Beim Thema Sendemast war von der Grünen-Fraktion nichts zu hören

"Wenn Dr. Kornelia KIMPFEL behauptet, dass wo Grün draufsteht, nicht mehr Grün drin ist, hat sie damit völlig recht. Schon beim Thema Sendemast, war von der Grünen-Fraktion nichts zu hören."


Norbert Gutheins
FDP Kleinmachnow


Center for Constitutional Rights Opposes Nomination of Alberto Gonzales to Attorney General Post

Group Cites Gonzales Memo Calling Geneva Conventions “Quaint” and “Obsolete”...


Spotlight on Enron's law firm :

Alberto Gonzales enjoys a reputation for covering George W. Bush's back. In 1996, for example, Gonzales, as Bush's general counsel, managed to get the then-Texas governor excused from jury duty, thus saving Bush from having to disclose a 1976 arrest for drunk driving.


From Information Clearing House


Alberto Gonzales: A Record of Injustice

Informant: Laurel

A Moveable Feast of Terrorism

The president is putting his own counsel, Alberto Gonzales, who wrote the famous memo defending torture, in charge of our civil liberties. Torture Guy, who blithely threw off 75 years of international law and set the stage for the grotesque abuses at Abu Ghraib and dubious detentions at Guantánamo...


The religious right is exerting its power

The 2004 election marks the rise of a quasi-clerical party for the first time in the United States. Ecclesiastical organisation has become the sinew and muscle of the Republican party, essential in George Bush's re-election.


From Information Clearing House

Our Vanished Values

This is the election in which American Christianity destroyed itself. Today the church is no longer a religion but a tacky political lobby...

Bush Win : 'Tragic'

UK: Minister: Bush Win 'Tragic':

A SENIOR Cabinet minister yesterday broke ranks and called President Bush's re-election "tragic". The outburst is hugely embarrassing for Tony Blair as he flies to Washington today.


From Information Clearing House

Old errors meant assault became inevitable

A city still packed with civilians has been subjected to a withering assault of US air strikes and artillery. Outside the Arab world, international criticism of the US attack on the city was unexpectedly muted.


From Information Clearing House

Rettende Insel im Strahlenmeer

Hier ein aktueller Artikel der Freien Presse zu dem Projekt "Funklochmühle":

Bitte helfen Sie mit, daß wir überall in Deutschland handyfreie Schutzgebiete bekommen, um den immer mehr werdenden Elektrosensiblen eine Möglichkeit zum Leben und Arbeiten zu geben.

Ulrich Weiner

Urge Congress to Strip Damaging Riders from Appropriations Bills


Armored tanks showed up at an anti-war protest

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 7:20 PM


LOS ANGELES, November 9, 2004 - At 7:50 PM armored tanks showed up at an anti-war protest in front of the federal building in Westwood.

The tanks circled the block twice, the second time parking themselves in the street and directly in front of the area where most of the protesters were gathered.

Enraged, some of the people attempted to block the tanks, but police quickly cleared the street.

The people continued to protest the presence of the tanks, but after about ten minutes the tanks drove off. It is unclear as to why the tanks were deployed to this location.

Informant: CHEROKEE

Clarification and new actions

In terms of my last email that stated that Kerry was considering unconceding: I got this information from a few trusted sources and I tracked down the original source, a D.C. lawyer, Cynthia Butler. This is what she sent me to explain her reasoning. http://www.moderateindependent.com/v2i21election.htm

Also, Kerry's brother sent out an email saying he was grateful for everyone's concern about fraud and miscounting and says election lawyers are still on the job in Ohio and Florida. He says, "if you have specific factual information about voting problems that could be helpful to the lawyers doing their job, please send it to vri@dnc.org rather than to me."

