I now realize how blessed I've been after seeing the deconstruction caused by Katrina

It's amazing the things one experiences in life...and how we worry and fret over some very small things...though at the time it seemed like the end of the world... I now realize how blessed I've been after seeing the deconstruction caused by Katrina...having experienced combat numorous hurricanes 4 last year and thunderstorms all summer year after year as the Tampa Bay area is the lightling capital of the world...I find myself even more blessed and humbled... We all cry and complain about little things in our lives...things that are so trival and at times unimportant...we fight and complain about each other here on Care2...I ask that we all take a real look at what's happen too the people affected by Katrina...that we take the time too realize that we really don't have problems compare to those who were thwe victims of a savage storm...that we are still alive have food & clothes and a home...let us humble ourselves and spend some time on our knees and give thanks for the things we have...no matter how small or big...pray for our brothers & sisters...and realize that we are truly mortal and live life in a loving and caring way...hug your family and friends and remember life comes and goes...it's just a winkle of the eye....

God Bless You All... Ghost pirate...
sent by Care2 Connect member: GHOST PIRATE TAMPA BAY


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