The mayor gets rid of all the antennas - First place in the world: No antennas and no phones anymore

What a price people have to pay before it happens.

From tomorrow's newspaper, please circulate widely !

How to look at the attached map:
blue: cellular antennas above 20 meters
yellow: pirate radio antennas
red: deceased - 83 people
green: cancer patients 105

Please circulate the below widely and wildly !

The mayor didn't ask the people what they thought about it, the mayor ended with the antennas for good, the cellular phones, and 3G will be for Daila's and Osafia's museum only.

The mayor ordered to remove antennas [all of them].

The fight against the cellular antennas becomes much stronger; the central cellular antennas farm in Dalia was dismantled this week, after the owner of the house on which it had been placed was warned by the mayor of legal proceedings against him by the municipality.

By Hadid Rashi

The antennas farm in Daliat il Carmel [together with Osafia, it is a new city called Carmel, the cancer map of Osafia is actually the map of cases from Dalia and Osafia] was dismantled this week after the owner of the house on which it had been placed, Suliman Basis, was called to the mayor's office, Dr. Akram Hason, who handed him over a legal order to dismantle the antennas farm on his roof. Basis is a known contractor in Daliat il Carmel, who works for the cellular companies, asks to stress that he received the permission to dismantle the site - from the cellular companies.

"After the meeting with the mayor, during which I was told in an unequivocal way that legal proceedings would be taken against me, I received the permission from the companies to dismantle the site, I performed the work by myself and with my responsibility, and I also wasn't interested in making the religion leaders angry at me and at my family".

The mayor, Dr. Akram Hason, who started dismantling the antennas in the two villages already 3 months ago, met two weeks ago with the representatives of the Christians and the Muslims, and they raised the idea of doing a religious excommunication on owners of houses in the villages on which cellular antennas are placed, and he claims that he is determined now more than ever to take the antennas away from Dalia and Osafia.

"I was sitting with the cellular companies, and I made it clear to them in an unequivocal way that I would not leave one cellular antenna in the villages area" Hason says.

"I called the owners of the houses on which the antennas farm or one antenna was placed, and I made it clear to them that at first stage I request to remove the antennas, and if within certain time they don't dismantle it, I will send the municipality people to remove the site and I will charge payment for this from the house owner."

Actually people from the village tell that instead of municipality people- the police goes to houses.

The population in Carmel is 25,000.

I think the cancer cases will not diminish so quickly. All the time more and more cases are found due to the history of exposure and latency period. Also in Zoran, if you remember their story - after the removal of Hillel station, still there are new cancer cases found all the time including children. The numbers are higher than I wrote back then.

Omega see under:

Cancer Patients from Zoran Area Sue the State and Bezeq for millions

Hillel station - a lesson in statistics

The cancer cases in Osafia are in an area of only two streets, one small street and one big street - where the antennas were.

The people got used quite quickly to be without reception/cell phones, they just accept it.

The first time I was there about 2 weeks ago. I spoke with the person who burnt the antennas, very nice person, he felt victim. He and his wife were living right in front of huge antennas, and his wife started bleeding in the brain. One side of her brain became paralyzed, she went through operation, now she is better. He said he can't prove it's from the antennas, but he sure thinks it is.

The way the mayor succeeded in doing this move to remove the antennas, was because of the work of his vice mayor, Suliman Abu Ruchen. Suliman didn't stop pushing this subject, he helped getting the medical files from people for the map. He went to check the permission documents for EVERY antenna in the city, and he found that the cellular companies used the operation permissions as constructions permissions, that means the Env. ministry gave them to irradiate but the municipality didn't give them permission to build the antennas at all, and they did. So, many antennas were not legal. When Suliman exposed what he had found to the companies, they were silent and surprised. Because they are doing it all over Israel, but this is the first time that someone caught it !!

Suliman said that he would have no problem burning them because they were not legal anyway ! The companies were silent in reaction.

Suliman said they were very very strict with the companies, they didn't let the companies express themselves too much, they just made it clear in a sharp way, and the companies didn't have much to do about it.

Yesterday I spoke with someone who lives in a village with cellular antennas in the middle of the village. Around the antennas, about 30 women got enlarged thyroid glands, some went through serious operations. The antennas are there for two years and the enlarged thyroid glands started two months ago. Only in women.

Usfie=Osfia: Usfie is the Druz name. The jews tend to "translate" it to something that sounds more like hebrew.

Iris Atzmon


Greetings to Usifie

I am very pleased, that action came now in the dismantling of the antennas in Usfie.

Dr. Horst Eger (Naila-Study)


Usfie (Osfia) Cancer Cluster

Increase in the number of cancer cases in Daliat il Carmel & Osafia

The Cellular Antennas are Killing Us

Osafia’s activity becomes stronger

Osafia residents will file a suit against the cellular companies

High court decision - 188 cancer cases


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