Here are some new actions that could help uncover fraud and facilitate a recount:

Contact Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell to complain about the new rule that rejects any provisional ballot that doesn't have the voter's birth of date on it. (article here: http://www.freepress.org/columns/display/3/2004/985).
J. Kenneth Blackwell
180 E. Broad St., 16th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Email: blackwell@sos.state.oh.us

In the link above it mentions that an election lawyer for the Democratic Party said that Kerry might ask for a recount of several counties in Ohio that had statistical anomalies. If you want to encourage him to do this or to ask him to do a full recount, you can contact the DNC at 202-863-8000 or http://www.democrats.org/contact/ or contact the Kerry campaign at 202-712-3000 (phone) 202-712-3001 (fax) or http://www.democrats.org/contact/

This is a petition you can sign for this recount http://recountohio.org/

Email your representatives to ask the General Accounting Office to investigate evoting machines

Email your representatives to ask for voting reform

Here is another petition, this one demanding a congressional investigation of the integrity of the voting process

Take care,
Cheryl Guttman

Letters from members of Congress demanding an investigation of the election

Letters from members of Congress to David Walker, Comptroller General of the United States, demanding an investigation of the election: November 5th, 2004 & November 8th, 2004


Informant: Ell Kinder

Investigate the Vote


Bush Administration and Oil Companies Want Arctic Meltdown


Foster Kids on Mind-Altering Drugs?


Think Abuy Ghraib and you know what they are doing in the instutitions as well as they train the foster people to do this..... WHEN DOES THIS STOP PEOPLE.... HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN SHREDDED IN THIS UNHUMAN MACHINE???


Foster Kids on Mind-Altering Drugs?

Why would a child as young as three years old ever be on mind-altering drugs? For the past eight months, the News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters have poured through reams of state documents and discovered thousands of foster kids appear to be on powerful psychotropic drugs. Many of these children are barely in kindergarten. Some are mere toddlers. "We didn't even know he was in the hospital until he called us from Laurel Ridge himself," a woman we'll refer to as "Magdalana" tells us. We're disguising her name in order to protect the identity of her six year old grandson she's referring to. She says he was confined to a psychiatric hospital following a temper tantrum when he called his grandmother for help. "I mean he was like," Magdalana describes, "maybe you could say he looked more like a zombie."

News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooter Tanji Patton asks, "How could you tell by looking at him that he was on medication?" Magdalana answers, "His attitude, his eyes, his way of speech. All that."


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 14th, 2004

Rocket the Vote : Election Weapons


Diebold Source Code


Post Election Rage : Building A Movement Beyond Voting

by Dan Bacher

In retrospect, the energy that many progressives put behind Kerry would have been much better put solidifying and expanding national movements against the Bush regime’s war against you, me, our environment and the world. We must not join in a “common effort” with the Bush regime, as Kerry asks us to do. We must instead fan the flames of rage and anger against the theocracy....


Transforming Four More Years

by Norman Solomon

Right-wing trumpets are making a horrific racket across a ravaged political landscape. For now, hope is barely audible. Progressives seem like fledglings without feathers, weakly tapping from inside thick shells. Four more years sound like hell. . . . Ideological fanatics have extended their control over the Executive Branch while increasing their domination of Congress. The “leaders” who lied the country into war are plunging ahead with escalating carnage in Iraq. Soon they’ll take action to make the Supreme Court more authoritarian -- threatening abortion rights, freedom of speech, basic legal protections for defendants and other civil liberties. A theocratic stench is in the air. This emergency has not been averted. It’s here....


Team Bush's “November Surprise” : Karl Rove's army of evangelical Christian “values voters” put President Bush over the top

by Bill Berkowitz

Forty years after Senator Barry Goldwater crashed and burned as the Republican Party's conservative presidential candidate, a consolidated conservative movement spearheaded by evangelical Christians carried George W. Bush to victory. The re-election of the president wasn't so much determined by Soccer Moms, NASCAR Dads, or military voters as it was by Karl Rove's army of “Values Voters” -- an unwaveringly loyal bloc of Republican Party voters that marched to the polls and provided President Bush the votes necessary in a number of key states, including the pivotal battleground state of Ohio. . . . With the possible appointment of two, perhaps three, Supreme Court Justices -- including a Chief Justice -- and dozens of judges in lower courts, more tax cuts for the wealthy, the further evisceration of social programs, the privatization of social security, the lowering the wall of the separation of church and state, and more foreign adventures, conservative Christians have given the president the opportunity to forge a right wing legacy that could last well into this century. Make no mistake about it: Team Bush is dead set on nothing less than reshaping America....


