Anti-phone mast group fears pupils already sick


29 June 2005

MUSWELL Hill Against the Masts campaigners are to carry out a survey of children in the area to see if they are suffering from radiation sickness.

Campaign leaders, whose children go to schools and nurseries near the 3G mast in Grand Avenue, are concerned some of them are already showing signs of radiation sickness.

Sarah Purdey, a chartered accountant and mother-of-three who set up Muswell Hill Against the Masts, said: "Some of the children are showing signs of microwave sickness such as sleepless nights and heart palpitations."

Mrs Purdey claims her own son is showing symptoms.

Anti-mast campaigners are particularly concerned following an outbreak of ill health at a school in Warwickshire - which they blame on mobile phone masts sited nearby.

An informal health survey carried out there appears to show that 98 per cent of pupils are suffering from health problems, according to Muswell Hill Against the Masts.

The group is now planning to ask Muswell Hill parents to fill in a questionnaire about their children's health.

Mast Sanity, a national campaign group against mobile phone masts, is conducting a health survey across the country in an attempt to see how many people are affected by mast microwaves.

A spokeswoman for Vodafone said: "You have to remember that a radio base station is one of many sources of electro magnetic frequency (EMF) and that would include televisions, radio, communications by fire and police, communications by taxis and then there is a whole host of other devices like shop security systems.

"So to pick out on source of EMS in the environment would be quite complicated.

The consensus of scientific opinion is that within guideline levels there is no evidence of any adverse health effects and that is based on 17 years of research."

Omega there is strong evidence of adverse health effects. See under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

Yasmin Skeltz, a trustee at Mast Sanity who deals with health and safety issues, said: "Mast Sanity are trying to encourage people, if they feel ill health, to fill in a form so we get some idea of what is going on around the country.

"It's completely confidential but it will give us some indication of what is happening."



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