06/08/05)


from Mother Jones, by Susan Sontag

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The fundamentalist right


Fundamentalism of any kind is always dangerous on some level, much more so than mysticism can be. True mystics are the heavy hitters of the religious world, but more often than not they present a fragile, volatile psychology, and behave oddly at times. This is why mysticism is now called 'spirituality,' which is a much more user-friendly, accessible way of allowing for the same sort of thing, but staying under the radar. Mystics can scare people out of the pews. The Fundamentalists, along with the rest of the radical religious right in the United States, now constitute a major threat to the welfare and freedom of any person or organization that operates outside of their agenda, which by proxy is a fascist one. That includes anyone who is not them...


from SOLO HQ, by Richard D. Engle

Thomas L. Knapp

The Roosevelt mystique


Everybody -- including Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Newt Gingrich -- has lionized FDR to the point that all that's necessary to clinch an argument for X or Y is to postulate that Roosevelt would have wanted it. It's like discovering a new page from the Bible which speaks to, say, the budget deficit. Hence the batty disputes between various would-be oracles over whether the Great FDR Spirit supports add-on or carve-out private accounts for Social Security. In case you're wondering, the correct answer is: Who cares? The idea that there was this defined, ideologically and intellectually coherent thing called 'The New Deal' is nonsense, as almost any historian worth his salt will tell you. And it's even a little funny that liberals so uniformly admire FDR's 'legacy.' After all, the military-industrial complex and the marriage of big business and government are as central to that legacy as Social Security...


from National Review, by Jonah Goldberg

Thomas L. Knapp

Bush lied about the war? Nope, no news there!


Informant: Charles Bremer


At Tuesday's joint White House press briefing, Bush and Blair were finally asked about the memo in public, an event that the press dutifully chronicled. But the two leaders, not accepting follow-up questions, simply denied the accuracy of the memo's contents, while circumventing the central question of why Blair's most senior intelligence officer believed the White House had already decided on war in the summer of 2002. (Bush finished his response to the memo question with his well-worn catchphrase, 'The world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power.') The fact that it took five weeks for more than a handful of Washington reporters to focus on the memo highlights a striking disconnect between some news consumers and mainstream news producers. The memo story epitomizes a mainstream press corps that is genuinely afraid to ask tough questions and write tough stories about the Bush administration... [subscription or ad view required]


from Salon, by Eric Boehlert

Thomas L. Knapp

Internet utopia


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -- sorry, that's Sens. John McCain and Russ Feingold and Reps. Chris Shays and Marty Meehan, Congress' Dark Knights of Campaign-Finance Reform -- have a message for bloggers: They're not 'out to get them.' The scare quotes are theirs. In comments submitted to the Federal Election Commission last week, as the regulatory body seeks advice on how to apply the McCain-Feingold law to the Internet, the enemies of the First Amendment had to walk a fine line. On one side, the politicians in them wanted to genuflect to democracy, open debate and all the new citizen journalists who seem to wield so much influence these days. On the other side, however, the clean-government obsessive-compulsives in them knew that freedom's just another word for something new to regulate...


from TechCentralStation, by Ryan Sager

Thomas L. Knapp

The interrogation room


Interview: "A former sergeant describes sex techniques used on detainees -- and why we all should be ashamed. TAP talks to Erik Saar, author of Inside the Wire: A Military Intelligence Soldier's Eyewitness Account of Life at Guantanamo .... Erik Saar, a clean-cut, former Bible-college student dressed in a white shirt, looks like someone who's just left the Army and still kind of misses it. Saar, 30, speaks nostalgically about his days as a sergeant and Arabic linguist -- right up to the moment when he was sitting in an interrogation room at Guantanamo Bay and watched things go terribly wrong. Sitting in a Starbucks in Rosslyn, Virginia, Saar talks about female interrogators, thongs in a supervisor's office, and, of course, Newsweek's 'Periscope' item...


from The American Prospect, by Tara McKelvey

Thomas L. Knapp



In a post-Renaissance world of enlightenment thinking, the 'divine right of kings' explanation could no longer be counted upon by the political class to justify its rule. A new sales gimmick was required. On the surface, the democratic principle had an air of plausibility to it: if government was inevitable, better to have its policies and practices determined by the general public than by an elite of rulers. In such a way, it was imagined, bloody warfare could be reduced and individual liberty preserved, as people would be disinclined to foster their own destruction and enslavement. Only the foolish would accept this newfound rationale for state power as a virtue in itself. But, as Mencken also advised: 'No one in this world, so far as I know ... has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.' To the statists -- ancient or modern -- 'democracy' became but another useful concept with which to condition weak minds to accept political rule...


from LewRockwell.Com, by Butler Shaffer

Thomas L. Knapp

Britain condemned for flouting human rights


Britain's record on human rights has been condemned in a report that criticises the Government for using illiberal policies to tackle terrorism, asylum and antisocial behaviour.
Alvaro Gil-Robles, the Council of Europe's human rights commissioner, warned Britain that its regime for combating terrorism flouted the fundamental human right of the presumption of innocence.The report found the granting of control orders by ministers against terror suspects was 'inherently one-sided.' Suspects, it added, should be charged under the ordinary criminal justice system...


from Independent [UK]

Thomas L. Knapp

Most say Bush ignores issues important to them


A clear majority of Americans say President Bush is ignoring the public's concerns and instead has become distracted by issues that most people say they care little about, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. The survey found that 58 percent of those interviewed said Bush is mainly concentrating in his second term on problems and partisan squabbles that these respondents said were unimportant to them...


from Houston Chronicle

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

U.N. Training Iraqis in Jordan to Measure Radiation from Depleted Uranium



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