To All Concerned Americans : Will it be R/Evolution or Civil War?

by Chuck Richardson

What has America become under the leadership of “Christian conservatives” [sic] and the Republican Party? Is it still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Does it still welcome the Earth’s oppressed, her tired, huddled masses to its teeming shores, if not by law at least in spirit? Do the Democrats and Republicans still represent our nation’s two largest constituencies -- workers and management? Do the Democrats, in the words of Gore Vidal, still bribe the masses, or have they become like Republicans, ruling through coercion? Are we still a nation, as we were before 1980, in which “religious” people and clergy are worthy of being held in high esteem? Or have we become a nation that the views of such people are dangerous because of their suspicious political activism and morally bankrupt worldviews? One need only compare Pat Robertson to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to consider the contrast. We know what the Rev. King’s dream was by heart, but what about Dr. Robertson’s? What’s his dream?



Please distribute widely.

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 15:37:18 -0800 (PST)



They might have conceded - but we haven't conceded our right to have our votes count.

The Ohio Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections (CASE-OH), the League of Young Voters, People for the American Way Foundation - a leading member of the Election Protection Coalition, Common Cause Ohio, Ohio Election Reform Now, Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, WVKO Radio, and Ohio Voterization Project are calling for public hearings to investigate voting irregularities and voter suppression in Ohio surrounding the 2004 General Election.


Saturday November 13, 1-4 PM
New Faith Baptist Church
955 Oak Street
Columbus, Ohio 43205

Monday November 15, 6-9 PM,
Auditorium (Meeting Room A)
Courthouse, 373 S. High St.
Columbus, OH

We are calling for anyone who experienced or observed election
irregularities or voter suppression on Election Day to come forward and give their testimony.

We are calling for any individuals or organizations that have information about election irregularities or voter suppression that occured before, during or after the elections to give their testimony.

We are calling for our public officials, community representatives and the media to come and hear the testimony of the people.

We will document and videotape the testimonies for use in a report
and a formal complaint to the Franklin County Board of Elections.

This is a public space to respond to the systemic undermining of our
democratic process and assess how to respond to racial disenfranchisement and suppression of democratic rights.

Citizens, voting experts, and investigative journalists will be invited
to present testimony for the public record documenting instances of voting irregularities and systematic voter suppression. The coalition hopes to expose the systemic undermining of our democratic process that occurred leading up to and on Nov 2, and assess how to respond to racial disenfranchisement and suppression of democratic rights.

Testimony will be followed by a summary statement of patterns of voting rights violations emerging in the state of Ohio and a discussion of statewide reforms needed to address these issues.


* Ohio State Senator Teresa Fedor
* Ohio State Senator Ray Miller
* Carol Mosley Braun
* Cobb/LaMarche campaign
* League of Pissed Off Voters (www.indyvoter.org)
* Freelance journalist Lynn Landes
* Dr. Robert Fitrakis, Ph.D, J.D.
* Bill Moss, community leader/former Columbus School Board Member
* Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights in San Francisco Bay Area
* Medea Benjamin - Code Pink & Global Exchange
* Ted Glick - IPPN
* This Time We're Watching (www.ttww.org)
* Driving Votes (www.drivingvotes.org)
* Chris Vaeth - Truth Force Training Center
* International Labor Communications Association
* No Stolen Elections Coalition (www.nov3.us)
* Liberty Tree
* Black Voices for Peace
* Alliance for Democracy

We are seeking support from US Congressional Representatives, Ohio State Representatives, nonpartisan organizations, and community and national leaders. Experts and investigative reporters are invited to present testimony as well.

Here are a few articles on the types of voter suppression/disenfranchisement that we are hoping to call attention to:

Kerry Won. Greg Palast, Tompaine.com

Did Kerry Concede Too Soon? Bob Fitrakis, The Free Press

Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair? Institute for Public Accuracy

Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster, William Rivers Pitt,

None Dare Call it Voter Suppression and Fraud, Bob Fitrakis, Free Press

To get involved, sponsor this call, or testify, contact:

Amy Kaplan: 614.405.2160
Navina Khanna: 425.269.5194

Naina Khanna
National Field Director

Informant: Shannon

A New Look at a Mystery of the Skies


Steal Your Election


Einfluß der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz (Die Naila-Studie)

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

die kpl. Pilotstudie "Nailaer Studie" ist nunmehr in der Zeitschrift umwelt-medizingesellschaft Ausgabe 4/2004 (umg 4/04) veröffentlicht. Bezugspreis 8,00 € zzgl.1 € Versand.

