Breaking the Waves

The construction in the pictures was erected in the middle of the night, and it contains at least 9 antennas of the 3G, it's 7.8 meters. This was erected in the city Tel Aviv, 29.7.2004.

In front of this construction lives Moshe Mishan's daughter, and also his studio is there. He was terrified by what he calls [how not] "the monster". He went to the Env. Ministry. He was told that at the periodical check, everything had been fine.

But it turned out to be that the Env. Ministry representative was talking about another antenna on the same roof, a hidden antenna that Moshe hadn't even known about, until he received this answer. The other antenna had been on the roof Since 1999. (it's inside one of the white sun boilers).

The Env. Ministry agreed to measure the new monster, and it was within the standard, says the article from last weekend. The construction was erected in Yehuda Halevi street 141. Gil Olimper from Yehuda Halevi 100, says that "The installation is monstrous and inconsiderate. It may be harmless, but none can take the chance.

We won't allow to put cellular antennas on our roof." Mishan is furious: "they did the experiment on the residents in the neighbourhood. They prevented from me and from the residents in the neighbourhood the basic right to protect ourselves."

The green organization Adam Teva Vadin says that the Env. Ministry is a rubber signature for the cellular companies. Ben Halman, an environmentalist, says that "the cellular companies claim that the antennas are within the standard, but no one checks this claim, or can guarantee that the standard is based on more than assumptions. It reminds the story with the asbestos. They built classrooms with this stuff, and only after decades bothered to check its effect and found it was carcinogenic."

Meanwhile, the residents are getting ready for a fight. Rafi Eliasi from Yehuda Halevi street 100 organized with two lawyers and a group of residents, "the Fight against Cellular Antennas Staff". The new organization sent this week letters to Cellcom executive [the monster is the creation of Cellcom], the mayor of Tel Aviv, the city engineer and the city architect, and they spoke to the chairman of the Env. Quality Committee. They use the the claus in the law that says that the municipality has to minimize the damage to the urban view. Also, the new organization [actually this is the first formal organization in Israel in the subject of cellular antennas ! ] collected signatures, they wrote on signs: "13 antennas were installed on the same roof.

It's an amazing number that includes the frightening installation that will emit much bigger radiation waves than the current radiation. It is untolerable disrespect for the welfare and health of the residents of the neighbourhood. Meanwhile we are getting organized for an uncompromising fight for removing the threat from above our head."

The don't eliminate any means for their fight, they also suggested to make organized tours to the antennas site, to block roads, to launch an internet campaign. The Cellular Forum [the companies' PR firm] said that the antennas received all the permissions by the law. "It is important to understand, that if there are no antennas there is no reception.The measurements show that the radiation levels are minor compared to the strict standard. All the experts in the field agree, that in order to lower the transmission power, of both cellular phones and cellular antennas, it is necessary to reduce the distance between the antenna and the cell phone.

So, in contrast to the public concern, multitude of transmission sites and their locations near populated areas reduces the transmission power."

Tel Aviv Municipality: "The Environment Quality Ministry approves every activation of antenna in the country, and we have no authority to permit activation of cellular antenna, only to give construction permissions. Further, no municipality can publish the intention to erect antennas, so it will be possible to file objections. The municipality asks the cellular companies to treat the design of the antennas in order to minimize the damage to the urban view."

Dr. Stelian Galberg, head of radiation and noise dep., Env. Ministry: "Cellular antenna is recognized by the government as infrastructure, so antennas that their height is not more than 9 meters go through a shorter process with no objections. From the public health perspective, the authorized body is the Env. Ministry. The reports of the risk assesment and the periodical checks, are done by professionals. We do as much as we can not to be a rubber signature, and we see ourselves as a professional and an objective body. According to the best knowledge by now, exposure to the permitted radiation levels, that are especially strict in Israel, there is no danger for damage. However, we can't guarantee that there is no health danger in exposure."

Summery from "Breaking the Waves", Tamara Shreiber, "The City" [Tel Aviv newspaper] 26/8/2004 p. 26.

The pics were taken by Dr. Zamir Shalita.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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