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May 17 2005

by David Greenwood, Daily Post

"There is an urgent need for the problem to be sorted out for the sake of local people. We have taken this matter seriously from the outset.

"As an authority, we are very supportive of local people and we are doing what we can within the bounds of the law.

"In the agreement with MM02, there is a clause that states the mast should not cause a nuisance to our neighbours. If it can be shown it is causing the interference, we would argue that MM02 were in breach and they would have to remove it.

"I went to a public meeting about the problem recently and I think most people accept we are acting responsibly.

"We are doing everything within our power to find a solution to this problem and the findings of the independent report will be shared with local people."

Last month, Holyhead Town Council called for the mast to be taken down. People living within several hundred yards of the police station had noticed a marked deterioration in television picture quality.

Wavy lines appeared on screens and even when they tried to video record a favourite programme they claimed the sound became distorted.

Homeowners within a quarter mile radius with traditional analogue service were affected and some called in engineers to try and solve the problem but without success.

A spokesman for MM02 Airwave insisted the Holyhead mast met stringent planning and radio airwave regulations.

The Home Office added: "Current police radio systems are obsolete and incompatible with each other. New digital technology will allow for more complete coverage of the country, clearer signals and extra features such as encryption and data as well as voice communication.

"Before Airwave was commissioned, independent experts reviewed all available technologies. Only Tetra was found to meet the requirements of the police service."


Informant: Sylvie


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