Bestellung über: im Internet: http://www.umwelt-medizin-gesellschaft.de
per Mail: info@umg-verlag, per Post/Fax/Telefon: UMG Verlag, Fedelhören 88, 28203 Bremen, Tel: 0421/498 42 51 fax: 0421/4978 42 52

Kommentar: Sehr empfehlenswert!


Alfred Tittmann

Einfluss der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz

Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, Peter Vogel, Helmut Voit


Im Anschluss an die durch den rasanten Anstieg der drahtlosen Telefonie in den letzten Jahren bedingte zunehmenden Mobilfunksendeanlagen in oder in unmittelbarer Nähe von Wohngebieten erfolgte die Aufforderung des Präsidenten des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz, Wolfram König, an alle Ärzte, aktiv an der Abschätzung des Risikos durch Mobilfunkstrahlung mitzuarbeiten. Das Ziel dieser Untersuchung war daher, zu prüfen, ob Anwohner in der Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen einem erhöhten Risiko für Neuerkrankungen an bösartigen Tumoren ausgesetzt sind.

Datengrundlage waren PC-gespeicherte und mit den Krankenkassen abgerechnete Patientenunterlagen der Jahre 1994 bis 2004. In die ohne Fremdmittel erstellte Studie wurden Angaben von knapp 1.000 Patienten aus Naila (Oberfranken) unter Wahrung des Datenschutzes aufgenommen.

Als Ergebnis zeigte sich, dass der Anteil von neu aufgetretenen Krebsfällen bei den Patienten, die während der letzten zehn Jahre in einem Abstand bis zu 400 Meter um die seit 1993 betriebene Mobilfunksendeanlage gewohnt hatten, gegenüber weiter entfernt lebenden Patienten signifikant höher war und die Patienten in durchschnittlich jüngerem Alter erkrankt waren.

Für die Jahre 1999 bis 2004 - also nach fünf und mehr Jahren Betriebszeit des Senders - hatte sich das Malignomrisiko für die näher an der Sendestation lebende Bevölkerungsgruppe im Vergleich mit der Gruppe im Nailaer Außenbereich verdreifacht.


Präsentation zur Naila Studie

Eger H, Hagen KU, Lucas B, Vogel P, Voit H.
„Einfluß der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz“
Umwelt-Medizin-Gesellschaft 2004(4):326-332
Herausgeber: IGUMED (Interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Umweltmedizin), ÖAB (Ökologischer Ärztebund), DBU (Deutscher Berufsverband der Umweltmediziner), DGHUT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Humantoxikologie).

Die Naila-Mobilfunkstudie

Klinik gegen Mobilfunkmast

BUND warnt vor neuem Mobilfunkmast in Nähe der Herzklinik

Schockstudie der EU: Handys knacken die DNS und bewirken schwere Zellschädigung

The Naila-Study


Following the call by Wolfram König, President of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Agency for radiation protection), to all doctors of medicine to collaborate actively in the assessment of the risk posed by cellular radiation, the aim of our study was to examine whether people living close to cellular transmitter antennas were exposed to a heightened risk of taking ill with malignant tumors.

The basis of the data used for the survey were PC files of the case histories of patients between the years 1994 and 2004. While adhering to data protection, the personal data of almost 1.000 patients were evaluated for this study, which was completed without any external financial support. It is intended to continue the project in the form of a register.

The result of the study shows that the proportion of newly developing cancer cases was significantly higher among those patients who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400 metres from the cellular transmitter site, which bas been in operation since 1993, compared to those patients living further away, and that the patients fell ill on average 8 years earlier.

In the years 1999-2004, i.e. after five years’ operation of the transmitting installation, the relative risk of getting cancer had trebled for the residents of the area in the proximity of the installation compared to the inhabitants of Naila outside the area.

Key words: cellular radiation, cellular transmitter antennas, malignant tumors

Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, Peter Vogel, Helmut Voit


The Naila study PDF as it is over 2Mb, because it is a scanned document. It is available at:


I am working on it to produce a very much smaller version as soon as I can. This is a very important study, you should read it and be familiar with it. I don't believe at his stage that the rise in particular cancers has anything to do with breaking DNA necessarily. There are direct and plausible reasons for quite other mechanisms, so this study cannot be set against the "not enough energy in mast emissions" argument favoured by the HPA or WHO.

Pukka version of Naila, full figs and tables and final edits (so a better text), under 300kb PDF, available for your use at http://www.tetrawatch.net/papers/naila.pdf


From Mast Network


Cell tower effects: Modern communication technology could be making you sick


Never say Die-bold : So you don’t think the Bush campaign stole this election?

Never say Die-bold: So you don’t think the Bush campaign stole this election? Think again

If you’re looking for one word to sum up the way the Bush-Cheney campaign stole another election Tuesday besides obvious ones like “cheated,” try this one: Diebold. An election judge where I voted Tuesday in a heavily Democratic precinct in Maryland knows what that means and wasn’t averse to sharing his opinion of the Republican-owned company. As I was about to vote with the electronic system, I asked this judge if they had a way to check people’s votes through a paper backup. The official said no, and then in a low voice so no one else would hear, added, “And that really makes us nervous, with Diebold as the owner of that system.” Goodbye, hanging chads. Hello, computer fraud that leaves no trace. Diebold Inc. of North Canton, Ohio, supplied scores of machines and counted millions of votes Tuesday, while reportedly discarding many votes for Democrat John Kerry, according to investigative reporter Greg Palast. Walden O’Dell, chief executive of Diebold and a top fundraiser for the Bush campaign, wrote in a fund-raising letter last year that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.” That he did.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 11th, 2004

Private Company Still ‘Controls’ Election Outcome

The morning after Election Day, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and the vice presidential candidate John Edwards promised the nation that the Democrats would make sure that every vote counts, and that every vote is counted. Later in the day, Kerry and Edwards, however, conceded defeat before some 170,000 to 250,000 provisional ballots from Ohio, which could have changed the outcome of the election, had been counted. But how were the votes actually counted across the nation on Nov. 2? On Election Day, voters in Cook County, Ill., were among the 60 million Americans who voted with machines made by Election Systems & Software, a secretive company based in Omaha.

ES&S, as it is known, calls itself “the world’s largest and most experienced provider of total election management solutions.” According to the company’s own figures, 42 percent of all registered voters in the United States voted on ES&S equipment on Election Day.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 11th, 2004

Outrage in Ohio : Angry residents storm State House in response to massive voter suppression and corruption

Hundreds of angry Ohio residents marched through the streets of Columbus—Ohio’s Capital—this evening and stormed the Ohio State House, defying orders and arrest threats from Ohio State Troopers. "O-H-I-O ! suppressed democracy has got to go,"they chanted. After troopers pushed and scuffled with people, nearly a hundred people took over the steps and entrance to the State’s giant white column capital building and refused repeated orders to disperse or face arrest. People prepared for arrests, ready to face jail—writing lawyers phone numbers on their arms, signing jail support lists and discussing non-cooperation and active resistance (linking arms, but not fighting back). A freshly painted banner held on the steps read "ONE VOTE DENIED = DEMOCRACY IN TROUBLE! 100’S OF 1000’S OF VOTES SURPRESSED = DEMOCRACY FAILED" articulated the crisis. An unprecedented massive grassroots voter registration and get out the vote effort and widespread opposition to Bush went up against the massive coordinated Republican effort to suppress, intimidate and possibly steal millions of votes. In addition to the voter suppression and intimidation is the fact that Bush campaign co-chair Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell is in charge of the election and vote counting. But much deeper questions about fundamental flaws in the system hang in the air. CNN's exit poll showed Kerry beating Bush among Ohio women by 53 percent to 47 percent. Kerry also defeated Bush among Ohio's male voters 51 percent to 49 percent. Investigative reporter Greg Palast in an article today titled "Kerry Won" details how the deciding states, Ohio and New Mexico, if all votes were actually counted, would have gone to Kerry. Palast explains, "Although the exit polls show that most voters in Ohio punched cards for Kerry-Edwards, thousands of these votes were simply not recorded. The election in Ohio was not decided by the voters but by something called "spoilage." Typically in the United States, about 3 percent of the vote is voided, just thrown away, not recorded." But that is just a piece of it.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 11th, 2004

If History Repeats Itself : We Might Have A Chance

Since the late 1960’s, every president winning a second term has found his administration embroiled in a scandal of some sort. For those of us who truly love liberty and yearn for the days of politicians, who at least played at honoring their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, perhaps a nice juicy scandal will stop the second Bush administration from totally destroying this country. In 2002, a multitude of lawsuits, most by some 500 family members of those lost in the disasters of 9/11, were filed in several different federal courts. The Bush administration is already seeking to stifle discovery, therefore preventing the release of possibly incriminating evidence in all of these lawsuits. In addition, San Francisco-based attorney, Stanley G. Hilton has filed a class-action federal lawsuit that names President Bush and members of his Cabinet as defendants. The named Cabinet members include Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Attorney General John Ashcroft.
"I hope the lawsuit will expose the fact that there are numbers of people in the government, including Bush and his top assistants, who wanted this to happen," Hilton was quoted as saying by the San Francisco Examiner in June of 2002.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 11th, 2004

Marines turn to God

Men with buzzcuts and clad in their camouflage waved their hands in the air, M-16 assault rifles beside them, and chanted heavy metal-flavoured lyrics...

With US forces massing outside Fallujah, 35 marines swayed to Christian rock music and asked Jesus Christ to protect them in what could be the biggest battle since American troops invaded Iraq last year. Men with buzzcuts and clad in their camouflage waved their hands in the air, M-16 assault rifles beside them, and chanted heavy metal-flavoured lyrics in praise of Christ late on Friday in a yellow-brick chapel. They counted among thousands of troops surrounding the city of Fallujah, seeking solace as they awaited Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's decision on whether or not to invade Fallujah. "You are the sovereign. You're name is holy. You are the pure spotless lamb," a female voice cried out on the loudspeakers as the marines clapped their hands and closed their eyes, reflecting on what lay ahead for them. The US military, with many soldiers coming from the conservative American south and midwest, has deep Christian roots. In times that fighting looms, many soldiers draw on their evangelical or born-again heritage to help them face the battle. One spoke of their Old Testament hero, a shepherd who would become Israel's king, battling the Philistines 3 000 years ago. "Thus David prevailed over the Philistines," the marine said, reading from scripture, and the marines shouted back "Hoorah, King David," using their signature grunt of approval. The marines drew parallels from the verse with their present situation, where they perceive themselves as warriors fighting barbaric men opposed to all that is good in the world. "Victory belongs to the Lord," another young marine read. Their chaplain, named Horne, told the worshippers they were stationed outside Fallujah to bring the Iraqis "freedom from oppression, rape, torture and murder ...

We ask you God to bless us in that effort."


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 11th, 2004

Patriot Act Concentration Camps Planned to Detain Americans

Guantanamo style Patriot Act concentration camps are being secretly organized by the Department of Homeland Defense. Now that Bush dynasty has illicitly secured its second term in the eyes of the American people plans are fully underway for John Ashcroft's "Patriot Act Concentration Camps" to jail and disappear US Citizens. Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced to Bush administration aides yesterday his desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" such as anarchists, anti-war protesters, americans of arab descent, communists and homosexuals. Ashcroft's plan would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

Now that a second term for George Bush has been secured, Ashcroft plans to use his self made "enemy combatant" stamp for any citizen whom he deems to be part of a wider terrorist conspiracy.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 11th, 2004

Falwell Plans for 'Evangelical Revolution'


Informant: Bea Bernhausen



Ancient Forests, Salmon, Endangered Species Act Face Congressional Threat Next Week


Getrübter Durchblick im Elektrosmog

'Tages-Anzeiger Online' aus Zürich berichtet:

Getrübter Durchblick im Elektrosmog

Studien zur Strahlenbelastung durch den Mobilfunk sind schwierig und liefern nach wie vor widersprüchliche Resultate.

Von Barbara Vonarburg

Trotzdem gab sich Bernhard Aufdereggen, Vorstandsmitglied von Ärztinnen und Ärzten für Umweltschutz, an der Diskussion in Zürich überzeugt: «Es bestehen ernst zu nehmende Hinweise für Beeinträchtigungen der Gesundheit durch Basisstationen.»

Der Arzt führte unter anderem eine Studie des holländischen TNO-Labors an, die vor einem Jahr für Aufsehen gesorgt hatte. Die TNO-Forscher untersuchten eine Gruppe elektrosensibler Personen, die sich in ihrem Wohlbefinden durch Sendemasten beeinträchtigt fühlten. Eine zweite Versuchsgruppe gab an, nicht elektrosensibel zu sein.

Beide Gruppen wurden verschiedenen Hochfrequenzfeldern mit einer Feldstärke von 1 Volt pro Meter ausgesetzt. Einmal entsprach das Feld jener Strahlung, wie sie von GSM-Antennen ausgeht, dem heute gebräuchlichen europäischen Mobilfunkstandard der zweiten Generation.

Ein andermal wurden die Testpersonen mit einem UMTS-Signal bestrahlt, dem geplanten globalen Mobilfunkstandard der dritten Generation. Zu Kontrollzwecken wurden die Personen auch «nur zum Schein» bestrahlt. Die Versuche wurden doppelblind durchgeführt, weder die Testpersonen noch der Versuchsleiter wussten also, wann welches Signal und wann überhaupt kein Signal ausgesandt wurde.

Wohlbefinden beeinträchtigt

Das erstaunliche Ergebnis: In beiden Versuchsgruppen verschlechterte sich das Wohlbefinden, wenn die Testpersonen während 20 Minuten dem UMTS-Feld ausgesetzt waren. Selbst bei den nicht elektrosensiblen Personen war dieser Effekt nachweisbar.

Den Ärzten für Umweltschutz gab die TNO-Studie den Anstoß, ein Moratorium für die neue Mobilfunkgeneration UMTS zu fordern. «Ich rate zur Vorsicht gegenüber neuen Technologien», sagt Bernhard Aufdereggen. Denn wenn das Entwicklungstempo so weitergetrieben werde, «drohen mögliche Katastrophen».

Nun wird die Untersuchung in der Schweiz mit einer verbesserten Methodik wiederholt. Insgesamt sollen 84 Personen getestet werden, «deutlich mehr als in der Originalstudie», schreibt die Forschungsstiftung Mobilkommunikation.

Die gut 700 000 Franken teure Schweizer Studie wird zu 60 Prozent von der öffentlichen Hand finanziert. 40 Prozent zahlen Orange, Sunrise und Swisscom Mobile. Wenn die Mobilfunkanlagen potenzielle Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit hätten, müsse man dies frühzeitig wissen, begründet Carsten Schloter, Chef von Swisscom Mobile, das finanzielle Engagement. Und: Die Forschung sei wichtig, um bei den Kunden das Vertrauen zu fördern.
Die Wiederholung der TNO-Studie in der Schweiz wird gut ein Jahr dauern. Erste Ergebnisse sollen Ende 2005 veröffentlicht werden.

Omega das Ergebnis der Studie ist absehbar, wenn die Forschung von der Mobilfunkindustrie mitfinanziert wird. Dass Mobilfunkanlagen potenzielle Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit haben, ist doch längst bekannt. Siehe „Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/293807/

Die immer neuen, meist völlig überflüssigen „neuen“ Forschungsstudien dienen doch nur dem einen Zweck: sich vor den notwendigen Konsequenzen der Forschungsergebnisse zu schützen, nämlich eine gesundheitsverträglichere Mobilfunktechnik einzusetzen und für die angerichteten Schäden zu haften. Für eine gesundheitsverträglichere Mobilfunktechnik zu forschen und die Forschungsgelder dafür einzusetzen wäre viel sinnvoller, als zu hoffen etwas „wegzuforschen“ zu können, was schon lange als schädlich bewiesen ist. Außerdem wird es den letzten, ultimativen Beweis auch niemals geben, weil es so was in der Wissenschaft überhaupt nicht gibt. In der Zwischenzeit bauen die Mobilfunkbetreiber unter Hochdruck ihre Netze zu Lasten der Gesundheit der Bevölkerung immer weiter aus und nutzen die Forderungen nach immer weiterer Forschung als Zeitaufschub und Alibi für ihre wirtschaftlichen Interessen, nämlich dem Bestandsschutz für ihre Anlagen. Wir wissen doch ganz genau, dass es wirklich 100 % reproduzierbare Studien überhaupt nicht gibt. Die Studien und deren Ergebnisse unterscheiden sich alle mehr oder weniger. Kaum ein Geldgeber wäre bereit eine Studie zu finanzieren, die bereits mit einem identischen Forschungsaufbau und -ziel gelaufen ist und Forschungsziele und deren erwünschte Ergebnisse lassen sich leicht vor Beginn der Studie definieren.

Wie kann man von Interessierten, die aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen ein für sich positives Ergebnis anstreben und wünschen, auch ein anderes Verhalten erwarten? Da liegt doch Parteilichkeit vor und dann will man die Studienergebnisse der Öffentlichkeit als „neutral“, „unabhängig“ oder „objektiv“ verkaufen. Aufgrund der Tatsache, dass die Mobilfunkbetreiber an vielen Studien finanziell beteiligt sind und waren, braucht man sich über die unterschiedlichen und sich oft auch widersprechenden Forschungsergebnisse nicht wundern, denn wenn man den „Bock zum Gärtner“ macht, was kann man denn dann anderes erwarten? Nur wirklich unabhängige Forschung, ohne Beteiligung der wirtschaftlich interessierten Parteien, macht wirklich einen Sinn. Siehe „Forscher und Forschungsergebnisse von der Industrie bezahlt“ unter: http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/forscher_und_forschungsergebnisse_von_der_industrie_bezahlt.htm

Während sich über die Auswirkungen der Sendemasten weiterhin nur spekulieren lässt, sind sich die meisten Forscher einig: Das Handy kann die elektrische Aktivität des Gehirns beeinflussen. Verschiedene Studien zeigten eine Veränderung der Hirnstromwellen, wenn die Versuchspersonen Mobilfunkstrahlung ausgesetzt waren.

Krebsrisiko untersuchen

Ungewiss ist nach wie vor auch, ob es einen Zusammenhang zwischen Handystrahlung und Krebs gibt. «Es scheint möglich, dass Mobilfunkstrahlung die Entstehung von Tumoren fördert», sagt Bernhard Aufdereggen. «Die Diskussion in Wissenschaftskreisen ist kontrovers.»

Omega: der Grund siehe oben. Es gibt einen Zusammenhang zwischen Handystrahlung und Krebs. Siehe „Mobilfunk und Krebs“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/284796/

Seit Oktober 2000 läuft eine internationale Studie, die klären soll, ob die regelmäßige Nutzung des Handys das Risiko erhöht, an einem Hirntumor zu erkranken. Im Rahmen der von der WHO koordinierten Untersuchung werden in 13 Ländern Tumorpatienten befragt.

Die bisher veröffentlichten Ergebnisse dieser so genannten Interphone-Studie sind widersprüchlich und lassen gemäss Fachleuten noch keine eindeutigen Schlüsse zu. Das Programm endet 2005.

Omega weitere Links:

„Krebsgefahr unterschätzt“

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Ist Handystrahlung gefährlich?

Breite Allianz fordert UMTS-Moratorium

Sparmaßnahmen in Redaktionen führen zu unkritischer Berichterstattung



Wissen – Mittwoch, 10. November 2004


Nachricht von Reinhard Rückemann

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Effects of electromagnetic Radio Frequency Emissions

The 500 metres from habitation recommendation - this came from the Stewart Report and can be accessed on the internet. No withstanding the recommendation, 'Phone companies seem to be able to plonk masts wherever they like. The one in our village is 14 metres from front doors and has been causing the usual symptoms - chronic insomnia and headaches; sore bloodshot eyes; earache and tinnitus; nose bleeds. Also, ulcerated mouths and throats; rashes/eczema; exacerbation of existing symptoms - and of course exhaustion and depression!

Several dogs have developed growths on paws; loss of appetite; vomiting and restlessness; one dog a growth in its mouth and one cat a tumour in its throat. Noone will take any notice of the evidence from Russia and Schwarzenburg which prove the actual effects of electromagnetic radio frequency emissions.


Gill Lyden


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